Psychiatrist says demonic possession is real

crucifix repels vampire

Richard Gallagher, M.D., is a board-certified psychiatrist and a professor of clinical psychiatry at New York Medical College.

In an article for The Washington Post on July 1, 2016,  Dr. Gallagher describes some of his experiences. Below is his essay in its entirety.

As a psychiatrist, I diagnose mental illness. Also, I help spot demonic possession

By Richard Gallagher, M.D. and Professor

In the late 1980s, I was introduced to a self-styled Satanic high priestess. She called herself a witch and dressed the part, with flowing dark clothes and black eye shadow around to her temples. In our many discussions, she acknowledged worshipping Satan as his “queen.”

I’m a man of science and a lover of history; after studying the classics at Princeton, I trained in psychiatry at Yale and in psychoanalysis at Columbia. That background is why a Catholic priest had asked my professional opinion, which I offered pro bono, about whether this woman was suffering from a mental disorder. This was at the height of the national panic about Satanism. (In a case that helped induce the hysteria, Virginia McMartin and others had recently been charged with alleged Satanic ritual abuse at a Los Angeles preschool; the charges were later dropped.) So I was inclined to skepticism. But my subject’s behavior exceeded what I could explain with my training. She could tell some people their secret weaknesses, such as undue pride. She knew how individuals she’d never known had died, including my mother and her fatal case of ovarian cancer. Six people later vouched to me that, during her exorcisms, they heard her speaking multiple languages, including Latin, completely unfamiliar to her outside of her trances. This was not psychosis; it was what I can only describe as paranormal ability. I concluded that she was possessed. Much later, she permitted me to tell her story.

The priest who had asked for my opinion of this bizarre case was the most experienced exorcist in the country at the time, an erudite and sensible man. I had told him that, even as a practicing Catholic, I wasn’t likely to go in for a lot of hocus-pocus. “Well,” he replied, “unless we thought you were not easily fooled, we would hardly have wanted you to assist us.”

So began an unlikely partnership. For the past two-and-a-half decades and over several hundred consultations, I’ve helped clergy from multiple denominations and faiths to filter episodes of mental illness — which represent the overwhelming majority of cases — from, literally, the devil’s work. It’s an unlikely role for an academic physician, but I don’t see these two aspects of my career in conflict. The same habits that shape what I do as a professor and psychiatrist — open-mindedness, respect for evidence and compassion for suffering people — led me to aid in the work of discerning attacks by what I believe are evil spirits and, just as critically, differentiating these extremely rare events from medical conditions.

Is it possible to be a sophisticated psychiatrist and believe that evil spirits are, however seldom, assailing humans? Most of my scientific colleagues and friends say no, because of their frequent contact with patients who are deluded about demons, their general skepticism of the supernatural, and their commitment to employ only standard, peer-reviewed treatments that do not potentially mislead (a definite risk) or harm vulnerable patients. But careful observation of the evidence presented to me in my career has led me to believe that certain extremely uncommon cases can be explained in no other way.

*          *          *

The Vatican does not track global or countrywide exorcism, but in my experience and according to the priests I meet, demand is rising. The United States is home to about 50 “stable” exorcists — those who have been designated by bishops to combat demonic activity on a semi-regular basis — up from just 12 a decade ago, according to the Rev. Vincent Lampert, an Indianapolis-based priest-exorcist who is active in the International Association of Exorcists [IAE]. (He receives about 20 inquiries per week, double the number from when his bishop appointed him in 2005.) The Catholic Church has responded by offering greater resources for clergy members who wish to address the problem. In 2010, for instance, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops organized a meeting in Baltimore for interested clergy. In 2014, Pope Francis formally recognized the IAE, 400 of whom are to convene in Rome this October. Members believe in such strange cases because they are constantly called upon to help. (I served for a time as a scientific adviser on the group’s governing board.)

Unfortunately, not all clergy involved in this complex field are as cautious as the priest who first approached me. In some circles there is a tendency to become overly preoccupied with putative demonic explanations and to see the devil everywhere. Fundamentalist misdiagnoses and absurd or even dangerous “treatments,” such as beating victims, have sometimes occurred, especially in developing countries. This is perhaps why exorcism has a negative connotation in some quarters. People with psychological problems should receive psychological treatment.

