Senior NCOs are leaving the U.S. military

Ann Barnhardt, a Joan of Arc of our times, received this disturbing letter from an NCO in the U.S. Army on why he, and other senior NCOs like him, are leaving the military, foresaking the years they’ve put in toward retirement-with-pension.

Note: NCOs are non-commissioned officers who obtained their positions of authority by promotion through the enlisted ranks.

Below is the letter in its entirety. The bold colored emphasis is mine.

my work here is done

A Chilling Letter From an NCO Calling It Quits


I leave the Army for good in September of this year.  My chain of command has been shell shocked that I am going through with it.  Two years ago when I first came to grips with what was happening and resolved to no longer be a part of it, there was derision and even an officer telling me that voicing my opinions about the state of the US economy and its moral failings could be considered a violation of the UCMJ for conduct “prejudicial to good order and discipline.”

When I gave my Operations NCO a copy of the book “A Distant Mirror” by Barbara Tuchman he came to me a month later stating that if there is a civil war, he and his fellow Hispanics will “have to choose sides.”

When I told my first sergeant why I would not be re-enlisting, she said “Don’t you want to re-enlist to get your 20?”

I said that I wanted to re-enlist, but I couldn’t, that my pension was nothing compared to being prepared to sacrifice my life. Then she and I went on to discuss my (your) ideas on why there was a possible collapse of the US government in the future, she went from denying the possibility to stating “Well, it all depends on what level of collapse you’re talking about,” needless to say I was stunned.

The re-enlistment NCO refuses to talk to me, and several other mid to senior level NCOs who previously thought I was kidding have left the Active reserves for the Individual Ready Reserves.

One stated that he too was disgusted with both candidates for president and then asked me if I thought things would be so bad, why wouldn’t I stay in and try to fix things “from the inside”?  I cited the example of the Yugoslav army and how there were fire fights within units and stated that I would refuse to follow unconstitutional orders.  I then asked, “Don’t you think if one of the two candidates gets in power that either might order the power of the state to be used against their political enemies?  That’s what would be likely to START those kinds of firefights, right?”

Officer: “SFC, you are hereby ordered to take your platoon and do evil unconstitutional thing X.”

Me:  “No.”

Officer: “SSG, Arrest SFC !”

Me: (Click) “Don’t move sir.”

SSG: “Uh-oh….”

The other NCO just kinda smiled grimly and nodded.  His friend, a warrant officer whom I have known since 2009 then blurted “Well, that won’t happen anyway, the US government can’t collapse, too many people depend on it!”

We both stared at him and he looked embarrassed almost immediately. He is not a stupid man, but it shows the mindset most are locked into, no matter how illogical it is.

I have many more anecdotes, but the summary is this:  Whereas I was laughed at two years ago, many other senior NCOS are leaving. Many Enlisted men are frightened and wish to get out.  The liberals, humanists, atheists and feminists are taking over.

EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON over the past two years, from family, friends, and colleagues to acquaintances and others in the civilian world who hear I am getting out after 15 years always start with the same argument:  What about your pension/heathcare?

My own brother, an amateur military historian asked me the same question last week, and I said:

“You studied military history for 8 years in school, and as a hobby your whole adult life, if you had to go up against a military composed entirely of people who were there to get their retirement benefits, how easy would that army be to defeat?”


Mic drop!

Ann, it’s been rough.  I LOVE the US Army. At times I have almost been reduced to tears thinking about putting on the uniform for the last time.  But I cannot be part of the army that serves a government like ours. 

Thank you just for being out there and fighting the good fight.


-End of letter-

The letter-writer SFC and the other NCOs who left or are leaving the military are not alone. A recent Rasmussen poll found that a whopping 72% of Americans believe the USA is going in the wrong direction.

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20 responses to “Senior NCOs are leaving the U.S. military

  1. Ann Barnhardt is a real firecracker and she takes no prisoners. I’ve been following her for about five years now. I highly recommend her site (as well as FOTM!) as a source of real, up-to-date information regarding our general state of affairs, and she has been following and analyzing Frankenpope, too. I have the feeling she’s not telling all she knows (maybe it’s her time constraints?)
    She can use our prayers and support.

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  2. I won’t teach this year due to BLM and SJW threats. Regular students were a big enough threat. These violent haters are over the top.

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  3. I came to the same conclusion in 1996, when Bill Clinton was in charge. I took my discharge after 15 years too. I never wanted to leave the US Navy. I was a First Class Petty Office (E6), I hated the idea that I would have to interact with a very unorganized civilian population. But I made the transaction, I still have my uniforms, though they have shrunk a bit, but I am my own boss now; running my own business, utilizing the work ethic and leadership skills I obtained while being in the Service.

