Worst mass shooting in U.S. history: Florida killer is liberal media’s worst nightmare

The worst mass shooting in the U.S. took place early this morning in Orlando, Florida.

At around 2 a.m. at a “gay” club called Pulse with about 320 people inside, a gunman carrying an assault-style weapon, a handgun and what police called “some type of other device,” first exchanged shots with an officer working at the club before he went inside and opened fire, killing 50 and wounding another 53.

When the police arrived, the gunman held the remaining people hostage for 3 hours before a SWAT Team busted into the club, exchanged shots with and killed the shooter.

Omar MateenThis is what we know about the shooter:

  • His name is Omar Mir Seddique Mateen, 29.
  • Born in the U.S., Mateen is a U.S. citizen, the son of Afghan immigrants.
  • Mateen had a Florida security officer license. He had been employed since 2007 at private security company G4S that provides security to federal buildings.
  • Mateen had two licenses to carry firearms in Florida: a Class D license, given to security guards; and a Class G license, which is a general concealed carry license. Both were set to expire in September 2017. An ATF spokesperson confirmed that Mateen was able to legally purchase guns, and bought both of the weapons used in the attack within the last week. (Gawker)
  • Mateen had no criminal record.
  • Although Mateen’s father, Mir Seddique, said the attack had nothing to do with religion and that the shooting probably was because his son got angry when he saw two men kissing in Miami a couple of months ago, CBS News says that Mateen had ties to Islamic terrorism. NBC News says he had called 911 before the shooting to pledge his allegiance to ISIS/Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. It’s not known if he had accomplices.
  • Mateen was on the FBI’s radar for several years. An FBI spokesperson said that Matten was interviewed by the FBI twice in 2013 after making threats to a coworker, and once in 2014 after being linked to an American suicide bomber. In both instances, the FBI found no sufficient evidence to continue with their investigations. Mateen was not under investigation or surveillance when he committed the massacre.
  • TMZ says that authorities believe the shooting was a terrorist attack and a hate crime.
  • Mateen is a Democrat. Here’s his voter registration (from Florida Voters):

Omar Mateen's voter registration

In other words, Omar Mateen is the liberal media’s worst nightmare in that he does not fit their prejudicial knee-jerk stereotype of a mass shooter:

  • Mateen is not white or Christian, but a “person of color” and Muslim.
  • Mateen is not a Republican, but a Democrat.
  • Mateen purchased his firearms legally and, not having a criminal record, would not be barred from gun purchase. In other words, gun control — which Obama immediately called for in reaction to the shooting — would not have deterred Mateen. Even a total ban on gun sales would not have stopped Mateen because he would have access to firearms as a licensed security officer.

Omar Mateen should be a warning to Americans that radical Islamism is now home-grown and a clear-and-present-danger to U.S. national security.

In fact, just three days ago, ISIS said they would attack Florida.

H/t FOTM‘s Anon, maziel, Big Lug, and Hadenoughalready.

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50 responses to “Worst mass shooting in U.S. history: Florida killer is liberal media’s worst nightmare

  1. No matter what the facts say, leftists will always use a killing spree in the name of stripping the liberties and power away from God-Fearing citizens anyway they can. These people are as lost, just as misguided and misdirected as this Islamic radical, and they will stop at nothing to smear truth to support their agenda.

    They will blame religion, they will blame Christ, they will blame us, Christians, for the act of a Muslim. It will be the fault of the “NRA”. It is worse than ignorance, or fear. These people want Islamists like this to have the advantage, by their own surrender of their independent thought, and they won’t listen to logic and reason even if they claim to worship them.

    Their policy is “Never let a good crisis go to waste,” and knowing Florida, the liberal elite will gladly eliminate another red state with their superfluous laws and regulations. Fear most what they will teach children in schools about this; they will surely use it to align them against all values of the founders of this country. Religious worship especially.

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    • ” It is worse than ignorance, or fear.”
      Ignorance gives opportunity to correct and educate,for the ignorant doesn’t know the truth;
      The fearful can be persuaded that being on the right side of the fight will offer its own protection.
      But the Leftists/Democrats/Socialists/Liberals/Marxists truly ARE dangerous,because they KNOW the damage they do,but they don’t CARE-the truth goes against their ME-ME-ME-ism. They want what THEY want,and don’t care that it can’t be sustained,or it’s illegal,or unethical,or unconstitutional,orit’s perverted to its core-it’s all about what THEY want.

