Amazon, Microsoft, other titans team up for transgenders to use restrooms of their choice

Bullies trying to force their choices on the rest of society regardless of accepted standards of privacy. As if I needed another reason to despise Microsoft.

transgender bathroom

Via Seattle Times: A coalition of corporate heavyweights Friday evening planned to announce its opposition to the initiative campaign seeking to restrict access to bathrooms and locker rooms for transgender people.

The endorsement list for Washington Businesses Won’t Discriminate features a host of local, regional and national players, including Alaska Airlines, Amazon, Adobe, Airbnb, Microsoft, Vulcan and Google. A news release says the number of businesses tops 150.

The formal announcement will come Friday night at the Amazon Event Center, with Seattle Mayor Ed Murray and Vicci Martinez, a finalist in the TV show “The Voice,” leading the event. The coalition adds to a number of political and community members opposed to proposed Initiative 1515.

The I-1515 campaign, Just Want Privacy, will need to turn in about 246,000 valid signatures by July 8 to get the initiative on the ballot. Joseph Backholm, one of the campaign’s leaders, acknowledged Friday that his group may not get enough signatures.

I-1515 would amend state anti-discrimination law so access to “private facilities” could be limited to those who are “biologically” male or female regardless of their gender identity, according to a summary of the ballot measure.

It also calls for restricting state and local regulations regarding gender-identity discrimination and permitting lawsuits against schools that allow access to facilities based on gender identity.

The businesses gathering Friday “are really standing up against discrimination,” said Heather Weiner, spokeswoman for Washington Won’t Discriminate.

Businesses also oppose the initiative because, she said, “they are not able to compete unless they are able to attract the best employees, some of whom are transgender men and women,” Weiner said. (Oh please….at least be honest and just admit you are pushing a progressive policy. Out of 100 people, two might be transgender. And what are the odds that those two people are going to be the best employees that fit their needs in their specific field? Pretty slim, IMO.)

Laws similar to I-1515 in other states, such as North Carolina, have sparked economic boycotts by businesses and entertainers.

I-1515 comes after a state regulation by the Human Rights Commission took effect in December, guaranteeing access to locker rooms, restrooms and similar facilities according to an individual’s gender identity. It affects public and private buildings, including schools, restaurants, stores and most places of employment. The commission has said the rule just clarifies a 2006 state law.

But it ignited a backlash among some conservatives and others who said they worry such access could let sexual predators more easily enter private spaces and potentially harm women or children.

Just Want Privacy has gathered about 25,000 signatures, according to its website. The group hasn’t drawn the large contributions often necessary to organize a statewide ballot campaign. Public records show it has raised about $126,000, with $7,500 spent on paid signature gatherers.

“We have a lot of work to do,” said Backholm, who is also executive director of the Family Policy Institute of Washington.  Backholm said he was unaware of the Friday event by Washington Businesses Won’t Discriminate.


9 responses to “Amazon, Microsoft, other titans team up for transgenders to use restrooms of their choice

  1. James Woods said it perfectly!


  2. Good. And the women in those companies deserve to get whatever happens to them!


  3. Heather Weiner has her numbers skewed. Transsexuals, according to a respected, gay demographer, make up .3 pct of our population at most, so the privacy of 1,000 would be trampled on for the sake of 3 very sick individuals who are almost guaranteed to have abusive intimacy problems and are twenty times (at least) more likely to try and kill themselves. Talk about undesirables in the workplace.

    Homosexuality is always marked by narcissism and generally by sado-masochistic impulses that dovetail with the psychopathological traits enumerated by Hare, yet an equally important trait of homosexuality is a visceral resentment toward straight society in general and desire to hurt and punish orthodox Christians in particular for their beliefs. The homosexual lobby doesn’t want equality, it wants to hurt and punish.

    These transsexual matters wouldn’t be a blip on the radar but for the Jews who control HW and the MSM, it should go without saying. The question is why all these large corporations are backing what they know will ultimately destroy American society and their markets. My guess is that not only have they been warned that the Jews on Wall St will impair their ability to issue stocks and bonds and that the kosher MSM will smear them, but they’ve been warned that every regulatory agency in Washington will be on their case.

    This hate-filled, Marxist agenda of the Frankfurt School goes back and has been pressed at every opportunity for 80 years. As Freud said en route to pansexualizing America, “I bring them the plague.” The thing is, none of this could have occurred without funding by the Rockefeller Foubdation and open embrace throughout the Ivy League. The goal remains the same, which is our extinction in large part through sexual degeneracy, and the sad part is that we’re just now realizing that end is immanent and that the Republican establishment has been on board as a rear guard for decades.


  4. An excellent explanation of our condition is found in an interview of ex-KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov by G. Edward Griffin posted 6/17/16 on It covers a Soviet program for demoralization (meaning destruction of Christian morality and American patriotism), destabilization, crisis, and normalization, the last meaning our acceptance and living under Communism. It is an extensive post, all good, but the most relevant would be the last twenty-three paragraphs. Bezmenov is talking about his days in the Andropov era; he must have had Americans who worked with it.


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  6. Because imposing ideologically progressive social policies advancing 0.3% of the population at the expense of 99.7% are somehow more profitable…


  7. Over the years I have bought soooo much from Amazon UNTIL…
    The CEO of Amazon came out agains Trump.
    I deleted the orders immediately as well as everything I had on my wish-list.
    I now shop only at Wal-Mart on-line.


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