When plastic surgery makes you look evil

Growing old is tough.

It’ll happen to us, if we be so lucky.

It must be especially difficult for beautiful women to grow old, losing their once fair visages, as shown by the photos below of some well-known actresses:

Kathleen Turner, 26 & 59Kelly McGillis, 28 & 54Isabelli Rosellini, 30s & 60Catherine Deneuve, 23 & 69

There are plastic surgery disasters like those of actresses Meg Ryan and Reneé Zellweger, rendering them unrecognizable:

Meg Ryan before & after 2002-2016Renee Zellweger 2008 vs. 2015

Then there are plastic surgeries that transform faces, preternaturally unwrinkled, into masks of evil:

Claudia Cardinale, 25 & 75Lisa Minelli, 26 & 67Michael Learned as Olivia Walton 1970sFlorence Henderson, 55 & 82Jackie Stallone, 59 & 91

Fashion mogul Donatella Versace, 61

Fashion mogul Donatella Versace, 61

Contrast the above with an actress who eschewed plastic surgery — the late Audrey Hepburn at 63, her beautiful face radiating with kindness.

Long-time campanions Dutch actor Robert Wolders and British actress Audrey Hepburn (1929 - 1993) attend a gala at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, New York, New York, 1988. (Photo by Rose Hartman/Getty Images)

Photo by Rose Hartman/Getty Images


24 responses to “When plastic surgery makes you look evil

  1. traildustfotm

    Case made, Dr. Eowyn.

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  2. this is extremely cruel to criticize these women…shame on you.


    • The actresses put themselves in the public eye for a reason. They love the fame and praise. Along with that comes criticism. It’s par for the course in the celebrity world.

      Their bad surgeries serve as a clear warning for other women.

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    • Next, you’ll accuse me of commiting micro-aggression. /sarc

      How come when I criticize Obama or Hillary or…, you don’t accuse me of cruelty? Or is it because you take this post personally because you’ve had plastic surgery? If this post prompts some of these deluded, narcissistic, self-obsessed women to undertake self-examination and discontinue their endless plastic surgeries, I would be doing them a favor. It’s called a work of mercy.

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    • you must have done the same, shame on you!


  3. I never hear anything about Robin McGraw’s work. I don’t know if she goes under the knife or if she sticks with Botox, peels, and “fillers”, but she looks more and more insectile all the time. It looks like it’s painful for her to smile. Good grief, it’s not like her career depends on a “youthful” look. I’m sure she’s a lovely woman, a good wife, and a doting mother/grandmother, not to mention as rich as God…you’d think that love and money would be enough.

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    • That is such a shame. I wonder if they realize how bad they do look, such as Lisa Minelli. The “frozen” upper lip & the forced-raised eyebrows are the worst! All their cheeks look fraudulently “plump” as well.

      “Growing old is tough.” — Painfully true. Tougher than I expected. So beware youngins’! Things seem to “go downhill fast” after the 60+ mark. Passing 50 wasn’t bad at all, but 60+, oh brother. I notice even Trump, just a short 10 years ago (& time DOES fly!) still looked soooo much younger/thinner/more handsome than he does now.

      –“…the biggest one is stop looking in the mirror!” — Haha, also very true. Thankfully I’m old enough to not care about “primping” so I hardly ever look in the mirror anyway, & I never even think about it, a real blessing!

      –In addition to “…keep healthy, eat right, go to the gym, be happy and get off your butt…”, they say water-only fasting can knock 10-15 years off one’s appearance … though the older one is when fasting for the first time, the difference may not be as dramatic. But it will brighten the eyes, make the white around the eyes white again (detoxing), it will whiten teeth naturally, it will make the skin glow (better circulation), hair will shine again (ditto circulation), & of course a few pounds will be shed, etc.

      “…fillers, lip enhancers and a brow lift…” — Ugh, sounds so creepy to be putting all this fake stuff INSIDE your face; it can’t be healthy. That & the knife, forget it. I never liked shots, so no way would I ever volunteer to be cut up! Who in their right mind would?