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  2. I’m sure the SRM was hoping it’d be some white, male, Christian member of the NRA. They must have knots in their stomachs as to how to report this.

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  3. I have not following the news closely but there is the possibility that this is yet another hoax or false flag event. “Mother” on TV interview looks to be a bad actor flubbing lines, crying without tears, looking to be reading cue card and voice is heard feeding her lines. Of course, she is immediately spouting gun control agenda lines. Time and more evidence needed.

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    • It’s always possible, and there are lots of questions, but it seems unlikely it was a hoax at this point. How did he reload before being rushed and cover his back while having to take aim, for example? There’s also the matter of putting pressure on Florida to eliminate the relative ease of getting a concealed carry permit so only criminal gangs and ISIS-type sleepers being brought in by the plane load by Obama have guns so the sheeple clamor for more surveillance and control.

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  4. Also, peculiar that the singer was shot point blank the day before, in Orlando. Aren’t the shooters for both events also dead? Convenient, much!

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  5. A former co-worker of this terrorist says the killer was homophobic and made racial comments. He complained to the company and the firm wouldn’t touch him because he was a Muslim. The former co-worker of the killer quit because the terrorist was toxic. “The guy was unhinged and unstable. He talked of killing people.” Political correctness kills.

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  6. my husband told me about the shooting this morning and my first response was: “really? yet another shooting?”
    in regards to these “shootings”, I’ve come to have the mindset to disbelieve them until proven otherwise…
    the muslim looks kinda effeminate in the pic, maybe something else was going on there for him….
    it’s a shame george zimmerman wasn’t around (especially considering sanford, fl. is less than 30 miles from the pulse where trayvon martin was allegedly shot)…pretty interesting that no one out of 320 people in the florida club was packing heat and also the perpetrator was killed (one might say ‘tying up loose ends’)…
    are there any videos of the actual shooting…I mean hundreds of hostages and no one recorded the event inside or do we just have video of people hanging out outside?
    isn’t the pulse located in another ‘gun free zone’?

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  7. tukulusriantei

    islam condemns lgbt and liberalism, yet leftist count them as allies. must be because they have a common enemy that they hate most, our lord jesus christ.

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  8. Actually this would seem to be just another psy-op that is suitable for the satanic media: 1. the shooter is claimed to be muslim/isis/terrorist etc. pushing the whole false “terrorism” narrative overall, the fact the firearms were legally obtained will be used to push for “stricter gun controls” per usual.
    2. this is probably going to result in a nationwide pity party that can be used as an excuse to further bolster the GBLT movement in general.
    3. this also links the homosexual movement to a “terrorism victim” status, which makes it that much more immune to being questioned.
    4. it may result in those opposing homosexuality being likened to terrorists, which will imply Christians by proxy, if not directly mentioned. (I’ve already seen facebook posts saying it was good a bar full of degenerates got shot up, which serves to self-demonize the people sharing this particular opinion and does the satanist’s work for them.)

    One wonders if that gay bar was one that revoked obomber’s membership or something similar?

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  9. *cough* hoax *cough*

    The whole narrative makes no sense. Not buying it.

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  10. Mary Patricia Wilk

    The Bilderburg Group just finished today with their annual meeting and they discussed their next plan of action to bring in their one world. I think they are desperate and created this mass murder. Attempting to incite anger, frustration and unrest among the people for a louder cry of ridding society of their armed weapons. This is one of the main things that’s hindering their one world from completely manifesting. What’s coming next?

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  11. As with Boston…not one ambulance at scene…only fire department vehicles and rerun of the dark pickup, like in Ompqua (?sp) where they put one actor in the open flatbed!

