Sandy Hook: The curious case of Adam Lanza’s ex-con funeral director

Adam Lanza

Adam Lanza

Adam Lanza was the 20-year-old alleged mass murderer of Sandy Hook who, on December 14, 2012, first killed his mother, Nancy, with four shots to her face in their family home, then drove a short distance to Sandy Hook Elementary School. There, in the space of 11 minutes, he shot to death 20 first-graders and 6 adults, before killing himself with a shot to the lower back of his head.

Among the many curiosities about Lanza, such as not leaving any online footprints despite being a computer wiz, is the fact that genealogy websites, e.g.,, initially had Lanza’s date of death, according to the Social Security Death Index, as a day before the massacre, on December 13, 2012. It was only after the curious date had been discovered by bloggers, did the websites revise it to the day of the massacre. (See “SSDI changed Adam Lanza’s date-of-death from Dec. 13 to Dec. 14, 2012 !!!” and “Sandy Hook: Adam Lanza’s strange Dec. 13 date-of-death just won’t go away”)

This post is about another Adam Lanza oddity: The funeral home and director who cremated his body.

Adam Lanza’s Death Certificate

On Dec. 23, 2012, the UK’s Mirror reported that Lanza was to be cremated in secret “to stop hater mobs targeting his remains”. On Dec. 31, 2012, ABCNews reported that Lanza’s “body” (presumably his ashes) had been claimed by his father, Peter, whose divorce from Nancy was finalized in 2010, and that the funeral home wanted to remain anonymous.

It turns out there is good reason for the funeral home to “remain anonymous”.

The alleged death certificate for Adam Lanza, published by the Sandy Hook skeptics-bashing, identifies two businesses that were involved in Lanza’s funeral arrangements:

  1. Linwood Crematory as the business in charge of “Disposition” of Lanza’s body (see Box #29 of death certificate).
  2. Hartford Trade Service as the “Funeral Facility” (Box #33), next to which is an illegible scribble as the “Signature of Funeral Director” (Box #34), whose license number is 2698 (Box #35).

⇓ Click image to enlarge ⇓

Adam Lanza death certificate

Linwood Cemetery and Crematory is at 41 John Ward Ave., Haverhill, MA 01830. Why Linwood was chosen is a mystery because it is located in Massachusetts — not Newtown, Connecticut, where Lanza killed himself; nor Stamford, Connecticut, where Peter Lanza resides; nor Kingston, New Hampshire, where Nancy Lanza was buried. (See Daily Mail)

To add to the confusion, a blogger has “A Statement of Death” for Adam Lanza by a funeral director at an entirely different funeral homeBrookside Chapel and Funeral Home in Plaistow, New Hampshire. (See my post, “Sandy Hook: Adam Lanza’s strange Dec. 13 date-of-death just won’t go away”.) Stranger still, that “Statement of Death” initially also had Lanza’s date of death as 12/13/2012 – a day before the alleged massacre. Nine days later, on 1/24/2013, Brookside made an amended “Statement of Death” with Lanza’s date of death changed to 12/14/2012. 

Hartford Trade Service & the ex-con funeral director kevin riley

That leaves Hartford Trade Service as the “Funeral Facility” for Adam Lanza’s body, and its funeral director who had signed Lanza’s death certificate with an illegible scribble, and whose license number is 2698.

Hartford Trade Service

We did an Internet search for Hartford Trade Service and found several news reports on HTS’s crooked funeral director Kevin Riley.

Kevin Riley, director of Hartford Trade Service

Kevin Riley, director of Hartford Trade Service

According to Hartford Courant, on January 25, 2011, Kevin Riley, 54, funeral director and owner of Hartford Trade Service, was sentenced to eight months in prison for using “a body-removal contract with the state medical examiner’s office to gain access to the estates of people who had died and stole assets from some of them,” and for double-billing state agencies for body removal. 

Prosecutors said Riley had himself appointed administrator of the estates of people with no relatives, giving him access to money and property with little or no scrutiny. Riley and his co-conspirator, Yolande Faulkner, who also was charged with larceny, would then steal money, jewelry and paintings and sell some of them through an auction house where Faulkner also was the bookkeeper. All told, Riley, through Hartford Trade Service, billed the Department of Social Services and the Office of the Chief State Medical Examiner more than $25,000. In many of those cases, Riley also charged the state $1,800 in burial fees — while also charging the person’s estate that same amount.

