Orlando gay-club shooting: The pieces that don’t fit


  • Definition: Something that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected.
  • Synonyms: oddity, inconsistency, incongruity, aberration.

Below are some anomalies — the pieces that don’t fit — in the official narrative of the deadliest shooting in U.S. history at the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, in the early morning hours of June 12, 2016, which left 49 dead and 53 wounded.

1. Eyewitnesses Report Multiple Suspects

We are told there was only one shooter, 29-year-old Omar Mateen who, according to his ex-wife, turns out to be a homosexual himself who frequented gay bars and had a gay hookup app, Grindr.

The problem is at least three eyewitnesses who were in the Pulse nightclub at the time of the shooting, all said there was more than one suspect.

Eyewitness #1: In an audio interview (below), after an eyewitness said, “There was a guy there that was trying to…prevent the door, like hold the door closed so that we couldn’t exit,” he was abruptly cut off.

Eyewitness #2: Another eyewitness said the shooting lasted “like eight minutes.” Beginning at the 0:29 mark in video below, when asked by the reporter if there was “somebody else,” the eyewitness said: “I’m pretty sure it was more than one person. Like I said, I heard two guns going at the same time.

Later, at the 1:41 mark, as he described how he and some 50 other patrons were trying to flee the club, jammed in a narrow pathway, he also said there was a second suspect — “a guy kind of holding door,” preventing them from exiting.

Eyewitness #3: A victim of the shooting who played dead for several hours during the attack as a way to stay alive, told an ABC reporter after he was discharged from a local hospital that he had overheard a phone conversation made by the shooter, in which the shooter said he was the “fourth shooter” and that there were “three others” — “snipers” and a “female suicide bomber”. (Source: Intellihub)

Below are screenshots of tweets to ABC News asking why ABC News had deleted an earlier tweet that there were other shooters, and a survivor’s account of two other killers.

Tweets to ABC News2. The Laughing Policeman

Remember Sandy Hook’s laughing chief medical examiner Wayne Carver and the smiling police officer standing behind him? The Orlando shooting has one too!

In the video below beginning at the 0:21 mark, as a spokesman talks to the press about the Orlando shooting casualties, a policeman with spectacles, grey hair and moustache stands behind him, grinning and laughing. Who knew a shooting massacre can be funny?

3. Crisis Actor

A man named Luis Burbano claims to be an eyewitness in the club and was interviewed by several media outlets, including ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos.

It turns out eyewitness Luis Burbano is a professional actor. He has a profile on Internet Movie Database (IMDb) . Below is a side-by-side comparison of Luis Burbano in the ABC interview (left) and Luis Burbano on IMDb. It’s the same man.

Luis Burbano (2)You would think that in the media interviews about the Orlando shooting, Burbano would take the opportunity to give his career a boost by identifying himself as a professional actor, but he didn’t.

IMDb lists 5 acting credits under Burbano’s “Filmography,” the most recent one being his role as a “club patron” in a 2015 video called “Spirit of Orlando: Shooting Up”. You can’t make this up!

Here’s a screenshot I took from IMDb on June 15, 2016:

Luis Burbano

IMDb describes “Spirit of Orlando: Shooting Up” as a 5-minute music video, dated September 25, 2015, in which Burbano stars as a “club patron,” with other actors playing the parts of the boss and employees of PharmaCorp Inc. LLC.

Note (June 16): A day after I took the screenshot of Burbano’s acting credits on IMDb, his “Spirit of Orlando: Shooting Up” acting was deleted by IMDb. Now, why did Burbano and IMDb do that?

4. Pre-Dated Tweets and News Reports

As in Sandy Hook, there are tweets and news articles about the Orlando shooting which are dated June 11, 2016, a day BEFORE the shooting.

5. Shooting Victims Carried Toward Pulse Nightclub

Here’s a video about shooting victims being carried by civilians (instead of first responders) TOWARD, not away from, Pulse nightclub — which makes no sense whatsoever, unless those images were all staged, i.e., theatrics.

H/t FOTM‘s readers cs, Sher, bongiornoc, Hadenoughalready, GiGi, josephbc69 and MomOfIV.

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58 responses to “Orlando gay-club shooting: The pieces that don’t fit

  1. Ross Blankert

    If this is all staged, it was done by whom and for what reason. Terrorism was not even mentioned at first. It is all about gun control and taking the guns. The president of the United States went on TV immediately saying that this is all about the guns like the guns just jumped up and started shooting people by themselves. Hillary joined in. There were NO ambulances at the scene. Staged news seems to be the rule now and not real live footage. Staged news at the Trump rally for anti Trump protestors. Staged news all over the world by reporters pushing an agenda. Best not to believe anything you see or hear and stay cool.