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  12. I agree with Seumas, Sara and Dan, insofar as his questioning how this man ever re-loaded and managed to kill/injure so many people (some with multiple wounds) without being jumped on.
    . Now they’ll want even stricter gun controls–and Hillary can’t wait.
    LGBT now is assured martyred status. I guess they’ll be making a memorial of the Pulse now.
    Then there’s the question as to how many of those were actually killed by the SWAT team and if there are any videos of the event.
    But I guess I’m asking too many questions.
    And, you’re right, Dr. E: convenient positioning of the news outlets around Orlando.

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  13. Not quite on topic, but a great retort regarding the ability of any government to control supply of guns in any realistic way…
    All gun control is going to do is take guns from law abiding citizens. While the people who commit the crimes, they can get any gun they can afford.
    —Same with attempts to control alcohol and drugs. What happens is that business is taken out of the hands of business people, and put it into the hands of criminals. Then criminals sell alcohol, drugs, and next guns! Look below, you cannot stop guns anymore than you can stop drug abuse!

    Article and Videos of Gun Makers: 3-D WEAPON PRINTING…
    —Will computers kill gun control? JAN 25, 2013
    3-D printing technology could make efforts to curb weapons impossible. Do-it-yourself techies are cool with that

    —Gun making in Pakistan –
    This video shows how many guns they can make in Pakistan in one day … This is why you can’t ban guns in anywhere…

    —The Gun Markets of Pakistan – YouTube
    Video for Afghanistan weapons shop assault weapons, youtube▶ 9:19 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FinRqCocwGE

    —Repair shops in northern Afghanistan fixing weapons …
    Video for Afghanistan weapons shop assault weapons, youtube▶ 1:47

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  14. Captain America

    No reason to previously detain Omar Mateen, but Clive Bundy is in solitary confinement. “Dems” are the main problem in the world (interchangeable with “progressives”). The only reason Bama is already calling it terrorism is because gays were killed. He finally has some skin in the game.

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  15. My first thought was…here we go again.. another false flag but why a gar bar? The comments here have given some very plausible reasons! When I heard the illegal in the POTUS WH…my thoughts were how conflicted he must be! Whose side would he pick…his Muslim brethren or His gay buddies?. We know one thing. It will not be the citizen patriots, the law abiding or the Christians! We MUST raise up a standard because the Country is rapidly slipping away from us!

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  16. It is almost 3:30 Monday morning here in New York. I got back from Ubering it. Earlier, I drove a young lady—I’d say about 30?—from Penn Station to Weehawken, NJ. She said she knew one of the victims who was wounded in this shooting, and that they spoke on the phone. According to her, she said that her wounded friend saw THREE GUNMEN.

    I understand that this is hearsay. But we have to understand a few things:
    First, Dr. Eowyn, you are 100% correct: This attack means that this ISIS member or sympathizer is HOMEGROWN. Thus, George W. Bush’s plan is going according to plan: It was under his Administration that he welcomed Muslim immigrants into the United States. The Illuminati Plan is beginning to sprout.
    Second: You are also 100% correct in that this shooter’s profile does NOT match the MSM Narrative. Not To Worry: The spinmeisters have been working overtime. Suffice it to say this much: Islam WILL NOT be blamed—certainly not by Obama & Co. They will again come out and blame the Second Amendment. FACT: MATEEN OBTAINED HIS FIREARMS LEGALLY, according to what I just read minutes ago (Facebook friends’ posts)
    Third: We have to always keep in mind that the government we are living under DOES NOT tell us the truth about ANYTHING. Never Has, Never Will. Let’s wait and see how the reports develop. KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED for any photographs of CRISIS ACTORS. But there is something more sinister that, in all likelihood, may very well be going on, which leads to the next point:
    Fourth: Reports have surfaced that the Mossad was involved in the Paris Attacks. I do not believe that American alphabet agencies have the resources—or the willing puppets—to carry out an attack like this if people actually were killed. (I say this in light of Dr. James Tracy’s reports that no one was killed at Sandy Hook). We have the resources AND the willing dupes to carry out a mis-en-scene dog-and-pony show; We DO NOT have the resources or the willing puppets to actually spill blood—at this point, I believe. IF this is the case, POINT YOUR NOSE to the one agency that does: The Mossad.
    We shall have to wait for more investigative reporting to yield its findings. But at this point, we have to BEWARE of sentimentality, especially FALSE sentimentality, which was in abundance after the 9/11 Crime Against Humanity. When the MSM conflates the human-interest stories of this or that shooting victim’s hopes and dreams for his future, YOU KNOW WE ARE BEING DISTRACTED ONCE AGAIN.

