More Orlando gay-club shooting actors: 2 eyewitnesses and a medical examiner

The Orlando Pulse-gay-nightclub shooting of June 12, 2016 isn’t just the worst or deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history, it also has the distinction of having an astonishing number of people with known acting or camera experience.

To begin, there is the shooter himself, Omar Mateen, who had two acting credits according to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb). A day after I took the screenshot below, IMDb saw fit to delete one of them — Mateen’s appearance in the documentary, The Big Fix. (See “Orlando gay-club shooter is also an actor!“)

Omar Mateen on IMDb

Then there is eyewitness Luis Burbano who claims to be in Pulse at the time of the shooting and admitted that he was the man who had held an exit door closed, ostensibly to keep the armed gunman from escaping, which makes no sense. What Burbano actually achieved was to prevent survivors from leaving the club.

On IMDb, Burbano is identified to have five acting credits. A day after I had taken a screenshot of his acting credits (see below), IMDb also scrubbed one of the credits — Burbano’s portrayal of a “club patron” in the 2015 music video “Spirit of Orlando: Shooting Up”.

Luis BurbanoThis post is about three other Orlando-shooting individuals with acting or on-camera experiences:

  1. Eyewitness Christopher Hansen (Andrew Bowser)
  2. Chief medical examiner Dr. Joshua Stephany
  3. TV intern reporter Patience Carter

1. Christopher Hansen/Andrew Bowser

Christopher Hansen is the bearded man in a hat and an American-flag t-shirt who was interviewed by various media outlets as an eyewitness. He can also be seen in video carrying a shooting victim strangely toward, instead of away from, the Pulse nightclub crime scene.

Christopher Hansen carrying victim toward PulseDaily Telegraph identifies Hansen as a “Pulse patron” who was in the VIP lounge when the shooting broke out and who managed to escape the club unharmed. Expressing disbelief at the situation, Hansen said, “I was thinking, ‘Are you kidding me?’ So I just dropped down. I just said, ‘Please, please, please, I want to make it out.’ And when I did, I saw people shot. I saw blood.”

Below is Christopher Hansen being interviewed on ABC’s GMA (Good Morning America). Footage of him carrying a victim toward Pulse begins at the 1:02 mark.

But Christopher Hansen looks very much like a professional actor named Andrew Bowser who claims to have developed a “cult following” portraying “quirky characters” inserted into real-life news events, such as pretending to be a weird Arby employee in this news video:

And as a Satanist at the erecting of a Baphomet statue 11 months ago in Detroit, Michigan (See “Detroit goes to the devil”):

Andrew Bowser’s IMDb (Internet Movie Database) profile describes him as “An up and coming Director/Actor, famous for his quirky characters and viral YouTube videos,” whose characters are “wonderfully deceiving”.  Bowser’s “Filmography” has 10 acting credits, 7 director credits, 3 writer credits, 4 producer credits, 1 cinematopher credit, 1 sound department credit, and 1 archive footage credit.

Below is a side-by-side comparison of Christopher Hansen and satanist Andrew Bowser — both are bearded, have similar eyebrows and noses, and have a fondness for hats.

Christopher Hansen; Andrew Bowser of Concordia ab chao blog points out that Bowser may not even be Andrew Bowser’s real name, but rather the name of the reptilian turtle villain from Super Mario games (below).

Mario Bowser2. Dr. Joshua Stephany

Dr. Joshua StephanyJoshua Stephany is the chief medical examiner in charge of the Orlando shooting.

He also has a page on IMDb, with one acting credit as “himself,” a forensic pathologist, in 6 episodes of the 2005-2008 TV series Dr. G: Medical Examiner. Here’s a screenshot I took at 3:36 PM on June 18, 2016 of Stephany’s profile on IMDb :

Joshua Stephany on IMDbAs reported by Frank Torres for The Orlando Political Observer on June 16, 2016, four days after the Pulse nightclub shooting, Dr. Stephany was only just confirmed for a 3-year term as Orange County Chief Medical Examiner. Prior to his appointment, Stephany had been Interim Chief Medical Examiner after the retirement of Dr. Jan Garavaglia in May 2015. “Dr. G Medical Examiner” was known nationwide for her television show on the Learning Child and testimony in the Casey Anthony Trial.

