Report says illegal immigrant criminals re-offend at higher rates than ICE estimates


Via Fox News: A recent investigation shows that 30 percent of illegal immigrants who committed crimes were charged with new offenses – such as rape, child molestation and attempted murder – contrary to assurances from federal officials that the criminals rarely went on to re-offend.

The investigation by The Boston Globe revealed that 30 percent of 323 criminal immigrants released in New England from 2008-2012 went on to re-offend, a rate more than four times as high as previously suggested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials.

While speaking before a subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee in 2011, ICE Executive Associate Director Gary Mead said only 7 percent of illegal aliens released since 2009 had been re-booked into ICE custody. But The Globe review of records in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine showed recidivism was substantially higher.

The Globe investigation took three years, as staffers searched police logs, Internet databases, court records and media reports to identify which criminal immigrants had committed new crimes. A judge ordered the names of the 323 immigrants released in 2013.

Among the crimes The Globe uncovered:

  • A Massachusetts man marked for deportation after serving jail time for hitting his ex-girlfriend on the head with a hammer was released in October 2009. He later found the woman and stabbed her multiple times.
  • A Maine man with a long criminal record robbed a man at knifepoint outside a 7-Eleven soon after his release from ICE custody.
  • ICE fought to deport Jean Jacques to Haiti in 2012, but released him when Haiti wouldn’t accept him. Jacques stabbed a Connecticut man to death in 2015.

“ICE is committed to continually improving the agency’s ability to track and manage ever-evolving agency-related data, but the agency does not have statistically reliable information on recidivism rates prior to (2013),” ICE spokesman Shawn Neudauer told The Globe in an email.

ICE has released 86,288 criminals nationally from 2013-2015.



7 responses to “Report says illegal immigrant criminals re-offend at higher rates than ICE estimates

  1. Shocker! – not. Criminals enabled by the POS’s criminal regime.


  2. Twenty years or more ago my wife on and off employed a Guatemalan in small town CT who, unbeknownst to her, had a long criminal record. After a window of her shop was smashed, apparently to get at cash receipts he knew hadn’t been deposited yet, and despite an eyewitness making probable identification, this barely illiterate, forty something guy was released over the detective’s strong objections because some leftist group took up his cause and–it beggars belief–got him a full tuition, room and board scholarship to a college of forestry in Vermont, a subject as foreign to him as particle physics. I don’t know what happened after that, but if he went up there to rape and rob, I do know the psychotic, evil left would have blamed “society,” meaning of course, Christian America, wherever it’s found.


  3. Let’s just hope that members of the left get to experience more than their share of the criminal acts committed by these criminals.

    As far as the the thug from Haiti . . . all foreign aid to that country should be cut off until they are willing to take back that spawn of Hell which was born in their country. In fact any country that is not willing to accept repatriation of those who have illegally come to the USA should experience immediate cessation of all foreign aid provided by the USA. This only seems fair!

    Excellent article.


    • “Let’s just hope that members of the left get to experience more than their share of the criminal acts committed by these criminals.”
      these morons would be clueless as to why criminals were going after them…they’d probably want to bring more illegals to appease the criminals


  4. definitely not a shocker….


  5. The Politically Correct manner of handling all illegals is to have the head of each natural born citizen family who support the concept of legalizing illegals register themselves as willing to support at least 2 illegals until they are self-supporting. All expenses would be payable in cash to the provider. be it Doctor, Lawyer. grocery, clothing or whatever, and I do mean any and everything. The registered person would assume all debts, fines, and other bills incurred by the illegal, and receive not one Penney from any governmental unit or agency. If private organizations wished to help, they may. BUT the US taxpayer will not spend one cent on an illegal, even at the cost of life and limb, for that too is an obligation taken by his sponsor. Nor shall any tax funded lawyer be provided for any legal needs the illegal shall have.

    My guess is this: just as you don’t see murderer’s rushing to get in the electric chair, you won’t see those who promote the PC line of unlawful naturalization hurrying to line up to take on what they claim are society’s duties. even though they themselves demand it of the rest of us. So what else is new in the Hypocritical World of the PC? They follow the phrase most often used in “The Gulag Archipelago” by Solshenytszen :” First you, then me”. The PC will be the downfall of our nation if they continue to gain political power a al Clintonista’s.


  6. Of COURSE they re-offend more-they know they won’t be prosecuted or do any jail time. THAT would be RAAAACIST.


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