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  2. Here is another article posted on June 11 about the shooting, then corrected to June 12 at 2:06 am. How did a reporter, Barbara Liston, from Reuters, get all of the details about the shooting before it happened? Yes, she updated it at 8:48PM June 12 but it appears she somehow knew this happened before it did. sigh …Yes, shades of Sandy Hook indeed…

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  3. Hadenoughalready

    At this point in history, and knowing the extent of deception and corruption of this administration, I wouldn’t put it past them to stage the entire fracas using one, genuine, “too-dead-to-talk” scapegoat as the cause.

    Understanding how the media operates on drama and embellishment, why would they, otherwise, silence any witnesses. You’d think the opposite, right?

    With what’s going on in DC, the infiltration by the MB and their minions, their goal is to totally disarm the American people BY WHATEVER MEANS NECESSARY. And if it takes a few more of these “incidents”, then so be it.
    Conspiracy theories be damned. If it fits (or doesn’t), and it’s real, so be it.

    I hope folks are prepared as this is going to get really nasty very soon. IMHO; This election will NOT HAPPEN.


    • Had, today is the first I’ve heard of this being staged. Do you think “whomever” could have gotten even the hospital and Dr.s, and the governor, to go along with it?

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      • Hadenoughalready

        This was my personal opinion. Just reading the inconsistencies makes one wonder what’s being left out. And, by the looks of, I’m not alone.
        The witnesses being silenced – media cut off.
        The delay of SWAT’s arrival.
        The direct ties to the mosque in San Bernadino via a report by a former DHS operative.
        Some witnesses saying more than one was involved.
        Doors being held shut… the list goes on.
        I don’t think any of those you mentioned were aware of anything. I think they’re genuine in their en-devours. No “black-ops” ever let’s on to those who don’t need to know. And if they do, people disappear…
        Let’s give it time and I’m sure more will come out.

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      • Unfortunately, they do get people to go along with a lot because they are getting paid to do it. I did not see any interview with any doctors or nurses. We all saw the footage of the cop smiling however. There are just so many inconsistencies with the story. Could someone have been killed? Absolutely. But why are they blaming one gunman while the “witnesses” said there were at least two? Plus someone holding the door closed? Why didn’t the club have any cameras? And whenever something like this happens, someone, somewhere sets up a gofundme account. Within 24 hours they raised over $1 million. Now it’s over $4 million. It’s always about the money.

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      • Robin, as in the case of Sandy Hook, governors do go along with the evil. Medical examiners, G4S and their “actors”, some of the media, etc. may or may not be involved depending who they trust to follow the gun grabbing narrative. “Whomever” is obummer, Homeland Security and the FBI. They orchestrate the incident. They decide whether there will be actual casualties or not. They decide what police involvement there will be. It’s similar to Sandy Hook in that more than one person has been reported to have been involved. Payments, promotions and threats are utilized to maintain the narrative. As Diane stated, its also about the money. The most horrific realization, in my opinion, is the evil in our government will kill innocent people to justify their political ideologies.

        Dr. Eowyn has done such an excellent job of investigating and reporting on the Sandy Hook situation. Take the time to review all her links to Sandy Hook and you will see similarities to Orlando.


  4. Did anybody pick up on the comment about the size of the bullet at the 3:10 moment of the video ? He’s describing a .50 machine gun round , if I’m not mistaken . If I am mistaken , sorry . This thing has the stench of Sandy Hook and Aurora , Co.


  5. We have seen these glaring eyewitness discrepancies in numerous mass shootings, including Aurora.

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  7. I have never seen so many events with odd anomalies occur under one administration. Makes you wonder….

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    • Hadenoughalready

      What’s to “wonder”, DCG?
      It’s dissolving our military.
      It’s supporting terror in the ME.
      It’s turning the people against our police.
      It’s corrupt.
      It refuses to name islam as the source of the problem.
      It’s hell-bent to disarm the American people.
      It’s treasonous.
      It’s allowing illegals to flow in, unchecked.
      It’s bringing in mozlems of unknown origin and strategically placing them in pre-planned positions.
      We have the MB in high places and it’s diabolical in it’s attempt to destroy this country by whatever means necessary.
      What’s to wonder?

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  8. human sacrifice 10 days before the solstice…. the timing fits as usual….

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  9. for me, the inconsistencies add up to being consistent with another FF.

    and to “cody agnew”…it’s interesting someone could take 12 bullets with one left lodged in the liver and be “fairly stable” and “coherent” 3 days later and describe in detail the “events” that occurred. One would think his “employee’s sister” would be nearly comatose from the pain of being shot 12 times and subsequent surgeries to remove 11 bullets and the surgery to attempt to remove the 12th.

