Sign seen at an anti-Trump protest in California

Aztlan Mexican irredentism

The kid is referring to Aztlan — the “reconquest” by Mexicans of America’s southwest, which Spain had lost to the United States.




15 responses to “Sign seen at an anti-Trump protest in California

  1. Occam's Razor

    If you do a little research, you’ll quickly discover that “Mexican” is not a race. So…just a bunch mongrel dupes brainwashed into hate and territoriality, territoriodors.

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    • But they think they are.

      Population of Mexico consist of at least 3 groups & their admixtures:
      1. Spanish: from the time when Mexico was a Spanish colony.
      2. Mestizos: Spanish and “Indian” mixture.
      3. Negroes: descendants of black slaves imported from Africa & the Caribbean.


      • Occam's Razor

        Their reply to all that is: “We are the bronze race.”

        My reply?

        ok. Nice. I’m the light beige race. Now, go back home and immigrate to the US legally.

        I asked the illegals why they came here and they stated our government invited them here and then allowed them to stay here. I contacted our public servants to complain our public servants said there’s nothing they can do lol.

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  2. make mexico aztec again and send them all back there!

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  3. la raza….they think, therefore they are

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  4. Callate!

    Poor kid is doomed to not “assimilate.” But we know that is not their goal…

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  5. We actually got the territory from Mexico, not Spain. Spain had ceded the territory to Mexico about 27 years earlier as part of a treaty to end a war.

    This has two implications:
    • Anyone born in that area 28 years old or more at the time of the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo was not born in Mexico, he was born in Spain.
    • If it was not legal to cede territory to another nation in a treaty, than the area of the southwest would not revert to Mexico, it would revert to Spain — which had entered into the same sort of treaty with Mexico.

    They can’t have it both ways.

    And of course, “Mexico” is itself the result of conquest of the various Aztec/Mayan and other contemporary nations — so Mexico would cease to exist as well.

    In reality, one cannot just unwind history, and this is particularly true of people who just want to unwind parts of it to suit their desires of the moment.

    These people should turn their attention to making Mexico prosperous again. But that is tough, as they are contending with governments suborned by massive drug-fueled corruption. Far easier to bail out to prosperous America — and then try to make it as corrupt as the regime they left. Unfortunately, they’ve made some progress here.

    ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

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  6. George W. Bush signed the North American Union “treaty” with Canada and Mexico in 2005, and Lou Dobbs was the only mainstream journalist who reported this.
    As for the boy in the photo, his parents are speaking through him, and Bush and Soros & Co. are speaking through them. The only thing evil needs to succeed are useful idiots!
    What’s next—human sacrifice?

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  7. If any of US are paying attention to La Raza’s ravings, they are all about “reconquista”- – that is taking back the southwest USA and making it “mehico” again. If “The Donald” makes it to the oval office, we should petition him AND Congress to “ban” LaRaza and deport/exile them ALL to “mehico”!!

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  8. Those who are here to take and not produce, go home. Work with the great natural resources in your land and stop stealing what we and our ancestors have developed. If you are not listened to by your government, go back, and use your energy to change it, not our country. By the way, that is what we did long ago. Pull yourselves up to our level, we are not going to fall to yours even though you and the Globalists using you want that.


  9. Hispanic immigrants, legal and illegal, are an enormous welfare burden, using welfare at more than double the rate of native households, receiving $31,000 on average per household, and that was some years ago. Our government has become so anti-white it is making us pay for our replacements while literally bankrupting America. The hatred among these immigrants, including now large numbers of Asians, is so unnatural, marked by police stand downs, and so well organized it must be officially sanctioned policy, now openly funded by Soros and his kind, who are doing precisely the same thing in Europe.

    None of this makes any humanitarian sense–welfare is better administered in Mexico, etc–and least of all economic sense, so the purpose lies elsewhere. Considering Richard Perle’s boast that International Jewry controls all but a small handful of seats in Congress and that the most vocal proponents of this stealth invasion are Jewish organizations, academia, and the kosher MSM, none but the naive or the dullest of minds would ignore or deny this enemy within. What does add up, however, is a Balkanized and impoverished North America and Europe offering no resistance to the establishment of a Zionist empire running not just from the Nile to the Euphrates, but northward through the “stans” and including the Ukraine, where, in their own words, the rest of humanity exists to serve the Jew hand and foot like an effendi.

    Let’s not forget that before we Democrats or Republicans have ever heard the name of a prospective candidate, he or she was selected for sociopathic and narcissistic tendencies and ease of blackmail, with the proof in the pudding being their putting America and native Americans last in all things, just as one would expect from bought and paid for stooges.


  10. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:
    Separate the parasites from the producers before they kill the host. Producers, welcome.


  11. Kyra Nielsen

    And how long did the NATIVE TRIBES own their lands before the Spanish came murdering and enslaving the real owners of the land to steal it ALL. Living on the Navajo (Dineh) reservation. I can promise that MEXICO will never rule HERE!


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