Say goodbye to your neighborhood: Obama ‘fair housing’ rule enforces racial, religious, income ‘desegregration’

If you’re living in a neighborhood of mainly “whites,” or Christians, or non-refugees, or middle-class income earners, or traditional man-woman households, and your town or city receives federal dollars, say goodbye to the neighborhood as you have known it.

middle-class suburbiaThat’s because last July, the Obama Administration’s Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) finalized a new “fair housing” rule called “affirmatively further fair housing choice” (AFFH), which will begin to be enforced nationwide in 2019.

As explained by Ed Gramlich of the National Low Income HousingCoalition, in “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing: Final Regulations,” the new rule is an addition to the Fair Housing Act of 1968, which prohibits housing discrimination against the “protected classes” of race, color, religion, sex, familial status, national origin, or disability, by requiring “program participants” to “affirmatively further fair housing” by taking steps “to actively overcome historic patterns of segregation“.

“Program participants” are defined as “jurisdictions” (towns/cities/counties/states) and public housing agencies (PHAs) that receive federal funds for housing and urban development, which in practice means every neighborhood in the US, for is there a town or city or county or state that doesn’t receive federal dollars for housing and urban development?

Translated into plainer English, that means if your town/city/county/state contains sections and neighborhoods that lack blacks, Muslims, LGBTs, Mexican illegals, Syrian refugees, and the mentally ill, the assumption is that the homogeneity is a result of discriminatory housing practices. And if your town/city/county/state gets federal dollars for housing and urban development — which means everywhere in the U.S. — then your local government is required to “desegregate” and break up your neighborhood’s offensive homogeneity.

In the preamble to the rule, HUD stresses that “the new AFFH approach does not mandate specific outcomes. Rather, it establishes a standardized fair housing assessment and planning process to give program participants a more effective means to affirmatively further the purposes of the Fair Housing Act.” Blah, blah, blah.

What will happen

(1) HUD will provide each “program participant” (henceforth, I’ll call it “your town”) with the following:

  • Data on housing in your town and the surrounding region.
  • The new “affirmatively further fair housing choice” (AFFH) rule that provides “a standard framework” for program participants to use to identify and examine “fair housing issues” and the underlying “contributing factors” that cause any housing discriminatory issues. A “fair housing issue” is defined as “a condition that restricts choice or access to opportunity, including:
    • Ongoing local or regional segregation, or lack of integration.
    • Racial or ethnic concentrations of poverty.
    • Significant disparities in access to opportunity.
    • Disproportionate housing needs based on the “protected classes” of race, color,
      national origin, religion, sex, familial status, or disability.
    • Evidence of illegal discrimination or violations of civil rights laws, regulations, or guidance.

(2) Your local government then uses the data to assess whether and how “fair” the housing is in your town; identify neighborhoods lacking “fair housing”; and set “fair housing goals and priorities”. All of that should be submitted to HUD in an “Assessment of Fair Housing” (AFH), the development of which requires “public participation”.

(3) HUD receives, reviews, and decides whether to accept your town’s AFH.

(4) If accepted, your town must “certify (pledge) that they are affirmatively furthering fair housing choice” by incorporating its HUD-approved AFH into its Consolidated Plan (ConPlan) and Public Housing Agency (PHA) Plan. Specifically, this means, your town must “take meaningful actions” to “address significant disparities in housing needs and in access to community opportunity” by:

  • “Replacing segregated living patterns with truly integrated and balanced living patterns.”
  • “Transforming racially and ethnically concentrated areas of poverty into areas of opportunity.”
  • “Fostering and maintaining compliance with civil rights and fair housing law.”
  • Removing “obvious impediments” to “fair housing,” such as “refusing to rent to families with children,” lack of large rental units, zoning that limits multifamily housing, and “insurance practices that reinforce segregated housing patterns” (whatever that means). See “Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice“.

(5) HUD will “monitor” your town’s “compliance” to the new “fair housing” rule by requiring your local government to submit an Annual Performance Report of its ConPlan (called CAPER), wherein your local government must:

  • Summarize the “impediments to fair housing” in your community;
  • Describe the actions taken in the past year to overcome the effects of those “impediments”.

(6) Your town must submit a new AFH every 5 years, which will result in a new ConPlan and PHA Plan.

When new rule will be enforced

HUD says “Most program participants will not be required to use the new AFFH system until 2019.” The exact timing or due date for a “program participant” to submit an “Assessment of Fair Housing” (AFH) depends on:

  • Whether the “jurisdiction” (town/city/county/state) receives less or more than $500,000 in federal funds;
  • Whether the public housing agency has less or more than 550 public housing units and vouchers.

