Leftwing Lunacy: Trees & national parks are racist

The mind of the Left is a strange thing.

The way it works is this: If a racial/ethnic group is “underrepresented” in some institution, place or activity, the reason must be overt or covert racism.

Being “underrepresented” means a group is not found in the same number or percentage in a particular institution/place/activity as they are in the larger, national population. For example, since blacks comprise about 13% of the U.S. population but not 13% of university admissions, the Left say it is because of “institutional” racism. Of course, it never works the other way around: although blacks are grossly over-represented in professional basketfall, there’s no anti-white or anti-Asian racism there!

The latest accusation of “racism based on underrepresentation” has to do with the low attendance of blacks and other “people of color” in America’s national parks.

Indeed, if you’ve visited national parks and monuments, you probably have noticed the scarcity of blacks. The reason, we are now told, is that national parks are a white thing, and trees are racist. Those making the racist accusation include a black Congressman, a black federal government bureaucrat, and two black professors.

(1) Congressman Alcee L. Hastings (D-Florida)

Alcee Hastings

Alcee Hastings

On April 18, 2016, Rep. Alcee L. Hastings and 35 other Democratic Congresspeople sent a letter urging the National Park Service (NPS) to be more “diverse” and “inclusive”. The letter says:

“Historically, the NPS and the environmental community have been perceived as exclusionary and the domain of primarily wealthy white Americans. […]

We are greatly concerned by low attendance from African Americans and other communities of color. And while Latinos are the fastest-growing group in the United States, only 1 in 10 National Park visitors is Latino. Recent studies have revealed that non-visiting communities of color do not visit NPS parks or monuments because of the lack of information of NPS units, and because of perceptions that NPS units are unsafe, unpleasant, or provided poor service. It is clear that meaningful and targeted outreach is required.

While the beauty of the preserved natural settings within NPS units is attractive to all Americans, the historical setting can be off-putting to people who do not feel that their history is being celebrated or adequately represented. According to a recent Center for American Progress analysis, of the more than 400 national parks and monuments in the NPS system, only about one-quarter have a primary focus on women, communities of color, or other traditinally underrepresented groups.”

In effect, Hastings, et al.‘s letter is saying blacks and other non-whites don’t visit national parks because those parks are racist because:

  1. They are a white thing, in that historically — and today — primarily rich white people visit national parks.
  2. Most national parks and monuments don’t have a “primary focus” (whatever that means) on blacks, non-whites, women and other “excluded” groups. (Just you wait, they’ll be demanding an LGBT national monument next.)
  3. All of which accounts for why blacks don’t “feel safe” and welcome in national parks.

The letter’s 36 signatories then ask the director of NPS to provide information on what measures he’s undertaken to attract “more ethnically diverse employment applicants to the NPS,” such as outreach programs directed at “communities of color” to increase their attendance, and other plans to appeal to “underrepresented communities”. In other words, the letter is simply a ploy for yet another federal program and bureaucracy, staffed by blacks.

(2) NPS Deputy Director Mickey Fearn

Mickey FearnFormer manager of the City of Seattle’s Race and Social Justice Initiative, Mickey Fearn was appointed by the Obama administration and served as the National Park Service Deputy Director for Communications and Community Assistance (i.e., a “community organizer” to “outreach” to blacks) from 2009 to 2013.

In March 2010, Fearn was the guest speaker at the Recreation Exchange hosted by the American Recreation Coalition. He said some interesting things, including:

  1. “Traditionally, the national parks were based on the European concept of tourism, meaning that parks were a destination vacation where people had to travel far to see them and often stayed in remote locations.” (It’s a white thing.)
  2. “We also have to recognize the barriers that keep non-park users from coming out, and some of those reasons can be related to fear of the unknown.” (Blacks don’t visit national parks ’cause they’re scared. But of what? See #3 below.)
  3. Fearn attributed his own children’s lack of “outdoor experiences” while growing up to his “fear of rural racial violence from his own youth spent in the South.”

By “rural racial violence in the South,” Fearn was referring to the lynching of blacks. What is it about national parks that could provoke this “fear of rural racial violence”? What is found in “rural” areas? Trees!

In other words, Fearn attributes blacks’ avoidance of national parks to trees — trees that remind them of lynching, of blacks being hung from trees. Never mind that no black person in America today has personally experienced slavery or lynching.


This is where two black academics come in — Carolyn Finney and Joy DeGruy — with the concept of “post-traumatic slave syndrome”.

Joy DeGruy & Carolyn FinneyIn her 2005 book, Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome: America’s Legacy of Enduring Injury and Healing, Joy DeGruy (née Leary), who teaches social work at Portland State University, claims that centuries of slavery in the United States, followed by systemic and structural racism and oppression, including lynching, Jim Crow laws, and unjust incarceration, have resulted in the post traumatic slave syndrome (PTSS) — a multi-generational trauma and set of maladaptive behaviors, beliefs and actions that originated as survival strategies. The syndrome continues because children whose blacks parents suffer from PTSS are often indoctrinated into the same behaviors, long after the behaviors have lost their original purpose.

