Beware of claim that Obama plans to confiscate guns from Republicans on election day

There’s a website called Departed that I’ve never known before, which is spreading the alarming claim that Hillary Clinton’s emails reveal that Obama has a plan to confiscate guns from Republicans on November 8, the day of the presidential elections.


Below is the entirety of the post, “Found in Hillary’s recovered emails: Obama plans to seize Republican guns!“:

Fox News sources have revealed an Obama administration plot to confiscate all guns owned by citizens on record as belonging to or sympathetic to the Republican party.

Under the guise of combating domestic terrorism agents from ATF, DHS, FBI and other government troops have been ordered to kick in doors to confiscate weapons and ammunition from homes where the residents have registered as Republicans or voted for Republican candidates in any election.

The operation is said to be scheduled for November 8th of 2016.

In an even more sickening invasion of privacy and trampling of rights, the raids are being coordinated to occur when most citizens won’t even be home to protest the illegal seizure of their property. Doors will be kicked in so any weapons or ammunition on the property can be confiscated by the agents and taken out of the residences.

Republicans are strongly urged to remain at home on November 8th 2016 to assert their 4th and 2nd amendment rights!

Published 3 weeks ago, the undated post has already received 17,573 views and 5.6K “likes” on Facebook.

The problem is this: the very alarming post claims Fox News to be the source, but gives no link, embedded or otherwise, to Fox News.

Never believe information without a link to the original source.

Besides, if such a plan indeed was found in Hillary’s emails, wouldn’t that have been discovered and reported by Judicial Watch, the vigilant citizens’ watchdog group that is on top of Hillary’s emails and has filed one after another FOIA lawsuit for them?

Consider this:

The bogus Departed post urges Republicans to stay at home on November 8, ostensibly to protect their homes from being invaded and their guns confiscated by “government troops” — which means Republicans won’t be going to the polls to cast their votes, which in turn would ensure a Hillary victory.

Don’t be so stupid as to fall for this ruse.

The website has no “About” page informing us what it is. is owned by Departed LCC, whose “designated agent’s” address is 1401 Ocean Avenue 4J, Brooklyn, New York.

Zillow says it’s an apartment (no. 4J): a cooperative that was last sold in October 2005 for $208,000.


19 responses to “Beware of claim that Obama plans to confiscate guns from Republicans on election day

  1. traildustfotm

    Thank you for the heads up, Dr. Eowyn. There enough real things to be alarmed at, without dreaming up any fake ones.

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  2. My first thought before reading the whole article was : What better way to suppress the Republican vote ! That site is b.s , obviously .

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  3. Apartment house within the confines of the 70th (NYPD) Precinct. Area is a liberal hotbed.
    Don’t worry, if anyone comes for guns, remember, give ’em the bullets first (out of the muzzle).,+Brooklyn,+NY+11230/@40.6275919,-73.9567177,17.5z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x89c244b42a29b9f9:0xb86ae3c454dc76d1!8m2!3d40.6277913!4d-73.9564445

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  5. Dr. Eowyn, thank you for carrying your more than full time job and doing it so well. We are dealing with more lies every day, and our MSM is doing all that the Soviet Union did to program its public.

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  6. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:
    As long as there is Lucifer on earth, there will be lies. May the itching ears that are scratched for temporary relief be healed and seek delight from the truth.

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  7. Excellent work, Eowyn! Thank you.

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  8. Given how much liberals know about guns, it’s kinda questionable from the get-go…

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  9. Even if this WAS real,imagine the MONUMENTAL task of orchestrating this many home invasions in just ONE day,and on WHAT authority would they be doing this UNCONSTITUTIONAL act? The Courts would be awash in lawsuits and all the people responsible for this violation of our Second and Fourth Amendment Rights would be jailed,as well as any of the minions who physically injures anyone or their pets (When they kick in the door to enter,what happens to the Citizens’ dogs and cats? They run outside,away from all the action,only to be killed in traffic,killed by neighbors’ dogs,predatory animals,or even killed by an intruder who is afraid of dogs…) not to mention-who’s going to protect the homes of ALL of these “ex”-gun owners against LOOTERS to keep them from being stolen blind?(AGAIN)

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  10. This reminds me of an old ploy (joke) that us Carpenters used back in the day to suppress Democrat voters in Chicago. We would tell them to stay home on the rainy days (we had a few on election day) and that they could vote the next day when it was sunny because his Honor, “Da Mayor” decreed it so. What we didn’t know was that the dead didn’t mind the wet weather and more of them voted than the living in the county of Cook!

    Yankee from birth, Southern by the Grace of God…

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  11. Yep. The story sounds “plausible,” but is it CREDIBLE? And you are right, Dr. Eowyn: NEVER believe a post without a link, or some other corroboration.
    But here’s another problem: HOW do we checkmate a government whose alphabet agencies pull the strings that put US in the same crippled position???
    After scouring and studying the internet for almost seven years now, I have come a long way in learning how to spot B.S. This is why I trust Henry Makow, Alex Jones and FOTM. As well as Joel Skousen and a number of others.
    (On the other hand, I would be very leery of Veterans Today, which I find to be a strange admixture of fact and “fiction,” i.e., confabulation.)


  12. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this interesting post and for your wise warning to avoid the misrepresentations which attempt to accomplish goals by the use of fear and intimidation.


  13. You’d have to be more than a little slow to buy into this garbage. That’s like telling demoncrats to stay home on Nov. 8th 2016 to keep the gov. pole workers from confiscating their FOOD STAMPS AND WELFARE CHECKS.


  14. “Unconfirmed sources say that an invasion of purple mugwhumps will occur during the next alignment of Venus and Uranus”.

    Not that they wouldn’t want to do just that, but if there were a formula for a lead sandwich I couldn’t think of a better one. They may be stupid, but they are CHICKEN.

    By the way, I too have a neighbor who has made his distain for guns known to me when he’s seen me loading some of mine for target practice. I have made a vow that, should I see them invading his home, I’ll respect his beliefs. I’ll even send flowers.


  15. Johnny Bullwinkle

    Yeah. Good luck with that.


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