Is this the infamous reptilian eye?

David Icke, 64, is a British writer and public speaker who is famous for his woowoo conspiracy theory that a secret group of reptilian humanoids called the Babylonian Brotherhood controls humanity. Descendants of reptilians from the constellation Draco, a race of gods known as the Anunnaki in the Babylonian creation myth, Enûma Eliš, they live in tunnels and caverns inside the earth, walk on two legs and can shapeshift from reptilian to human form.

Icke maintains that the reptilian Anunnaki have crossbred with human beings, the breeding lines chosen for political reasons. There have been three successive reptilian-human hybrids, the third of which controls the world today and includes such prominent figures as Queen Elizabeth II, George H.W. and George W. Bush. It is said that the hybrids sometimes give themselves away when their eyes momentarily reveal their true reptilian, non-human nature.

Just because someone, in this case Icke, says something is true, doesn’t mean it is. There is ZERO archaelogical or biological evidence of a race of reptilian-human hybrids. Having said that, a poster on The Vigilant Citizen Forums named Vixy, discovered something quite spooky in a documentary made by Stephen Fry, 58, an openly-homosexual English actor who portrayed the corrupt master of Laketown in parts 2 and 3 of Sir Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit trilogy.

Fry’s father is English, a physicist; his mother is Jewish, but Fry was not raised in a religious family. Fry has attempted suicide on a number of occasions, most recently in 2012. An atheist and “humanist,” he is against organized religions, especially the Catholic Church. In 2015, Fry married a stand-up comedian named Elliott Spencer.

In 2006, Fry made an Emmy Award-winning documentary on manic-depression; he claims to be bi-polar. Beginning at the 49:55 mark, the camera comes in for a close-up of Fry’s face. Watch his left eye.

At the 50:06 mark, he closes, then opens both eyes. Look at his left eye at the 50:07 mark!

Here’s a screenshot at the 50:07 mark. What human eye has an inverted- triangle pupil and sickly chartreuse iris?

Stephen Fry's reptilian left eyeFry then quickly blinks his left eye, as if something was caught in his eye and he’s trying to blink it away. The eye then returns to its former grey-blue color and round pupil.

Icky! (no pun intended)


25 responses to “Is this the infamous reptilian eye?

  1. Here is a video of Oprah supposedly with shapeshifting eyes.

    I used to know and work with a saintly old Catholic priest. He told me that when he visited patients in the hospital carrying the pic that contains the Holy Eucharist, that certain patient’s eyes would turn in to, as he described it, like cat eyes. He experienced quite often and attributed simply to Satan not being able to stand being near Christ. I did not discuss it at length with him but I assume he things some people are possessed by Satan and it is somehow kept under wraps until the Holy Presence is near.

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    The Reptilian shape shifting, etc has always been associated with Voodoo rituals/. But, I think anyone involved in Satanic rituals of various sorts probably can tap into the occult “so called” secrets and power.

    At any rate, this man, for sure, is involved in the occult. People don’t Hate “especially the Catholic Church” unless they are disciples of Satan, either knowingly or unknowingly. But, with all of this problems, he’s either been to been to secret rituals, just to “check things out,” and more than likely has acquired a demon, or he is willingly involved. What a surprise.

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  3. On viewing the picture of Oprah, it looked more like the eyes were super-imposed on her closed eye lids. The first guy looks like something certainly out of this world.

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  4. definitely creepy!

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  5. I have not listened to David Icke to the extent I have listened to Alex Jones, Webster Tarpley or Lyndon Larouche. Yes, he insists that reptilians came from the Constellation Draco, but he has also worked tirelessly for over 20 years to expose the pedophile rings that run the government of England. (He was instrumental in the exposing of Jimmy Savile). Be that as it may, compare what Steve Quayle, Pastor David Lankford and others have explained what has been revealed in the Old Testament: That Nephalim came to Earth and reproduced with human females.
    Be that as it may, I have seen videos of others with this “reptilian eye”—I have seen them of George H.W. Bush and Bill and Hillary Clinton. Yes, they are super-creepy. But are they real? They sure seem so. So I look at it this way: If these videos are actual footage and not doctored in any way, then what we are witnessing is a manifestation of demonic activity, whether the demon came from Draco or some other place.

    David Icke is not perfect, but he has done an enormous amount of work trying to expose the New World Order, which is real. (The term “new world order” was coigned by Karl Marx, who was a disciple of Moses Hess.) Some people are waking up to what is going on, but not enough: Talking with New Yorkers for over ten years about this, I can tell you, the vast majority of people are still living in their cocoons, and, at this point, I do not believe even a mushroom cloud will succeed in getting them to come out and wake up.