But I believe I’ve seen the real thing. Assaults upon individuals are classified either as “demonic possessions” or as the slightly more common but less intense attacks usually called “oppressions.” A possessed individual may suddenly, in a type of trance, voice statements of astonishing venom and contempt for religion, while understanding and speaking various foreign languages previously unknown to them. The subject might also exhibit enormous strength or even the extraordinarily rare phenomenon of levitation. (I have not witnessed a levitation myself, but half a dozen people I work with vow that they’ve seen it in the course of their exorcisms.) He or she might demonstrate “hidden knowledge” of all sorts of things — like how a stranger’s loved ones died, what secret sins she has committed, even where people are at a given moment. These are skills that cannot be explained except by special psychic or preternatural ability.

I have personally encountered these rationally inexplicable features, along with other paranormal phenomena. My vantage is unusual: As a consulting doctor, I think I have seen more cases of possession than any other physician in the world.

Most of the people I evaluate in this role suffer from the more prosaic problems of a medical disorder. Anyone even faintly familiar with mental illnesses knows that individuals who think they are being attacked by malign spirits are generally experiencing nothing of the sort. Practitioners see psychotic patients all the time who claim to see or hear demons; histrionic or highly suggestible individuals, such as those suffering from dissociative identity syndromes; and patients with personality disorders who are prone to misinterpret destructive feelings, in what exorcists sometimes call a “pseudo-possession,” via the defense mechanism of an externalizing projection. But what am I supposed to make of patients who unexpectedly start speaking perfect Latin?

I approach each situation with an initial skepticism. I technically do not make my own “diagnosis” of possession but inform the clergy that the symptoms in question have no conceivable medical cause.

I am aware of the way many psychiatrists view this sort of work. While the American Psychiatric Association has no official opinion on these affairs, the field (like society at large) is full of unpersuadable skeptics and occasionally doctrinaire materialists who are often oddly vitriolic in their opposition to all things spiritual. My job is to assist people seeking help, not to convince doctors who are not subject to suasion. Yet I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the number of psychiatrists and other mental health practitioners nowadays who are open to entertaining such hypotheses. Many believe exactly what I do, though they may be reluctant to speak out.

*          *          *

As a man of reason, I’ve had to rationalize the seemingly irrational. Questions about how a scientifically trained physician can believe “such outdated and unscientific nonsense,” as I’ve been asked, have a simple answer. I honestly weigh the evidence. I have been told simplistically that levitation defies the laws of gravity, and, well, of course it does! We are not dealing here with purely material reality but with the spiritual realm. One cannot force these creatures to undergo lab studies or submit to scientific manipulation; they will also hardly allow themselves to be easily recorded by video equipment, as skeptics sometimes demand. (The official Catholic Catechism holds that demons are sentient and possess their own wills; as they are fallen angels, they are also craftier than humans. That’s how they sow confusion and seed doubt, after all.) Nor does the church wish to compromise a sufferer’s privacy any more than doctors want to compromise a patient’s confidentiality.

Ignorance and superstition have often surrounded stories of demonic possession in various cultures, and surely many alleged episodes can be explained by fraud, chicanery or mental pathology. But anthropologists agree that nearly all cultures have believed in spirits, and the vast majority of societies (including our own) have recorded dramatic stories of spirit possession. Despite varying interpretations, multiple depictions of the same phenomena in astonishingly consistent ways offer cumulative evidence of their credibility.

As a psychoanalyst, a blanket rejection of the possibility of demonic attacks seems less logical, and often wishful in nature, than a careful appraisal of the facts. As I see it, the evidence for possession is like the evidence for George Washington’s crossing of the Delaware. In both cases, written historical accounts with numerous sound witnesses testify to their accuracy.

