Evidence scant California’s licensed illegal immigrant drivers getting insurance

Back in February, I told you about how the state of California had issued driver’s licenses to an estimated 605,000 undocumented immigrants illegal aliens. At that time, immigrant rights groups and traffic safety experts said it means more drivers will be properly trained, licensed and more likely to have car insurance. “We believe that this new law increases safety on California roads by putting licensed drivers behind the steering wheel,” Artemio Armenta, a spokesman for the California Department of Motor Vehicles, told the Los Angeles Times.

Um, guess again.


Via Fox News: Southern California mom-of-two Jennifer Brawley had just been rear-ended by a truck driver near Rancho Cucamonga, and was preparing for the post-accident ritual of exchanging insurance information when the driver handed her his cellphone. A voice on the other end explained that his non-English speaking friend had no coverage.

Police came to the scene and determined the driver had a valid license, and sent him on his way. Brawley, grateful to be unhurt, was nonetheless left with a feeling that something wasn’t quite right. In the push to grant illegal immigrants driver’s licenses, Californians had been assured that doing so would spur them to get safety training and insurance coverage. Nearly a year-and-a-half later, there’s no evidence it worked.

“It is hard to pinpoint whether the bill has had an impact or not,” said Jeffrey Spring, spokesman for the American Automobile Association’s California chapter. “We have no way of knowing.”

The law, and a three-year, $141 million program designed to implement it, did not provide for a way to measure if illegal immigrants are any more inclined to buy insurance.

you don't say

“There are no statistics regarding how many new license holders under AB 60, purchased vehicle insurance,” said California Department of Motor Vehicles spokesman Artemio Armenta. “We cannot relate our vehicle insurance data to driver licenses because the vehicle registration information is only associated with individual vehicles and cannot be used to identify any trends related to AB 60. Drivers under AB 60 are not tracked or singled out any differently.”  “The DMV cannot relate our vehicle insurance data to driver licenses because the vehicle registration information is only associated with individual vehicles and cannot be used to identify any trends to AB 60,” Armenta said.

The DMV estimates that at least 1.4 million drivers will apply for a license over the next three years. As of March, the state had issued approximately 696,000 driver’s licenses under the program. The program does not compel them to get auto insurance, and even if they get the coverage required to register a vehicle, they could stop paying premiums as many drivers do.

“I’m sure some drivers bought insurance before they took their test but in many cases they just don’t pay the next month and it’s canceled,” said anti-illegal immigration activist Don Rosenberg, whose son Drew was killed in 2010 in San Francisco by an unlicensed, uninsured driver who had entered the country illegally but was granted protective status.

The law was part of a bundle of immigration measures designed to make California friendlier toward illegal immigrant residents. The state hired 1,000 temporary DMV workers, opened four new processing centers and extended hours in an effort to deal with the anticipated inundation onf the system – which was reportedly even higher than expected – as almost half a million applications came through in the first three months alone.

It was clear that illegal immigrants wanted driver’s licenses, but there is scant evidence supporters of the law were correct in saying it would spur them to get insurance.

If licensed illegal immigrants want to buy auto insurance, the state provides a low-cost option. The California Department of Insurance markets the state-sponsored, Low Cost Auto Insurance Program for low income earners through Spanish-language media. Plans provide minimal liability coverage with annual premiums as low as $241. The coverage is less than what is mandated for other drivers who purchase policies through private insurance companies, paying a statewide average of just below $2,000 per year.

Read the whole story here.


