Millennials: Generation Snowflake

Millennials are those born between 1982 and 2004 (12 to 34 years of age today), whose ridiculously-fragile, thin-skinned sensibilities are coddled and catered to by colleges and universities, which have earned them the derisive moniker of “Generation Snowflake”.

Special snowflakeFinally, more and more people are speaking out.

One of them is a top British thinker, Claire Fox, who’s the director of the Institute of Ideas thinktank. In a June 8, 2016 op/ed for Daily Mail, Fox writes about the contrast between the Millennials and previous generations of young people, especially:

“this generation’s almost belligerent sense of entitlement. They assume their emotional suffering takes precedence. Express a view they disagree with and you must immediately recant and apologise.

But as I argue in my new book – I Find That Offensive! – Generation Snowflake believe it’s their right to be protected from anything they might find unpalatable.

This mindset is particularly rife in universities. The examples are beyond parody: a National Union of Students conference banning clapping as it might trigger trauma (‘please use jazz hands’, delegates were told); the Edinburgh University student threatened with expulsion from a meeting after raising her hand in disagreement.

Last year, students at the University of East Anglia banned a Mexican restaurant from giving out sombreros because of racist stereotyping.

In March, Cambridge University banned an ‘Around The World in 80 Days’ themed party over fears wearing ethnic costumes might cause offence.

Students demand that universities are ‘safe spaces’, free from opinions that will make them feel uncomfortable. There has been a rise in ‘No platforming’ – barring someone with controversial views from speaking at an event at all.

Faced with such thin-skinned students, no wonder Oxford University has introduced ‘trigger warnings’ about ‘potentially distressing subject matter’ in law lectures on cases involving sexual violence.

Never mind that a future in criminal law will mean dealing with all the unpleasant aspects of human experience.

The list goes on. And on.

But as Fox points out, in the end, Millennials are snowflakes because of society’s coddling:

It makes me sad that these teens and 20-somethings have become so fearful that they believe a dissenting opinion can pose such a serious threat. But can we really be surprised when it’s us who have taught them to think this way? We tell children their wellbeing is paramount, but we are also guilty of mollycoddling them. There’s a constant emphasis on their vulnerability, which is proving toxic.

Children are more restricted than ever when it comes to taking physical risks – one of the ways previous generations built resilience. Thanks to health and safety mania, leapfrog, marbles and conkers are now considered unsafe.

In March, a Leeds primary school banned games of tag as children had been getting upset and having clothes torn. There’s a campaign to stop tackling in school rugby, and to assess the safety of other contact sports such as hockey.

We drill children about healthy eating, so they grow up fearing sugary drinks and told that too much salt and fat will kill them. We weigh and measure them at primary school and then wonder why they become obsessed with their bodies.

Meanwhile, the old motto ‘Sticks and stones . . .’ is now forgotten, as we teach children that words can indeed hurt them. Bullying has been redefined to include ordinary playground verbal tussles. I remember my niece telling me, aged 11, that she was being bullied at school. I feared she was being beaten up or viciously taunted. In fact, she was being ‘excluded from her friendship group’.

I don’t doubt it was upsetting for her, but falling out with your chums is part of growing up. Through it you learn to handle the difficult interactions you will inevitably face as a grown-up.

Adults are encouraged to suspend their critical judgment, to listen to children without interrupting and not to label or criticise because of the impact this may have on their long-term emotional wellbeing.

As for child protection – that’s turned into an industry that encourages youngsters to see predators around every corner. Some play parks ban adults who are not accompanying a child. Parents are not allowed to take photographs of their children at swimming galas.

Teachers aren’t allowed to apply sun cream in case of inappropriate touching. There’s panic about what children might see on the web and endless concern over ‘stranger danger’.

And now there’s something new to fear. Conservative MP Maria Miller’s House of Commons women and equalities committee has launched an inquiry into sexual harassment and violence in schools. A report from the committee says: ‘In school corridors and playgrounds, sexually charged behaviour drives young people’s physical interactions.’ But a look at the ‘evidence’ suggests an expansive definition of what constitutes sexual harassment.

Is giving a compliment based on looks really ‘unsafe’ behaviour? If a boy pings a girl’s bra it may be unpleasant and annoying, but is it really assault? […]

I am particularly concerned we are teaching girls to see themselves as victims. […] Of course, it’s not just women who embody Generation Snowflake and not every young person fits the criteria.

But there is a strand of self-absorption and fragility running through this generation; all too ready to cry ‘victim’ at the first hint of a situation they don’t like.

