There is something very wrong with Hillary

In the video below, Infowars‘ Paul Joseph Watson reviews the litany of things that are wrong with Hillary Clinton: her health problems; peculiar behaviors and facial expressions suggestive of mini strokes; inappropriate laughter; the vile way she treats subordinates, including the Secret Service agents charged with protecting her life; and more — all documented in the posts we’ve published on FOTM.

Here are the links to the relevant posts, so that you can explore in greater detail the many things that are wrong with Hillary:


49 responses to “There is something very wrong with Hillary

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  2. Oh yes, there is something physically and mentally wrong with this woman. Some say MS, some say Parkinson’s, some say the damage from her brain blood clot, but whatever it is, she’s not well, and she shouldn’t be running for the highest office in our country. Not just because she’s physically ill, but because she’s a Marxist who will continue the destruction of America a la Obama. We don’t want her anywhere near our White House ever again.

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  3. Sometimes, karma does work.

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  5. The Shadow Masters’ concern is to get her into the White House. After that, they can breathe easily.

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  6. Some of it is Psychosomatic Fear of having to face Donald Trump in a debate! Because mentally he will tear her limb from limb, and probably he have to carry her off the stage before it is over!

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  7. I have shared on previous occasions my belief that Hillary Clinton is demon-possessed. Make of that what you will.
    It looks to me that Hillary Clinton will die of her health problems soon. Her handlers are hoping she can at least make it to take the Oath of Office, so they can control her V.P.

    My prediction: I believe Donald Trump will win by such a big landslide, there will be no way for the Clintonistas or the Soros Machine to fudge it (although Soros loves a challenge), and I believe that Hillary Clinton will die from her health problems before 2017 is over. Ditto husband Bill.

    I may be proved wrong on one or more of my particulars; So What? The Clintons are EVIL INCARNATE, and their god is THE DEVIL. May the Devil take them! Yes, Hatred of Evil is a Godly Virtue!

    When the American Public wakes up to what’s been done to it, however, is another matter.

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    • Well Steven, I’m not much for predictions, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see “Bill and Hill” go on to their “rewards” once their usefulness is up. Bill has probably delivered on his contract. “Hill” doesn’t look capable of completing hers. Maybe they just want her in there long enough to read the launch codes?

      I am as sure of possession here as I am of anything. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that its “perfect possession”. There’s no cure for that. They have no souls, they are shadow people.

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      • Whoa, Lophatt! We must be PRECISE. YES, it seems as if people like Killary, the Klownish Koughing Kween, have no soul. But if that is the case, then the Devil would have nothing to possess! Then we’re right at the point (OF APOSTASY) that Frankenpope would deliver us to: “The souls of the damned are annihilated at death.”) Think about it: The souls of the Good go to their Reward, whereas the souls of the damned are annihilated. You call that a punishment? I assure you the Bible DOES NOT, and neither does Christ!
        But I do share your frustration. If I make it to Heaven, I shall take no pleasure in watching the damned in their torments: I would prefer to forget all about them.
        Let the dogs Clinton (and Bush) “return to their own vomit”!

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    • Leeann Springer

      Totally agree Steven!


  8. ‘Something’ wrong w/Hilda Beast? How about ‘What ISN’T wrong w/Satan’s minion?’ Plain evil is plainly evil, and it’s plainly in her, of her, and Her. Ditto for Himself, her equal opportunity partner in slime crimes w/o end. Ugh, I need a shower after writing about the filth of them~!!

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  9. Satan has finally taken over her. Wait until she starts “speaking in tongues” (satan’s tongue)

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    • She has been for a long time, but in 180′ reversed English, so what she says is exactly the opposite of what she means or intends. To the best of my knowledge and others such as Eo, she’s not done a spit of any good for any one at anytime in her slinky creepy past.

      If ANY evidence of a single general good can be found and shown to us, I and all others will gladly accept it and retract earlier negative statements about her. But HEY! Don’t rush on my account: I’m not holding my breath, just holding my nose from the stench, dontcha know?

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    • The Devil, speaking through her, has hinted that speaking in tongues may be his next trick: Remember that Hillary starting “talking black” before a black audience! “I don’t feel no ways tired! I’ve come too far from where I was! Nobody told me the road would be easy!”
      Satan is THISCLOSE to being commanded by God to pull Killary, the Klownish Koughing Kween’s string!


      • Ha,ha, ha! “Lawd, i’z don’ know nuthin’ ’bout birthin’ no babies….., nah sih! I say’s ta’ Bill ta udder day, I says, Bill, why it a good ting y’all shootin’ blanks or we be broke from da chile support. Bill not like a real man like my Webb”.

        She’s is completely possessed. She has no shame.

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  10. PJW is so engaging. Amazed how a 30-something Brit is so better informed compared to most Americans. His video steers me to believing Hillary has syphilis, based on her tongue crater and dirty laundry list of symptoms at events.

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  11. Yes, there is something exaggerated in her facial expressions. Like she saw god and died. Probably for all her sins for she knows how wicked she has been.