If you thought Agenda 21 is bad, this new “fair housing” rule is Agenda 21 On Steroids, and it will wreak havoc in neighborhoods and communities across America. And yet, not a word from Congress or the useless media.

Please help publicize this by disseminating this post via email and social media. Thank you.


49 responses to “Say goodbye to your neighborhood: Obama ‘fair housing’ rule enforces racial, religious, income ‘desegregration’

  1. This is STRAIGHT OUT OF Lenin’s Playbook! Where have we seen this before? Can you say “Dr. Zhivago”?
    This is what has been happening: George W. Bush ripped the gates off this Country and let everyone in. (He had a “special affinity” for Somalians for some strange reason!) Now that the damage has been done, along comes Lenin, Jr.—Obama—and will demand that the middle class further destroy itself and its (remaining) wealth, and neighborhoods across the entire Country will become ghettoized.
    I am hoping a President Trump will reverse this pronto. But we can never rest: They keep coming back with every new generation!

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  2. Section 8 housing , on steroids ……….simply put !!…………….It’s going to get to the point of the haves , and the have nots . And God help you if you are in the crossfire .

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  3. Ah, “diversity”…

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  4. Rumplestiltskin

    Are you really that stupid of did you fall for the Cognitive Dissonance being taught in our schools, passing itself off as education? “Fair Housing” has been around for decades, and there is no way in hell they can enforce such stupidity as you are proposing.

    Remember the old saying, “Birds of a feather, flock together”. We really do not have all that much to fear. Your hysterical blathering is the same crap we heard when our government was first proposing “Fair Housing” many years ago.

    And Yet, and yet, you don’t find ethnic groups intermingling all that much with other ethnic groups. Muslims stick with their community, Mexicans with theirs, and generally blacks with theirs. Humans gravitate to groups which exhibit an ethos of which they are familiar, and that is as it should be.

    Trying to legislate an ethos or a set of morals is a fools errand. So, Mr. Chicken Little, the sky is not falling, so go take your meds and relax before you die of apoplexy.


    • @Rumplestiltskin, alias of James Thomas, 69, in San Diego:

      Evidently, you managed to grow old without growing kinder. How sad that you find it necessary to mock, belittle, insult, and take your bitterness out on me, who wrote this post with only a sincere intent to inform.

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  5. Does this mean all politicians in DC will have their neighborhoods changed as well?!

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  6. We will be renters by then in senior apts. we are fed up with yard maintenence and we don’t need this size house anyway since we downsized our stuff. I urge young folks to keep on renting or live in rural areas, older retirees should sell now while housing values remain higher (they will drop later if this is implemented) and rent an apt. Now is the time to unload real estate to incl landlords and either rent or buy rural land/house..

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  8. We live in AZ in a senior patio home where there are 1, 2, 3 bedrooms. Very few 3 bedroom patio homes, mostly 2 bedroom. Postage stamp yard. No park except across a main street, how’s that working for the kiddies? It does not have play equipment but is a ball park for different teams to play ball. How’s this working for the main street crossing which is very busy, mom? Oh, I forgot, the gov’t put you there. And the schools? Not within 2 miles.


  9. Unless there is land in the cities to build apts. it seems it will be difficult to implement this program. In the suburbs houses don’t become available until someone sells. Will the government be buying random nice $250,000 homes and giving them to the discriminated people for free? All the apts being built in the urban areas here and there are a lot of them are very expensive.

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  10. So the people who have worked all their lives to finally buy a NICE home in a GOOD neighborhood,for a LARGE sum of money,will suddenly see their American Dream reduced to the SAME property value as ALL the other homes in their City,and the neighboring Cities,and ALL the OTHER Cities;BTW-somewhere in the mix,they’ll make it illegal to live outside the City limits. Seems you HAVE to be hooked up to CITY utilities-drilling a well and building a Septic System is BAD for the ENVIRONMENT,and the CITY utilities can only extend to the CITY limits. Sorry-Ranchers.

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    • Already has happened here in CA due to Obama and his (100-day) Senate colleagues….right before his FIRST TERM POTUS election….his actions have had a HUGELY LONG LIFE here in CA….I can NEVER RETIRE due to my 30-yr old home being STILL under water….b/c all the NEW HOMES that were sold to first-time-“minority” buyers for NOTHING, for NOTHING down, and FOR next-to nothing PRICES…in my neighborhood. We did NOT “lose” an “Obama -admin” worth of value on our properties…we LOST over 20-yr’s worth’ of value!!!!!

