California university seeks to ‘deconstruct’ masculinity

Pajama Boy

Via Campus Reform: To increase male student retention and combat sexual violence, one California university is offering a “safe space” for male-identifying students to discover their authentic masculinity.

“Dudes Understanding Diversity and Ending Stereotypes (DUDES) is a traveling Men’s Center, housed in the Campus Diversity and Inclusion Center for students who identify as Men, as well as women, transgendered students, and male allies,” the University of Redlands states on its website.

The DUDES Resource Center, the description elaborates, “provides support for students who would like a safe space to talk about men’s issues, get involved on campus, and discuss issues regarding masculinity, media, gender roles, etc.”

DUDES is one of five “Gender Programs” at Redlands that are designed to supplement the work of the Women’s Center and the Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies Department. The other initiatives include a “Masculinity Discussions” series, as well as three programs that provide resources and support for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence.

The “Masculinity Discussion” series provides students with alternative views of masculinity, because according to the website, “We believe it is crucial to deconstruct our societal understanding of masculinity and establish more inclusive definitions of manhood as part of the effort to reduce violence in our communities.”

DUDES other offerings include a fraternity-like brotherhood for male students interested in social justice called Rangi Ya Giza (RYG), as well as the Men Achieving Leadership Excellence and Success Institute, or MALES.

RYG hosted a rally this spring to discuss “issues of modern policing,” at which they encouraged participants to sign a petition asking the Department of Justice to mandate better data reporting in police departments.

At another DUDES event, students discussed a perceived connection between masculinity and gun violence, and one professor presented research suggesting that guns and swords have been seen as phallic symbols for centuries.

Zack Ritter, Associate Director for Campus Diversity and Inclusion at the university, told Campus Reform that the male retention rate on campus is around 85 percent, while females stay in school at a rate of 90 percent. The Men’s Retention Committee formed DUDES to help close that gender gap while also demonstrating that Redlands men aren’t male chauvinists.

Gawker mocked Redland’s use of acronyms for its masculinity programs Wednesday by referring to the fictitious Brothers Allied to Learn Life Successfully (BALLS), which the article says recently created a program known as Progressive Excellence Needs Institutional Support (PENIS), which in turn spawned its own offshoot called Diversity Is Coherent Knowledge Helping Every Action Demand Solutions (DICKHEADS).

Ritter told Campus Reform that the Gawker article didn’t bother him, and that he was happy for the publicity. “If you’re standing on the outside of this stuff, maybe it looks like bullshit, but that’s cool too,” Ritter said. “This is a democracy and you can believe what you want to.”

Ritter pointed out that the programs at Redlands were meant to help students feel comfortable with their gender identity, not to condemn them for it. “There are many types of ways to be a man, and there are many types of ways to be a woman,” he asserted. “This isn’t the Boy Scouts; we aren’t saying this is what you have to do to be a good man.”

As a case in point, he noted that the Campus Diversity & Inclusion program recently posted pictures to their Instagram and Facebook accounts of a December event at which male students were encouraged to try walking down a red carpet in high heels.


Ritter explained that the high heels walk is meant to help students find comfort in expressing themselves, noting that he himself would feel uncomfortable walking around campus in high heels.

Ritter said he thinks many high school students entering college develop unhealthy views of masculinity and sex from Hollywood movies, which can cause problems for them in college. “I think we’re trying to get men to break their stereotypes they have about women,” he asserted, saying, “if we can start breaking that cycle, we can start changing society.”

According to Ritter, DUDES has a busy schedule planned for the upcoming fall semester. They will be holding a conversation about pornography for the second time with Let’s Understand Sex Together (LUST), as well as their high heels event during DUDES Week.

In addition, a film series featuring titles like “The Empathy Gap” and “The Bro Code” will tackle how young men view women in society today, and Ritter said he is also looking forward to holding discussions featuring student athletes and coaches at the school about breaking down stereotypes between athletes and other students.

Ritter believes that social justice education can be a positive influence for students, and would like to see students making micro-corrections in their daily lives. “Every day may be a renaissance for you,” he said. “On an individual level you can make change for your life.”


23 responses to “California university seeks to ‘deconstruct’ masculinity

  1. “If you’re standing on the outside of this issue, you may consider this to be bullshit.” Yup! that was my first and only thought on the subject. Just more lunacy on college campuses, that infest and poison our communities.

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    • And if you’re standing in the MIDST of this issue,and still have at least ONE foot in the realm of REALITY,you’ll be thinking,”I’m SO confused-I should be talking to a good ‘Shrink’ about this!!”
      “one professor presented research suggesting that guns and swords have been seen as phallic symbols for centuries.” Okay-MY gun is bigger’n yours,and MINE is hard as steel ANY time I need it….(sarc)


  2. Disgusting lot!!!!!

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  3. Haven’t men been de-masculinized enough without bringing them down to the level of sissies. But then it is California, the home of fruits and nuts.

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  4. “There are many types of ways to be a man”…In my day, one didn’t need a group to figure out how to be man…chivalry and masculinity was taught by the dad.

    Every time a man holds a door open for me, I let them know by my voice in two words how much I appreciate it in a surprises and appreciative “Thank You!

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    • I agree! Two things that make up a man for me: his strength of masculine charactor and his consideration of others. A man is never a bully nor a wimp.

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  5. If anyone suggested to my late Father that he “walk down a red carpet in high heels,” he would have been missing a number of teeth and seeing stars.

    But this is how it works. John Wayne was “too tough,” so they replaced him with the liberal pacifist Alan Alda. And we wound up with Woody Allen and Michael Jackson!

    It’s high time we started deconstructing the Cultural Marxists. With meat axes.

