Did Hillary have a brain seizure on camera?

Voters have the right to know about a presidential candidate’s health. In Hillary Clinton’s case, reports and rumors of her ill health have dogged her campaign. See:

The latest disturbing signs took place on June 17, 2016, when Hillary was asked by NBC News’ Monica Alba if she had discussed a possible V.P. role with Sen. Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren.

Below are two videos taken from different angles, showing Hillary acting bizarrely, suggestive of a brain or epileptic seizure. She quickly recovered and “blamed” the seizure on the cold drink she’d just sipped.

You be the judge!

See also:

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29 responses to “Did Hillary have a brain seizure on camera?

  1. I get seizures watching and listening to this monster.

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  2. Kevin J Lankford

    Dang!! Looked like the puppet master got her lines tangled.

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  3. Broom Hilda IS a brain seizure!

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  4. Hillary is up against it in far too many ways. Morally and ethically she is stretched to the max, plus Bill the Pill! Then add in what ever crap she eats and drinks…Drop in the blood thinner Coumadin, side-effects, headache, dizziness, and weakness are just a few. And also Armour for her thyroid, side-effects dizziness, anxiety, and foggy thinking. And to top it all off she has Donald Trump, one of the top, very tough speakers in the world looking to tear her limb from limb in the Presidential race with its debates. She is a tough cookie, but my money says she splits at the seams, and totally falls apart before it is over…

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  5. Did you ever see Weekend at Bernie’s? Even if she dropped dead the media would carry her. The whole world is looking like the Truman Show these days.

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  6. That was truly astonishing. After watching that clip, I believe that I had seen sometime previously, this same bobbing of the head and blinking, but I put it down to a personal trait on her part. It never occurred to me that this was a physical ailment . . . . . . this in itself should preclude her from being POTUS. Aside from the fact that she has the moral character of Satan’s sister, she is not physically fit to be POTUS. Although, you must admit . . . she certainly had a quick “comeback!”

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  7. I’ll be having seizures if I gotta listen to this woman for the next four years.

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    • Won’t be a problem for me-I’ll just change channels every time she comes on,just like I do when Obama comes on to lie-er,SPEAK to the People.

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  8. Right before this double- or triple-event seizure she appeared to have a partial blackout impairing her ability to think and speak simple thoughts as well. When she was hospitalized for seizures for several days in Dec ’12 it was absurdly attributed to a stomach virus and the arterial blockage said to be transitory and not affect her brain. There is now, however, every reason to believe she’s been having these episodes for years. This video of her latest mental blackout followed by a quick succession of seizures is staggering in its implications.

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    • There had been reports for years of her health going downhill;of course MSM covered it up well,but I too noticed that the Dr’s explanations of what was going on had very different connotations from what the media and those “in the know” said. This information,what the Medical Analysts said and what I observed,is why I’ve been saying that if she DID manage to get elected,I’d be surprised if she made it to her inauguration. Normally,I wouldn’t consider that prognosis entirely bad,but in light of what I’m learning about Timmy,her choice for VP,it appears it wouldn’t matter if she cashed in-the new VP would be,politically,every bit as insane as she is.

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  10. My sympathies are for America and not Hillary Clinton! Submitted for your approval: Hillary Clinton is elected President, only to be incapacitated while in office. An inside cabal takes command and fronts Tim Kaine to speak for a physically absent President Clinton, under pain of “termination.” This inside cabal then goes about to gut America of any classified information it has left and upfront operations go on, as if it’s “business as usual.” Not only is the public hoodwinked, but so are every member of Congress and the Supreme Court, as well as the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

    Think it can’t happen? Oh Yes, it can—even if it’s only for a week. An inside cabal can permanently checkmate a Nation in a week. Or less.

    Have we been told the truth about ANYTHING yet???

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    • In historical fact, much the same happened when Woodrow Wilson was incapacitated: his wife and the bogus ‘Col.’ House took control of the executive branch, so they continued the dismantling of real governance to increasingly give it over to the banks and corporations which had most prospered from WW1.

      In my opinion, the traditional classification of Wilson as a Progressive is a bitter deceit, as his real-life actions in office were horribly racist, generally retrograde, and favoured the various elites which brought him to power and kept him there, even when he was non compos mentis.

      In short, a preview of what we will most likely see if Hilda Beast is sElected by TPTB.

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  11. looks possessed to me…

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    • Dear MomOfIV:

      Your discernment is amazing.

      Silent reader CSM sent us this video of a krayas (head movements) from a yoga-practitioner’s “kundalini awakening”. In yogic theory, kundalini is a primal energy located at the base of the spine, which is dormant until activated by the practice of yoga.

      From Hillary’s notorious — and criminal — unsecured emails, we know that she does do yoga, which is much more than an exercise routine, but incorporates Hindi religious beliefs and worldview, making yoga of the occult. That is why the Catholic Church warns against yoga. If you’re doing yoga for exercise reasons, surely there are other exercises you can do, e.g., walking, which costs you nothing!


      • I agree Dr. Eowyn. I don’t do yoga. For me, yoga is basically another religion. I’ve watched people do some pretty amazing poses with their bodies, show off demonic hand signs (666, baphomet “OK” sign, eye of horus, sound of silence sign, praising sun gods), all while chanting, centering, or praying to “something”…which disturbs me.
        yoga is all over the country and I prefer whatever is accepted or encouraged en masse is not for me.
        I like to keep it simple: if I want to exercise, then I move; if I want to pray, I get on my knees. I don’t need yoga as a substitute to movement and prayer.
        I’ve also noticed yoga incorporated in workout videos and I adjust my stretches to reflect praising Jesus or just skip that stretch segment entirely and stretch on my own.
        as for hillery, I believe she welcomes the devil into her life…which is why she is so sick spiritually and physically. the saying “the eyes are the windows to the soul” is very true; in the 2nd video you can see her eyes, they are glazed, her pupils are fixed before and after her “episode”.
        yet, she recovers by smoothly transitioning (and still laughing) to her chai which she never actually tasted immediately before her “episode”. she could’ve fallen to the ground, convulsed, arose, and said ‘what a great cold chai!’ and the media would still swoon over her. honestly, I think they are all possessed (probably attend the same yoga classes)…you have to suspend faith and common sense to follow someone that evil.


        • I have to agree MomOf1V. I have only known one person personally that was into yoga. Who went from very nice to very hateful, Yahweh warns us not to contact spirit beings for very good reasons. According to a Christian polling group over 42 % of professing Christians polled believe Satan is only a symbol of evil, I don’t know what Bible these people are reading but my Bible shows very clearly that he’s real and seeing what many churches have become today I can see why.


      • Thank you for posting this.


  12. Not sure what that was, worm fit?? Who knows, but I would put it in the same category as the barking. Something serious is going on with that woman.


  13. I send prayers to her should she be suffering from an illness or something even more malevolent. It is truly heart breaking to watch this happen to anyone.


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  15. My ears have seizures when I hear her yelling. But seriously that was no seizure. Come on. I want to know about the hole in her tongue.


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