Hillary Clinton is unfit to be President: Photographic proof she has seizures

For some time now, no thanks to the establishment MSM, the Alternative Media have been reporting on the many indicators that Hillary Clinton is plagued with a host of health problems. (See “There is something very wrong with Hillary“)

Remember this news video taken on June 17, 2016, showing Hillary having a brain seizure?

The evidence is now overwhelming that Hillary is medically unfit for the highly stressful and demanding position of President of the United States of America.

The evidence is in the form of a photograph showing a burly black man carrying a Diazepam auto-injector pen in his left hand, who accompanied Hillary on her big night accepting her party’s nomination at the Democratic National Convention.

Hillary's body guard holding Diazepam pen
Here’s a close-up of the man and the Diazepam pen he’s carrying:
Hillary's body guard holding Diazepam pen1
According to Gateway Pundit, the same man was seen helping Hillary in a recent campaign stop in a Union Hall on August 4, when she suddenly froze in front of a group of liberal protesters, looking dazed and lost. Seeing this, Burly Black Man gently patted Hillary on her back and said to her, “Keep Talking.”

Although Burly Black Man is dressed like a Secret Service agent, an expert on Secret Service tactics told Gateway Pundit that Secret Service agents would not touch a candidate in the manner that this man did. Another reason why the man is not an agent is Hillary’s widely-reported disdain for the Secret Service agents who protect her with their lives. (See “Hillary Clinton is a monster, says Secret Service agents“)

Wikipedia on auto-injector pen:

“An autoinjector (or auto-injector) is a medical device designed to deliver a dose of a particular drug. Most autoinjectors are spring-loaded syringes. By design, autoinjectors are easy to use and are intended for self-administration by patients, or administration by untrained personnel.”

Wikipedia on Diazepam:

Diazepam, first marketed as Valium, is a medication of the benzodiazepine family that typically produces a calming effect. It is commonly used to treat a range of conditions including anxiety, alcohol withdrawal syndrome, benzodiazepine withdrawal syndrome, muscle spasms, seizures, trouble sleeping, and restless legs syndrome.”

Here’s more photographic evidence that Hillary is unwell.

Kyle Olson reports for The American Mirror, Aug. 7, 2016, that the latest evidence of the questionable health condition of Hillary Clinton “comes in the form of Clinton being helped up a set of stairs by multiple individuals outside what appears to be a home. The photos, published by Reuters and Getty, show the 68-year-old candidate with aides holding her arms as she ascends the stairs.”

Hillary being helped up stairs 2016The Drudge Report gave these other links on Hillary falling in the past:

Presidential candidates are required by law to release their medical reports. Given her “rules and laws are only for the little people” nature, Hillary likely will refuse to. Demand and insist that she does!

See also:

H/t FOTM‘s DCG, Glenn47 and John Molloy

UPDATE (August 9, 2016):

Burly Black Man is most likely Oladotun Okunola, M.D., of the Neuroscience Center of Northern New Jersey, who specializes in epilepsy. The picture in his profile shows a man who, although younger and thinner, has the same facial features as Burly Black Man. (H/t The Last Refuge and FOTM‘s Anon)

Hillary Clinton's neurologist Dr. Okunola


46 responses to “Hillary Clinton is unfit to be President: Photographic proof she has seizures

  1. With all the pain she has caused to others over the years , Jeremiah Wright’s comment is so apropos ; ” The ( YOUR ) chickens have come home to roost “….

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  2. Hillary is a profile in sleaze and disease.

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  3. Given her condition, I’m wondering if we’ll see live debates. Not gonna hold my breath.

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  4. Well, if she succeeds in getting the nod from the Controllers, the first time someone is allowed to put the screws to her regarding one of her scams may be her last.

    She survives by being let off the hook for countless felonious scams. She has been allowed to gaff off any serious attempts to hold her accountable. They may be able to continue that, but I think there’s a limit to everything, even Hildebeast.

    Once she is unable to deliver for them they will cut her lose to be with her “father”. Look at how they’ve kept her from press conferences, etc., even during an election year. No one is talking about it. They’ve been instructed by their owners to stay mum.

    They can keep that up for a while. I don’t know how long. If she were made to sit there and answer questions, with observers, she’d crumble pretty fast.

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  5. Diazepam = Valium. I was on Valium for a short time years ago. It does have a valid medical use. Basically, it does not produce “euphoria” in that it doesn’t get one “high.” But it does produce a feeling of well-being, of relief from annoying stimuli, e.g., excessive noise, for example. It turns off certain receptors in the brain temporarily. It comes in 2mg, 5 mg an 10mg doses. (Either milligram or microgram, I forget). Valium can be addictive and it can accumulate in the bones; When such happens, it can take the body up to a year to get rid of it.

    I believe that Hillary and Bill Clinton are, or will soon be, terminally ill, and that they will die of their health problems within the next 18 or so months. I detest these grifters, and I can hardly wait for history to be done with them. MAKE NO MISTAKE: HILLARY CLINTON MUST NOT BE ELECTED PRESIDENT: She got four Americans killed at Benghazi. One of her e-mails got a scientist hanged. She WILL get America NUKED, if she sees a dollar in it, or if her handlers command her to.