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  10. Jeh Johnson and the Set-Up

    Johnson yanked Anti-Terrorism Intel funding in Orlando in February of 2016….even 3 FBI visits and DISNEY security reporting to the FBI of Mateen and his wife casing DISNEY properties– He left it wide open for those 49 AMERICANS to be slaughtered–or the false flag


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  12. Yes. As I wrote in an earlier post, I had a woman in my Uber this past Sunday night who said she spoke to a wounded survivor of Friday night’s attack, and she said he insisted that he saw “three gunmen.” At that point, it was hearsay. But it has been corroborated: Joe Biggs of Infowars reported yesterday that eyewitnesses in the club attempted to say the same or similar on live television news reports, only to be interrupted or cut off by either the reporter or the news station itself.

    This is what we have been dealing with since—forever. We have the Hegelian Dialectic at work here: The government is creating the terror it needs in order to provide the suppression it needs. Terror comes along and people cry out for a solution; The government responds, insisting on more surveillance, more gun-control, more registries, etc., etc. In other words: LESS FREEDOM.

    The Bolsheviks did it. The Nazis did it. Tin-pot despots across Africa and Central America have done it. Now America is doing it. It is a case of the Government of the United States vs. We the People. And it will continue long after Barack Obama is gone. Here is the Qualitative Difference: The evil is beginning to snowball. It is gaining momentum. I hope a President Trump can stop it—but, ultimately, it will be up to US to stop it. (But as I have said before: I have spoken to hundreds of New Yorkers about 9/11, and people just aren’t ready to hear the truth).

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  13. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:
    What wouldn’t Globalists do to establish world-wide tyranny? If you don’t know by now, you need to listen to honest, well-informed people. Stay away from MSM masters of the lies and green screens.

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  15. +Dr. Eowyn, please go look at google earth, behind the bar, looks like a trailer covered up but,also a huge, looks like a red bloodstained sheet or blanket, something…like it was pre-staged..ck it out! Also from top view in google earth, there are 2 blk cars almost completely blocked out…on the side street by parking lot of Pulse nightclub, thought that strange too.

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  16. Yes, I’m on my iPad and it’s a pain in the A$$ ! Brb


  17. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    Holy cow this is incriminating evidence, supporting a staged gov’t false flag event. How on earth are the media going to spin this?! Why with lies and more lies of course!



    Now on with the show: Did anyone in this discussion have any choice in candidates or did they just drop in place like a beauty contest. First 12, Yep a Bankers Dozen lined up for a non-debate with number 13 Miss NY. The Donald afraid of the Swimsuit judging – A bit wide at the waist. Smart move on his part he is the Last Man Standing. So stop with the complaints who else to choose from unless you cross the aisle to ClitLand You see they limited the choices to All of the Above Bad..Soon insults will cause most to forget the ISSUE. Huh What Issue Oh the borders are to open – Just close em and see what happens; heck they could have open days and closed days. That will put some value on gaining entry. INS/DHS agents could collect Tips to let one in the front of the line. Lets get the economy working again this can make new service jobs. Burgers delivered while waiting for the line.
    Don’t be surprised when none of them is standing for Pres.

    Welcome to the Obama Promised Land.
    Obomba promised that his “United Nations campaign” against Americans owning weapons would be put into place before he left office. He wrote seven executive orders that the courts do not support, and he has signed the UN Small Arms Treaty that has not received ratification from the US Congress. BUT MAY BE FORCED THROUGH NOW!
    The agreement demands that national governments take “appropriate measures” to enforce the terms of the treaty, including civilian disarmament. If these countries can’t get this done on their own, however, Article 16 provides for UN assistance, specifically including help with the enforcement of “stockpile management, disarmament, demobilization and reintegration programmes.” In fact, a “voluntary trust fund” will be established to assist those countries that need help from UN peacekeepers or other regional forces to disarm their citizens.
    The treaty was supported in 2010 by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

    UN Vehicle used to knock down PULSE wall. (What is UN vehicle doing involved with local police force. Read above).This and the Bomb will make the building unsafe and demolition will erase all evidence

    The Huff and Puff and Blow Your Mind All Female Editorial staff has offered $25,000 for anyone that can prove the Event is Fake!
    However Fake what?
    Fake Shooter – No known firearms training but shot like a Champion for 3 hours and then held off the SQAT Teams finishing off with a Bomb to hide all evidence. This is why no bodies remain.

    Fake Father – Enemy of America – Taliban Operative ran for President of Afghanistan living Unchecked in USA with a Talk Show. What!

    Fake Wife – He beat her but is that not what they do to women – Perhaps they at least Kissed as she promised the FBI not to tell about his Gay leanings but later stated he was a ‘Flaming Homosexual’ Yikes they forgot to burn the club.

    Fake Follower of Islam – He was not religious. Then he was.

    Fake Witnesses – I saw him do this that or the other thing but here I am without even a scratch or Panic.

    Fake Donation Sites – TEN (10) activated when they had only named FIVE (5) Vic’s.

