Mother of transgender student urges SC school district to update bathroom policy

Because her child is a special snowflake or something like that…

Special snowflake

Via Fox News: The mother of a transgender student urged a South Carolina school district Tuesday to update its bathroom policy after her child was suspended for using the boys’ bathroom.

The mother, identified by WMBF-TV as Lynne, said her transgender son has been using the boys’ room at Socastee High School for just over three years until October when he was ordered to use the girls’ restroom or go to the nurse’s office.

Lynne pulled her son, identified as “R,” out of the school and enrolled him in online school. “R” won’t get to walk on stage at the end of his senior year to get his diploma. “That’s a huge thing for teenagers to take that walk and he’s not going to get to do that,” Lynne told WMBF-TV.

She said her son felt uncomfortable with using the girls’ room or the nurse’s room and was suspended in January for using the boys’ bathroom.

“Just let them use the bathroom and don’t bother them,” Lynne told the station. “Don’t harass them. Don’t single them out. Just let them do what they do every day so they can focus on what they’re in school for, which is to learn.”

The woman said she was worried about other transgender students in the school district and she wants to see the district pass a policy where students can use the bathroom of the gender they identify with.

The Transgender Law Center sent a letter to Horry County Schools Thursday, warning that the district would face a lawsuit if students were barred from using the restroom of the gender students identify with. The center said transgender students don’t need special accommodations – they need to be treated like all other students.

Horry County School Board Chaiman Joe DeFeo told WMBF-TV the district has handled all transgender cases appropriately. “The truth of the matter is there’s been very little conflict with it over the years,” DeFeo said. “We do have transgender students and I don’t see it as a major problem. But somebody else might.”

The Transgender Law Center said it will file a complaint Wednesday if it doesn’t receive confirmation that the school allows transgender students to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with. They could file a complaint with the Department of Education under Title IX.

“The District maintains the privacy of all of its students. The District seeks to accommodate the individual needs of its transgender students in compliance with the law, including Title IX,” the school district said in a statement. “We will continue our efforts to ensure a welcoming school environment for all students.”


15 responses to “Mother of transgender student urges SC school district to update bathroom policy

  1. That mother and kid needs a good psychologist. They have a serious mental disorder. Your DNA never changes and there is the real male and female world!

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  2. Why is it that a confused mental status – trans-gender- is the criteria when the primary issue should be the actual the sex of the child, the genitalia?
    Weezy, the DNA can sometimes not be simply xx or xy as an intersex person can attest to. For me it is what is between your legs, not a delusional brain nor an impossble screening at the bathroom door with DNA as the criteria.

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    • Do you see any, and I mean any, same sex whatever in the animal kingdom? This mental illness is what it is, mental illness. God created male and female in humans and animals. Here you have the tranny world wanting us to believe we are one sex. Try to have a baby with the same sex of two people. Common sense tells us it’s wrong.


    • EXACTLY I wrote on a previous post about this….it is ALL ABOUT what “equipment’ you have at the time that “gives” you sexual gratification. IF you are female, but think you are a male…the ONLY WAY you can achieve sexual “identity, gratification—the USE of your sexual organs” is with the equipment that you presently HAVE on your physical body. There is a difference between gender “identity” (be it mixed up or NOT) and the ABILITY to function sexually. Legally……..we are SOOOOOO freakin’ far behind this curve ball that it will probably take 50 years or more to sort it all out….and MANY, MANY innocents will have been assautled, debauched, raped and whatever…….until we make the “LEGAL” line between the “FEELINGS” of the sexes……and the “actual sexual identiy” of a person. IF EVER.


  3. You’re right Weezy. This story proves once again that the LGBT… etc lobby does not want to be treated equally, they want special treatment.

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  4. Pardon me for bringing it up, but . . . I don’t understand how a female who is transgendering (before any surgery) to become a male would be able to function in a men’s restroom. Do they actually try to use a urinal? That must be a sloppy endeavor, or are they using a stall, with a closed door. If they are opting for a stall, then they could just as well use the women’s restroom. This is more about fing-dingeling society as a whole, forcing everyone else to bend to their “special needs.” As far as the fact that it will be devastating for this “very special young man” to not be able to walk across the stage at graduation . . . sometimes you have to sacrifice for your “special cause.”

    Interesting to note, how well the online petition against Target is going, last time I checked, it was over 750,000 . . . so evidently there are many individuals who also feel that allowing people to use the restrooms that are opposite of “their plumbing” is not something they wish to personally condone.


  5. A woman I know,something of a “Survivalist”,says it IS possible for any Woman to use a urinal-she said there’s a little bit of a trick to it,but it’s easily learned and easy to do once it’s learned. She wouldn’t expand on it beyond that,and I’m fine with that,but I noticed when we went hiking,camping etc. she never squatted to pee,and didn’t show any sign of a mess,so I guess she knows. That was all I needed to know.


    • Well, I suppose it is a “art” that must be learned. I personally think that it would be rather a mess until you mastered the fine art of using a urinal if your plumbing is that of a female. I think I will just stick with my luxurious, elongated bowl regular flush toilet.


  6. Maybe it’s me… but I noticed that there is no father mentioned. Is there a father in the child’ life?


    • Who knows? Seems like a lot of the “transgender” articles I post DO NOT mention any father in the picture. Go figure…

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      • It certainly seems from what we read that households where there is no father produces an excess of mental aberrations in the children. So, it would not be surprising if in many of these same instances–there is no father in sight.


  7. “They need to be treated like the other children” but they aren’t like the other children. Those children have normal functioning parents.
    To pander to a child that can barely understand sex, can prove very disastrous in the end.


  8. Im really getting sick of this shit!


  9. Mothers like this woman, and there are apparently several thousand of them, are the reason we are having serious issues with this tranny problem. These women are seriously deranged and have no idea of how they should raise their children and it is probable that they have a history of abuse and psychosis.

    I disagree completely and I have a huge problem with the idea of directing some sissy boy, who says or things that he’s a woman, into a woman’s rest room, facilitating his delusion that he isn’t a male, while frightening every female in the place and threatening their privacy.

    Rather than society adapting to accomodate this aberrant behavior, trannies and other gender confused people should be prohibited from using facilities that don’t accomodate their gender. If they refuse, I’d be perfectly happy to direct them straight into the general population of the county jail for 6 months and reevaluate after that time


    • Jack . . . You are my hero. Your words are words of wisdom. The most noteworthy being . . . . . “frightening every female in the place and threatening their privacy.” As you point out, why should females who need to use the rest room be sent into an episode of anxiety and freight because another individual (of the opposite sex) is having a mental breakdown and wishes to overwhelm those around them with their problems.


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