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    • If they’re willing to let the dude with the Diaz-a-Pen stand there with her, sticker at the ready, out in the open in front of media where that could raise questions, then “they” are MUCH more afraid of Hillary freakin’ out and turning into Linda Blair’s character from The Exorcist on camera. (Pea soup, anyone?)

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      • I agree. They’re afraid her head will start spinning around. Just think about that a while. They need a guy standing by with a tranquilizer gun to control her? I agree with “Steven” (although I don’t think “election” has anything to do with the process). I guess I’m old fashioned. I prefer mine to go barking mad AFTER being in office.

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    • Your comment was written so well and so informative to the regular Jo on the block. Thank you. I agree with everything you wrote and have no doubt that you are correct.


  6. Reblogged this on Exposing Modern Mugwumps and commented:
    Yes, there’s just a few too many situations that add up to poor health, health that could be dangerous as president. Her coughing fits are also part of this. Helping her up the stairs was interesting, my first thought was illness, but then I thought, maybe she’s drunk.

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  8. Jon Rappoport says Hillary’s suffering from blood clots: https://jonrappoport.wordpress.com/2016/08/08/media-lie-about-hillarys-severe-health-condition/

    Personally, I like the syphillis theory; there’s a delicious irony to that.

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    • I’ll go with syphilis too (or some other, rare STD that Bill or Huma brought home). That guy’s so horny he’d screw a trombone.

      I can’t look at him with thinking of “Pan”. Of course with Hill, the only goddess that comes to mind is Medusa. A bigger question might be whether there’s a demon shortage within the DNC or not?

      Why would you run a damaged demon? I suppose they “OWE” her? Is it all some sort of cosmic joke? Can you imagine that conversation? “Hey, we’ve decided to run the mad woman. Yeah, I know, but we’ve got Jamal standing by with a tranquilizer gun in case she gets out of control”.

      The rest of us are supposed to sit by and say things like “isn’t that a nice pantsuit? Her new hairstyle goes well with the hole in her tongue”.

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  9. Just looking at the picture of Killary being dragged up those stairs is enough to turn any sane voter from casting their vote for her. Going back in time, remember during the Primaries when she appeared at some parade, where the press were roped off and not allowed to get anywhere near her . . . I now suspect that was to insure that she would not have a seizure from having multiple peoples yelling questions at her — all at the same time. No doubt that her team knows she is unfit to serve as POTUS, yet they forge ahead!

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  10. Leading exorcists in Russia says Hitlerys’ seizures are signs of possession. Probably… http://russia-insider.com/en/politics/top-russian-church-exorcist-hillary-shows-clear-signs-demonic-possession/ri15801

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  11. My guess is they will hold her together with duct tape and baling twine to get her over the finish line. After that, all bets are off.
    They are not being honest with the people and for that, this country will suffer.
    Dear God, please help us save this country with having a Trump victory and please keep him safe. Amen.

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    • If they manage to get her into the White House,her VP will end up running the show according to TPTB’s orders. She’ll come to a window and wave to the people once in a while,and sign documents when she HAS to.

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  12. Once Hitlery finally blows up, the progturd propagandists will disavow any support of her. They need to do that BEFORE the general election. She’s right out of her tiny mind. If she’s elected (GOD FORBID!), look for dozens, if not hundreds, of ‘mysterious deaths’ and strange ‘suicides’.

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  13. Is the tranq for her, or for him? Slick Willie is in that photo as well. I heard he made a pass at Katy Parry at the convention. Maybe Hills keeps a zookeeper on hand for her snake of a husband? Don’t get me wrong, I would jump for joy if her conditions finally came to light and forced people to dump her! I am sick of looking at Bill and his Patch Adams nose too!

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  15. Well, sure,..of coarse Hillary is not fit to be president, but the reasons run a lot deeper than any possible health issues, & those reasons run as far back as Arkansas, when the ,..’body count’,.. related to the Clintons began to pile up,
    If G-d allow this woman to become president, it will, only, prove that HE has abandoned the human race, & left us to our fate,..

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  16. With reference to the repeated refrain: “Hillary is not fit to be President”.

    Excluding JFK and possibly Eisenhower, can anyone convincingly point to a single “Fit to be President” incumbent following Calvin Coolidge?

    Yes, I haven’t forgotten Ronnie. But I don’t consider a full-bore invasion of tiny Grenada or a very dubious “war on drugs” as offering any confirmation that former Hollywood ‘B’ movie star ~~ from Kali-forni-cation ~~ was ever fit to be POTUS.

    FOOTNOTE: And please don’t berate Herbert Hoover. The 1929 crash came just 8 months after he assumed office, and by 1933 darker “internationalist forces” were at work (behind the scenes). Furthermore, Hoover was the first of two Presidents to redistribute his salary (President Kennedy the other: donating all his paychecks to charity).

    The moral of my short story is this. Hillary Clinton is still being ‘taken seriously’ today because the people of the USA have already (meekly) tolerated 70+ years of garbage presidencies. Ergo, this oddity appears to have been institutionalized.


