Majority of Democrats want Obama for a third term

After everything that the POS has done, a strong majority of Democrats are so happy with him that they want Obama for a third term as president — something that, fortunately, is barred by the U.S. Constitution.

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Jonathan Easley reports for The Hill, Jun 30, 2016, that according to data from the conservative polling outlet WPA Research, 67% of Democrats would rather have a third term of Obama as presidency, instead of a potential Hillary Clinton administration. Only 28% said they’re ready to move on from the Obama White House, while 6% are undecided.

The WPA survey of 384 registered Democrats was conducted between June 22 and 27 and has a margin of error of 5 percentage points.

Another poll — a Washington Post-ABC News survey released this week — similarly found that Obama is very popular among Democrats, with a net approval rating approaching 80%. To compare, Bill Clinton was at about 60% positive within his own party at this point in 2000, while George W. Bush was under 40% with Republicans.

Hillary’s approval rating among Democrats is falling. A Gallup survey from April found that her net approval rating among Democrats fell from 63% last November to 36% in April. A memo from WPA said: “The results should give pause to the Hillary Clinton campaign as Democratic respondents clearly prefer the status quo to a Clinton presidency.”

But there is some good news for Hillary. The same Washington Post survey also found that, despite many vowing that they would never support Hillary, Bernie Sanders supporters are moving quickly behind Clinton over Trump.

There really are two Americas.

One America is populated by creatures called Democrats that Conservatives cannot even begin to comprehend.

The two Americas are irreconcilable.

america_dividedSee also “New poll finds Americans are bitterly divided,” Oct. 30, 2013.


42 responses to “Majority of Democrats want Obama for a third term

  1. Non-linear thinking by those not dealing with reality.

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  2. 67% prefer a disaster to utter hell? Hardly a vote worth taking

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  3. Which would be worse—a third Obama term or a single Hillary term? Hard to tell! But here I think is the even worse problem, as reported by Alex Jones: Hillary Clinton is a Chinese agent. Alex Jones brought this to light given a speech by Donald Trump.
    And I believe both Trump and Jones are correct. But let’s walk it back farther. The Chinese did not wake up one day and decide they wanted to be an economic superpower, No. Their path to power was paved first by Nixon, and then by George H.W. Bush, and even farther by Bill Clinton. Nixon opened the door to trade with China—nothing necessarily wrong with that. But it was Bush the Elder who kept encouraging the exporting of our jobs to China and kept giving them Most Favored Nation (MFN) status, year after year. Not to worry, the Ruling Elites believed: The masses and the media were still sound asleep. Then along came Bill Clinton, who, courtesy of the Loral Corporation and other parties, started transferring our military and technology secrets to the Communist Regime. And let us not forget that Bill Clinton repealed the Glass-Steagal Act, effectively turning Wall Street into a Great Big Casino!
    At this point, it has to be admitted that the Chinese have successfully infiltrated and co-opted our politicians, if not our entire government. And Obama is not immune to this. He’s not even concerned: He’s getting his payday. So this leaves Donald Trump’s speech and Alex Jones’s analysis to ponder: Is Hillary Clinton a Chinese agent? The answer is YES.

    For years I have been trying to get my passengers to wake up about 9/11, telling them about the You Tube videos and great 9/11 sites. All to little to no avail. Then I figured it out. On the one hand, people have a normalcy bias, and they don’t want another worldview to rock their boat. They have too much cognitive dissonance; To inform them of another source of information creates too much turmoil. It is the same with these Democrats and other leftists. As Jack Nicolson said in “A Few Good Men,” they “can’t handle the truth!”
    And so we’re deadlocked. The Ruling Elite depends upon this normalcy bias and this cognitive dissonance in order to continue their Satanic reign. Looks to me like they’re winning. Terrible news. At this point, I would say that a catastrophic disaster WILL NOT, in and of itself, produce a break in this deadlock; Only repentance can. I don’t see it happening yet, even if Trump works some economic miracle as President.

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    • They really can’t handle the truth–You are so right. Most are immature cowards. But nothing like a good hardship to wake some of us up. It’s going to be a bitch, but if if saves some minds and souls it’s worth it. Pray, pray, pray for ourselves and others that we are able to hang on to the end. This is way beyond Trump. The best he can do is frustrate the evil-doers behind the scenes. Even if he wins, it’ll be blamed on him.
      As for obama, what a joke of an individual. A puppet through and through. Everything is fine–killing babies, the sick and tired; starting wars; dismantling our military, medical, and education systems and promoting the freaks in the name of equality–FOR NOW. After the collapse, sanity will return. But it will be too late–we will be slaves in our own country.
      Unfortunately, that’s how brainwashed we are that something of this magnitude will be our salvation.

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    • Steven,I think it’d be worse to give the alleged president a third go-round,because he’s so emotionally immature he’d use the entire third term to do stuff to get even with the true Conservatives who dared to fight him on his abuse of the Constitution and the Rule of Law. He’d already have EIGHT YEARS of real-time to plan how he was going to plunge the knife in America’s back-the Kill Shot,so to speak. Killary would be a walk through Hell as well,but I still doubt she’d live long enough to be inaugurated;her health has become a very serious concern this last couple of years..