We need a younger generation that’s prepared to grow a backbone, go out into the world, take risks and make difficult decisions. Otherwise the future doesn’t bode well for any of us.

And here’s a refreshing video of a Millennial on what’s wrong with her generation:

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41 responses to “Millennials: Generation Snowflake

  1. College today:

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    • It would be lovely if we were able to bracket millennials into different portions. Sometimes I wonder where the heck the gimme gimme millennials are? Maybe they’re the ones who were born after 1995. Or maybe they’re talking about the millennials with the spoon in their mouth growing up. I know everyone doesn’t fit a certain story line, but it’s like the crap of the few is tainting the entire spectrum.

      Another concept to remember as, Claire Fox pointed out above, is that we are a product of the world we are taught in. Kids, teens, or you guessed it, millennials, had to be taught sensitivity, entitlement, to be a wussy, to feel like I’m being bullied online (really? just log off. it’s online, not in your face). Parents, teachers, the generation before us can’t hop off free from calling us Generation Snowflake without taking this bull by the horns and shoveling some of that hot steaming pile of blame.

      Yeah, we’re the new generation up and coming, but if the older peeps don’t get in there and stop being a bunch of wussies when dealing with us, our kids, and subsequently the next generation are going to be even dumber and more sensitive than the last.


      • You really make me sick with your macho Darwinist bullshit and hatred for easily offended, thin-skinned, and sensitive people. For your information, there will always be those kinds of people in the world and you can’t make everyone strong.

        I’m just so damn tired of this hatred for Cupcake Generation and usage of special snowflakes. What makes you special in being all tough and shit? Is being a bully all that matters to you?

        Just as you can’t stand hypersensitive folks, I can’t stand those who can’t let thin-skinned folks be. It’s ironic that you blame them for being spoiled brats when you behave like spoiled brats yourselves.

        As my one of male college professors told me, there’s room for all kinds of people in the world and that rainbows don’t have one color. If you ask me, he’s right.

        If you can’t stand easily offended people, that goes to show you’re just as insecure as them. If they want to be that way, leave them be. They have every right to be however they want.

        By claiming that there’s no room for weak people in the world, you make a lot of enemies. Like my dad once told me when I was in an eighth grader, we all have to accept our weaknesses.

        So learn to deal with weak people and quit trying to impose your standards on them.


  2. Was that young woman speaking extemporaneously? Impressive!

    I have to say, as a Gen X-er, we didn’t exactly set the world on fire ourselves. Many of my friends from high school never married or had children (I did both). Many didn’t graduate college, or have much in the way of careers. Gen X-ers are the ones who have raised these Special Snowflakes…at least, those of us who weren’t careful to avoid it.

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    • God Bless you, and parents like you. It does warm my heart that an entire generation is not lost!

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    • I think it’s erroneous to blame one generation for all of this PC crap. Ultimately, this is a social engineering plan from the NWO #@$! that want the young to be drug addicted (excuse me, I mean it’s a disease, hmmm…), out of shape unhealthy over-vaccinated no morality or self control whatsoever. Where is all this ‘advice’ coming from? The media, so called ‘professionals’ like teachers (Rockefellers control the public school system), the police and lawmakers (don’t even think of letting your kids wander around outside or go walk around the ‘hood without parents around or you’ll be arrested for ‘child endangerment’), as well as the media, and don’t forget the whole destruction of industry and selling the jobs to China (thanks Nixon/Kissinger, etc) in order to destabilize our economy and make it a transient society so you don’t even know WHO your neighbors are anymore), and don’t forget politicians who passed all the welfare laws to help people stay lazy, have kids out of wedlock and get paid money for it.


      • I agree with you. My point was that the kids today didn’t appear from a vacuum. We have ALL been engineered, cultured, deliberately.

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        • That is precisely correct. This is NOT an accident. They are conditioning these groups to be passive, compliant, conformist and dependent. Dealing with others who don’t necessarily see the world as you do is part of becoming an adult. These whiners are forever consigned to be immature and dependent.


    • Enough with this anti-snowflake crap! They will always exist whether you like it or not.


  3. Excellent article, and I agree with everything you say. My question is what will happen to these fragile creatures after they leave the world of academia?

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    • I daresay the prospects look rather grim . . . if they are truly that unstable, unable to cope with the real world . . . you can expect a huge increase in peoples needing welfare.