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  6. Kevin J Lankford

    Either a man IS a man or he ain’t…No discussion necessary. Wearing high heels is not a good indication. Real men do like being mocked.

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  7. We need real men in this society, especially men who are spiritual leaders of the home, men who accept their responsibilities as providers for their families, men who are wiling to work hard and male leaders in all areas of society. Don’t think this is the way to go about it and am pretty sure this is just more liberal leftist b— s—. Now before any of you tell me I am nuts, just look around you and really think about all the men you know, have known or come in contact with and ask yourself “Does this man really work hard at providing for his own?”, “Does this man lead his family spiritually?”, and I am sure there are other questions. Men are notorious for hiding behind a facade.

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    • Perhaps some men are “notorious for hiding behind a facade” but in my family the men who went off to fight wars did not hide behind anything. They just did not hype their masculinity bragging about their exploits for which there were many. They simply lived and led by example.
      I never knew my uncle was on the Hornet when Doolittle took off until after his passing; I never knew another uncle was trapped in a cellar in France after a German plane attack. I did know another uncle receive the bronze star for bravery in the Pacific. I also knew a strong and kind man who is now passed who served also and was awarded 5 bronze stars and the purple heart but then I was married to him.
      There are plenty of good men but they do not advertise their accomplishments whereas the left wingers and their ilk seem to search for even the slightest accolade in an attempt to hide their effeminate behavior.

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      • lynnmccrann . . . Your comments took my breath away, they are so true. Real men do for those around them.


        • So true, real men serve their country and never brag. Like the men in my family. Dad never spoke of it and I found most of the info after he passed and I got all his paperwork. I found out he was a torpedoman on a sub and that he was on one of the two subs that went through the netting in Tokyo Bay. It was documented in a movie.
          Frankly, I would worry about our safety if 50% of these confused men ever decided to serve, which they won’t.
          But, thank God a number of our fine young men still put their family and country first. Others would do well to follow suit.
          I as just listening to the news and heard them tell young people, go ahead join the military and we will pay for your surgeries. That you can be yourself and serve like you want.
          I screamed out, “Do you know just how stupid you sound Ash Carter?” He should have heard me.
          This is BO’S last hurrah for tearing down our military before he leaves.


  8. It’s pathetic yet scary that a small percentage of the population, the politically correct lunatic fringe are able to control the vast majority and get away with it. Pandering politicians and politically correct brain dead academics and judges force the lunacy down the throat of the majority. I was so thankful to be Canadian with our conservative prime Minister Harper until he was replaced with liberal PM Justin Trudeau the politically correct mental midget who has never had a single full time job in his life who was elected with a majority government because women liked his nice hair who makes Obama, the biggest electoral fraud and greatest danger to your Republic since in American history look like a George Washington of Thomas Jefferson. Immediately upon his election Justin actually decided to bring 25,000 unvettable alleged Syrian refugees into Canada in less than 2 months and even more tens of thousands in the future with no plans where to put them. This moron’s solution was to put them into Canadian military bases, removing troops already living there and putting them into hotels. To keep the darlings happy he planned to build mosques for them on the bases. This should be enough for you to tell Sheikh Hussein Obama that he’s a great patriotic American relatively speaking

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  9. The acronymic giveaway these are communist re-education camps minus the barbed wire, so far. If they can’t at this point wipe out this generation of America’s best and brightest young men in war, the next best thing is gelding them with PC cultural Marxism.

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  10. Western women subconsciously welcome the Muslim invaders and rapist because from an evolutionary perspective (i.e. the way women think in spite of themselves), they are better at being men than contemporary Western men. This is beyond disgraceful. Western men have only themselves to blame.


  11. Soon the only way for a man to BE a man will be to join a Militia and be on the front lines of the next American Revolution. THAT will put an END to this PC BS.


  12. FYI you all, this university was founded as a private Baptist institution. Tho’ they “officially” ended a requirement for church attendance in 1972—they still have affiliation w/Baptists. It’s also STILL PRIVATE ( & very expensive). I think it is time to call them out on the religious affiliation thing…break it completely…esp. if any social/financial affiliation still left with the church.

    Why don’t these “Baptists” come out? ISN’T there a BETTER way to do this? LIKE….couldn’t they have offered a “family values” class or exercise, where men and women learn/see/experience that raising a family in the ancient (Christian) world and in today’s modern world is easiest (some would think, most successful) with the SAME THING: the equal input and work of TWO PARENTS…not just ONE….MAYBE even a WHOLE fandangled-extended family????? etc etc…Couldn’t they have ended up at the SAME place with an exchange forum—where their men and women students exchange ideas/hopes/wants/fears/expectations/
    disappointments/scenarios/past experiences with family life????????

    INSTEAD…like most universities…..they proffered THIS CRAP…where the men talk to the men…the women talk to the women in different “programs…” and… inevitably…SOMEONE has to take “blame” for the “sins of the world.” BTW…just WHO is leading/heading up these “programs????” Pretty SURE it’s not people who are on MY same page…….


  13. I have to think more than a few of these college kids are just screwing with the PC lib crowd just for the laughs.

    Heck, I would. 😀


  14. I keep praying that this current sexual rage/fad/ whatever, will soon end, sort of like the mullet ended. Still leaving a bad taste and the question,” what were we thinking?”


  15. A “safe space” to discover authentic masculinity better have beer, red meat, action movies, guns and no political correctness of any kind…

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  16. It’s an attack on the last bastion of the American family. The last people minding the fort, the hard working American male. The protector. The man who draws the line in the sand… taught to wear pink shirts, golf, and exercise with pink weights to be P. C. I really do feel for this generation that can’t even look to their father for a sense of reality or virtue.


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