Never investigating Obama, Washington Post unleashes army of 20 to probe ‘every facet’ of Trump’s life

The hypocrisy is thick.

Like others of the MSM, the Washington Post never bothered to investigate then-presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama, Democrat.

Obama-MediaBut the paper is deploying a battalion of reporters, including associate editor Bob Woodward of Watergate fame, with the marching order to investigate “every facet” of presumptive Republican prez candidate Donald Trump’s life.

Paul Bedard reports for the Washington Examiner that yesterday, May 11, 2016, Woodward told a convention of the National Association of Realtors in Washington, D.C., that, urged on by new owner Jeff Bezos, WaPo has assigned 20 staffers to investigate Trump. In addition the paper plans a book.

Jeff Bezos is the founder and CEO of

Jeff Bezos & Bob WoodwardWoodward said, “There’s a lot we don’t know. We have 20 people working on Trump, we’re going to do a book, we’re doing articles about every phase of his life.”

The paper has already begun its anal examination of Trump with several Trump stories yesterday, including a deep dig into his sex talk on radio host Howard Stern’s show. Woodward, who has interviewed Trump, said that he has begun looking into Trump’s New York real estate deals: “The New York real estate world is more complex than the CIA.”

Woodward said that Bezos has urged WaPo to run as many stories on Trump and the other candidates so that voters can’t say they didn’t know about the eventual president: “He [Bezos] said, ‘Look the job at the Washington Post has to be tell us everything about who the eventual nominee will be in both parties, 15 part, 16 part series, 20 part series, we want to look at every part of their lives and we’re never going get the whole story of course but we can get the best attainable.”

And yet, in 2008 and 2012, the Washington Post failed to “tell us everything about” Barack Obama. Nor will the paper “tell us everything about” presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Showing his blatant partisanship and a grievous lack of the objectivity that is supposed to inform journalists, Woodward dismissed suggestions that Hillary Clinton, while she as secretary of state, had used a personal email server to distribute classified information. He told the convention of realtors: “I don’t think anyone feels that there was intent on her part to distribute classified information in a way that was illegal or jeopardized security.”

Hey, Woodward! You must be one of those professionals being paid from that secret $1 million fund to troll for Hillary ’cause even a lowly no-name blog called Fellowship of the Minds knows Hillary’s emails contained classified info. We even managed to write and publish SIX posts on this, and at no pay! See:

  1. Shocker, not: Hillary’s emails contained America’s top secrets
  2. More than 15 per cent of the Hillary Clinton’s emails released on Saturday were deemed ‘confidential’ while three were labeled ‘secret’
  3. Bombshell: Hillary’s unsecured emails contained names of CIA spies
  4. Shocker, not: Hillary’s emails contained America’s top secrets
  5. Shocker, not: Hillary’s team copied intel off top-secret server to email
  6. Whatdoyaknow: Hillary’s server emails were actually ‘top secret,’ intelligence review finds

MSM (by Anthony Freda in his for-subscribers-only Wayne Madsen Report, independent investigative reporter Wayne Madsen has a message for Bob Woodward:

Woodward may want to steer clear of digging up personal dirt on Trump. WMR, in doing some digging on Woodward, discovered that “Mr. Anti-Conspiracy Theory” has a brother back in suburban Chicago. Our Chicago source, who knows the Woodward family, has told us that Woodward’s brother firmly believes that extraterrestrial creatures are real. Not only are they real but they walk among us disguised as humans! Perhaps Woodward and Hillary Clinton, who has just vowed to make public the government’s secret files on “unexplained aerial phenomena,” which she prefers over UFOs (unidentified flying objects), can hold a joint news conference on the identities of the aliens in our midst who masquerade as humans.

Perhaps when Woodward was interviewing a comatose CIA director William Casey during the height of the Iran-contra scandal, aliens were channeling Mr. Casey’s thoughts directly to Woodward. Now, about those “conspiracy theories” again, Mr. Woodward?


39 responses to “Never investigating Obama, Washington Post unleashes army of 20 to probe ‘every facet’ of Trump’s life

  1. traildustfotm

    People like this are the reason Trump is sweeping the elections.

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  2. Pravda would be proud.

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  3. Trump should respond to all “reporters”(shills) to go ask Obama those same questions then come back and ask me.

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  4. ” urged on by new owner Jeff Bezos, WaPo has assigned 20 staffers to investigate Trump. ”

    Bezos runs Amazon who banned Nobody Died at Sandy Hook book and now WaPo owner Bezos want to find dirt on Trump.

    Bezos entity, pattern emerging?

    Mark 5:8-10

    8 For he said unto him: Go out of the man, thou unclean spirit.

    9 And he asked him: What is thy name? And he saith to him: My name is Legion, for we are many.

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    • I probably already said this…I am SO ticked off about the CEO of Amazon going after Trump.

      I have spent so much $ there!
      First I left them a nasty note, then I deleted every thing in my basket I hadn’t paid for yet and Deleted my Wish List.