      I read a very interesting article just yesterday written to letters to the Editor. This man feels that there needs to be a resurgence of what used to be called “poor farms.” Our exploding homeless problem here in Portland, has the government advocating high taxes on new homes so that housing can be built for these people. At first glance the thought if somewhat shocking, but among younger citizens, they seem to not feel they have to work to take care of themselves–there is an expectation that WE (that is you and I bonified US taxpayer) support them. Perhaps the life of living at a poor farm, raising vegetables, chickens for eggs and meat, is not really unreasonable. It certainly should be rather low stress . . . and it would weed out those who are in real need from those who wish a free ride.

      The fact that we have so many of these Snowflakes will eventually drown our country trying to take care of those who are so offended by everything, that they are unable to do Nothing!

      Good Grief! How many of us during our work life, had bosses, or superiors that we felt did not treat us as we should be treated? I’ll bet there is rather a lot . . . at least we learned how to maneuver life’s perils and still remain standing!

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  4. Reblogged this on Exposing Modern Mugwumps and commented:
    So very true, never a generation of more self indulgent and ignorant Americans…thanks to the fed. ed. system, ugh

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  5. I was born in 1985 and I am 100% Generation X. The gap between X and Millenials starts around 1990-1992.

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  6. I would like to explain why I believe that is true…

    Being born in 1985, technology was there, but it wasn’t the primary focus of life. I got my first, crappy, cell phone when I was 17, and I refused to upgrade to a smartphone until ATT shut down the 2G network a year ago.

    Growing up, sure, we would sometimes spend a few days in a row playing the N64 after school, but most of the time, we were out in the woods, or on 4-wheelers, or inventing some sort of game. I feel that my group of friends had a nice balance of technology, the outdoors and our imaginations… which is something I rarely see in those born after 1992.

    The biggest difference, to me, is the level of technology – and the absorption into technology – at very young ages.

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  7. Microaggressions are mean!

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  8. you know–I don’t think it’s just Millennials. I think our whole society is devolving into ME FIRST, and don’t disagree with me, and if I feel something is true it is–how dare you disrespect me with facts.
    I just had jury duty with a young man who was about 20. He was awesome! There is hope out there.
    Let’s just not us join the PITY (entitled) PARTY to claim some of the goodies.
    Look to God and realize it’s still HIS party.

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  9. Every entitled, liberalized and rabid young adult has a mother and father. Every time I hear about how pathetic the younger generation is, I think of their parents.

    I don’t know whether to pity them for losing their children to liberalism, or condemn them for an ultimate failure in raising such useless little heathens.

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  10. This is what happens when the special ed class grows up…or at least hits puberty. This is the first real example of the autistic spectrum coming home to roost…so to speak. The millennials have been coddled and make to feel special because they are “different”. Autism is a growing problem in this country…I’m not saying that every millennial is autistic, but, considering the rates of autism have skyrocketed with this generation and will continue to skyrocket with each successive generation…..the millennials are only an example of what’s to come for this country in the future.

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    • I’d like to add that this is also the first generation with the biggest change in the vaccination schedule (from 23 immunizations in 1980, to 42 by 1999, and currently over 60 for 2016) the biggest jump in single-parent households as the norm with schools and/or daycare as the ‘home away from home’, the first generation with the biggest chemical load dumped on them from plastics to pesticides and everything in between, and also this generation is the first to grow up with CPS profiting from them and “parenting” them (basically, govt raising them) as a normal part of their lives whether through foster care or adoption….so, they were “broken” before they even had a chance at normalcy.
      I do wonder about the post-millennials (the children and pre-teens of today) how better or worse they will fare compared to millennials.
      They have their chemical exposures from even more use of plastics, pesticides, pharmaceutical drugs, and now GMOs and radiation from the wonders of technology (cancer is the norm today). The pharmaceutical industry has a very intimate and profitable relationship with post-millennials, from vaccinations, to drugs, to birth control (birth control is given for acne or as a prophylaxis for sexually active youth against pregnancy), etc. For the first time, Gardasil and Cervarix are the so-called anti-HPV drugs that are being foisted upon the millennials and post-millennials under the guise of “protection” from HPV. The result, paralytic medical conditions, seizures, chronic fatigue, death…and schools have been mandating this trash for children (first girls, now boys and girls) and govt is considering it for babies as well. I guess we’ll see in 10+ years what effects these drugs will have on their ability to reproduce (I believe these drugs will negatively effect their ability to reproduce).
      The social/political changes of “equality” and political correctness have removed today’s children from the forefront in society where they should be protected, to the background as chattel for adults’ “happy” death-styles. Post-millennials are the first generation of kids to grow up in govt approved households headed by sodomites and their “partners”. Because of surrogacy, post-millennials are the first generation of kids to grow up having absolutely no clue as to their biological mothers and fathers but know daddy has a “boyfriend(s)” (or “husband”) and mommy has a “girlfriend(s)” (or “wife”). The post-millennials will be the first generation to have homosexuality teachings mandated in public classrooms. They even have books and cartoons aimed at them to accept homosexuality as “normal”.
      These children will grow up with males in the women’s restrooms having full access to them in their most compromised situations. Today’s kids are encouraged into the sodomite lifestyle and transgenderism and are given fake hormones to prevent or encourage sexual changes in the body, and kids as young as toddlers are given strong psychopathic drugs to prevent “outbursts” whether in daycare, school, or foster care. CPS is the norm for households with post-millennials. It is now an occupation for govt to falsely accuse parents, kidnap children, and place them in foster care because people get a regular paycheck to maintain state quotas on the number of children in foster care and the number of children adopted out (plus financial bonuses for adoption). This is the generation of children where they will truly become a profit margin for every industry. The worse our economy becomes, the more society turns to children to make ends meet.

