Sports Illustrated puts transvestite on cover

Bruce Jenner on Sports Illustrated

Latest news is that, according to Radar Online, Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner may get the “Cinderella” surgery — surgery that shortens toes — to reduce his size 13-W feet. But Gossip Cop says Jenner’s rep. denies it.

Meanwhile, Jenner remains a pre-op tranny, with his male genitalia intact. In other words, he’s a biological male in female clothes, with breast implants, that is, a transvestite.

See also “American College of Pediatricians speaks truth on transgenderism” — that from the point of view of science and biology, there is no such thing as transgenderism.


10 responses to “Sports Illustrated puts transvestite on cover

  1. Why is it that his 15 minutes of fame keeps renewing? Enough, already!

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  2. There has been a War on Manhood for as long as I’ve been alive. What can I say at this point? This is nauseating. No shock value left, just nauseating.

    To the Tavistock Institute, the CIA, Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem, the Communist Party and all the rest: GO TO HELL.

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  3. Watch the sales collapse.
    At his age, it is hard enough to keep the feet working well without disfiguring them further.
    He is a making decisions he will soon regret, count on it.


  4. Helene Pineau

    Although it’s tempting to laugh at this clown and his media sycophants, he’s actually making a mockery of God’s creation. I’m not a prophet but I have a feeling God will not be mocked much longer.


    • God has already started to deliver Justice to Jenner: He has placed a Great Delusion upon him. A person sins. God Says, “Give it up.” He keeps on sinning. God again Says, “Give it up.” He keeps on sinning. God Says, “For the umpteenth time, please stop.” The sinner says, “NO!” God then places a Great Delusion upon the sinner, as if to say, “All Right, Smartypants. Here you go.” And now the sinner can’t give it up.


  5. Glad it wasn’t the swimsuit issue.


  6. his face and whole body looks so butchered and frail and that lumpy jumpsuit shows the fact that his body looks awkward in women’s clothes…
    that medal he is wearing around his neck belongs to a man named “bruce”, I suggest cait”lying” gives it back..


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