  5. I just hope that the American voters (at least those who are sane) can see behind these goings-on. When this much push-back is being thrown at Trump . . . he must be the “good guy.”

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    • I guess I wasn’t thru . . . one of the problems with individuals amassing such huge amounts of monies is that suddenly they perceive that their intellect is miraculously greater than the rest of us, and that they should put all their might (wealth) behind forcing a government on us that is what they perceive it should be. We see this with Bill Gates,George Soros, that goofball who came up with Facebook (whose name I escapes me at the moment), now this loony–I am sure there are many other that can be brought to mind. This is but another attempt of enslaving all the peoples of the Earth–because they have the money to do so. I am going to have to reconsider my habit of purchasing from Amazon, perhaps it puts to much money in Jeff Bezos’ pocket.

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      • I dis-enrolled from Amazon when they stop carrying Dr. Fetzer’s book on Sandy Hook. I had about 20 Kindle books on my PC that I had purchased over the years and I lost all of those. Amazon makes it incredibly difficult to get out of their system but it is a beautiful thing to take that small stand against the evil system engulfing us.   “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.”John 1:5 

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        • dachsielady . . . it is outrageous that Amazon could confiscate something that you had paid for. . . I guess this just shows the workings of Jeff Bezos’ mind. Thank you for the info.

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  6. Helene Pineau

    Don’t the MSM realize they have nearly zero credibility with the public according to recent polling? Whatever they dig up on Trump won’t hurt him in the least.

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  7. Kevin J Lankford

    They already knew all the truth about obama. Their problem with him was keeping it out of the news and quiet.

    Only the ignorant, traitorous liars, or cowards, refer to obama as president.

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  8. Their name is Legion, indeed: Jeff Bozos, George Sorrows, Bareback Obamamama, Dork Canine, Prissy Pritzcurr, all the creeps are in for a penny, and very good to steal a pound!


  9. And let me tell you what they will find: As the son of a real estate man who made a fortune in NY City, he partied and smoozed his way into other less constrictive circles than those of his birth family. He discovered that gambling was a major addiction and parlayed that w/his inheritance to create a string of hotels cum casinos, some of which succeeded and others sank.

    Yes, there are some questionable financial dealings, but as the only one who knows the truth about these is Himself and the fly that was on the wall of the room where the deals were made, and the fly’s dead, who’s to know?

    SO: is he guilty of having had a less than saintly life? Yes, of course, and he’ll admit it. Which in itself is FAR more than what the others will ‘fess up to any day or night or ever!!

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    • Joseph . . . your last paragraph is most excellent. We are not asking him to be the religious leader of this country . . . we want a President of the corp so to speak. Although, Trump has had some failings . . . he has had many more successes because he is good at business. We want the guy who can bring jobs back to America, and put the American people back to work.

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      • I do not want to discuss this dog and pony show called the U S presidential elections. Do what your conscience tells you to do about voting. Keep in mind “the common good”, please.

        I do think considering the WHOLE picture in all of this is important. I think an important part of the whole is the real possibility that there is a “brotherhood of darkness” over all of this and that the outcome of the presidential election will be just what they intend for it to be, no matter who ostensibly “wins.”

        I suggest going to

        This controversial text was written and translated in about 1898 / 1902.

        It gives a hint of rigged elections and all the deceptions related to what we are experiencing today in our electoral process.

        Scroll down to

        Protocol X – Preparing for Power

        search down to words WE NAME PRESIDENTS

        1 1 . In the near future we shall establish the responsibility of presidents.

        and read that section.

        I think the hypothesis that all of this is already planned out and cinched before we watch the made-for-TV movie of it is a valid hypothesis.

        For a balanced fair discussion of the Protocols,

        go to … Part 1 …Part 2



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  11. Just what in the Sam Hill do they think they will honestly find? His life has been a open book for over 30 years. Anything they find now would be very questionable.
    Failures, heck yes, Trump had failures, who hasn’t, that is now successful? You have no failures, then you have done nothing with your life. It is what you do after a failure that counts. It has been confirmed he has been very good to his employees and they couldn’t find any that would trash him. He has been very fair to his women employees. Many times over the years, I would have killed for a boss like Trump.
    I would question a guy like Bezos, that wants to silence those he doesn’t agree with and wants to control what goes onto the Internet before I would question Mr. Trump, who has been outspoken, however raw he has been. What you see is what you get with him. You know how he feels and what he will do, unlike those that hide behind their money and have other people do their dirty deeds.
    Perhaps we should do an extensive background search on Bezos and put it out there, tit for tat.

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    • I have always shopped at Amazon. The CEO of Amazon is going after Trump. First, I left Amazon a note. I deleted my recent account along with my wish list.
      IF you have an account with them…delete it.

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    • How the RNC has screwed us all
      By Garnet92 | January 8, 2014 | 2014 Election, CONGRESS:, RINOs, Consent Decree of 1982
      Are you aware of the 1982 Consent Decree between the Republican National Committee (RNC) and the Democratic National Committee (DNC)?