Conveniently, according to DeGruy, PTSS is not a disorder that can simply be treated and remedied clinically but rather requires profound social change in in America’s institutions. (Translated, this means more federal government legislation, programs, bureaucracies, and employment for blacks.)

DeGruy’s PTSS notion was picked up by another academic, Carolyn Finney, professor of geography at the University of Kentucky, to explain why blacks don’t frequent national parks.

In her 2014 book, Black Faces, White Spaces: Reimagining the Relationship of African Americans to the Great Outdoors, Finney asks “Why are African Americans so underrepresented when it comes to interest in nature, outdoor recreation, and environmentalism?” Her answer is post traumatic slave syndrome — “the legacies of slavery, Jim Crow, and racial violence have shaped cultural understandings of the ‘great outdoors’ and determined who should and can have access to natural spaces.”

In other words, national parks are a white thing, and blacks don’t do national parks because of racism, or as Finney puts it: “the perceived and real ways in which nature and the environment are racialized in America.”

Finney is on the U.S. National Parks Advisory Board “working to assist the National Park Service in engaging in relations of reciprocity with diverse communities.”

The gist of all this is that in America today — 153 years after Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation abolishing slavery, and 56 years after the Civil Rights Act of 1960 — blacks are still traumatized by slavery (post traumatic slave syndrome); there is still overt and covert racism everywhere, including in our national parks system; and whatever “maladaptive” beliefs and behaviors of blacks are all somebody else’s fault.

Just you wait: Since Obama was first elected president, some of us have joked that his visage will be added to Mount Rushmore. I don’t think it should be dismissed as a joke.

The next wave of scrubbing America’s obstinate racism is already here — that of accusing our national parks and monuments of racism, and the concomitant movement to make them more “diverse” and “inclusive”. And where better to begin that movement to “diversify” our national parks and monuments than Mount Rushmore?

Obama Mount RushmoreH/t Frontpage Magazine and FOTM‘s maziel.

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39 responses to “Leftwing Lunacy: Trees & national parks are racist

  1. Hadenoughalready

    It HAS to be the Fluoride…..

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  3. George Harrington

    Well OK! Let’s pave all parks over with concrete and build row upon row of block housing, strip malls, and remove all trees and shrubs – there you have it! Safe, familiar, and inviting. Essentially mod all national park to resemble the slums of Detroit or Chicago and problem solved.

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    • Remember the movie “Silent Running”? All the fauna and flora on the planet are sent out into space aboard an enormous freighter until such time as the National Parks Service decides that the public cares enough to have them returned to Earth. Meanwhile the plant and animal life is tended by three human caretakers and their robot companions. I won’t spoil it for you if you haven’t seen the movie, which despite its liberal premise is one of the best sci-fi films ever made. Joan Baez sings the title song. and Bruce Dern plays the main character. That should give you an insight into what happens.

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  4. People of color are also underrepresented at Nascar, mud races, and monster truck contests-motorized conveyances be racist!

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  5. Ross Blankert

    There used to be folks who said that police dogs are racist. Indeed all dogs were racist. But no one could prove it. Maybe if dogs did not smell the fear of a man looking to rob a house or rip off a package at the door, they would not go into protect mode and bite black folks as they go slowly by.

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    • Often enough, a white person’s dog senses the black person’s hostility that’s not perceived by its owner and prepares to defend, while with a black person’s dog it’s the other way around, and it senses it’s owners hostility and prepares to attack.

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  6. It’s just more whiney bullshit….. Waahh…Waahhh….
    Fact is…. there’s just not enough street corners in the parks. No place to hang out and deal drugs or do their drive-by shootings.

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    • chulai1968 . . . I am so glad you wrote the above–it was just what I was thinking. Tell me, how many Welfare Queens (black or white) can afford to own a car, pile all of her children, who have no fathers into the car and take off across the landscape to Yellowstone. Can they afford the gas, can they afford to feed all the kids in restaurants during the entire trip, can they afford motels or hotels??? I just bet it is because ‘Ol Uncle Sam is just to stingy to pony up enough welfare to provide these kinds of experiences for black mothers, and their children . . . ask yourself “whose fault is that.” As a taxpayer, I don’t want to provide grandiose vacations to those who do not earn their own money. Not everyone is dying to go to a national park, or see the sites. I am white, and I don’t want that kind of vacation . . . it does not interest me. As a child our family camped out at the beach . . . my most vivid memories are of being wet (wet sleeping bag) and cold. It was miserable. In adulthood, when I go to the beach, I pick a wonderful hotel, one with hot running water, and an indoor toilet–together with a soft bed. That’s my idea of living!