Riley surrendered his funeral director and embalming licenses to the state Department of Public Health and agreed to repay the estates he stole from as well as two state agencies that he had double-billed. Additionally, he must perform 50 hours of community service during each of 3 years of probation once he is released from prison.

Below are the State of Connecticut Department of Public Health‘s notification of Riley’s voluntary surrender of his license, and the discipline citations against him and Hartford Trade Service:

State of Connecticut Dept of Public Health citation against Kevin RileyState of Connecticut discipline citation against HTS and Kevin RileyThe Phonecall

We looked up Hartford Trade Service (HTS) on and found its address and phone number:

Hartford Trade Service: 623 Main St., East Hartford, CT 06108, (860) 282-4500

We called that number, and had an interesting and cordial conversation with HTS’s owner, Kevin.

After 4-5 rings, a man answered. We asked if Hartford Trade Service is a funeral home. He paused, then answered hesitantly, “Yes,” and explained that HTS is a “non-traditional” funeral service because it:

  • Only does cremation; and
  • Does not deal with the public but works “behind the scenes” as a subcontractor to (regular) funeral homes.

He said HTS does not have a website and that his name is “Kevin.” He said HTS is still in business, despite some accounts that it had closed in 2011. Kevin also confirmed that some employee at HTS was in legal trouble a few years ago. He said he’s been HTS’s owner since 2010.

From the phone conversation, in all likelihood “Kevin” is Kevin Riley, funeral director of Hartford Trade Service, who in 2011 was convicted and sentenced to 8-months in prison for overbilling the State of Connecticut (for which HTS must have served as a subcontractor); and for stealing from the homes of deceased, then selling the stolen goods to antiques dealers.

Hartford Trade Service on Google Map

Zillow says Hartford Trade Service’s address, 623 Main St., East Hartford, CT 06108, is a single-family home (lot 5.6 acres), last sold in Jan. 2011 for $280,000. has HTS as “Open Now”, M-F 8am-5pm.

But when we searched for 623 Main St., East Hartford, CT on Google Map, the building is identified as River Bend Funeral Home Crematorium! Below are two pics we took of the building at 623 Main St.. Curiously, as you can see for yourself, the building carries a sign identifying it as River Bend Funeral Home, not Hartford Trade Service.

River Bend, front copy Signage, River Bend copyIndeed, Funeral Home Resource and both say River Bend Funeral Home & Crematory is at 623 Main St., (860) 282-4500 — the same address and phone number as Hartford Trade Service’s.

The Visit: Who’s Kevin Davidson?

An in-person visit to 623 Main St. confirms that the building carries only a sign that says “River Bend Funeral Home”. No where is there any indication that the building also houses Hartford Trade Service.

Kevin wasn’t there, but a male assistant “Joe” was, who  said that River Bend Funeral Home’s owner is Kevin Davidson (not Kevin Riley)Here’s Kevin Davidson’s business card, identifying him as the owner of Hartford Trade Service:

Kevin's Business Card copyCuriously, Joe scribbled on the back of Kevin Davidson’s business card the name “yolande” and a phone number (860) 268-2991. According to EmailFinder, that number is the cell phone number of Yolande Faulkner — Kevin Riley’s convicted co-conspirator and partner-in-crime. 

Back of card with Yolande's p.n. copyThe only problem is this: The website ConnecticutCorps: Company Profiles of Connecticut, has Kevin Riley as the owner of River Bend Funeral Home, 623 Main St., East Hartford, CT 06108 — which means the assistant lied. More disturbing still is what ConnecticutCorps says about River Bend’s “Company Overview”:

RIVER BEND FUNERAL HOME AND CREMATORIUM, LLC is a Domestic Limited Liability Company in Connecticut and its company number is 0901394. RIVER BEND FUNERAL HOME AND CREMATORIUM, LLC was registered on May 29, 2007. The company’s status is listed as Dissolved.

As proof, here’s a screenshot of ConnecticutCorps page on River Bend, with the time and date (4/27/2016) when the screenshot was taken:

 ⇓ Click image to enlarge ⇓

ConnecticutCorps on River Bend Funeral Home

The Search for Licenses

We then went on the State of Connecticut’s eLicensing website to search for the licenses of Hartford Trade Service, funeral director Kevin Riley, River Bend Funeral Home & Crematory, and funeral director Kevin Davidson. Alas, we came up empty-handed on all four:

  • We searched for Hartford Trade Service and got this: license expired 1/5/2011.
  • We searched for River Bend Funeral Home and got this: license expired 1/4/2011.
  • We searched for Kevin Riley, funeral director of HTS, and got this: No records found for the criteria entered.
  • We searched for Kevin Riley, funeral director of River Bend Funeral Home, and got this: No records found.
  • We searched for Kevin Davidson of River Bend Funeral Home, and got this: No records found.