    But being in the Military with a bunch non-serving tyrants who live in Washington DC; who use the military as an experiment for social change was bad enough in 1996, it’s even worse today. So to all the NCO’s out there who are thinking about getting out, Follow your heart and remember that you took an oath “….to defend the Constitution, against ALL enemies, foreign or domestic…..” And when you can NO longer execute an UNLAWFUL order, it’s time to get out; regardless of 20 year pension.

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  5. He should have left sooner.
    I would never have served under the cretin in the White House or under Bill Clinton either. Neither had respect for our sacrifices. If the military is ordered to disarm American citizens, they had better have facial body armor.

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  6. There is a profound sadness that the cream of the crop have been leaving our military for some years now. We are left to wonder what is going to happen to our country . . .

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    • An “underground” Army? People with that strong a conviction,that they’d walk away from a life they love so,could assemble into a force it’d be nearly impossible to defeat.

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  7. I completely understand how this SFC feels but as a MSgt in the Air Force I was ordered to shut my mouth Clinton was in Office and I saw the same things in the Air Force.
    I saw the entire work and social environment change from a friendly fun work hard but play hard environment were everyone got along !
    To, a work environment where nobody could be themselves and everything you did was looked at with the how can we screw you over and kick you out of the military over nothing
    You learned to walk on egg shells for your 12 or more hours at your duty section
    You weren’t safe on the flight line either cos the Airman would tell on you !
    I’m so glad I’m out I will never go back in 24 years of working on fighters aircraft
    3 years on Army helicopters things were better with the Army
    Don’t miss it
    I lived through what the SFC went through it sucks !

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  9. We have to live with what we are willing to tolerate. If we tolerate feminism homosexuality and Muslims, then they will take over as they already have while good people will be hunted down for bounty. Apparently it has gotten so bad that even fence sitters have noticed.

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  10. Scary, to say the least.

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  11. Reblogged this on Patriotic Gofer and commented:
    I went into the Army at age 17, with the intention of making a 20 year career out of it. Needless to say, it never came to pass. When I was in, 1968-1971, I went to Vietnam then came back to finish my last 9 months at Ft. Hood, Tx. That last 9 months seemed longer than my year in Vietnam. The racism/Black Pantherism was so freaking prevalent that it wasn’t safe to stay in the Army. A white person wasn’t safe to leave the barracks at night and go for a walk. Gangs of blacks roamed the entire complex, robbing, stabbing, slicing with straight razors. Even before I went over seas, I was at Hunter Army Air Field, in Savannah, Ga, where the racism and danger was nearly as bad. A good friend of mine, ended up with a medical discharge after defending himself from a gang of black cut-throats, who sliced his arms so badly, he lost use of both hands. The only safe bet, if you wanted to leave the barracks after hours, was if you had a vehicle to get around with.

    My heart goes out to this vet and all others who chose, wisely, to get out and into a better and safer world, where you can speak your mind, without threat of courts martial or Article 15.

    Our world is following the prophesies of the Bible, right down to the letter. And, according to friends of mine in the UK, it’s all happening over there and throughout Europe, also.

    Our best bet is to “sell our plowshares and buy a sword” as Jesus told his followers, in times of great danger to themselves and their families. I hope and pray that civil war doesn’t come to the USA before my time has come to go Home to be with my Lord, but it looks like things are just coming together too fast. The Clintons and Obama, among other previous Presidents and politicians, are all bought and paid for, by the likes of Soros and other NWO types.

    I just hope that the USA, Europe and other places around the globe, wake up and face the facts of what’s coming, so that they might be prepared … for at least a little while.

    We are destined to lose … for a while. Christians will be hunted, worldwide, as they already are, in some muslim controlled areas. Pray that the Lord returns soon!

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  12. Thank you for your service. It is sickening what has happened to our military. I never thought we would have to fear our own soldiers and law enforcement, it’s insane. I fantasize about our retired officers and exsoldiers and others taking back our government, guess that only happens in the movies, maybe not…

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  13. Sadly, the very people this country needs to protect the Constitution and the people are the ones leaving and the ones being forced out. We saw over the last few years how those within five years left are being shown the door.
    Those taking over couldn’t get out of their own way let alone even believe in or want to protect the Constitution.
    We lose our military, those that love this country, we lose our freedom.

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  14. Exactly. Left/liberals know what they’re doing…

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  15. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:
    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Finally, someone is telling the truth on what is happening to our military. This community organizer is trying to form an army within the army to overtake the next president.


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  16. Go back 20 years ago, many similar conversation going on with “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” as the topic and with similar results. The Army paid a price for that in Iraq starting in 2003.


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