      Christianity that held families together and protected children for more than 2 millennia has been corrupted and people’s faith in Jesus’ teachings is being taught as “hate”. This is the first generation where people have been sued for being Christian and living by the doctrines of their faith. This is the first generation where sermons against homosexuality/sodomites by churches will be restricted. It is ironic that america’s foundations were based upon the premise of freedom of religion and speech (especially for the Christian) and today, Christianity is being restricted and corrupted. Choosing a sodomite death-style is the priority over religion and freedom of speech.
      How will post-millennials fare compared to millennials?
      Seems, by design, that each successive generation has more evil than the previous one thrust upon its shoulders. The invisible hand of hatred is, guided by satan and his followers, and is making its way around the country and the world. This “hatred” is geared specifically at all things “Christian”. Everything the Christian loves and adores is being corrupted. Anyone who says the devil does not exist is speaking with the devil’s tongue.
      It is because of Christianity that our society/country has flourished and maintained a stronghold as a superpower. But, once we start acquiescing to evil i.e. political correctness, communism, socialism, “equality”, massive debt, drugging; we take what was a stronghold and weaken its underpinnings and this all starts with corrupting the children because they are next in line to control the direction of the country.
      Honestly, I guess it doesn’t matter which group will fare better than the other as long as corruption or “subversion” is allowed to continue the result will be that our country will escalate its run to ruin and the free people will become slaves to the master of the flesh and deceit.

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  11. If “thumbs down” is in disagreement with most ALL of what’s said here- why is he/she/it/WhateverTF here? Hired gun employed by the DemocRats?
    As with nearly all “groups”,we can’t actually generalize,there are ALWAYS exceptions. The big thing to realize is that we’ve always BEEN lumped into groups we may or may not have fit into,growing up. Where things changed was what we did about it. I didn’t worry about it-as long as you stay true to the person you ARE,it doesn’t MATTER what label someone else might pin on you. Kids now are so worried about what others will think of who they are,they just come unglued if someone doesn’t think they’re all that and a six-pack. Parents need to STOP making their kids think they’re special little snowflakes, and make them deal with the REALITY of life if they want their kids to be actual GOOD Adults. Kids need to learn to do for themselves,and learn to sometimes put OTHERS ahead of themselves in their list of priorities. They’ll find that many times their actions can help a multitude of people if they put their OWN wants/needs after others’.
    As mentioned,some can’t teach their kids because THEY never learned.

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  12. It is a real challenge to raise kid today, the world becomes more and more insane. I can’t imagine what kind of world my daughter will face as an adult in the future.

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  13. OMG. I am a public middle school teacher. My husband is an adjunct professor at a college as his second job. SNOWFLAKES and their accompanying parents abound! There was a time when my husband THOUGHT I was exahggerating (along with our Friday night Bar-B-Q dinner neighbors: an elementary teacher, and a HS teacher)…..BUT—-after a few years of Friday night Bar-B-Q’s….and hilarious working week stories… husband came to be a BELIEVER when his college students started (in the last maybe 5 years) showing up with the SAME behavior/problems/ inadequacies/parents/etc that I, and the teacher neighbors, had been describing over our FRiday night “let down” dinners for years and years…..

    He is not amused.

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  14. Love the girl in the video. She obviously “gets it.”

    LOL – Damn, I hate being 52. 😦

    Yeah, I know.