      LET ME TELL YOU HOW IT ALL CAME DOWN…..these people got much for NOTHING…cared NOTHING for what they were “given.” Neither were they “used to” responsibility. My dad was an economist and 40 years ago he warned me about this sort of thing when I was contemplating investing in “rental property” as an investment. He warned me that a certain class of RENTERS would ALWAYS be dependent upon the “landlord” for problems that they EVEN created themselves……and IF these same people, historically dependent upon the “landlord” to “solve” their everyday problems, most times problems that were un-necessarily caused by the “renter” (b/c/…the rentor did NOT have to “pay” for the problem….)…were “given” an easy path to home ownership…it would almost ALWAYS FAIL b/c these people were GIVEN their home for almost NOT quallifying reasons…and then….they were NOT USED TO PAYNG for their own neglect of actions…and so…would NEVER keep a home in working order…it would almost always end in a debauched property…and a defaulted mortgage…..

      AND…as a child of an economist (many years, Federal) , I AGREE.

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      • I somehow remember a president, GWB I think, who encouraged low or no income people to assert their right and use the economic opportunity to own a home once believed unattainable. As one with master’s degree from the Harvard Business School, he must have been right. What went wrong? (Sarc., of course.)


  11. Looks like everybody has covered all the bases quite well. Question is, if you have an extra bedroom, or space in the basement, will you be forced to give (maybe rent) that out to some poor, disadvantaged, misunderstood, discriminated inner city youth (20 to 30 years old, according to Maxine Waters Dem. from Californification), who will proceed to set up a meth lab and deal other drugs on the side. That is the insane logical end of this left-liberal elitist mind-set, I think. Or put up mini-houses if you have more than 600 square feet of yard, front or back. After, white privilege is responsible for all the deficits deficits of all nonwhites, so you must share the burden of caring for them anyway. Ah, just get the Hell out of your house – there’ll be a 12 X 12 foot tent available for you in 3 or 5 months, so shut up and get in the bread line with the rest of your former neighbors. Where are we going to set up the tent? That is your problem. Now, go away, or we’ll have you arrested for obstructing justice and disturbing the peace of these poor innocents who now occupy your former home. Go away. Scat !!

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  12. govt pushing/growing its boundaries again (like a cancer)….ridiculous for the govt to tell us how we should live and use the blanket term “discrimination” as an excuse to screw us over.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if they used ’eminent domain’ to get people off of land so they can tear up homes and build “projects”. I wonder if this new “housing” rule means we should expect “projects” in Martha’s Vineyard and san francisco and the like?

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  13. As you know, it is but a part of the Luciferian globalist plan for total power and control. “Pawns in the Game” by William Guy Carr describes the general program well, clergy better wake up, Islam is welcomed here for that purpose,.

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  14. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:
    Are Muslims flooding into Western countries so that sharia can be part of the Luciferian globalist faith?

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  15. Richard Raymond

    Dr. E,

    Michael Jones talks about this process going back to the late 40’s
    early fifties. Has a book by the same title ” Slaughter of the cities on amazon.
    See here;
    This is the latest version of the same process; same motivation.
    Cultural destruction.

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    • Jones’s much shorter (120 pages) Living Machines, Bauhaus Architecture As Sexual Ideology exposes the elite’s weaponizing of architecture to quite intentionally dehumanize the human connection characteristic of traditional urban living and, for example, knowingly impose depravity and crime on the most vulnerable among us in the projects.

      The most devastating blow to the pretensions and hidden agenda of modernist and post-modernist architecture, however, is Nikos Salingaros’s best-selling A Theory of Architecture, which subjects modernism to a withering scientific analysis exposing all its pretensions for what they are; namely, the removal of the human scale and psychologically pleasing aesthetic from public buildings and housing and replace it with numbing uniformity; the imposed nihilism expressed in jarring details, such as Le Corbusier’s randomization of window placement; and simply abstracting away the ornamentation to, altogether, intentionally create suitable containments for a deracinated, de-spiritualized, and ultimately dehumanized mass man. In short, the project was always an attack on culture, wherever found, whose proponents make their intentions clear enough by using to this day Nietzschean language to describe what they see as their victories over Western Civilization. These monsters do evil for evil’s sake, destroying lives, communities, and entire cities, not with bombs, but with architecture. I can’t keep on track pecking away on my phone and can only suggest that, if you read Salingaros’s book, you’ll never buy into the bull that modern architecture, like atonal music, is actually an expression of a higher-order aesthetic; is based on esoteric scaling and proportional; and, what’s truly laughable, requires an understanding of rigorous mathematical demonstration to appreciate.

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  16. Lana and other comment folks: good input from comments. I have been keeping up with: for details on the invaders resettling in the U.S. web sites has info also. Local politicians are getting paid off to resettle in their communities. Can’t trust any politician. There are links on Ann’s website for much info.

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  17. Because this is essentially what’s being done out of the blue and simultaneously to Europe as well, it’s unquestionably being done by one and the same hand and for one and the same purpose, which is nothing short of white genocide.