3. Patience Carter

Patience CarterThen there is Patience Carter, 20, who also claims to be an eyewitness and survivor of the Pulse gay-club shooting massacre. Here she is in a 25+minutes appearance relating her harrowing experience, beginning with an emotional recitation of a poem she wrote.

It turns out Carter also has camera/acting experience, having been an intern at Fox29 TV in Philadelphia.

It is astonishing how many actors were involved in the Orlando shooting! The probability of that occurring by random chance stretches one’s credulity.

See also:

H/t “Barry Soetoro Esq.” and FOTM‘s Lola.


43 responses to “More Orlando gay-club shooting actors: 2 eyewitnesses and a medical examiner

  1. It was a gay bar: Most actors are gay. Why is this a jumping off point for a conspiracy?

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  2. Here are two excellent videos to watch. I don’t know why anyone, at this point believes this was anything but another false flag with a gun control agenda.

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    • Re: the above 2nd video: I had looked into the Property Records a few days ago as well because I was curious if it would show the building had an “asbestos” problem, lol, or any building permits re repairing asbestos, etc. I could not find anything about asbestos (the only 3 building permits were re a shed, an unfinished porch & a finished storage area). Among other things, the building had been used in the 1990’s as two different Italian restaurants (before the current Pulse owner bought it circa 2004).

      However, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer had said in Feb. 2016 re an entirely different & totally unrelated building, that: “I think what we’re probably going to do is say, look, if a building is built before 1980, we’ll just all assume that it has asbestos until somebody tells you that it doesn’t.” Haha, close enough, eh? The Pulse Club building, as it stated in the video & in the Property Records, was built in 1957. (Buddy Dyer quote is here, fwiw: ).

      At its widest width the Pulse Club is only 64 feet. It’s length was only 82 feet, per the Property Appraiser drawing (under “Buildings” there’s a little house icon on the left, click on that & it will pop-up a drawing showing the dimensions):

      Back to the video, the guy, in his ever-so-serious voice, is trying to make a big deal re the Property address vs. the Registered Agent address vs. the Business address, etc. That’s all hogwash & no big deal whatsoever. The Registered agent is often an attorney or agency that will “take receipt of lawsuits” or any other important papers served on the “corporation.” So the Registered agent’s address is never the same as the Property address.

      It’s also no big deal (not unusual in the least bit) that the “Business” or “Owner” has an address somewhere else than the Property address itself. Pretend you owned a gas station or store, but you preferred doing all the paperwork for that business in a nice office down the street or even at home. So no big deal to that, I say. 🙂

      If that guy wants to prove a false flag conspiracy, he’ll have to do better than that. The Fictitious Name being outdated was a good one (the place probably sat empty for a few years). And the fact the building is so old & an eyesore is also noteworthy. Two good reasons to have it “razed” after a “disaster.” Let’s see how long it takes them to “mow it down.” 😀

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  3. In the name of gun grabbing we have the obama administration murdering innocent people to get his way. Gates of hell are waiting for him and his ilks.


  4. Has anyone ever seen the dead bodies of the San Bernardino shootings, Orlando, etc. Where were their funerals and families?

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  5. Excellent work as usual! (Whew! Are you ready for another long haul of investigating as FOTM did with Sandy Hook! Hubba hubba, a ton of hard work was done on that; makes me tired just thinking about how much work you guys did!)

    Just saw these quotes at Chris Bollyn’s site — — in an article re Orlando Hoax:

    “Terror is theatre… Theatre’s a con trick. Do you know what that means? Con trick? You’ve been deceived.”
    –John Le Carré, The Little Drummer Girl, 1983.

    “Terrorism is aimed at the people watching, not at the actual victims. Terrorism is theater… The normal objective of state or official terrorism is to enforce obedience and cooperation… Success demands the creation of an atmosphere of fear and the seeming omnipresence of the internal security apparatus.”
    –Brian Michael Jenkins, “International Terrorism: A New Kind of Warfare,” Rand Corporation, June 1974.

    It’s so clear what “they” are doing. Once you know the “trick,” it’s hard to believe any of it at all. I’ve seen disbelievers (of hoaxes) literally flipping out (in comments at YT, etc.) that those of us who question such things are absolutely MAD (as in INSANE, cruel, etc.), & of course, they always “had a friend of a friend” who was injured or killed at the psy-op.