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  12. She is having seizures. This is just ONE of many statements and questions.
    People who have power…and I know you’ve seen them at work or at school, they become obsessed with their own power. When no one stops them…their own power becomes toxic and becomes worse and worse. Why does she continue? She gets away with it. The FBI, Secret Service, Homeland Security….NO ONE does a thing about the Murders.
    She has lied and betrayed an entire country.
    She and Bill both have a Huge “Clinton Corpse List.”
    Just a couple of days ago: Two Anti-Hillary Activists Dead in Two Days Mainstream Media Blackout (Videos)

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  13. “He says he wants to move on to a new, more substantial relationship, a deeper relationship with … Clearly, Putin is ready for a bold leader in the White House that he can team up with to kill the … America and Russia can and should become strong allies, and both will stand with Israel. … Putin is itching to nuke Washington.


  14. I lean toward:
    Neurosyphilis has four different forms: asymptomatic, meningovascular, tabes dorsalis, and general paresis.[4] In rare instances, active neurosyphilis can mimic Alzheimer’s disease.[2]

    Symptoms of neurosyphilis include, but are not limited to the following:[1][4]

    Abnormal gait
    Confusion, disorientation
    Sudden personality changes
    Changes in mental stability
    Fecal and urinary incontinence
    Memory problems
    Mood disturbances
    Numbness in the toes, feet, or legs
    Poor concentration
    Neck stiffness
    Visual disturbances. There may be the sign of Argyll Robertson pupils, which are bilateral small pupils that constrict when the patient focuses on a near object but do not constrict when exposed to bright light.
    Muscle weakness

    Upon further diagnostic workup, the following signs may be present:

    Abnormal reflexes
    Muscle atrophy
    Muscle contractions


    In addition to evaluation of any symptoms and signs, various blood tests can be done:[1]

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    • Excellent checklist, Apollyon, and history is replete with sufferers of syphilis. Henry VIII is believed to have died of it. Winston Churchill’s mother died of it. Nietzsche willingly contracted it in order to identify with Christ (or so he thought). Vladimir Lenin had it, and other leaders and a large part of Europe’s population had it.
      Your checklist should also include another symptom: Delusions of grandeur.
      The history of the 20th Century has been affected by these men in key positions of power, and the Record really is one of the Mad Rage of Syphilis.
      “You don’t have to tell me things are bad! Things are worse than bad—they’re crazy!” —Howard Beale, “Network.”

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    • But……, who’s gonna tell Huma?

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  15. Bill Clinton is roughly the same age as President George W. Bush. ….. I heard from a nurse who knows Hillary’s condition that she is seriously ill and could “drop out.


  16. Another article to confirm, Clinton is Ill:
    Is Hillary too Sick to Serve as President? | Truth And Action
    Could Hillary Clinton be too sick to win the presidency? A bombshell new tell-all claims she’s battling a host of serious medical ailments behind the scenes …


  17. Kevin J Lankford

    Seems it only her name they are interested in; after the election her presence will not be needed.

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  18. The NSA made a boo-boo when they implanted the microchip in her brain. It caused a “brain bleed” (stroke). All kidding aside She most likely has less than a year to live from Head&neck cancer. Her running mate is the one the overlords of Fairfax want on the throne, She’s just the disposable shill that makes that happen for a man who couldn’t get there on his own

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  19. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this amazing post. I find particularly disturbing her horrible treatment towards staff.

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  20. Leeann Springer

    Hillary Clinton is a type of “Lady Macbeth”. In the play titled Lady Macbeth” she has a lust for greed and power. She also wanted to upbraid her husband, Macbeth. She asks the evil spirits to deprive her of her feminine instincts, as to carry out her plans for having anyone in her way, murdered or killed off. She berated her husband all the time and tried to usurp whatever confidence he had and rather resented his being a man. In public Lady Macbeth was able to pull off her “welcome wagon friendliness” to woo the public’s admiration of her”. Behind the scenes though, she was unfeeling, cruel and had a sharp tongue. She was quite ruthless and her cruelty made her frightening. While, she did not do the actual killings/murders herself, she had a hit man, sometimes enticing or berating her husband into the evil deeds. She even went so far as to have certain guards killed (kind of like the secret service of its time). She speaks quite often of “baby bashing” since she had no “true” maternal instincts . After ongoing evil and causing the destruction of others; it became too much for Lady Macbeth to be surrounded by too many from the public. She becomes totally deranged; a mere shadow of her former self, but still indwelt by the evil spirits who gave her unbridled power. She actually spouted “gibberish and garbled speech” and said senseless things. She goes totally insane and commits suicide in the end. Some people want power at any cost, even if it’s stepping over dead bodies to get it. Do you see the parallel between Lady Macbeth and Lady Hillary Mac-Clinton? Hillary’s life is a type of Shakespeare Play. Leeann


  21. There is a pretty simple explanation… Her condition is probably syphillis… and she got it from Bill.


  22. IMHO she may have a form of Parkinsons — or a neurological syndrome with a broad set of symptoms–which include odd behavior. I find it interesting she used the term Short Circuited because thats what people with certain forms of Parkinsons or even MS say about their behavior and expressions. If she has a multiple systems form of Parkinsons–she would not tremble as much with her fine motor skills. Anyway, for sure she has no remorse for her actions and I sometimes wonder if she has MPD –any which way, I wonder why she has never exercised–it would have boosted her poll numbers immensely. Perhaps she can’t….we will never be able to find out so I am so thankful journalists bring this to our attention.


    • In her emails, Hillary spoke of doing yoga.
      As for Multiple Personality Disorder, Parkinson’s, MS, epilepsy, etc. etc. — I prefer a simpler explanation: demonic possession.


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