In the end, however, it was not an academic or dogmatic view that propelled me into this line of work. I was asked to consult about people in pain. I have always thought that, if requested to help a tortured person, a physician should not arbitrarily refuse to get involved. Those who dismiss these cases unwittingly prevent patients from receiving the help they desperately require, either by failing to recommend them for psychiatric treatment (which most clearly need) or by not informing their spiritual ministers that something beyond a mental or other illness seems to be the issue. For any person of science or faith, it should be impossible to turn one’s back on a tormented soul.

[End of Dr. Gallagher’s essay]


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  1. “demons are sentient and possess their own wills; as they are fallen angels, they are also craftier than humans. That’s how they sow confusion and seed doubt, after all”
    makes me wonder how many people in our government branches are demonically possessed

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    • Leeann Springer

      Demonic possession is real: Listen to Hillary in one of her “high pitched rants” look at Obama’s non-reflective eyes (soul-less). I bet even the “down thumber” on these posts is indwelt by a demon. Leeann

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      • I don’t doubt it…there’s no way I can believe in the Lord and not know satan and his minions exist; he definitely convinces others (usually nonbelievers) he does not exist.

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      • “I bet even the “down thumber” on these posts is indwelt by a demon.”


        To the coward who doesn’t have the courage of your convictions to openly confront us with substantive arguments, but instead hides in the shadows, I say to you:

        In the name of the Father,
        and of the Son,
        and of the Holy Spirit.

        St. Michael the Archangel,
        Defend us in battle.
        Be our protection
        against the wickedness and snares of the Devil.
        May God rebuke him, we humbly pray.
        And do thou, oh Prince of the Heavenly Host,
        by the Power of God,
        Cast into Hell,
        Satan and all the evil spirits
        who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls.

        be gone, troll


  2. Thank you for Dr. Gallagher’s important essay. It is of the utmost importance to distinguish between what can be medically documented and what is of the paranormal, and Dr. Gallagher has witnessed that and recorded it. Perhaps the scientific difficulty lay in the difficulty or impossibility of getting the empirical out of the paranormal; Dr. Gallagher has witnessed it and sworn to it, but no one would be able to reproduce it. And he admits to skepticism without ruling out the paranormal altogether.
    Dr. Henry Makow posted an article about three to four years ago, in which he stated his belief that sexual promiscuity, at least beyond a certain point, could or would lead to possession, and I believe him. Although he didn’t state observing the paranormal in that article, he didn’t rely on that as proof of possession. But I would agree with him for this reason: We can more or less observe that sexual promiscuity can lead, very rapidly, to the disintegration of moral character. So then the question would remain, at what point would the paranormal manifest itself to human observation? (My answer is that demonic entities would prefer to remain hidden until Commanded by God to reveal themselves).
    Certainly involvement in matters of the occult can lead to possession: If one desires to make contact with the spirit world and he persists, he is certainly sure to get a response. Such historical individuals include Hitler, Darwin, Nietzsche, Madame Blavatsky, and Alice Bailey and almost certainly Margaret Sanger. Even Abraham Lincoln and his wife conducted seances while in the White House. And it has been reported that FDR and his wife conducted occult ceremonies there, also.
    While I taught English at a high school in northern Manhattan, at least two colleagues of mine were into the occult; One admitted it to me and told me of another colleague who invited her students to call her on their own free time for “readings.” And the Roman Polansky movie “Rosemary’s Baby,” while maybe a work of fiction, portrayed things of a satanic nature occurring in the Dakota Apartment building, located on W. 72 St., a building where practicing satanists have been known to have lived over the years. (This is where John Lennon lived and was shot to death; Actress Lauren Bacall also lived there until her death).
    David Icke, Alex Jones and others have reported on occult ceremonies and rituals at the Bohemian Grove, and they have also reported on the organized pedophile rings and/or the satanic rituals that have run rampant in the British government.

