Mayor de Blasio and wife defend Black Lives Matter movement


NY Mayor Bill de Blasio and his lesbian wife Chirlane McCray at a Halloween celebration at Gracie Mansion. Photo credit Robert Mecea

NY Mayor Bill de Blasio and his lesbian wife Chirlane McCray at a Halloween celebration at Gracie Mansion. Photo credit Robert Mecea

Via NY Post: Mayor de Blasio and wife Chirlane McCray called the Black Lives Matter movement a “force for good” that has changed the “national discussion,” as the pair defended the group on Monday from criticisms by Police Commissioner Bill Bratton, who blasted it as too intent on protesting against cops rather than engaging in productive dialogue.

“We have a different perspective (than Bratton),” McCray told CNN’s “New Day.” Black Lives Matter is a force for good. It’s about peaceful protests. It’s about shining a light on the problems that we have in race relations across this country. We’ve had a history of it. And it has not gone away, but we haven’t had enough positive action taken on making change. And I am very encouraged by the Black Lives Matter movement.

Mayor de Blasio walked a finer line, backing his top cop while also showing respect for BLM. “I appreciate the fact that he’s [Bratton] saying that we have vast majority of police officers doing their job. We have some who don’t belong in the profession like every profession,” de Blasio said. “I think what the protesters are doing is really about the few who don’t belong.”

As a whole, de Blasio said BLM has set a good agenda for debate. “I think that movement, just the very phrase `Black Lives Matter,’ has changed the national discussion. Now, as with any movement, there’s some people I don’t agree with, but I have to tell you, they’ve changed the national discussion for the better,” the mayor said.

“They did stop and have a moment of silence when they protested in New York for the officers lost in Dallas. Just like the officers in Dallas, when bullets were raining down on them, their first impulse was to protect the protesters. So we’ve got to find these examples of hope and possibility here, and that movement has discussion forward.”

CNN asked de Blasio to comment on network columnist Charles Blow, who said in a Facebook Live commentary that white Americans have to come to grips with the racism faced daily by minorities. “He’s right in the sense that white America doesn’t understand the extent of the problem,” the mayor said.

“As I said, and we know it from our own son, when the most law-abiding, hard-working young man you could imagine, but he has to worry. We’ve got to overcome that. How do we make a society whole? We make a society whole by everyone having a common standard. We value all our young people.”

Bratton on Sunday said Black Lives Matter “is primarily focused on police and their efforts to portray police and the police profession in a very negative way, which is unfortunate.”


17 responses to “Mayor de Blasio and wife defend Black Lives Matter movement

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  2. de Blasio is a moron! I’m glad God is not a racist since He created peoples of color. ALL LIVES MATTER, it’s just that simple. obama started the racial crap along with cop killings. He is determined to install martial law as well as WW3.

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  3. So, why should anyone care what a radical socialist mayor has to say about BLM. He and his lesbian ‘wife’ are want to bring everyone into their deviant and destructive behavioral example; after all that was his intent from day one of his becoming mayor of NYC was it not?​

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  4. A couple of q’s for the esteemed mayor of N.Y.C. …….If black lives REALLY MATTERED , I would like to think that you and that darling wife of yours would be leading protests in front of the abortion clinics in Harlem , Bedford/Stiverson , etc. …..After all , don’t ALL black lives MATTER ?

    A peaceful protest, hmmmmmmmm…….Ask the widows and widowers of the Dallas COP shootings how they feel about that ! Kinda hard when you have your head too far buried up your ass and ego to respond !!!

    Nothing happens by chance . This has been in the works for many years . Remember when that p.o.s. F.D.R said ( not ver batim ) Nothing in politics happens by chance .

    Investigate Albert Pike , and his thoughts . He told us what will happen 200 yrs ago

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  5. Behaviors have consequences, but America’s politicians think they are immune. De Blasio, Hillary, and their ilk really should remember what happened to Romania’s communist dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu when the Romanian people finally freed themselves of their yoke.


  6. They all should have passed gas on the p.o.s.


  7. imbecile couple…tweedle dum and tweedle dummer

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  8. I am still angry at PBA President Pat Lynch, who had a real shot at ridding New York of Kaiser Wilhelm. But I guess his pension was more important to him than the future of New York.
    And former Mayor Bloomberg—out for himself alone—didn’t help matters any when he gave police traffic ticket quotas that were so high, police officers could not possibly meet them without lying.
    Every last thing in New York City is a racket. The last thing we need is the legitimization of Black Lives Matter. But I believe it will happen, eventually: They made Al Sharpton “legit,” didn’t they?


  9. traildustfotm

    How could NYC have gone from electing a great mayor like Rudy Giuliani, to electing a circus clown lie the current mayor??


    • TD . . . Now that really is the 64 thousand dollar question! Giuliani, to us outsiders, really helped to right the wrongs that were going on in NYC. Now they have this Dumbo, who is helping to promote the wrongs, and suppress everything that is right about NYC. We certainly can hope that the people will wake up and kick him to the curb.


    • Excellent Question, Trail Dust. Rudy himself told us to give Bloomberg—a member of the Anglophilic Committee of 300—a chance. He toned the rah-rah mentality of the people down. Then, when election time came around, the conservative Republican candidate, Castiamatidis, didn’t even give it his best shot.
      Like I said—Everything in New York is a racket. Only we can’t blame the unions, this time.


  10. Figures. BTW-it occurs to me that now we have TWO “BLM”‘s America doesn’t need. Both have a history of inserting themselves in places they aren’t needed or wanted, both do FAR more damage than good,and,due to poor management and a lost or corrupt mission statement,they set their own stated cause back more every time they show up in media coverage. The best thing they could do is just disband and go away.


  11. The problem here is people afraid to call thing as it is. If a movement is bad, white or black. Just call it bad. It’s not racist, it’s just fact and common sense. Sadly, for some people ‘feeling’ is more preferable than logic.

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  12. Obama's boyfriend

    Only in NY could they elect a slug like this clown. No insult intended to real slugs.


  13. You look at these two pugs, the clintons and the obamas along with every other marxist minded asshole that history has revealed and you just have to wonder: What in the name of Lewis Black was God thinking of when He gave the nod on the creation of their souls?


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