Drexel law prof. blasts ‘outdated,’ Second Amendment

This man is a PROFESSOR. Our future generations are doomed with instructors like this.

The nutty professor...

The nutty professor…

Via Campus Reform: The Second Amendment is “outdated, a threat to liberty, and a suicide pact” and should be repealed immediately, according to a Drexel University law professor.

In a recent Rolling Stone op-ed, Drexel University Associate Professor of Law David S. Cohen, who is an expert in topics such as sex discrimination, abortion, and LGBT issues as well as a board member of the Women’s Law Project and Abortion Care Network, claims that he only reveres the Constitution when it is “used to further social justice” and make the country more inclusive.

 “There is absolutely nothing permanently sacrosanct about the Founders and the Constitution,” he writes. “They were deeply flawed people, it was and is a flawed document.”

molon labe

He teaches a Constitutional Law class that Drexel University’s Thomas R. Kline School of Law requires its law students to take in order to obtain their J.D.

“Just think of what would have happened in the Orlando night-club Saturday night if there had been many others armed,” Cohen says in reference to the Orlando nightclub shooting Saturday night that claimed the lives of 49 people. “The death toll could have been much higher if more people were armed.”

He goes on to assert that the Second Amendment must be repealed and that it “is wrong for this country and needs to be jettisoned.” He also calls the National Rifle Association (NRA) an “organization that is nothing more than the political wing of the country’s gun manufacturers.”

Cohen has written several other pieces for Rolling Stone as well as Slate, where in one article, he refers to the now late Justice Antonin Scalia as “our favorite arch-nemesis.”

He maintains an active Twitter account, which features a number of retweets regarding conservatives, the GOP and Donald Trump.


25 responses to “Drexel law prof. blasts ‘outdated,’ Second Amendment

  1. these mentally incapacitated people are all in influential positions today…it appears to me when they closed the insane asylums they gave the patients government jobs

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    • Or made ’em COLLEGE PROFESSORS. People like THIS have demeaned the value of a College Degree to little more than a “Certificate of Successful Brainwashing”.


  2. The time will come when these people will have to be removed from such positions of power. Until then, we must grind our teeth, weep, and pray for the next generation, whose soul, intellect and sense of reason are being destroyed by liberal filth like this, and other minions of the elite that peddle this self-defeating propaganda. Only God can right the wrongs these human beings have created. We can only wait and watch…

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  3. Where does Drexel get its endowments? Mr. Asst. Prof., doing away with our Second Amendment is what the Globalists want so they can destroy our nation and depopulate the by killing six and one half people. Our usual homicide rate by gun fire is about eleven thousand a year. Do a little more research, then the math. Intelligent people await your report on suicide and the need for our Second Amendment to prevent it. I am assuming that you are opposed to the overthrow of the greatest nation in history and its Constitution as well as the killing of six and one half billion people with those living existing in a dictatorship of mind and body control tyrants.

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  4. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:
    He wears glasses, isn’t he smart? Or was he an early graduate of the Common Core Beta Test program?

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  5. how about he throw away the first amendment FOR HIMSELF and shut up?

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  6. Another effete sissy wimpy liberal male and, I’ll say it loud, a liberal Jew.

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  7. SapphireSunday

    “The death toll could have been much higher if more people were armed.”

    Yeah, and doves “could” fly out of my behind.

    Because after an armed security guard, bouncer, or just an ordinary armed patron had taken out the shooter, then he or she would have, of course, just gone on shooting and shooting and shooting. Is this man nuts? That’s the only explanation I can think of. Even if his feared “shootout” had happened, would 102 people have been shot, some of them multiple times?

    This echoes Obama’s “logic”. Guns must be banned because the only thing that stands between you and your becoming a mass murderer, too, is that there’s no “assault rifle” in your hands. If you have one, then you WILL use it to mow down innocent people. There’s nothing else that stops you.

    Obama won’t blame Islamic ideology but he will blame every peaceful, law-abiding gun owner in this country.

