Immigrant teenagers walk free in Swedish ferry ‘rape’ case


From The Local: A prosecutor has said that she will not appeal a controversial court ruling which cleared four young men of gang-raping a woman on a student party cruise in Scandinavia.

“We have gone through the court verdict very carefully and have decided not to appeal. We don’t think we would be successful in the appeals court,” prosecutor Kristin Morén told the Dagens Nyheter newspaper on Friday.

This means that the four 19-year-old men walk free after Stockholm District Court cleared them of all charges last month, ruling that there was little to suggest the woman had not had sex with the men voluntarily during the cruise between Stockholm and Finland in May.

The court cited video evidence and blood and urine samples taken hours after the event to argue that there was little evidence that the alleged victim had been drunk enough to be rendered “particularly vulnerable” or unable to “protect her sexual integrity”.

The case was one of the most controversial alleged rape trials in Sweden this year, with many hitting out at the court’s decision to free the teens.

Elisabeth Massi Fritz, a high-profile Swedish lawyer, commented on the verdict on her blog, wondering how it came “to the conclusion that a drunk young woman, alone in a cabin with four strange men, did not have cause to be afraid?”

“Our laws are there to protect the victims of crime, not to relinquish grown men of responsibility for their actions. Sweden and the Swedish legal system should be ashamed of this verdict,” she wrote.

But columnist Oisin Cantwell, who comments on court cases and legal issues for Sweden’s Aftonbladet tabloid, argued that the verdict was reasonable, writing: “The evidence was weak. A rechtsstaat [state of law] worthy of its name does not lock people up in prison on these grounds.”

The trial was one of a string of high-profile alleged sexual assault and harassment cases involving young immigrant men in Sweden this year, and had been seized upon by anti-immigrant and right-wing media.

The incident took place during an onboard party for 1,700 students described by organizer Fun Cruises as “a crazy action packed day at sea” on a “ship filled with students from all over the country”.

h/t Breitbart


11 responses to “Immigrant teenagers walk free in Swedish ferry ‘rape’ case

  1. As long as the laws of lands permit rape and other criminal behavior of illegal migrants, things will get much worse. I think, if a woman kills the rapist she may end up in prison for defending herself.

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    • Political correctness in action… and, to the liberals’ chagrin, the invaders don’t even appreciate it (they’ll only kiss ass harder).


  2. It really makes you wonder when you see that the people that Hitler called “übermensch” seeming to have relegated themselves to such pitiful standards of living. To so easily surrender when a daughter of your nation has been violated by men with no respect for your values, history, integrity or forefathers religious values? To let them walk away with no punishment? What is Scandinavia, but a collection of people conquered by nothing more than mere liberal politics and atheism. It took not even a gunshot to bring down the “Great Nordic Race”.

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  3. FOUR (4) 19 yr old men could easely rape a young woman. If the woman had been a member of the Israeli military the four men would be in coffins instead of free as they would have played hell trying to her. I am glad I am not a citizen of Sweden. Their courts and judges are far more liberal that the ones we put up with there in the USA.


  4. more state-sanctioned, PC misogyny
    political correctness hates women


    • MomOfIV . . . you are right on the mark. It is the hatred and disdain that Muslims feel towards women in general that allows this type of outrage to fester and grow. It will not stop until someone stops them.


  5. The common “Swedish” (I mean indigenous) peoples of Sweden need to systemically vote out of office those who condone this conduct. Swedish parents, and young adults need to not participate in these “fun filled, exciting adventures” whatever they may be. My heart goes out to the peoples of my Paternal Great-grandparent’s native land. They have been hood-winked by the liberal crowd . . . they are left to pick up and pieces, and pay the bloody bills from this folly.


  6. Hark ! What’s that sound I hear,..?
    It must be the sound of the ,once proud Vikings turning over in their graves, as their progeny have fallen to such a low estate as to allow their , once fair, land to be over run with such vermin, & their daughters to be abused in such a manner, while the abusers, suck on the government’s tax supported, welfare titty, while they give notice, that it is their intention to, one day , rule over the native Swedes.

    .The point could be made, that all Europa, began a fall into decadence, & corruption, on that sad day in April 1945, when Germany lost it’s gallant battle to preserve all Europa, & indeed the Great White Race, it’self from what the, then, victorious Jewish Communism, & Cultural Marxism has in store for for all of Western Civilization,. What is is store for Western Civilization,…..Unless,…,.., the Great White Race, by the grace of God, wakes up as to who it’s enemies are,.& picks up the sword, & the battle axe, & rises up & begin, with iron will, to re-claim & cleans their land, & drive the usurpers into the sea.. .


  7. Coming soon to the United States of America. Wait a minute, it’s already here!


  8. It is horrendous what Sweden and the rest of the Scandanavian countries are letting the invaders get with in all these crimes being committed.
    Sweden is also in my family and it saddens me to think they are losing their people, their country and their culture. Soon to be totally gone, and never found again.
    The women holding that banner look like anything but Swedish.
    I know I have written this before, but people really need to look up Elin Krantz from Sweden and see what happened to her by trying to be a do gooder.
    I will keep writing about her and a nurse from there also, until it sinks in what is happening. We are already having those same attacks here that is being glossed over by the so called media we are now stuck with.
    People have to start demanding the truth.


  9. traildustfotm

    Great points DCG. What they are doing now is cultural suicide. They need to remember their inner viking.


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