    Lastly, FIfth: We have to watch for every word that comes out of Pope Francis’s mouth: The man is a moral and intellectual imbecile, and he has proved abundantly his eager willingness to throw Europe (and the rest of the World) to the dogs, as far as Islam is concerned. In other words, we have this event. We’ve had previous events. But we’ve also had enough reportage to prove that there is some Master Plan. given the carnage, that a ruling elite is doing whatever it can to knock us off balance and make us kiss the canvass. MAKE NO MISTAKE: This action may seem to be the action of a “lone nut”: NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH. We are being systematically disoriented, and once our own chatter becomes confounded, they win. This means that someone is going to attempt to control the narrative on this story. We just have to find out WHO.

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    • I agree. If there are as many dead and wounded as reported, then the Mossad may have been involved for the reason you mention, and half a dozen heavily armed shooters would have been needed to corral, hold off, and indiscriminately shoot down 300+ mostly young men, gay or not.

      ISIS, as we know, was organized, funded, armed, and directed by the Mossad and CIA and here may be both proxy and patsy, such as the Saudis were for 911. Thousands of Mossad agents are reported to operate with total impunity here, and whether they were shooters in this case as in others, they obviously have no compunction murdering Americans as they did on 911–incl the thousands more who have died and will die from cancer. I agree there are no Americans, incl sayanim, who would knowingly participate as operatives and shooters in this highly planned attack, suggesting that the only clandestine, foreign gov agency known for its expertise in such wet work, hoax, or combo wet work-and-hoax pulled it off.

      Disarming America goes hand in glove with the moral disintegration of our society, which are both clearly and obviously the work of the (((usual suspects))) here and abroad who operate as one on all these critical assaults on our existence as a nation and on Western Civilization itself from Australia, through N America, and all the way to the gates of Russia. The last thing Muslims would do, radicalized or not, would be to supply the justification for bringing down hell on earth on themselves and co-religionists.

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  17. Kevin J Lankford

    Is it real, or is it “memorex”??……There is no doubt in my mind that our government, with its embedded foreign influences, can and has staged tragedies for propaganda purposes. It is just as sure that they will and have been behind actual events with real loss of life, in pursuit of their war-mongering, public opinion, and mass control, agendas.

    Real or not; there can be no doubt who is behind it, and their goals.

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  18. A gay activist in Florida is blaming “Hateful Christian policies” for this massacre……….can you believe the BULL**IT? I feel like I am living in a bizzaro world. Also the gun control argument is moot he was a licensed security guard and would have had a gun regardless of them being illegal. I do not trust the media to report this. I feel bad for the victims who died in mortal sin as they are lost forever, maybe some of the survivors will have a change of heart and repent. Is the frog yet realizing that the water is getting too hot yet? It is going to get a whole lot hotter.

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    • Kevin J Lankford

      The gun control argument is completely relevant. It is part of their purpose to create the sense that all guns, no matter how they are obtained, or whose hand they are in (that is private ownership), they present the same danger. As far as the government is concerned the true U.S. citizens are the greatest threat to their power.

      The fact is, our Constitution clearly confirms that there can be no such thing as illegal possession of a firearm by a free U.S. citizen.

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    • “I feel like I am living in a bizzaro world.” Yes indeed, you certainly are, which is why a year ago I started calling this our BNWD, or our Bizzaro New World Disorder [see many FotM postings] on this.

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  19. It doesn’t fit the liberal idea of mass murder. Instead of focusing on radical Islam and Obama’s weakness the MSM rants about the community coming together, the victims, their families, hero stories, Tony Award celebrity responses, will the kiddies be safe at Disney, and of course gun control.

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  20. In April 2016 a visiting Iman from Iran speaking at a Mosque in Orlando, Florida, said that killing gays under Islamic Law was an act of compassion It is no secret that Sharia Law sanctions the killing of gays, but Muslims also have no qualms about sodomizing a pre-puberty child. I feel like I am missing something. Since the POTUS is so sympathetic toward Muslims, instead of calling for stricter gun control laws, maybe he should explain to the American public the reasons why Muslims do this. Then maybe I could understand why the administration wants to admit undocumented Syrian refugees into the country.