    (I confess it is very easy for me to get very pessimistic about this very quickly, and it is something I really struggle with).

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    • Steven, for my part, I had always presumed icke the false “messiah claimant” was controlled opposition, given the reptillian stuff does a great deal to discredit everything else said whether it be from him or just regular “conspiracy” folk in general (who, it looks like, are being considered a “cult” now… given a couple of news stories I ran across recently.) due to people’s propensity to generalize. Its an old trick but used often, defame by association. That he was right about saville may be an attempt to play this tactic in reverse but also for deception, which is also done frequently, legitimize something ridiculous by association with something legitimate… IE “icke was right about saville, so he must be right about snake aliens”. Either way it accomplished a purpose for the devil’s aims.

      Although I did want to mention to you that steve quayle and tom horn et al seem to be pushing gnosticism, even if they may not be meaning to, as they both decide to take texts as legitimate which are gnostic, and were used to prop up occult elements, and by this I mean such items as “the book of jasher” a pseudogriphal text, and “the book of enoch” which was liked by types like “ida cradock” (an occultist who espoused spectrophilia, and claimed to have sex with at least one spook, and who spoke at least a little bit to crowley) and crowley himself who also liked the text. Many Christian folk are tricked into thinking these extra-biblical books are legitimate, or even “should be canon”, and don’t seem to know the origins of them.

      In “book of enoch”‘s case, a freemason explorer one James Bruce allegedly “happened” to discover the text in ethiopia while allegedly looking for the source of a river, he also brought the text back with him to the Lodges, and what happened to them at that point I don’t yet know, save that it popped out later to give a boost to the occult boom of the 1800’s. Interestingly (and perhaps telling) is that bits of “book of enoch” match rather creepily well with the contents of degrees for the “royal arch” section of freemasonry.

      That isn’t the only problem though, this doctrine about nephilim etc. gets into the occult area of promoting race/gene-based biases etc. such as presuming people have nephilim bloodlines, and even going as far as to claim that the reason for the flood was to wipe out the rest of mankind not for evils committed, but because their DNA was mixed with that of fallen angels, that is “it was impure”… it then goes on to assert that there are still nephilim types today as mentioned by others here, making the flood ineffective for the purpose it was claimed to have, and making God look incompetent by comparison. These aren’t the only problems, just some of the prominent ones I’ve noticed… and this is what worries me about quayle et al trying to formulate cosmology by using corrupted/gnostic texts in addition to the Bible proper.

      You probably already knew that gnostic texts often exploit “gaps” in bible texts to write in their own narratives for the purpose of pushing false doctrines… transgender/transexual stuff for example, being apparent in the gnostic “gospel of thomas” (included in the gnostic re-write of the NT that was hauked on the public back in 2013, the “new new testament”) in “christ” saying he will make a woman into a man.

      Anyway just thought I’d bring those to your attention, if they weren’t already. I’ve seen far too many people recently getting into “book of enoch” stuff, and from there even entertaining getting into kabala and other such satanic hokum, all the while still insisting they’re believers (that book seems to be an occult “gateway drug” so to speak). Given its popularity and alarming (but curiously largely unmentioned) spread, particularly amongst “researchy” type Christians, I worry about folks.

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  6. Nutcase. Put him on stelazine, thorazine, and keep a close eye on him. He might try to make love to a crocodile. Poor croc!!


  7. I have not made my mind up on this but there is something very real going on here no matter what the nature of it- demonic or alien, and it should not be dismissed. Yes there is no archeological record of any beings like these, however in an Icke interview with Credo Mutwa a Zulu shamen, Credo says that his people know of these dragon like creatures. They call them the Chitahouri. His people were instructed by these creatures to never portray them in art as they really look, suggesting that these beings can work better when their real appearance and existence is shrouded. Most other ancient cultures have legends about the dragon race too. They occur all over the world.
    On the other hand, I know two different mystics. One, Catholic mystic, when I showed her drawings of these reptoid creatures says that this is exactly what the demons look like that sometimes appear and try to frighten her. The other mystic has not had any encounters with Demons per se, but has had encounters with people who have signed a contract with Lucifer. He says that when a person is possessed, or is under the influence of absolute evil, when they have been unmasked and are angry that if you look into their eyes the pupil will turn into a slit like a cat eye. No kidding… is that not the same thing as a reptilian eye? So are we looking at actual beings or demons. At this point I am inclined to think that this phenomena is the product of people who are possessed and have signed their souls over to the devil, and what you are seeing is the demon that has overshadowed their soul and taken possession. So though Icke might be technically wrong in his explanation, he is still on to something.
    This explanation from the ancient Gnostics who call these being Archons also fall in line with the idea of the Christian demonic. The Gnostics created the most written information about these beings and how they operate.
    John Lash is the first and only person to bring forward Gnostic knowledge about these beings that has been lost or hidden.

