Thursday funnies!


6 responses to “Thursday funnies!

  1. Love the holstered military dog!

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  2. I was going to make the following comment yesterday with even more than I will write today, but I thought about it and deemed it way too far out there to offer. However, the expert study of the AR-15 presented by Moms Against Nonsense forces me to warn your readers of the nuclear explosive bullets now available. They are used in bullets exceeding four inches in length, like the one a witness reported protruding from a victim’s leg. The bullet is only for tactical use, but it has ten times more destructive power than what was used against Hiroshima. And the reported seven minute availability! Who could wait that long! I am not even going there

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  3. AR really stands for —Automatic Reload–not——assault rifle-??


  4. The isis member taking off the Obama mask was a chilling one for me.
    In a world of Cops and Criminals,they’d have to leave the isis safe house now that it’s been pointed out to the public—so how ’bout it Obama? Pack yer bags,and pack LIGHT-you won’t be coming back…


  5. kenneth wanner



  6. The Sam Elliott meme made my day. Yep, we’re still in the Culture War.


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