    I believe that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are possessed. Without having witnessed anything paranormal from them on video, this is what leads me to believe both are possessed. In Obama’s case, we have an improbably easy ascent to power, which he has maintained despite the obvious lack of qualification for it. Indeed, the man has faced no effective opposition at all. In Hillary Clinton’s case, we have seen a very long and uninterrupted history of facile lying, compounded by more lying, compounded by still yet more lying. And while she has not ascended to the position of power she wants (and Let Us Pray that she does not!), no human power, it seems, can rid the political stage of her presence. We can also observe in Hillary, from time to time, a certain unease of the role she is playing, that she wishes not to be exposed, but that she is aware of a risk that never seems to be consummated. And although these things we’ve observed are not, in and of themselves, paranormal in nature, there exists in each person’s character a certain “facileness,” for lack of a better word, for falsehood and mendacity, and a certain flippancy of character, a certain base disrespect for each person’s audience that never abates. Yes, a certain omnipresent MALICE. (Hillary has been reported to attend satanic or occult ceremonies while in Los Angeles with one of her friends, Linda Bloodworth-Thomason.)

    At any rate, I believe that demonic activity is on the rise throughout the world, and that it can be witnessed, to some degree, not only in politics, but also in entertainment and even the corporate world. And many are coming to believe that we are about to enter a period of history in which Biblical revelation and prophecy are about to unfold. Again, nothing directly paranormal. But the paranormal is not, I believe, the only criterion for demonic activity.

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    • Leeann Springer

      I encountered a demon filled woman once, not too long ago. She is a weirdo who lives in Africa. She sent me some hate-filled messages, although she doesn’t know me personally. I take a firm stand against homosexuality and the murdering of our unborn and voice this on various public sites. . Well, I passively indulged her knowing all along what her issues were. I replied with this: “I know all about you and it’s all in your eyes”. She became interested and asked “what do you mean in my eyes”? So, I replied “you are a demon-filled spirit with no reflection which means you belong to Satan and your soul is given to him”. I think it took the wind out of her sails, for someone to call her out for being what she is “a demon filled entity”. She quit replying back. You see, demons get uncomfortable once they’re exposed. Something similar happened on another occasion. God gave me discernment and it’s not to be taken lightly. There was a young woman, about 28 years old at the time. She always seem guarded around me. She actually told other people who knew me, that she felt uncomfortable around me. My friends told her she was being silly because they found me to be a great neighbor and friend who loves the Lord. The reason she was uncomfortable is because I knew she was demon-filled, without saying it out loud. As it turns out, they later discovered that the woman was an ordained witch with a satanic group in Little Rock. She actually had the witches tattoo and wtich necklace. I make it a daily habit to stay prayed up and I’m not afraid to expose demons for what they are which is evil. Once they’re confronted, they shrink away from a person who knows about them. All who believes in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit needs to pray a daily hedge around themselves and those they love. There’s more accounts, but just wanted to share 2 of them for now. Leeann

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      • I have witnessed demonic activity on a few occasions in life.


      • Demons hate the power of the Holy Ghost. There have been times when I would walk into a room and one or more of the people would get very uncomfortable. In the New Testament, demons already knew who Jesus was because he was anointed with the Holy Ghost (and, of course, he is God). Demons hate people who take up their cross and die daily.

        “Spiritual Christians look upon the world not as a playground, but as a battleground.”

        – A.W. Tozer

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  3. well, of course it’s real. Being in the dumobcrap party is the first innoculation. (or being a muslim). The next layer is to be a politician. then the final part is where you verbally tell Satan that you’ll sell your soul (as the o’bamas and clintons have done)

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  4. Demonic spirits usually manifest themselves depend on local belief/myth/story. Certain people (some of them my relatives) in town where i live told me they had encountered (rarely but not uncommon) apparitions of spirits/demons in various form: noise/voice from nowhere, dead person, ball of light (seen by my uncle), humanoid shadow (seen recently by my aunt and her sons in their new house), multiple possessions at a time (even reported in local newspaper). I don’t think they lied to me. I don’t understand why these things is common in Asian countries but very very rare in Europe or America, maybe because people in Asia still hold strong belief in spiritual things other than God. Or maybe demonic spirits manifest themselves differently in Europe/America, like influence people with extremely wicked thoughts, extreme sexual perversions, hate, materialism, etc like we see today. Who knows?