    Makow article 6/18/16: LA Patsy Confirms Orlando Was CIA False Flag


    Clues Forum had a slow start on this “shooting” but now is up to six pages:

    Interesting: A 7th Day Adventist church is offering free funerals with live streaming to Pulse victims:

    I wonder how many “takers” they will get? That might be a “clue” re “real” victims. (“Show me the body!”)

    Funny… supposed victim Cory James Connell with a “telling” tee-shirt:


    There’s a gentleman over in the Tampa area who has a wordpress blog he calls “American Everyman,” & he’s got a few posts re: the Orlando Hoax as well (which everyone may have already seen similar headlines elsewhere):

    6/19/16: Confirmed: BP Security Guard in Film Demonizing [BP Oil Spill] Cleanup Workers is Omar Mateen
    [another acting job?]

    6/18/16: Official Victims Paymaster, Kenneth Feinberg, to Dole Out the Goodies in Orlando: “Does no one else in the country know how to use a calculator and write checks? Official victims paymaster Kenneth Feinberg has been brought in by Orlando’s mayor to dole out the checks to the victims from that massive 8 million dollar fund they started collecting for three days ago.”
    [lol, yeah, what’s with that?]

    6/18/16: Pulse nightclub security video recovered by agents

    6/16/16: “It’s me. I’m the shooter” Ugga Bugga. Ugga Bugga Bugga… boo (can you count the lies?)

    6/16/16: Orlando Shooter’s Wife: The FBI Told Me Not to Tell the Media He Was Gay
    [of course! Gay shooting Gays would be soooo un-PC!]

    6/16/16: Pulse Mass Casualty Event: Media in a rabid push for fascist gun-control legislation I wrote about yesterday
    –6/15/16: How Proposed Mental Hygiene Law and “No Fly No Buy” Bill Will Arbitrarily Strip People of Constitutional Rights
    [too bad Trump falls for this stuff!]

    6/14/16: Pulse Mass Casualty Event: Omar’s Daddy Pictured at State Department, Hooked Up with CIA
    [good one! Originally from VigilantCitizen, per Clues Forum]

    6/14/16: Pulse Mass Casualty Event: Univision Allowed to Rummage Through Suspect’s Home

    6/18/16: So Where Did Omar Mateen Live and What Does Abasin Mustafa Have to Hide?
    [more re Univision’s rummaging]

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    • I was just now counting the faces on the People Magazine cover.
      –They show 7 faces in the first row.
      –Then lower down the page, they have 3 rows of 11 faces each (33).
      –Then the bottom row shows 8 faces.

      Did I count correctly? That would be 48 victims. First reports were saying 50 killed. But more recently, every article I’ve seen keeps saying 49 killed. So People is short 1 victim.

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    • “6/14/16: Pulse Mass Casualty Event: Univision Allowed to Rummage Through Suspect’s Home
      Didn’t this same thing happen at another “shooter”s home in Ca.? How are THEY getting authority to tamper with evidence?

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    • is it just me or do some of the people in the pics on the people magazine cover bear striking similarities to each other?
      here’s a link to a website commenting on the people mag cover dated 6/16/16 (with the people cover date 6/27/16…8 days from now)…less than 4 days after the “massacre”:
      How was people mag able to stop production and gather “accurate” information on 49 (48 pictured) “deaths”, their names, and their bios when half the “victims” didn’t live on us soil?
      When police do an investigation it usually takes weeks or months, and here is people mag less than 4 days after the “event” with photos and complete biographies of everyone who “died”…that’s some amazing journalism!

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  6. Ross Blankert

    Never ever believe or trust the liberal media or the government. Would the Obama administration stage a mass shooting to push for gun control? You bet.

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  7. SapphireSunday

    The guy with the American flag shirt is on Facebook, dancing, as chansen513. Until it’s taken down, of course. It was apparently an audition for some kind of dance contest. For what it’s worth, he doesn’t look enough like that actor for me to accept that it’s the same guy.

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  8. SapphireSunday

    The information about the ME is amazing. Too many coincidences.