13 responses to “Evidence scant California’s licensed illegal immigrant drivers getting insurance

  1. I’m SHOCKED! Just SHOCKED! — NOT!

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  2. Let me see if I have this correct . . . illegals are offered a State sponsored vehicle insurance that affords lower limits, at dirk cheap rates, than what the the rest of the residents of California are mandated to carry . . . so when a Californian is involved in a car accident that is his/her fault–the illegal makes out very well; but when an illegal hits a legal resident of California, they (the legal resident) just gets to “suck it up” and either gets minimal reimbursement, or NO reimbursement for the damage the illegal did. The big fat question in my mind is at the time of the accident that was cited above, the police just let Mr. Illegal go on his way. The vehicle the illegal was driving should have been impounded, sold at auction and the proceeds (up to the amount of the damage sustained by the resident driver) be turned over to them to reimburse for damages done. Call me heartless, but allowing illegals to actually drive without insurance is an insult to all other drivers on the road. The whole “if we give then drivers licenses” was a major CON of the legal populace of California. Just like all the other crap that is perpetrated on US citizens.

    DCG . . . this is an excellent article . . . reminds me to never visit California again (unless I am carrying high limit uninsured/underinsured coverage.)

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  3. Illegal immigrants can get a drivers license at the DMV. I recently renewed my California drivers license. After I passed the test, the Department of Motor Vehicles gave me my renewed license and a form to register to vote. The first question on the form asked “Are you citizen of the United States?” If you check “Yes”, just fill in the rest of the form and turn it in. Now you are a registered voter in California! This is why the Demoncrats consistently win in California. Rampant vote fraud!

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  4. if we don’t have insurance for our cars,we would go to jail. how is this fair?

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  5. What prevents everyone from partaking of all these “special benefits” given to the illegals? Denying them to American Citizens is DISCRIMINATION in its purest form.


  6. Kevin J Lankford

    So the only way to get illegals off our highways is to ram, and ram hard, so that they can’t just drive away.


  7. Already in the country illegally, why would they care about a ticket for not having insurance?


  8. Hell you don’t even have to have car insurance in NH !!! My gf bought a brand new car, a week later a person t-boned her car. Totaled it, no insurance from the other person and yes they were of Mexican decent, didn’t speak English. My friend couldn’t get any info from her until police arrived…which did no good anyway..


  9. I don’t know if any of you look at this website but, you should. They are updating, changing and rewording ALL forms of non-immigrant status’ I get at least 3 emails a day about what they are changing. This is just 1 from today >> https://content.govdelivery.com/accounts/USDHSCIS/bulletins/14afa21?reqfrom=share


  10. All this nonsense confirms . . . NEED TO GET THAT WALL BUILT, sooner rather than later. Our government is so interested in helping the dregs of these third world countries–when we have many families where not one member of the family is gainfully employed. Charity needs to begin at home, then we spread our charity to those of other nations.


  11. US citizens are getting reamed several different ways. First, we have to buy insurance, but illegals get a bye. Then we have to purchase insurance to cover under insured and non insured drivers. So we are covered for everything, but they aren’t. For lack of, we would be arrested, but illegals get another bye.
    We have to prove citizenship to vote, and sign the form with our address on it, but they are automatically registered to vote, be dam of the rules.
    The same for social security, we have to work 10 years or 40 quarters to be able to draw from our account.
    Since BO has taken over our country, he has taken people out of unemployment to make his unremployment numbers look better, while depleting our SS money. But. Illegals are coming in and many can draw from an account they put zero into. They can claim up to 10 children. Regardless of where the kids live for $1,000 deductions each on their taxes.
    We have to prove the existence of our children with SS numbers and birth certificates.
    I recently read an article where illegals are also allowed to make up SS numbers, in order to work, regardless of whether it already belongs to a real citizen. Imagine that mess down the road, when the citizen wants to draw on his own money, to maybe finding it already gone.
    Last Oct. they took 150 billion out of our SS account. Why? Was it the same 150 billion given to Iran?
    The working citizens or being screwed over at every turn and around every corner. All for insane reasons.
    Did I miss the last sane bus to leave the station? I feel like I am living in a nightmare. Now, I find this huge attack on the middle aged white man, the very people that have given the most to this country and to the needed accounts.
    Scotty, beam me up.


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