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  5. Unbelievers (non-Christians) can be demon-possessed (like Obama and Hillary Clinton); believers (Christians) can be demon-oppressed. I have had many demons delivered from my body over many years because I have taken up my cross and die daily (obedience to the Lord). The breaking of curses is very important in a Christian’s life, if they are to grow deeper in the Lord.

    New Testament Circumcision


    One more thing. I have noticed since around July 1st of this year that I cannot find my blog, The Road, on the MSN search engine. I can find The Road on Google, but not on MSN. Looks like somebody from the Kingdom of Hell does not like The Road.

    Has anyone here experienced this?

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  7. True story, I had an evil, or it could have been a sad spirit, get into a condo I lived in 30 years ago. I had woken up one night to a smell in the bedroom that smelled like meat gone bad.

    The next morning I asked my wife if she was having digestion problems the night before and she said no!…Over the next few weeks I was awoken by this smell numerous times. And I was fairly sure that it was my wife, because sometimes I would be laying there half asleep and the room would fill with that smell! And I was just sure it was my wife, just not digesting her food well?

    Then one Saturday she went to stay with her family for a few days. That night I awoke and was laying in bed half-asleep and that smell filled the room, and it was strong! And I realized that I had some lost spirit get into my house, I got up and spent the rest of the night reading in the living room.

    That next day I went to my Pastor and explained what was happening…He said that he had experience with these kind of problems before. He said, first try praying that this spirit find its way, to God! He said that he would also pray for me, and this spirit. He said that if that does not work, then get really angry, and tell it to go, and curse at it!

    I did as the Pastor said, the prayer did not work, but when I got really angry, and cursed it was over instantly…And few months later I had another visit, repeated the cure and it has never been back since that time, “BOO!”

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    • If you have a demon in your house, very forcibly say, “In the Name of Jesus Christ, begone, Satan!” And then speak out loud, “This house is covered by the Precious Blood of Jesus.” There may also be some cursed objects in your house: get rid of them immediately. This is called housecleaning.

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  8. Demonic possession is real. The reason it is not recognized by science is due to an immature belief that if one cannot “measure” something, it does not exist. Since science cannot empirically test the spiritual realm, it does not exists. This studious ignorance can also be attributed to the fact that if one believes in non-physical realities, one is therefore led to a belief in God. If God exists, then He is the authority, and He may well require of us behavior that we might find ‘inconvenient.’

    Jung derided belief in God as a relic from our superstitious past, or a psychological artifact that served a certain purpose, not something or Someone that actually exists. Despite his position, he was deeply into the occult, and much of his “science” was the result of his various occult activities.

    Miracles, spirits, the power of prayer, occult power, all of these exist and can be documented. The issue that science has with these things is that they are not reproducible. Since the non-corporeal realm does not jump through hoops for us humans, they seem to think, it cannot exist. .

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    • “Since science cannot empirically test the spiritual realm, it does not exists.” This is exactly what they believe (speaking as one trained in the sciences). What they do not see is that the tools of science are simply the WRONG tools for spiritual applications. Just as an Allen wrench will NOT work as a screwdriver, science does NOT address the spiritual. That does not mean there is no such thing as a screwdriver! But dismissing the possibility of screwdrivers’ existence simply because your Allen wrench does not work is just stupid. Yet that is what they do.

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  9. Leeann Springer

    I was just discussing this exact topic with my two friends this weekend. Dr. Dune spoke on two topics; of which one is “generational sin” which can also affect nations. As believers, being around those with demon possession or unclean spirits, is hardly tolerable. He said most certainly, manifestations of demonic indwelling is that the person is under the power of devils and are slaves to do their will (the KJV term for demons is devilish). Being in the presence of such a being can cause adverse physical reactions for believers, and I’ve experienced such on 5 various occasions. The demon possessed are enemies of God and those who believe in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. When they attack, they do so, with the power of the devil (s) within. That is why we must insulate ourselves against the evils in the world, Be careful of whom we invite into our homes and with those we keep company. I personally saw a young man so angry at hearing some bible verses that he became enraged, trembled and spouted vile profanity, followed by crying. That is when I was reminded that “even devils tremble” at the mention of God’s name. There are more accounts of what I’ve experienced in demon controlled people and it’s all ugly and evil. That is why some people have stated they can’t stand to look at Hillary, Obama and some of the other evil demons . We are seeing their demons and hearing them speak through their voices. Leeann

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    • You are on to something, Leann. It is not that we see anything with our physical eyes, but that we intuit it. Science has sort of proved that our brains are not our minds, that they are actually separate. It’s sort of the same thing: When I see a mere photo of Hillary or Obama, I intuit nothing at that point; But when I hear them speaking, I intuit it, I hear them and I intuit something gone awry.