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    • Sound is not that great here but here is Credo Mutwa talking about the Zulu knowledge of the Chitiahauri, AKA Reptilians.

      Also, a few off the wall things here but still worth listening to.

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    • Here is a well-done balanced treatment of this subject by a Protestant Christian.

      Making Sense of the Supernatural
      Aliens/UFOs, Fallen Angels, Nephilim, the Flood, the Bible, Transhumanism, and the Illuminati. Yes, They All Tie Together.


      “Those familiar with my writing know I have never written an article or post on aliens and UFOs. In Chapter 22 of Truth Is a Lonely Warrior, I was pretty content to dismiss them as a high-tech government psyop.

      Indeed, there were reasons to take that position. Report from Iron Mountain (1967) was an alleged and credible leaked report of a U.S. government think tank, whose task had been to find methods of controlling populations in light of the possibility that nuclear weapons might render war impractical as a coercive threat. The group favored environmental threats as the way to go, and in their report’s wake, numerous environmental scares were raised: global warming, acid rain, overpopulation, ozone depletion, toxic waste, deforestation, endangered species, etc. However, the study had also explored the possibility of a simulated UFO attack, but did not think it practical given the existing technology at that time: ….” SNIP

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    • Just FYI Lana, it appears that gnosticism and gnostic texts are actually wholly satanic, and that gnosticism and satanism are part and parcel of the same practice (as seen with satanic sects, and practioners, endorsing gnostic texts, such as crowley and blavatsky, among others), remember the gnostics consider the Christian God to be the “demiurge”… and as further proof there is this “The Gospel of Philip describes the sacrament of the bridal chamber as the ‘holy of holies,’ the way in which couples can awaken spiritually. Together they can enter into a mystery, thereby giving birth to a spiritual child of light (not a physical child). The Gospel of Philip also implies that Mary Magdalene was Jesus’ consort”

      Not only is this talking about sex (specifically without orgasm or “lust” as they seem to think it is) but this is the same ritual practice that is used in satanism, per crowley, to try to bring about a “moon child” and something hubbard (of spyentology infamy) also did.

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    • traildustfotm

      The Gnostics were among the first heresies identified by the early Church, and thrown out. If I were you, I would not get too comfortable with gnosticism.

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  8. i tried to comment on the 33,000 needlessly die page, but page cannot be found


  9. Helene Pineau

    Aliens, shape-shifters, reptile-human hybrids, etc, all manifestations of demonic activity.

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  10. Reminds me of this video:

    Demonic? I think so

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  11. SapphireSunday

    He behaves as if there’s something in his eye. It is possible that he has a displaced contact lens? Maybe one that highlights or changes his eye color? A nictitating membrane is possible in humans, but it comes across the eye from the inner corner, not the outer corner. Although aliens may be built differently than earthly species.

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  12. traildustfotm

    Great article, Dr. Eowyn. First, I put no stock in anything David Icke says. But having seen the frame you pointed to, I can’t describe it they way I expected, as a typical compression artifact found in video published for online viewing. It’s too perfect. There is a possibility that somebody edited the video and illustrated the strange pupil on a couple of frames. This can definitely be done, even by me. But that explanation doesn’t satisfy me either. Reptilian or not, we know there are real demons, principalities and powers that could manifest in people, and there is a good argument to be made that we are observing that exact thing here.

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  13. It appears to be demon possession, which I have witnessed . It can be explained away by non believers and willingly ignorant people, but it is real.

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  14. besides all the weird eye anomalies circulating around. I have noticed the beings close one eye only. It’s weird the seem to blink really fast from only one eye. We’re slaves to these beings and they’re the ones who r corrupting societies so people sin without repentance, get lost and ended up getting tormented. I don’t trust Dave icke. He always tells all the dark secrets but nothing ever happens to him. He sells his books and shows. These evil beings who control the media and stuff could have easily shut him off. Perhaps because there’s an agenda within this disclosure. Besides he never tells us anything possitive as how to help each other against them. Jesus said he was the truth, and we should always follow him. This battle is a spiiritual one.


  15. I was noticing Dr. Phil’s left eye doing weird stuff..
    Started looking around for pictures of his eye anomalies and ran across Fry’s eye..
    Crazy stuff! I have seen it up close and personal with a person here in Oregon.
    They do exist. Genetics or demonic?

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