    • I believe this “refrain” dealt more with her mental/physical “fitness” than her ethos. Studying the moral fabric of the office would be troubling. I’m not sure there is one.

      I think the general consensus is that she is demon spawn. Comparisons between this creature and the current resident are hard to avoid, but as much as I loathe him, I’m not sure anyone can hold a candle to our Hill.

      She is in her own category. It is lower than whale poop. It is the stuff of nightmares. I lived through Ronnie Ray-Gun both in California and as Pres. It is hard to believe, but she is worse. Of course these sorts of comparisons are akin to a biologist keying out toxic organisms. What’s it gonna be, Anthrax or E Coli?

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      • I didn’t know you’re not a Reagan fan, Lop…me, either! I KNEW I liked you for a reason! 😘 (That’s a kiss-blowing emoji, in case it doesn’t look right.)

        I stopped voting two elections ago: I just couldn’t pull the lever for John McCain, you know? I’m in California, so it’s not like it matters anyway; the elections are always decided before it gets to us anyway. But you’re 100% right: it’s a rigged game. Why would anyone play Chutes and Ladders with a cheat (who made up all his own rules, besides?), let alone elect leaders that way?

        Stefan Molyneux has a current video exposing the Clinton Foundation that is well worth the watch/listen: https://youtu.be/ZFcEnRu-hY8

        It’s worse than we thought…worse than *I* thought, anyway (and I knew it was bad).

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        • Recynd, thanks for that. Yes, few can imagine my feelings for Ronnie Ray-Gun. I have had a lifelong dream to pee on his grave before I go to my “great reward”. Being a native Californian I watched him, virtually single-handedly, destroy my state. Then he went on, to destroy the whole country. What a guy!

          He is directly responsible for why I no longer live there. Not that I miss it. I’m perfectly fine here. I could tell you some classic Ray-Gun stories. I was once hauled into the basement of the house they rented for him when he was Governor. He refused to live in the Governor’s mansion. It was “too old” and victorian for his tastes.

          Instead, they rented him a whole city block down town in the old money district. I happened along one day and, being that it was hot, sat down next to the wall. Two Secret Service guys promptly descended on me and dragged me to the basement.

          They started interrogating me about my feelings for the Gov.. Me, being me, didn’t hold back and ended up having them splitting their sides laughing. They didn’t like him either.

          We went from being the finest state in the union to being what you see today largely due to the efforts of that bozo. I can’t think of him now without my blood starting to boil. I hope he rots in Hell.

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        • Recynd, that was a most informative video. Thanks. I knew a little about this, but certainly not to the degree that he gets into it at. From what I can tell they’ve been using this as a fund to launder money paid for political favors. It’s really disgusting.

          I know of another interesting thing about them. They mentioned them being “homeless”. Did you know that, when Bill left office, they got the Secret Service to build a building on their property to house their staff and they are charging the government rent on it? The rent pays their mortgage on their house. Not bad, eh?

          You simply can’t get any more crooked than these two.

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    • I read somewhere that the only demographics in which Hillary was leading were,..Blacks,..single women,..& men with advanced degrees in sociology,

      ’nuff said,….

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  17. Evil is a cancerous and destructive force that destroys everything around it. One who plays host to demonic/satanic entities will eventually be destroyed by those same forces they have given themselves over to…. And this person has the blood of thousands on her hands and soul. A tree is known by its fruit and hers is foul and rotten beyond human comprehension.

    So be it…

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  18. Burly Black Man is most likely Oladotun Okunola, M.D., of the Neuroscience Center of Northern New Jersey, who specializes in epilepsy.

    Scroll up to the end of my post for “Update,” with Okunola’s profile.

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    • Well, that certainly fits. It appears that the profession agrees with him, judging from his 150 lbs. or so since the other picture was taken.

      I noticed that the SS people deferred to him. That is highly unusual. Normally, they are in absolute charge. Of course it IS Hillary, and they are probably not as excited to be on her detail as they might be with someone else.

      I thought he might be an M.D. as he was carrying that injector in plain sight. A PR person wouldn’t do that. They would have to be paying him a pretty penny for this. It is true that having several speakers talking at once can trigger epilepsy.

      She could have Parkinsons. I worked with a guy who used to “freeze” every so often. I have to say that this is completely consistent with her personality. She doesn’t give a fig about the job, she just wants it. If she cared at all she’d step down and let someone else in better health have it.

      Look at all those media pukes and fellow travelers who are all enabling her. They should be ashamed. They’re gonna install her there if they have to roll her in on a gurney.


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  20. Reminds me of the Star Trek episode when they visited a planet where the Nazis ruled and their leader was but a figurehead that was controlled with drugs. The bad guys got their just desserts in the end. Too bad the elections not a real tv show.

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  21. The example of her having a seizure is totally untrue. If she has “complex partial seizures”, she would be staring off in space, so to speak. As much as I don’t like her and would never vote for her, I believe this will only help to get her, God Forbid, elected. I had to deal with such seizures for over 50 years. After surgical removal of a benign tumor, I have been freed from such a curse!!! Let’s get on with the true problems she will cast upon us if she becomes the next President of The United States of America!!!


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