A retrospective in crime.

This is an excellent supplement to and further substantiation of FOTM‘s recent post, “Sandy Hook: The curious case of Adam Lanza’s ex-con funeral director.”

Cinderella’s Broom has done outstanding research, compiling a detailed Timeline of ex-con Kevin Riley’s business and criminal activities through the years, beginning with his life-goal, at the tender age of 14, to be an undertaker and embalmer. That is major creepy.

The timeline also makes a compelling case that Riley invented a “Kevin Davidson” alter-ego to continue his funeral home business after Riley had been convicted of fraud and larceny and voluntarily surrendered his license. All of which must be known to the State of Connecticut because if a humble blogger discovered it, we can be sure that the state government, with plenty more resources at its disposal, would also have discovered that “Kevin Davidson” is a fictitious person.

All of which begs the question: Why would the State of Connecticut continue to do business with a funeral director whom that same government had convicted? (The alleged Sandy Hook massacre took place a mere 16 months after Kevin Riley had been convicted.)

The only answer that makes sense is that, unlike a legitimate funeral director/home, ex-con Kevin Riley and his Hartford Trade Service are willing to act in cahoots with the state goverment on a fradulent enterprise — the Sandy Hook hoax.

Cinderella's Broom

An article recently appeared in FOTM(Fellowship of the Minds) on the exploits of a funeral home and embalming service at 623 Main Street in East Hartford, Connecticut: Hartford Trade Service and River Bend Funeral Home & Crematorium. Both businesses are long associated with one Kevin K. Riley. You can find that article here.

River Bend, front copy

The reason for FOTM’s interest in the flat-footed, squatty establishment depicted above is because it’s purported to have been where the bloody remains of the alleged Sandy Hook massacre perp, Adam Lanza, were cremated. Supporting evidence for this is in the  FOTM article.

Partners in estate plundering and other venal crimes.The problem: the establishment has a squalid history, having been the vortex of crimes committed by a pair of conspirators, Kevin Riley himself and his bookkeeper, Yolande Faulkner. In 2011, after a four-year investigation, the duo was proven to have robbed the…

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2 responses to “A retrospective in crime.

  1. traildustfotm

    How about that! Great sleuth work, Dr. Eowyn!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. it is crazy. there’s nothing but criminals connected to Sandy Hook and particularly Adam Lanza, which leads me to believe that the drill definitely had a “production” budget. they needed to find people they could just outright blackmail.

    let’s count ’em down…

    funeral director for the fake shooter – check
    psychiatrist for the fake shooter – check
    owner registered to adam lanza’s car – check


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