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    • “angry at hearing some bible verses that he became enraged”

      That’s certainly a red flag. Another indicator is how the person reacts to the crucifix, not the cross (which some possessed individuals, like Madonna, deliberately wear as jewelry). The late theologian Malachi Martin wrote that our natural, instinctive reaction to evil is revulsion. The same applies to evil people: They react to the holy and sacred with distaste, revulsion, and rage.

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    • I’ve had encounters with those I’ve felt were the enemies of God that were deeply frightening, not because of those hissing and spitting overt signs of possession that would immediately put one on guard, but because of the beguiling and eerily disarming nature of the attacks, which I felt either preternaturally intuited and played on my weaknesses or were probing for them to get me to drop my guard, say by clever banter or humor, flattery, or the dictates of polite conversation used as a tool to gain concessions. I’m not talking about encounters with everyday atheists, ugly as they can be, but that feeling of being in the presence of someone or something palpably evil that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. This sort, like Ivan’s devil in The Brothers Karamazov with the easy going charm of a politician, is the one that will bring me to ruin without my seeing it coming.

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  10. Excellent essay! Entity possession seems to be happening more frequently, especially to those people who suffer from depression or high anxiety and / or take various medications. We are going through many changes on this planet and people need to remain present in their bodies and stay grounded. An entity can only remain if the person willingly allows it. It is important that people surround themselves with white light for protection every day and stay strong and healthy. Let go of the fear and always act out of love. Two great books to read are Barbara Marciniak’s “Bringers of the Dawn” and “Family of Light.”


    • Yes, the very street drugs that are so mentally debilitating, are in the Psych drugs handed out to even our children today. Speed, Cocaine, and Opium are in medical drugs for treating ADD, ADHD. Pain, Depression, and many other mental and physical problems. The result is we have more addicts living in our homes than are walking the streets…And every school shooter was on a Psych drug at the time of their attack, intending to kill as many people as they can!

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    • “Entity possession seems to be happening more frequently, especially to those people who suffer from depression or high anxiety and / or take various medications.”

      To that can be added alcoholics, drug-addicted, the severely mentally-ill, and those with dementia. Explanation below.

      “An entity can only remain if the person willingly allows it.”

      But what if the person does not have the mental alertness and capability to allow or disallow it? What if “no one is there” — when one’s mind is vacated by alcohol, drugs, or dementia? Nature abhors a vacuum, and a person whose mind is vacant, when “no one is there,” becomes an invitation to the demonic. The most frightening movie scene I’d ever seen was a scene in Exorcist III, of a medical facility for the elderly afflicted with dementia.

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  11. Very interestsing read by that doctor. I’d say that lady patient he had, had definitely invited the Devil into her life.


    “He said that he would also pray for me, and this spirit. He said that if that does not work, then get really angry, and tell it to go, and curse at it!”

    I’d never heard that. I thought we were always supposed to command any evil spirits to, “GO! wherever the Lord Jesus Christ tells you to go!”

    Your “BOO!” part was funny, though, haha! 🙂


    Speaking of bad smells, I was re-reading Psalms 91 the other day in KJV & realized I didn’t know what “noisome” meant (I thought it had something to do with Noise, lol) but it actually means bad smell from pestilence: vs. 3: “Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence.” I guess there’s no such thing as a Noisy Pestilence. 🙂


    To become actually POSSESSED, I think you have to literally ASK to be part of the Devil’s “club.” I don’t think he can possess people without them being willing & open to it, or in some way “asking for it.”