    In Germany and Sweden the displacement hordes are taking over not just some cities but small and rural towns everywhere. Crucifixes in churches are removed, statues of patriots are taken down leaving sacred graves unmarked, as in the American South, and European and Euro-America’s cherished traditions and everyday life vilified as hate crimes.

    The common denominator underlying this straightforward genocide of whites is International Jewry, which should be obvious to all but the worst sort of coward among us. Israel itself, the most apartheid, demonic, and genocidal state on this planet, has the audacity to demand we self-extinguish on humanitarian grounds while they shoot Palestinian children in the face for target practice and justify their inhuman barbarity in the name of racial purity and a Holocaust myth that conceals from the world their mass-murdering genocide against the Russians, Ukrainians, Armenians, and Germans during the last century.

    Think it can’t happen here? It’s already underway. Talk about corporate greed and an American military empire is just so much crap since it’s America itself, including its corporations and military, that are in the crosshairs. Our lying, sociopathic politicians, who none of truly know the first thing about, do nothing because that’s what lying sociopaths get paid to do. Mobs of SJWs whipped into a frenzy of hate by the Judeo-Masonic elites will work quite as well as the Parisian mobs did two centuries ago when it comes time to set things ablaze.

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  18. The effect of this provision will be to make small towns as impersonal as big cities. If you live in the city, chances are you don’t know any of your neighbors. The people you associate with live miles away. In a small town that’s not the case. But if your neighbors suddenly become people very unlike yourself, you will be less inclined to associate with them. This is probably to the administration’s liking. They’d prefer that people be divided and alienated from each other.

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  19. Beano McReano

    NO ONE should implement this policy when you see it the mentally ill that is implementing it.

    Therefore, it should stop right there when you realize this. For liberals have proven to have mental illness. You listen to them at your own peril.

    For instance they want women in combat and Muslims in a Christian country.

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  20. A parcel near me went up for sale.
    I advised the RE Agent to beware who he showed the property to.
    A word to the wise. He understood.
    Having served in the forces that protected America and preserved our way of life, I will do what must be done to prevent its destruction in my lifetime.

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  22. I’m guessing the those like Gates, Buffet, ManBearPig, Muslim Moore, Clinton, and Hollyweird types won’t be affected. That includes Obama and Biden. They’ll probably get special exemptions given their dem and financial status (political contributions).

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  23. Everyone needs to write their elected officials and let them know, you are watching them closely. I would send this article to everyone I know.
    I would be having community meetings and hopefully get people on board to sit on their property.
    No wonder Paul Ryan and others have put up large walls and fences around their properties some with guards. They know this is in the wind.
    Jarrett is holding true to her promise to do lots of damage before they leave OUR White House.
    If Trump wins, he needs to receive thousands of this article and let him know. We are aware.
    God be with us.

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  28. Pingback: Intelwars2 – May 5, 2016 – *Breaking News Headlines!* The Constitution – The Bill of Rights – And The Ten Commandments Are Under Assault! 24 Hour Emergency Broadcast Lines! (512) 646 – 5000 or (605) 562 – 7701. For Tomorrows News, Today! | She

  29. This really only applies to public housing (the projects) so I don’t really why this is seen as a bad thing. These are taxpayer funded housing projects, whites in the US pay taxes as do blacks, hispanics, gays, trans, christians, buddhists, hindus, satanists, hedonists, mormons, etc., so if you’re living off the taxpayer you just have to deal with equality and diversity…if you don’t like it, get a job and become self-sufficient. I don’t want my taxes paying for segregated ghettos. Poor is poor.


  30. One of the objectives of the NWO and Agenda 21, etc. for the US and the world is to eventually move all population groups into city zones/regions where they will be corralled and controlled. Personal ownership of land and single family homes will be stolen from the individual by governments and turned into green areas where no one is allowed except the satanic global elite puppet masters. Merkel in Germany has already started this on a very small scale by ordering compliant city and village mayors to evict low income apartment owners from their units to give to muslims.

    Here, we already have the BLM examples with the Bundy family and the Oregon situations with the murder of LaVoy Finicum. Maybe some of you who have been following this have been reading about those who came to the Bundy ranch to “observe” and now have recently been arrested for just being there. Here’s a link:

    Whether citizens protest or are just observing, we are finding the evil ones are trying to stop us from calling out federal tyranny. We now have a fast growing list of citizens who are political prisoners. We have to keep contacting our legislators to let them know, WE KNOW what is going on, and we expect them to take action. We are living in the beginning stages of a police state.


  31. What’s the Tenth Amendment?
    What’s Congress? (Don’t ask them, they don’t know.)


  32. ConservativeFemale

    Does this mean that the wealthy Democratic/Communist neighborhoods around DC and NYC will comply with this too?


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