    Fake Timeframe – Local law forbids serving alcohol after 1 AM. Action Hero starts the Movie after 2 AM.
    How about a charge of Sedition against all proven actors in this, past and future events?
    Department of Defense using the National Defense Authorization Act of 2016 as the justification for FEMA drills that are turned into “active shooter events” that are produced and directed by the Department of Defense’s Board of Broadcasting Governors (BBG) who now wage propaganda wars on Americans to promote presidential policies through false flag events where no one is killed.

    There is the exemption to get away with this madness they put in place.
    We have past pointed out the use of Citizen Grand Jury (Can be formed and bring indictments based on presented evidence without local prosecutor). Round them up with the then issued warrants. Note; those that participate all sign Non-disclosure forms under; and get this, National Security clause.
    Ok, then how about a Citizen Court Marshal. A Tried and true method against government officials. Six citizens review evidence and convict for malfeasance of office or other charges.
    Time is pressing to do something and not marching (They are waiting for you with the full Riot Gear and UN vehicles).
    Instead something or someone will start a Riot and the “M” LAW will be imposed. Surprise the election cancelled until “I” get this situation under (MY) control.
    Do something or sign up for the next Event. The pay is said to be good and you get real acting experience. It’s a Job, someone’s got to do it!

    Instructions for the $25,000: Credit to Bank-of-Rupt account number 0000000000 Beneficiary I Told You So.

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    • Wow! I loved every word of this ! Love the catch phrases and such…very well done Sir/Ma’am ✅


      • Consider all these Events Fake until proven otherwise.
        If it sounds like a Duck – Double Talk on Media
        If it walks like a Duck – Overweight Security people versus NONE NECK cops
        If it looks like a Duck – Actors flubbing their parts.
        Then it’s a FAKE and Duck Out of the Game

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  19. good update to original post:
    this video shows STAGING area and players PREPPING, before the big carry-down-the-street scene!


    • Thank you for this great video. I just posted on the original Orlando thread that Gary King identified Fedora guy as actor Andrew Bowser, who has two YouTube channels, a website and is listed on IMDB and Wikipedia


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  21. I am glad that you took the screen shot of Luis Burbano’s filmography, since “Spirit of Orlando: Shooting up” is no longer listed.


  22. Mist'ears Mom

    Another odd thing I noticed was man-bun guy hobbling down the street being aided by his buddies going in what looks like in the same direction as the others-towards the club. You see mostly his back-has on white pants below his butt and shirt that is red/wht & blue-the red presumably blood yet no blood on his pants?
    He has an interview I saw can’t find it now-it was after next morning? he had just been released from the hospital. This doofus told the reporter he was shot 3 times! Yes he was sitting in the front seat ‘in some pain’ he said but ready to go home…lol. Yes he was shot in the right side and the left side (video shows blood on both sides of shirt) and I believe in the leg or something/somewhere? But ok to go home a few hours after…I thought to myself as I was watching…how can this be? How can someone get shot 3 times-walk out and down the street and then be released in a few hours? I’m not buying it-jus sayin…


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  24. Don’t forget the 3 hour cop stand down which enabled this massacre


  25. I forgot to note the video title but someone posted extend footage of the guy with red boots being carried the wrong way down the street, in front of the stationary camera and, like Sandy Hook, when the actors get to the point when they think they are out of the camera’s view…IT’S A MIRACLE…red boot man is placed down and WALKS along with his buds without difficulty!


  26. Three more points: look at the way the female LEO is holding her weapon in the video you posted under item 3 Crisis actor. I know nothing about guns but it reminds me of Barry S., Esq’s video of fake FBI/grieving parent in the Sandy Hook video. This woman has three civilians near her and she has her right arm held almost straight up, leaving her left hand only on the weapon. She could be disarmed with little effort.

    Second, I live in Florida and even after 2AM it has was very hot and humid. Given that it was a “gay” bar, I was surprised to see so many people wearing long sleeved shirts and pants/jeans. Many of the LEOs in Florda are allowed to wear shorts as part of their uniform. I don’t know specifically about the Orlando juistiction, though.

    Last: news reports claim that there were over 300 people in the club yet it’s parking lot, that of the body shop next door, as well as the streets around the club are absent the significant number of patron’s parked cars. Given the fact that the building has multiple holes in its exterior cinder block wall (looking more like it was breached by a sledgehammer rather than a controlled explosion), I’m wondering if the club was actually in operation and if it will be demolished and removed like the Lanza home, SHES and the remains of the World Trade Buildings and Oklahoma City Fed. Building.


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  28. That Luis guy was the one holding the door shut he even said it was him in an interview now I read that witnesses said another man involved was holding the door shut not saying this is a hoax but it’s definitely weird


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  30. Reblogged this on Debatable News: Mainstream to Tinfoil Hat and more and commented:
    VERY strange!


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