      “And NEVER get a tattoo.” — Can you believe how many people get tattoos. I don’t get it. They are so ugly, I don’t care what “saying” they are or what “picture” they are, they are dirty-looking. I dropped a drawing pen on my arm almost 40 years ago & it hit my arm point first, basically stabbing my arm just a wee bit, but it left a itty bitty super-teeny-tiny ink spot on my arm which would not wash off in 40 years’ time. Worse than that, only in the past 10 years or so that teeeeny spot of ink began to “spread out” & get bigger. That’s aging skin for you. Imagine if you had an entire body of grotesque tattoos “spreading out” all over. :-/

      –Proverbs 31:30: “Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.”

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  4. Joanne Rosemarie

    Audrey was a beautiful soul and a total cut above every ‘star’ out there. She was more beautiful inside and out than these other ladies to start with so she had an advantage. There are a lot of pressures on women these days and sometimes they go too far,
    secular society does after all, place a huge precedence on outward appearances. A little surgery is fine, a lot just looks false and does give a mask like appearance.

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    • Dear Joanne Rosemarie:

      Your comment was mine as well, so I won’t add anything, except to reiterate what you said re her very fine character and spirit.

      She NEVER took a sleazy part, and as Kate Hepburn did, she remained a shining example to us ALL -men & women- as to what our real, authentic life is about, NO airy-fairy fantasies of self-deception.

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  5. It’s called keep healthy, eat right, go to the gym, be happy and get off your butt! Some of those poor women have weight issues.
    But the biggest one is stop looking in the mirror! It will just make you self-conscious and be focused on the wrong things.

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  6. There are ethical plastic surgeons who believe less is more. And I’ve seen some who have done remarkable work, doing just a little. The problem comes in when they try to change a persons look instead of slightly enhance it. All of these fillers make people look like freaks. My dear cousin has ruined her face with fillers, lip enhancers and a brow lift, which adds to the frightening look in some of these women.

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  7. I cannot even imagine what Sylvester Stallone is thinking to allow his mother to carve up her face into a grotesque Halloween pumpkin look. The same with Versace, my heavens does she not look in the mirror? Audrey Hepburn looks beautiful, and full of grace and wisdom . . . that is the kind of look all of us women should aspire to.

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  8. Proving, once again, natural beauty always wins. One Audrey Hepburn trumps them all.

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  9. As a strawberry blonde, I am partial to raven-haired beauties, and I still think that Audrey Hepburn and Natalie Wood were two of the 100 most beautiful women who ever lived.
    Thanks for the post, because it warns us all about the consequences down the road with “plastic” surgery. Seems to me that the women who go in for it are “plastic” people!
    That being said, I have heard it—once, from a doctor, on the news—NEVER get a tattoo: Although the needle may be sterile, there is no guarantee the ink is clean, given the seafood creatures they can get the ink from. Also, the doctor warned that a tattoo can cause liver, kidney and lymph node problems even 20 to 30 years down the line.
    That was about ten years ago. There are an awful lot of millenials—especially women, now—who are risking a nasty harvest in their old age due to these tattoos.

    NEVER have plastic surgery unless it’s absolutely necessary. And NEVER get a tattoo.

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  10. I wonder if behind each of those women are homosexual males (stylists) telling them they look “fabulous” and encouraging them to get more surgery.

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  11. hvgarvey@comcast.net


    I know you are an animal lover; thought you might want to know about this situation.



  12. Re: “RAPID AGING” of the INSIDE of the body… the greatest culprit these days is Microwave Radiation (MWR) from ALL things wireless, wifi, cordless, cellular, smart grid, etc. Here’s a short 2+ minute video about it with Dr Magda Havas (PhD, Trent University, Canada):

    And here’s one a little longer, also Dr. Havas, 14+ minutes:

    Here’s a recent 12-minute video of Dr. Laura Pressley testing a man’s home in Texas for MWR & DE (Dirty Electricity due to his Smart Meter):

    People can buy the testing meters themselves & test their own environments. Seeing/Hearing is Believing even if you feel no physical effects … yet.


  13. Wake up y’all. They’re all transvestites. Do a little research on generational satanism and start looking at the faces instead of the butts and the fake tits.


  14. They all look demon possesed

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