Dead Drop Hillary

A dead drop or dead letter box is a method of espionage tradecraft used to pass items or information between two individuals (e.g., a case officer and agent, or two agents) using a secret location, thus not requiring them to meet directly and thereby maintaining operational security.
Dead drop – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Dead Drop Park Bench


Dead Drop Trash Can


Dead Drop Rock


Dead Drop Bolt


Dead Drop Brick


Dead Drop Hillary

Dead Drop Hillary is hoping the majority of voters can’t put 2 and 2 together, and imagine who might be on the other end of her dead drop.

PS: Drop dead, Hillary.

12 responses to “Dead Drop Hillary

  1. When I first saw the headline, I thought it said “Drop Dead Hillary”. Yea, that would be okay with me too.

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  2. The majority of DEMOCRATIC voters don’t care, which means they are just as corrupt as Hillary. America is being destroyed from within, not just by elites like her, but by our fellow Americans.

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    • Unfortunately, that observation is 100% true. It sickens me to the very core. We have the scum of the Earth moving around us . . . who just do not care about this land continuing to be “the land of the free, the home of the brave.” As long as they get free stuff, and can sit on their butts and live off the labor of others–they are just as pleased as punch to continue in that vain.

      I have a neighbor who lives across the street, nearly four months ago up went the “Bernie” signs. This woman is several years older than I, and when she was working she worked as a longshoreman, making very good money. When I look at her daughters (who are in their 50’s) they each work low skilled, marginal jobs. Why in Heaven’s name did she never teach her daughters to “reach for the stars,” get an education, set yourself up to earn a better living. But no, it is far and away easier to live off the “communal labor of other people.”

      It’s interesting that in the early period of time in America (think Jamestown era) they had communal farming efforts. The problem was that some of the people were lazy, they wanted to take it easy, leaving the labor to others. When those who “worked” saw that there were lazy individuals who profited from their hard work, then they too began to slack off. Finally, the land was portioned into “family plots” . . . all of a sudden the amount of produce sky-rocketed, because each family was able to utilize 100% of the return on their labor. They no longer had to share with the slackers. This is the very problem we have today, the slackers are killing the rest of us, by their taking the product of our labor (in this day and age that would be cash.)

      Hillary and her ilk are able to feed off the slackers mentality to get elected and strengthen the strangle hold they have over the country.

      I live in fear for the future of this nation under this current mentality. God Bless America!

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    • You must be right about that-if not,WHY in God’s name would anyone vote for a SOCIALIST or someone with such a LONG history of criminal behavior,who has only been kept out of Prison on a series of technicalities?

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    • Yup.

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  3. That is constructive thinking.

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  4. So appropriate!

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  5. Agree with your analysis 100%; And James comey should resign.

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