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  7. Are these insane people wanting the parks to drag black people off the streets and demand they come to their park? And, instead of writing a letter to the parks, how about they go to black communities and encourage them to take a trip to these historical parks – encourage them to be curious and educated. That’s more productive if they truly want to raise up the consciousness of the black community.

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    • I truly think that the basic premise is “it’s always every one else’s fault that black people don’t ______________________ (fill in the blank.) If everyone else can just to reeducated to change whatever they are doing . . . surely that will prompt black people to start ____________________ (fill in the blank.) My question would be don’t young black people have opportunities in schools to visit sites that peak their interest in things that are to be found outside the hood? The one phonema that we see time and time again is just like a pot of crabs–one will start striving to get out of the pot, but the others will grab hold of him and pull him back down to ensure that he stays in the pot. Those who live in the hood, do not want others to better themselves and get out of the hood . . .


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  9. I grew up in Arizona – non prejudice. After working in one of the 2 worst areas in Oakland,CA I have earned the right to prejudice!
    If the savages stopped using crack bought from EBT cards and popping out nigglets, got jobs maybe they could afford to go to those places.
    Stopped watching football long time a go. NFL = Nigger Football League; AFL = Afreakian Football League.
    Another sport owned by niggers NBA Nigger Basketball League.
    Another reason I hate niggers!
    I should have post white slave syndrome= first slaves in America were WHITE IRISH.

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    • It is true that many of the first slaves to reach our shores were from Ireland. Great Britain unloaded boat loads of people they judged to be undesirable. In many instances the Irish slaves were treated worse that those slaves that came from Africa. We can see vestiges of white Irish slavery by looking at certain black entertainers, and others, such as Rhiana . . . they have beautiful green eyes. This is a genetic trait that has come down through time from Irish slaves who mingled with Africans.


  10. If a racial/ethnic group is “underrepresented” in some institution, place or activity, the reason must be overt or covert racism.
    Does this extend to say professional sports as well?
    Because the NBA doesn’t “look like america”.

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  11. i hate to sound racist, but that makes me feel safer in the parks knowing i won’t be the unwitting victim of the “knock-out game” or to be mugged robbed or raped.

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  12. Is healthy food racist because whites eat healthy food more than blacks?

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  13. at first I thought this was part of the Friday Funnies….then realized, it should be part of the Friday Funnies because these people ARE ridiculous!

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  14. Kevin J Lankford

    If they are going to insist on africans in our parks how bout just introducing chimpanzees.

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  15. Yes, Alcee Hastings. Didn’t he do time for accepting a bribe?

    The Left is NUTS. Peanut butter & jelly sandwiches are racist! Brown bags are racist! Cars are racist! Humpty Dumpty is racist!

    We are seeing the INSTITUTIONALIZATION OF MENTAL ILLNESS. Dear St. Michael the Archangel, Defend us in Battle!

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  16. It’s just another lesson they have learned from the masters of victimhood. Here is a study saying holocaust trauma is passed down in the DNA. How is that different from what the Black whiners are saying about post traumatic slavery syndrome? https://www.theguardian.com/science/2015/aug/21/study-of-holocaust-survivors-finds-trauma-passed-on-to-childrens-genes

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  17. I’ll say it again: The people who scream RAAAAAACIST the loudest-ARE the racists. Most of the time,we wouldn’t even have a racist thought in our minds,until some RAAACIST pitches a fit on how _____________is RAAAACIST.

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  18. As to why blacks are under represented in national parks, Well , perhaps national parks might not offer what blacks really need.

    The question was once asked, as to what blacks really want,..And the answer came back that what blacks really waned were,..tight p***y,..loose shoes,..& a warm place to s**t,..

    And since those necessities of life are available to blacks without ever leaving the hood,..then why go to a national park,..?

    And besides, in a park a bear might eat them,..

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  19. As Ayn Rand observed, the smallest minority on Earth is the individual. Therefore, people who don’t support individual rights cannot claim to be supporters of minorities.

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  20. Beano McReano

    Negroes don’t go to parks. Never have. They also don’t go to beaches, hunt, or farm.

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  23. Why is it that people of race complain and sound like they are under represented while trying to sound like they are the majority, when they are less than 15% of the population.
    You take the fact that to maintain our parks. You have to wear uniforms, hiking shoes, carry your lunch and water and hike for miles while planting trees and building trails and buildings. Many positions come with a college degree. You have to be friendly and knowledgable and willing to teach.
    You have to show up on time and work your shift. You have to be able to name the plants, weeds and trees and insect and animals, etc.
    Call it racist if you want, but many white people can’t pass the muster to work our parks.
    To be able to work in our parks, you really need to change your life style and develope different interests. You should be healthy and in shape to do the job.
    As for Hastings, he is famous for his stupid comments. He has complained so much, a real complaint is diluted.

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  27. They be snakes out there!


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