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      • Apparently Hillary was telling the truth about banging her head, given those glasses she wore. I have reason to believe both Clintons will be gone within the next decade—and not a day too soon, either.


    • Thank you for your ongoing provision of much needed truths in current events and recent history. The book “Jeb!”, by Roger Stone and Saint John Hunt takes us back even more, and chapters 10 and 11 are especially relevant. They tell of a close relationship of the Bush and Rockefeller families with others, such as Morgan added. The Bush-Rockefeller close connection goes back to the days of John D., Sr., early 1900s. Rockefeller led the open door to China. When Nixon started that, I couldn’t understand it, weren’t we at war with Communists, including China, just before, and wasn’t Nixon among the loudest of hawks? He was doing Rockefeller bidding, for Nelson Rockefeller took Nixon from his near-death experience from having been severely kicked around by bringing him east, giving rest as an attorney, and re-establishing him in politics from whence he became President. He continued the Viet Nam War given to LBJ because JFK was going to leave it. Just a question: why was the great amount of work creating that immense seaport Cam Ranh Bay completed even when we left Viet Nam? Just a suspicion, because it was to be used in the future with a Communist government.
      Roger Stone one has great experience and credibility in recent and current events and much else; Saint John Hunt is well worth following as well, his father was E. Howard Hunt.

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  4. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:
    Sadly, many trusting people project their basic honesty onto evil individuals who return the gift with even more contempt for the victims.

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  6. So which is worse, an unConstitutional third term added to the ever-increasing horrors of the first two, or a continuation of the destruction of America by a new NWO Alinsky-mentored Marxist?

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    • But marblenecltr, isn’t what you state a redundant truth?

      I think the terms are equally weighted, therefore mutually supportive: if the end-goal is a mindless immersion into a stew of self-destruction, then either venue serves that end, and voila! We have BNWD, our Bizarro New World Disorder.

      As far as destroying the Republic created 200+ years ago, well, that work’s long done. Now its architects are at each other’s throats, precisely as Marx & Lenin predicted: when the time comes to hang the capitalists, they will bid against one another to supply the rope, and I say: “Well and good!”

      And evan that was the predictable end of unbridled capitalism, as the CFR’s grand old ass Fuji declared the end of history, etc.[],
      the Light came unto the scene and began to strike down Darkness.

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  7. Helene Pineau

    As a general rule I don’t trust opinion polls – the questions are oftentimes posed in a way that favors a desired result. That being said, the WashPo-ABC poll questioned only 384 people, all registered Democrats. So my guess is they would vote for a hamster if it was a Democrat.

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  8. America has barely survived the effect of Obamas two terms.
    A third would mean total destruction, which he wants to achieve.

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  9. There rift among Americans is irreconcilable, for sure. A bigger problem for us as conservatives is that liberal-leftists are represented by the Democrats, while conservatives are always betrayed by the Republicans.

    Last year Paul Ryan appeared with Rep Luis Gutierrez under a near MSM blackout to promote open borders with the predictable double talk, with Ryan unambiguously stating that America isn’t a country, but rather an idea, whose greatest strength is immigration, entailing amnesty and free migration across borders. Gutierrez, in fact, has openly promoted immigrant violence, making him pro-terrorist. He’s also at least formerly a Marxist, by definition dedicated to the annihilation of American society and overthrow of the government. Ryan’s open borders enthusiasm, by some accounts instrumental in bringing in ten million, goes back to the early ’90s when he was working for Jack Kemp. There may be two Americas, but there’s only one globalist cabal running both parties.

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  10. Obama's boyfriend

    Losers always want someone to protect them; provide for them; care for them. These people are unproductive, cling to ruinous ideas and concepts that create socialist societies. Give the lebtards half of the country and build a high wall so they can never foul the land of the free again.

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  11. it’s no longer about a choice between the lesser of two evils…clinton or obama…now, it’s just evil….

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  12. Kevin J Lankford

    Well of course they would, since his very presence in our white house for the past eight years represents the very death of our Constitution.

    Only the ignorant, traitorous liars, or cowards, refer to obama as president.

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  14. Despite his best efforts, Obama has failed to wreck the US economy, confiscate guns, replace Christianity with Islam as the national religion, and replace capitalism with socialism. So what’s the big deal? He failed and the Tea Party won in revealing Obama as the Anti-Christ.


  15. We need to remember,too,that there’s a very real possibility of Obama getting a third “term”-this being said this way because a Presidential Term is only a Term when served by a LEGITIMATELY ELECTED PRESIDENT. We have to remember that Obama has proved repeatedly that he has NO regard for the Rule of Law,and he sees the Constitution as nothing more than a nuisance to be dealt with and ignored,so with his record of violating LAW and our Constitution,why wouldn’t he just issue an EO changing the rules to allow him to remain in power until “further notice”?


  16. Proof positive that democrats are stoopid.


  17. I have been voting for a good number of years, but never have I been so jittery about an election. What are we Republicans expected to do if Hillary wins, lay down and die? If the House Republicans can’t get their act together very soon, that is likely to happen. What a sobering thought. Good post.


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  28. The real racist are the ones who want him for a third term.


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