Democratic National Convention calls SWAT team on Bernie delegates

This is how undemocratic the Democratic Party is.

Last night (July 26, 2016) at the Democratic National Convention, during the roll call vote to nominate Hillary Clinton as the party’s presidential candidate, some Bernie Sanders delegates undertook a peaceful protest in the convention hall with a sit-in, their mouths taped shut.

Bernie delegate with mouth taped shutBernie delegates with mouths taped shut

Democratic Party operatives called a SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) team on the peaceful protesters!

Beginning at the 3:05 mark of the video below, FoxNews reporter Doug McKelway said:

“As you well know, the theme of this convention is ‘United together’. But the reality is something quite different — this is ununited and not terribly together.

We saw further evidence of that last night inside the auditorium when, during the role call vote and Bernie Sanders moved to nominate Hillary Clinton by acclimation, that many of his delegates stormed out of the convention center and they made their way to the media center not far from where we are. They staged a sit-in there, mouths taped shut, amongst the reporters. (Can you imagine trying to write a story on a deadline under circumstances like that?)

Well, decision was made to bring in a SWAT team. The SWAT team made the decision to contain the situation by quite literally containing the delegates.

And while all that was going on, back inside the auditorium, there was a celebratory feel to the whole affair as Hillary Clinton spoke to the delegations combined via video hookup.”

The Gestapo SWAT team held the Bernie delegates until Hillary finished talking.

This is just a preview of what America will be under a Hillary presidency.

H/t FOTM‘s bongiornoc and cs.

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19 responses to “Democratic National Convention calls SWAT team on Bernie delegates

  1. William Brandon Shanley

    Terrific work!

    Will Shanley

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  2. Get ready, for calling SWAT is the simple things compared to relessing ISIS and a totally Federalized police force aganist the American citizens. FEMA CAMPS and Gillotines are in the near future for Americans under an elected Hitlery. Claims she don’t believe in the TTP, I don’t believe that but I can assure you she don’t believe in the first and fourth admendments. SWAT isvabpre run to what that demon has dreamed up.

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  3. I have read twice now it took 20 million to buy Bernie off. He sure changed his stance fast. Some say it was a plane and another said it was cash.
    Since his worth was reported to just over a million. Seems plausible.
    Typical dems, toss money around to further their agenda. Add a threat or two, voila, you have a “deal”.

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    • Bernie has at least more than $11M – two properties and 83 acres of land. Not sure what else but all in his wife’s name. If she is ever indicted on the college capital loan fraud, I guess he may have to have his goods back.


  4. Wake up people especially the black Americans. They use you for their end means and then they will throw you away or to the wolfs —They don’t care

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  5. all a bunch of hypocrites

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  6. When a fence needs to be erected outside the Democrat National Convention to keep out Democrats, and a Swat Team is called to Democrats at a Democrat Nation Convention, in my humble opinion that seems to say to Americans voters we don’t need this same kind of BS in Washington D.C..

    Vote Trump!

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    • I think a tall fence should be built enclosing the whitehouse. We then can name it the insane asylum. And to think hillary wants a fun camp for adults, especially seniors, actually means death camp. That statement of fun camps was around March 2015. She only wants people she can control, period. The older generation were properly educated in functioning public schools.

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  7. “This is just a preview of what America will be under a Hillary presidency.” Well put.

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  8. Kevin J Lankford

    Are people beginning to see who our government considers the greatest threat and security risks to their authority is???

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  9. If that’s all that happened to them , they should thank their lucky stars that Shrillary wasn’t in bitch mode . They could have been ” Fostered ” !!!

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  10. Democrats’ “free speech” at their convention:

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  11. Great post! The above picture, and taking into consideration back some months when Killary had the press “roped off” in order to keep them away from her tells the person with normal IQ just what a Presidency she would be willing to run. Vote Trump! Even if he may not be perfect, and has his share of warts . . . it is better than the alternative.

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  12. I must have missed a page on this. Why was it necessary to “contain” a bunch of SILENT protesters? Were they expected to disrupt the speech? With their mouths taped over? (I can only assume the taped mouth is a symbolic “I’ll NEVER endorse Hillary Clinton!” move.) Way to BOND with the PEOPLE,Democrats!

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  13. Nice Alinsky effort Jay. What does this post have to do with “women’s liberation?” Try and follow the details of the post. Maybe you’d like to reply to the actual content instead of showing us your knowledge of Alinsky rules…

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  14. When YOU are INFALLIBLE and PERFECT anyone who disagrees is obviously INSANE and CRIMINAL.
    Fences and Walls are only used by BIGOTS and RACISTS …… so they better not have any around their convention —- BRIDGES are what the democrats claim to believe in, so they better take all the locks off the doors and WELCOME anybody who wants to go into their “INCLUSIVE, MELTING POT,DIVERSE” convention. NO walls or fences because “WALLS and FENCES do not work”


  15. Beano McReano

    Yes, the Democrap party telling you all before hand how it shall rule and stupid SS and SWAT team all go along telling you how THEY will enforce that rule.


  16. Thank you for this article, Dr. Eowyn. The DNC spent 3 nights describing Hillary as the twin sister of Mother Theresa. But when Hillary finally spoke on night 4, her real voice was that of a battle axe.


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