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  9. There are too many inconsistencies here . . . this nightclub only has “11” parking spaces according to the county tax records–how did 300 people get there. . . were they bussed in for this occasion? That in itself reeks of the stench of falsehood.

    The joker who said he “held the doors closed” so that the shooter(s) could not get out and away . . . should immediately be sued by the families of those he kept from being able to exit the building. Obviously, if the whole thing is true (or a hoax) he should be held liable for the deaths of some of the people. When these crisis actors get to fend off civil suits for their “actions” perhaps others won’t be so amenable to offering their acting skills to these kinds of endeavors.

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    • Dr Eowyn, as usual, you have hit it out of the ball field with this article! I am so glad you are culling the information and bringing to us that which leads us to understand the truthfulness, or falsehood of events of this nature.

      God Bless You in Your Endeavors!

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    • SapphireSunday

      Apparently there was some kind of valet parking. Maybe people drove up and the valet took the keys and the car to another parking lot, further away. In one video, the American flag guy said that he had to hang around because his car was valet parked.

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  10. The mayor of Orlando was arrested for election fraud.
    And now he is jumping on the fundraising bandwagon after seeing how much money people actually donated to a gofundme account. When will people learn?

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    • The mayor of Orlando reminds me of a snake oil salesman . . . always there with their handout to relieve you of your money. There is no way that this money is intended for the “victims” of this tragedy, it is merely a way of shoring up the City of Orlando coffers. I certainly hope that real people steer clear of this bogus fundraising effort!

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  11. GoFundMe = payroll for Cast & Crew. (aka money laundering, nearing $6M now)

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    • 2x4 to the head

      ah that magic number, 6 million, does this night club have a kitchen, better check the ovens, might be some more still hiding in there.

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  12. wow….what is wrong with people???

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  13. Another one! Baron Serrano, radio station D.J. and actor, animator, producer:

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  14. SapphireSunday

    For your consideration:

    What’s missing?

    He got a medal:

    apparently for carrying that guy towards the scene of the shooting.

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  15. That is not a victim they are carrying : it’s a lifelike mannequin. Seriously.

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  16. 2x4 to the head

    Chris Hansen video


  17. I think the video of people carrying a supposed victim has been green screened.


  18. Changing Reason posted his analysis today. I subscribe to his channel because he is always very analytical in his analysis. As with his analysis of the Brussels event, he is very good at drawing or references detailed drawings.

    I have been looking but have been unable to find two items:
    Was the nightclub in operation and functioning before the night of June 11-12?
    What number of people are allowed in the building by the official Fire Marshall’s posted certificate?

    There are only 12 parking spaces for the club, on site and it is very doubtful, given the blueprints, that 200-300 people could fit or be allowed on site in this sized building as per orders of the Fire Marshall. Like the Sandy Hook bathroom story, how could 30-40 adults fit into one bathroom stall at the Pulse and why run into a “dead-end” bathroom when you pass a clearly marked building exit?


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  23. Little and rarely ever mentioned is the law that you have to have 2 fully armed officers at your club to open the doors. The rest of the law written when I was there in 1994 is that per 100 people you must have 2 fully armed police, 4 state EMT staff on stand by, 4 club staff trained in EMT services and full video coverage and surveillance inside and out! The only place it was not ruled to put video surveillance was in the bathrooms b/c of privacy issues but the state wanted video cameras there saying well they’ll just go to the bathroom to deal drugs, we need them there too. We need too to catch drug dealers! Even if the state didn’t make it law, club owners had already started it themselves to protect against the lawsuits of; your loved one are kid did are did not OD on my property, they did are did not need EMT services at this time, ETC. ETC. Those clubs have been racked with security since the heyday of the drug/rave scene. Once the law started getting their part of it b/c the clubs paid the officers and EMT staff double double overtime on top of what they were getting already, the cops and EMT staff counted on it as part of their salary. You had to have seniority to even get the club jobs b/c of the pay. Wheres the video footage, wheres the cell phone footage? This stinks worse than Sandy hook. NObama had the nations attention with the lgbt rights so he used it to stage a mass shooting. But then everybody yelled this is foul, the law must be in on it to. Well whats the next progressive logical stage in that scenario? Lets shoot some cops/law so that we’ve covered everybody equally in these mass shootings! 23 mass shootings under one president, call it coincidence. I think not!


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