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  15. HappyHappyGirl

    let me say something about this article,. I am a millennial as well, and i notice that this site talks about millennials sometimes in a negative way and rightfully so,..I have a brother, 21, and this is his life and what the entire family goes through because of him. He can’t cook not even an egg, never washed a fork in his life, mom takes trash out for him because he’s too busy playing videogames 24/7, he never worked a job in this entire life, his grades in high school were F’s when he was in school which was rare, he refuses to do anything in the house, he refuses to find a job and won’t go to college,. he cusses and insults others, demands money, steals money and precious belongings to sell them, he orders everyone around and only trashes /is violent towards females, not males because any male could spill his guts out,.and i could go on and on and write a 500 letter book about his behavior,. this is just a tid bit of the mess that he is,. a lazy unintelligent bum who is unclean and has a foul mouth and hates God,.

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    • you poor dear…I pray for you and your family, your brother as well. Use his behaviors as examples for how NOT to behave…he needs to grow up and being coddled by family will result in his ruin.

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    • Your parents are not doing him any favors by putting up with him. He is 21. perhaps there needs to be some sort of intervention b/c he will only get worse and hold your parents hostage, esp. in their later years.
      Deep down inside he knows he’s being an a-hole. Please talk with your parents to help save him (and them) from himself.
      They are enabling him in the worst way and have made him defenseless outside the home.
      I will pray too, Happyhappy! The hating God part is a big part of his problem.

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    • Maybe its time to have a lazy brother who lives elsewhere.

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  16. The blame is to be put squarely on the adults. Who tells these kids they can’t ride in the front seat until they’re 10? Who tells them they need a computer to tell them they can cross the street?Who tells these kids not to watch Tom and Jerry because it’s politically incorrect? Who tells them to fear sugar and caffeine and gluten and carbs? Who tells girls they’re victims? Who tells them the word “nigger” is more vulgar than the F-bomb? It’s the (adult) teachers that spend more time shaking down the taxpayer for money than teaching the kids to read. .All this PC crap started with the Baby Boomers- they foisted bike helmets, TV ratings and video game ratings on us. They started the practice of flooding the schools with grief counselors and trauma therapists after a school shooting. I know there are responsible parents, and this PC crap comes from the Ivy leaguers and Think-Tankers with their social experiments, And to you Boomers out there- yes, Gen-X did nothing to solve the problem, why should we? We just built on what you started.


  17. It’s interesting that you type the racial slur, but censor the F-bomb. All racial slurs are worse because of their history. If you have a basic compassion for groups of people that have been destroyed by hatred you would understand why it’s worse.

    Honestly, I agree with MOMofIV. It’s systematic programming by the minority that controls the world.


  18. thanks for calling me a” cupcake ” or “snowflake” .I was born in 1985 and fought in two wars : Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. (was US Army for 7years and Honorably Discharged) . People will continue to discriminate i guess based on my age . I am a Mother and have had my fair share of difficult times which I have persevered through. My blood, sweat, and hard work for this country means I am still a thin skinned weakling. .Thanks.

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    • Thank you for your military service, and for not aborting.

      Generalizations are made about every generation, that’s the nature of social science and survey data. I’m a Boomer, and younger generations blame every of America’s ills on the Boomers, although many of the generalizations made about Boomers (drugs, “Progressive” politics) don’t apply to me. I don’t take those Boomer generalizations personally.

      I’m glad you’re not a Snowflake. 🙂

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  19. who are the ones being a bunch of crybabies in this article though ?


  20. For the first time yesterday, this radical leftist, a holdover from the 60s, was attacked by a snowflake commentator for expressing my lack of respect for amorphous, innocuous pussy-hat demonstrations. She called me out for using inappropriate and demeaning language and demanded an apology, after launching into a gratuitous character attack. My response was to hold my ground, dress her down without offensive language, and link to an article about how women themselves came up with the pussy-hat (both the headgear and the name) to express their feminism and disgust at Trump’s infamous remark about grabbing. Interestingly, my adult son, perhaps even to the left of me politically and something of a foodie, had been accused the day before by another millennial for being racist, simply because he observed, quite innocently and correctly, that the French made better desserts than the Mexicans. I had been hoping that the millennials would re-ignite the mini-revolution of the 60s and early 70s, and there were some early signs, like BLM, that this might happen. But now I’ve got my doubts that they’re up to the task. Can you imagine Malcolm or Ali or SDS or The Panthers having hair-trigger reactions to what others might say, or wallowing in hurt feelings and whining for conflict-free safe spaces?

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