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  21. Where are the media pictures and videos showing the medical examiner and their needed trucks picking up and transporting the 49 bodies? Did I also hear that the exit doors of the club are normally kept padlocked? Finally, the only security guard on the premises also had a gun and used it apparently. What I don’t understand is how all these strong young men couldn’t rush him to stop the carnage sooner than later. Why he took hostages if he was in a killing kind of mood. And now our FBI DIRECTOR announced on CNN that he won’t use the shooters name in order not to inspire glory in others conspiring similarly. What a bunch of bunk. They just don’t want to highlight his Muslim name and inflame normal God fearing citizens against radical Muslims. This man was mentally ill and unstable as revealed by his ex wife and former co-workers. It also seems the FBI failed to take action against him even though he was investigated twice by them. Bottom line don’t expect the FBI to protect us against the nuts filling this country. The Directors statement told us not to be afraid (lol) and to do things like we did here- donate blood. Lol. How about stopping the nuts before we need to donate blood? Especially when he was reported to the FBI as a nut twice at least.

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  22. At the risk of being NON-PC,it is a GAY Bar,and these gays are NOT what we’d consider MEN who would charge to stop a man (men?) shooting at them with REAL GUNS. This is probably an unfair generality;all I can go by is what I’ve seen personally.Gay men in YOUR area may be more manly than this..


  23. Following up with a few videos posted about the event.
    “Mother Lying-On” (play on the name she “used” for the script) and Monarch Butterfly programming:

    At time stamp 6:08 shows an audition video of “Mother Lying-On” from way-back-when with an audition video for a TV show.

    Hat/flag shirt man who is Orlando’s “Gene Rosen” character May also be the an actor: (can’t find the video showing his actor look alike but this is a video of the event-guy)

    Actor Luis Burbano revealed at time stamp 1:42 after being interviewed by media pretending to be club patron:

    With both sides of the street “closed” actors carry “victims” towards the club

    Another highlights the “ambulance”/dark police 4×4 which is driving away from the club and picking up a “victim” being carried towards the club:

    Event reported as occurring at 2 AM 6/12 but internet search is date stamped June 11:

    PeeKay Truth had a video where he discusses an article about the shooting from the Daily Mail. In the article, itself, it states the shooter entered the club at 2 AM but then it shows Tweets from patrons that are time stampted about 11-something June 11.

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    • Great compilation! Thank you, Sher!

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    • As a follow up to my post above, I just found out more info about hat/shirt man. H/T Gary King on Real Deal with Jim Fetzer on the MBC Youtube channel.

      The man with the Orlando pseudonym of Christopher Hanson is actor Andrew Bowser. He has two YouTube channels: bowservidstotally and andrewbowserdirector as well as a website andrewbowserdirector.com and an IMDB page


  24. I initially thought the same thing but then heard that there was a young man there with his girlfriend. If I recall, he was the youngest killed at 21 and was aspiring to be a fireman. His girlfriend survived. Anyway, Hillary wants to ban our right to protect ourselves while our FBI suggests we line up to give blood after radical based carnage that they could have prevented twice during their investigation of a radical American hating Muslim. If they hate this country they should go back to there Islamic countries and stay there.

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  25. I often refrain from responding until I have a sense of what is going on behind the scenes, but in this case I was off and running as soon as I heard about this at my Meeting for Worship. I came home, looked at what was coming in over the Internet, and then wrote as follows:

    “I’ve been writing & saying this is a Manchurian candidate-false flag-psy op as soon as it came to light who the perp was: a dupe used by the NWO to push gun control and fascism, ASAP.

    More info is coming over the Internet, of course. Where else? The NYT? The Seven Bought MSM?”

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  26. Pingback: Friday, 06/17/2016, False Flag Weekly News with Dr. Kevin Barrett and Prof. Tony Hall | NO LIES RADIO

  27. You might appreciate Robert Spencer’s youtube video about “mental illness” 😉 https://youtu.be/6yC8COv6DE4


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