Below are screenshots of the search results:

Hartford Trade Service inactive license1Kevin Riley on elicense.ct.govRiver Bend Funeral Home inactive license1

eLicensing search result for Riven Bend Kevin RileyeLicensing search result for River Bend Kevin Davidson

That the State of Connecticut’s eLicensing has no records for funeral home Hartford Trade Service is also confirmed by an anonymous tipster to Professor James Fetzer. In an email, the tipster wrote:

Hartford Trade Service’s business expired 1.5.2011! This is very big as Hartford Trade Service not in business when Sandy Hook occurred! Closed for almost 2 years!

Hartford Trade Service
License type: funeral home
Licence no: 467
Expiration date: 1/05/2011
Granted date: 6/1/1989
License status: Inactive


To summarize, our investigations — online, by phone, in person — found that:

  • The funeral home for Adam Lanza was Hartford Trade Service, which has an expired license, but its owner said on the phone it is in business.
  • Though in business, the building that houses Hartford Trade Service does not identify itself as HTS, but as River Bend Funeral Home & Crematorium instead.
  • The funeral director of Hartford Trade Service, Kevin Riley, is a convicted felon, whom an employee claims to be Kevin Davidson.
  • But a website on company profiles in Connecticut identifies Kevin Riley, not Kevin Davidson, as the owner of River Bend Funeral Home.
  • The State of Connecticut eLicensing website has no records for funeral homes Hartford Trade Service or River Bend Funeral Home, or for funeral directors Kevin Riley or Kevin Davidson.

However, if the Sandy Hook massacre never took place, and Adam Lanza never died (or, as some say, never even existed), then an unlicensed funeral home with an unlicensed funeral director who’s an ex-convict would be the perfect candidate to pose as the “funeral facility” for a non-existent corpse.

See also “A retrospective in crime,” on the checkered “career” path of Kevin Riley.

~Eowyn and Cinderella’s Broom

For the links to all the posts Fellowship of the Minds has published on the Sandy Hook hoax, see our “Sandy Hook Massacre” page.

For a free copy of the book, Nobody Died at Sandy Hook,  click here. To buy a hard copy of the book, sure to be a collector’s item, click here.

Update (April 29, 2016):

A reader, Kelley, of Prof. James Tracy’s Memory Hole Blog called River Bend Funeral Home and spoke to a man who identified himself as Kevin Davidson, the owner of River Bend. He denied that Kevin Riley and Kevin Davidson are the same person, and when Kelley read this post to him, he called my post “shoddy reporting”.

Alas, as I stated in my post, the website ConnecticutCorps: Company Profiles of Connecticut, has Kevin Riley as the owner of River Bend Funeral Home, and that the status of River Bend is “dissolved”. In other words, “Kevin Davidson” lied to Kelley.

Someone should really ask the State of Connecticut why:

  • River Bend, a “dissolved” funeral home whose license, according to the State of Connecticut’s own eLicensing website says has expired, is still in business.
  • Hartford Trade Service, also with an expired license, somehow managed to be the “funeral facility” for Adam Lanza’s corpse.


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  1. Get this:

    “KEVIN DAVIDSON” is apparently the OBOT known as “DR CONSPIRACY.”

    “But a website on company profiles in Connecticut identifies Kevin Riley, not Kevin Davidson, as the owner of River Bend Funeral Home.”

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  7. Sandy Hoax NEVER happened

    Anyone that hasn’t figured out yet that Sandy Hoax was 100% fabricated has ingested too much fluoride…

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  8. So Riley knows enough to keep his mouth shut. That I get. But what about the photos of Adam Lanza—are they he or someone else? The cremation turned out to be very… convenient. And what about the Lanzas—was an autopsy done on Nancy and were photos taken? Why has Mr. Peter Lanza been so strangely quiet?
    So we have a false flag event, which must have been orchestrated from “on high” and a number of people who got a lot of donation money. Some people got free or cheap houses from the deal?
    Who is keeping the lid shut on this? Or was the bribery enough to keep the lid shut? And what about the barking State Trooper who threatened critics with arrest? (Who would or could suborn State Troopers to do this without an outcry?) This whole thing stinks.

    Please keep investigating this, Dr. Eowyn.

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  9. IT is unbelievable that the longer this tale lives, the more convoluted it becomes. Thank Heavens we have you keeping us up to speed. Bless You.

