Best explanation for Hillary’s coughing fits

Hillary had another coughing fit yesterday.

That’s a strange cough: It’s shallow and quite different from the coughs you get when you have a cold or bronchitis.

It turns out Hillary’s been having those fits at least since 2008! Here’s a compilation of her coughing fits through the years.

So what is it about her coughing?

Is it hypothyroidism? Hashimoto’s thyroiditis? Meds she’s taking?

JBDynamite of The Daily Bail has the best explanation:

Hillary is choking on her own bullshit: “She coughs every time she lies . . . those pipes have been spewing toxic treasonous bullshit nonstop for over 40 years.”

Sounds right to me! dancingbanana dancingbanana dancingbanana

Here’s a sample of her bovine-excrement look-you-in-the-eyes lies:

H/t FOTM‘s maziel


22 responses to “Best explanation for Hillary’s coughing fits

  1. A truer explanation of her coughing has never been told. You would think she had “brown” eyes also.

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  3. HAHAHA!
    if it isn’t BS, maybe she has thyroid cancer…causes coughing

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  4. ROF!

    Best explanation I’ve seen yet. 😀


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  5. Definitely Psychosomatic, she is Hillary Rodham and that right there is psychological nuclear meltdown just to look at herself in the mirror. I have a strong mind, and stomach but I would not even want a glimpse of what she sees there? Plus she is probably on a pile of psych drugs just to handle that mountainous burden! And no psych drug helped anyone solve their problems, all they do is get you High, weee, cough, cough, cough, COUGH!

    And then she is married to Bill Clinton, who is the premier mental Three, Ring Circus of Sex Perversion on speed!

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    • I concur w/your call on her psychosomatic illness, which is quite real, of course, but w/o a causative agent outside her immune system’s inability to deal w/the immense burdens she’s laid on it over all her wretched life–IF you can call that ‘living’!

      Or as my mother would have said, “God’s punishing her for all her lies!” She is certainly living in the judgement which she has made of the world.

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      • Thanks Joseph, yes she wove a high powered web of deceit, problem is she has to live in it. And God is certainly having a word with her on some level, no one could possibly imagine! Plus, like you said, how is her immune system going to handle that, the answer “cough!” Ha, Ha, instead of her nose growing!

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      • Another thought Joseph, who ever has all these recordings and knows the subject that was being discussed. May be able to make a connection between what is being said, and her coughing reaction.
        —Ha, and if Donald Trump has that information he could have her dancing a marry tune at a future debate, wouldn’t that be a HOOT!

        My money says that she will crack wide open at one of those debates! Especially if the pressure over her lies, and possible indictments keep hammering away at her!


  6. Hadenoughalready

    To watch her drop in a coughing fit would lead me to cracking open a bottle… nuff sed.

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  7. Maybe it’s just that Wild Humboldt Skunk Weed she’s been smokin’ (to save money)


  8. “No society ever thrived because it had a large and growing class of parasites living off those who produce.” -Thomas Sowell

    Therefore Hillary has a parasitical infection. Dinesh D’Souza describes the phenomenon in his recent book “Stealing America.”

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  9. I think if her coughing was due to an over-active thyroid, called “Grave’s disease”[both GHW Bush and his wife claimed to suffer from it, which is totally ODD], there would be coughing, but along with that she would be losing lots of weight, and a warm room or warm clothing would become unbearable. Instead of coughing ‘politely’ she’d probably be wracked with such deep spasms of coughing that, chances are, she couldn’t speak at all. In ‘Grave’s disease’ your thyroid becomes over-active to the point at which it is literally destroying you by producing too much thyroid toxin for your body to handle. So, since she’s had those coughing fits since around 2008, if it was ‘Grave’s’ then she’d probably be dead by now.[!]

    Any type of cancer of the throat would more than likely cause her to lose lots of weight, especially after all these years. Her cough sounds like the dry cough one gets when speaking publicly, when your mouth suddenly goes dry due to nervousness. Oh–bingo–whatdayaknow! Whoever mentioned that one first gets the credit, [and I know it wasn’t me]. 🙂

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  10. traildustfotm



  11. Could be allergies with post nasal drip.


  12. An attorney friend wrote this in an email to me:
    “Thyroid for sure, IMHO. Her high collar conceals a goiter. The thyroid medication interacts badly with the anticoagulants she is supposed to be taking following her most recent blood clot crisis. She is a stroke waiting to happen, pending prosecution for national security breaches.

    Dem operatives are flummoxed. They do not want Bernie. They do not have a viable alternative.

    I am deeply concerned that this is the election when one of the vice president nominees will be POTUS as a rule of a vacancy.

    What about Trump? His problem will emerge when he fails to meet expectation.”


  13. As Yogi Berra once opined, “It ain’t over til it’s over,” and Hillary Clinton has definitely outdone Richard Wagner in her never-ending 21,987-part opera!
    Casino Owner, Street Brawler and New York Bloviator Donald J. Trump will MOP THE FLOOR with Hillary! We’re not talking about Fredo from “The Godfather”! And Trump will give Hillary something to cough about.
    Eh? Who knows? Maybe she has a hernia???


    • Trump will indeed give Hillary something to cough about, especially if they ever agree to a debate. Maybe she has “Janet Reno syndrome.”

      Janet Reno lost the Democratic primary. When asked about it, Reno said, “I feel like I’ve been kicked in the nuts.”  -Conan O’Brien, on the former attorney general’s bid for governor of Florida


  14. Goiter? Is that something you cut out and use for a soccer ball? Could we, Hunh, hunh? Blood clotting/?A good dose of strychnine will clear that right up. Stroke? How many? With what? An 18 foot blacksnake bullwhip? About 100 strokes should “touch her right up”. “Choking on her own bullshit”!!! Yyeeeessss! Best laugh I’ve heard all day. And I’m gonna steal that from you too – I won’t claim it as original – I hate plagiarists – but I will steal a good line.


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    Hillary Clinton – the lying, cheating, corrupt woman. This woman is guilty of treason.



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