      If you’re not, don’t be alarmed, most others don’t know about it either. Even if you’re a political junkie, it’s unlikely that you’ve been aware of the Consent Decree and what it means to voters – particularly Republican voters.

      So you might say, I sometimes vote Republican, so what’s that mean to me?

      It means that many well-informed, politically active Republicans (like you, perhaps?) could have their votes cancelled out by democrat voter fraud and, thanks to the RNC; our hands are tied to stop it.

      While that may sound like some kind of conspiracy nonsense, it’s not, and we’ve got the evidence here. It just hasn’t been exposed as widely as it deserves. Essentially, the RNC agreed, by signing that Consent Decree, to limit our ability to compete on equal footing with the democrats.

      Here’s how the whole debacle started: during the 1981 New Jersey gubernatorial election, the DNC and the New Jersey Democratic State Committee (DSC) brought an action against the RNC and the New Jersey Republican State Committee (RSC) in the U.S. District Court in New Jersey accusing them of discrimination against minority voters.

      Continue Reading:

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  12. Just heard that the guy who runs Amazon is a major player in this fiasco!

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  13. LOL – Oh, please, like there is any “dirt” on Trump that we haven’t been hearing about for the last 30 + years.

    Trump has been living in a fishbowl his entire adult life. If he so much as sneezes, it gets reported all over.

    BTW – Does the Washed-up Post even have 20 reporters remaining on the payroll?


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  14. the Washington Post is a CIA rag and thus it’s a good sign that they’re not with trump

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    • “the Washington Post is a CIA rag and thus it’s a good sign that they’re not with trump”

      Probably so, but does that make Jeff Bezos and Amazon CIA? Probably so.

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    • The Washington Post and CIA go way back, and that provable connection implicates Bezos in the bigger conspiracy. Like the “lone gunman” bullshit, Bezos is said to have started Amazon “in his garage,” similar to the bullshit of Zuckerberg starting FB “in his dorm.” Happens all the time. Bezos is a major player inasmuch as Amazon is annihilating local retailers, and hence America’s towns, by depriving them of the financial resources to act independently. Bezos, like most of the rest of his kind, is a family man whose children will be insulated from the sexual dissolution of the American family that he supported by giving $2.5 million to push gay marriage over the top in Wash state. Bezos has also been called The Worst Boss in the World for his sociopathic abuse of his employees, who like the rest of humanity are ciphers in his equation, whose sole value is his personal aggrandizement. Over a century ago Chesterton observed in His book Orthodoxy that the philanthropy and humanitarianism of Bezos’s kind is eyewash for their sociopathic lust to rule the world. The joke will be on Bezos, however, since the word on this hit is out now and will be dismissed as Democratic propaganda.

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  15. Yeah, WaPo, cuzz we all know what a bang-up job your commies and RINO allies have been doing:


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  16. Looks like Woodward is running on fumes. He gained fame for getting rid of Nixon, and has been coasting ever since. But we have to expect it: Woodward is an employee and not an independent contractor!
    In a world of Hollwood sanctimony, the late actor Richard Burton was a breath of fresh air. He was a drunk, and a sometimes nasty one at that. But he freely admitted he was flawed. Ditto Trump, after a fashion: He’s not there to reveal his holiness! He’s there to save America—something the Left NEVER forgives ANYONE for! (Because they’re commie yellow rat bastards!)
    People are waking up to the MSM con, and they’re sick of it. But a revolution in ideas is coming, as the demographics of America changes. Donald Trump is the man to usher in and facilitate that revolution, however long it may take. Venues like the Washington Post and the New York Times are no longer “where it’s at,” and their owners are in denial! (But I don’t expect them to “go gently into that good night.”)

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  17. Not too much to add here except to recall that in MO at least anyone who was questioning that obama wasn’t Christian or whatever back in ’08 was threatened with prosecution
    We know we were hoodwinked big time, but really still know nothing of this man 8 sorry years later–except that he is a complete fraud.
    Hooray for Wayne Madsen.

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  18. Mainstream media has always been controlled; more so since the end of WWII. It will always “trumpet” the NWO (New World Order) agenda. The means to accomplish this is the propaganda proliferation of “political correctness” and multiculturalism. Lies and deception is its modus operandi:

    Operation Mockingbird, CIA, NSA, Media Whores And Hoaxes

    The expectation of mainstream media reforming itself, is a colossal pipe dream. Website sources such as FOTM (Fellowship of the Minds) must continue to do the journalistic work MSM refuse to do.

    People are slow in waking up to the MSM propaganda. But as long as there are social media and Independent informational sources correctly framing the current news (aka, propaganda) there is hope.

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  19. Friday fun…

    from The Kingfish, Assassinated U. S. Senator Huey P. Long, Jr. 1935

    “You give me a couple of elections commissioners and I’ll make those lever machines sing Home Sweet Home.”


  20. Dr Eowyn, have you been following aanirfan re Trump’s Jewish/Israeli connections? I haven’t had the time to evaluate it all, and there may be better sources, but wondering what’s your take on his kosher connections and the implications for a Trump presidency. Are we being had big time?


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