Paul Ryan blinks: Will endorse Trump & step down as RNC chair

The first thing Paul Ryan, who was Mitt Romney’s VP runningmate in 2012, did after becoming Speaker of the House last December was to cave in to everything that Obama wants. See “Betrayal: GOP funds Planned Parenthood, Syrian ‘refugees’ and amnesty for illegals“.

After Donald Trump won last week’s Indiana GOP primaries and became the party’s presumptive nominee, Ryan said he would not endorse Trump.

Trump fired back, saying he would be “very quick” to remove Ryan as chairman of the upcoming Republican National Convention, for how can the chair of the convention oppose the individual whom the convention would nominate?

But it appears in the Trump-Ryan contest, the latter has blinked.

Paul-Ryan-SCGabby Morrongielo reports for the Washington Examiner, May 9, 2016:

House Speaker Paul Ryan would reportedly be willing to resign as chairman of the upcoming Republican National Convention should Donald Trump, the party’s presumptive presidential nominee, ask him to do so.

During a meeting Monday with Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporters in his hometown of Janesville, Wis., Ryan reportedly said he would do “whatever” Trump wants when it comes to convention planning since he is the de facto nominee.

“He’s the nominee. I’ll do whatever he wants with respect to the convention,” Ryan told the paper. […]

Ryan also rejected former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s recent claim that his refusal to endorse Trump is linked to future presidential ambitions.

“I would not have become Speaker of the House if I had 2020 aspirations,” he told the Journal-Sentinel. “I could have run in 2012 and 2016. The Speaker is not exactly a good stepping stone for president.”

“I think people who know me know that is not my aspiration,” he added.

[Really? Hey, Ryan, how do you explain the fact that this January 31, you and Romney filed Form 1 with the Federal Election Commission, indicating your intention to run for the presidency? See “It’s deja vu all over again: Romney-Ryan filed intention to run for presidency with FEC“]

According to Schneider, Ryan also said he completely opposes efforts by party elders to put forth a conservative, third-party alternative to Trump. His comments come just minutes after Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol told CNN there’s a “50-50” chance he and his cohorts will convince someone to launch an independent bid.

A spokesperson for Ryan could not be reached for comment.

The Washington Post reported that Kristol is courting Romney and that on May 6, 2016, the two met privately to discuss the possibility of launching an independent bid, potentially with Romney as its standard-bearer.


16 responses to “Paul Ryan blinks: Will endorse Trump & step down as RNC chair

  1. God Bless You, Paul. This has to have been hard for him to do that.
    His owners must be realllly ticked off at him!

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    • I’m sorry to say that I don’t believe there was even a hint of good motive or altruism in Ryan’s decision. Trump simply responding in typical straightforward “Trumpian” style which is speaking the truth. Ryan really had no choice. The alternative would be eventual humiliation and embarrassment and perhaps the end of his political career. I expect the same for Romney.

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  2. Occam's Razor

    Yo, Mr. President, take the endorsement, ask Ryan to step down, please. Thank you! He should have stepped right up to unify the party to get as many votes as possible to crush Killary in the election, bring her to justice after swearing in. But, he did not, not good.

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  3. So Old Weasel Eyes blinked, did he? I can just imagine how the Bush Cabal’s blood is boiling over this. We all know that Donald Trump is going to have tight security (and he already does have it); Paul Ryan had better not get on a small plane for another couple of years: He’s in the bullseye now.

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  4. Ryan looked like a good guy-for about a minute. Then things he said,the way he “crafted” his comments,brought an instant dislike for him to me. I just felt he wasn’t trustworthy,and I was RIGHT.

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    • I agree. This RINO is a total POS. There aren’t the words to describe so loathesome a coward and traitor to his country as Ryan. You can bet that not only do the Jews have the goods on this weasel, but that that’s the only reason this buffoon is where he is today.

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    WOW! This is really courageous.

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  6. From the minute he took money for his votes and from the minute he gave BO everything he asked for with nothing in return, I knew Ryan was not for the people. Stepping down would be a great thing. Take your money and run and hide you pathetic embarrassment. You are no Patriotic.

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  7. Well, it’s a start.

    Now get the useless RINO the hell out of the speaker’s chair before he helps the commie-libs spend us into oblivion.

    – As if we weren’t there already.

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  8. hey paul! want some milk with that humble pie?….hahaha!
    here’s to a second and third serving as well…

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  9. Times they are a changing. Praise GOD! Go Trump.

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  10. Actually, that was a brave act on his part.
    I know he must be catching hell!

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  11. Now-if he REALLY wants to show what a Man he is,he should refuse to accept the future earnings and retirement pay he hasn’t EARNED.


  12. ryan the poster republirat…don’t let the door hit you on the way put!!!


  13. Paul Ryan,
    I’m seriously beginning to find you more and more reasonable by the day!!! Don’t let your guard down on this!!

    Maybe you aren’t the Dictator I thought you

    Maybe we can Thank idiot Trump for your
    change of heart/mind!

    What ever it is…. it’s GOOD!


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