    Now, OPPRESSION & harrassment is another matter. I do believe the devils can cause problems. As they say in Christian circles, “New Levels, New Devils” > every step forward you take, no matter how small, demons will be there ready to cause havoc to set you back, whether via circumstances, or through people, etc. Looking backward (hindsight is 20/20) I’ve seen that that pattern has played out a number of times over the decades & it “do get old”!


    I surely hope the Lord does now allow demons to “possess” the mentally handicapped or those with dementia. That would seem too cruel, like allowing infants to be “possessed,” because, really, what is the difference? (OK, I guess a baby has not had a chance to come to the Lord, but someone at the other end of life has had their entire lives. But still… I hope not. That’s not a “fair fight.”)

    I always heard the Devil is more apt to hassle the Christians vs. the Worldlies as they are already “under his spell” generally-speaking, so he’s not too worried about them, but is out to stop the ones who have, or are in the process of exiting his “spell” > those who get saved, or who try to advance (whether via more spiritual activities or more scriptural knowledge/understanding, etc.). And that would seem to be true from my experience.

    One time we were heading to a Bible study with a newbie, but had to stop at home first. Found the whole apt. swarming with TERMITES! all the sudden & out of the blue! I said, “That’s got to be the Devil for him to pick right now for that to happen, & he surely must not want us to have the Bible study!” So I just ignored the termites until later when I got back home. That’s the kind of crazy crap the Devil pulls. It’s all in the “timing.” Any other day or any other time I would not have thought so.

    When I was first studying & reading the Bible was the only time demons paid a visit about three times, simple stuff like being in bed & noticing the other side of the bed was crunched down as if someone was sitting there. But I was too happy & had already heard the demons will try to stop you from advancing in the Lord, so it didn’t scare me one bit (the Devil hates it if you have “Joy in the Lord”). So in those days, being a newbie, not really knowing what to say, I probably said something like, “Hey you, I know who you are & you are not scaring me one bit, so take a hike!” Haha. Nothing weird has ever happened again like that.

    Now PEOPLE as the Devil’s harrassers (is that even a word?) is another thing, as I said above. After my first dozen years or so of being a Christian, & finally learning there was actually a thing called “legalism,” I broke free from that & boy oh boy, the Devil sent not only one psychopath, which evidently wasn’t enough to satisfy him, so he sent a second one six months later. So I ended up with 2 psychopaths in my life at the same time, one at work & one in personal life. And together they did just about kill me. (I did not know about psychopaths in those days. It would be some years still before I would learn. No internet yet.) But I lived through that, a miracle in itself, & went on to “higher” levels of understanding, which, really, I think, is what it’s all about. Learning Learning Learning. Every “devil trick” will teach you something new & give the Lord an opportunity to show Himself & His victories in even bigger ways.

    We probably shouldn’t tell newbies all these things… I did that last year with a relative I hardly ever see. After Part 1: Once you start learning & speaking out everywhere/anywhere about what you are learning in Scripture, the Devil will first bring mocking to try to shut you up. Part 2: But if that doesn’t bother you, then he’ll attack your finances/job. Part 3: And if that doesn’t shut you up, then he’ll attack your health…. By that time the relative’s eyes were bulging out, lol. I think I may have scared him & felt bad about it later. What I was trying to do was show him how the Lord will keep you going amidst all that. But, still, maybe a little TMI for a newbie, I don’t know; will see that relative again maybe later this year so we’ll see.

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    • I am glad that you enjoyed the BOO! If you haven’t seen this quote before then please enjoy it, it paints a very interesting scene!

      “A brave man is a man who dares to look the Devil in the face and tell him he is a Devil.” James A. Garfield

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  12. If you want to see a horde of demons in action, just watch the DNC next week. 😉

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  13. My former husband admitted after 34 years that he was a sex addict and did unspeakable things. He asked me if I thought that the devil was inside him. I replied yes without a doubt. He spent an entire year psychologically abusing me to the point that I felt devoid of hope and wanted to die. It was not until I read some of the comments that I can now see it might have been satan coming at me through him. I am grateful to God that I escaped that abuse. There were consequences that I paid but I now have peace.

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