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  8. The professor has zero common sense, and not enough brains to be in the same room with a Thomas Jefferson or a Benjamin Franklin!
    —If the Orlando shooter had known even just a few people were CCW armed he would never have shown-up. He would have picked another target, even another state where it would be guaranteed no resistance. In fact it was stupid of that club owner to not have at least himself, and a few other workers CCW armed.
    -Watch, soon most nightclubs will hire there own CCW guards to protect the customers. Once it is established that terrorists will never know who is armed and who is not these shootings will stop…Next will be bombs, simple answer, terrorists at any risk level, have to be booted out of this country!

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  9. “There is absolutely nothing permanently sacrosanct about the Founders and the Constitution,” he writes. “They were deeply flawed people, it was and is a flawed document.”

    Um… He’s the one who’s “deeply flawed.”

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    • Yes, he is far too old to still have a sophomoric attitude. They must have low standards at this school…I know some lawyers who would mentally push this fool right into a desperate need for SSRI’s!


    • You’re right-the Founders were Divinely Inspired,they were working FAR beyond typical or even supreme knowledge and the US Constitution is a document that,in MY humble opinion,stands alongside the Bible as the MOST sacrosanct in Creation. Okay-this jackass professor has had his 15 minutes of fame-he can retire now,forever to be remembered as the epitome of stupidity..


    • Agree, vistabee…..isn’t it “hilarious” how many of his ilk—many of them present-day professors or EVEN government civil servants—-profess to be more intelligent, politically saavy, socially adept, and civily educated than the combined mind-power of James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, as well as many other founders of our country…..and even George Washington (who , besides leading our victorious, penniless, ill-equipped Continental Army against the–then–most powerful army on Earth—sat over the Constitutional Convention)???? And yet—-I’m STILL waiting for this guy or ANY of his persuasion to write the perfect document that “delivers” us from all the “evils” that they claim our present system promotes—or at least does not deflect?

      NOTE to Cohen: Please give us all a break Mr. Cohen and report back to your endless cycle of graduate and undergraduate profs for your yearly “tune-up’ and ideas for publications………pretty sure you’ve never “worked” anywhere outside of the academia that fed you and that you now are feeding into yourself…….UGH!


  10. And Drexel U. is in Philadelphia! Home of the Liberty Bell, Betsy Ross, and Constitution Hall! I hope Prof. Cohen made it there after paying respect to the famous competing homes of the Philadelphia steak and cheese sandwiches. Would he return to rule by monarchy? Does he know of better documents than our Declaration of Independence and Constitution and less flawed writers? Does he know that the Constitution can be (and has been) amended when adjustments or changes are needed?
    As best as I can recall, Abraham Lincoln said that our Constitution was a most valuable frame for the treasure it held, the Declaration of Independence.


  11. Hadenoughalready

    This will be a long and dirty fight. I hope folks are prepared for the long haul.
    Today’s kids aren’t learning our history the way we were taught – logically. Instead, they’re being taught “opinions” rather than facts. Unless home-schooled, they’re going to have to be re-taught and I hope folks still have the older versions of school books to work from. And if you don’t find them!


    • The be-a-victim “all violence is wrong” ethic against self-defense starts the first day of Kindergarten, too… gotta build sheeple, you know.


  12. In his opinion if some of those victims had a concealed weapon there may have been others killed – the shooter for one. Fact is that many of the 49 killed and the 53 wounded might have been saved from this savage closet homosexuals guilt trip in the name of Allah.​


  13. I will call people like this effete Professor “pro-totalitarian liberals” Maybe if you include the term Pro-Totalitarian to describe these people as this is what they essentially are, all about giving power to small minorities and taking away power from the large majority of ordinary people who don’t have the PC worldview.

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  14. Like this, I’ll bet… still 1,200 years ahead of jihadists, though.


  15. Hadenoughalready

    “Typos”, being a fact of life and amongst friends, are allowed.


  16. I bet you this professor uses the ladies room all the time.


  17. I, as would my father were he alive, call this critter a perfect example of an “educated idiot”, of which there are far to many of in the entire educational structure, K-Post Doctorate.. Let’s hope he finds himself in a position where he really needs a gun and doesn’t have one. Philly has some very violent areas, and if 2 or 3 of those street animals should stray from their regular hunting grounds and come upon him, with a little luck he’ll be feeding the post-mortem microbes.


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