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  10. Does anyone believe we’ll ever know the truth of the whole story? So many of these are so obvious…and yet the dumbed down who listen to the regular MSM will believe the reports…arghhhh

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    • Oh we’ll get the whole truth out, eventually—and it won’t take 50 years like it did with JFK. My problem is that this is the biggest freaking jig-saw puzzle I’ve ever seen in my life!
      So we’ve got these details. Ultimately, we have to work it BACKWARD, back up to the top. Does that lead to Obama, the FBI, the CIA, the Mossad, or someone else?

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      • Steven, I sure hope you are right, however, the weight (read: $$) is not on our side, as “Might (read: $$) makes Right”. I live in Brookfield, right next to Sandy Hook. I work just 2 miles from the former SH Elementary School. I was driving within 100 yards of the school on the day, right at the time the cops would have been arriving. There was no noise – in fact, it was ominously quiet.

        After seeing Robbie Parker’s lie, and Wayne Carver’s equivocation, I KNEW something was amiss, so I began researching. Wolfgang Halbig’s excellent work (and the fact the cops were trying to threaten investigators..), and Sofia Smallstrom’s fine film really made me question the events, so I began to dig. I checked the Newtown zoning real estate records, and looked at the alleged victim’s homes – all $350-450K properties, which had sold for between $0-1 the year prior.


        Aside from a few “friends of friends” who said they “knew one of the families”, I cannot find any evidence of dead kids, EXCEPT hearsay (which courts won’t even allow as evidence). What cemented it for me, that I now KNOW it was a staged event is Barry Soetoro’s somewhat goofy, yet enlightening “Sloppy Sniper”, which proves the FBI used a FAKE agent, which, as a 40 year firearm owner, I KNOW HAD to be fake by the way the alleged agent didn’t know how to handle a firearm. Since there is NO WAY the FBI would use a crisis actor on a real incident, this HAD to be staged (quod erat demonstrandum).

        So while this “false flag” absolutely indicts Gov of “Corrupticut” Dannel Malloy, and the FBI (who were also complicit in 9/11), it is plausibly deniable that Obama MIGHT have been played. But I doubt it.

        The real evil here – in addition to the perpeTraitors (sic), who were paid, threatened, duped and have no moral or ethical fiber (basically, greedy materialists who have that religious zealotry toward gun control), this is clearly a strategy by the NWO – those corporatocrat – globalists who seek to unify the world around THEIR power of wealth & technology. And there is NOTHING we should not be more vigilant about stopping than these piggish criminals who care nothing for others, for the planet, or for goodness.

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  11. We are so thankful for the people who are able to research all the links and angles that, pretty much, prove the “event” was complete fiction! But, the water sure does get more and more “muddy” doesn’t it?

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  12. A none too clever artifice for an artificial boy, it makes sense now haha…

    Entire yarn hinged on this for me: what parent would allow their kid to lie in blood for 16 hours before being sneaked out in the cloak of night? Trooper, “Eh, ma’am, go home, turn on an old Cheers episode. There’s nothing to see here.” Who’d buy that scenario?! NO ONE!

    Hence, no one died.

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  13. And the tangled web of this deceit keeps getting deeper. That many people cannot hide that much deceit forever. The truth will start seeping out, probably after the change over in Jan.

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  14. I watched the “news” on the Sandy Hook shooting and that’s all I know about it but I keep seeing theories like this, so I have to ask: Are you saying that the murders of the children at Sandy Hook never occurred and if that is correct, where are all of the children who were reportedly killed and where are Lanza and his mother? Further, where are the police who covered the event and what is the status of the school, today?

    I know that a lot of strange things occur in life but calling the Sandy Hook murders a false flag event seems kind of strange.


    • The school building that was “host” to the false flag event was, conveniently, torn down! You know, the same they did to the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, the twin towers here in New York.
      Nothing to see here!
      Yep, I believe everything the government and the news media tell me….

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    • Good grief, Jack. Please do yourself a favor by educating yourself on the PLETHORA of information on Sandy Hook in the alternative media, beginning with FOTM. As I said in my post, the links to all the posts we’ve published on Sandy Hook are in our “Sandy Hook Massacre” page.


    • It’s pretty clear that exhumation of at least ONE body in its putative cemetery would show NO body was present in that grave. Go to the other graves and order the same exhumations. No bodies? No deaths.


    • Jack –

      You are very naive, in denial and or haven’t availed yourself of the information about the Sandy Hook “event” Take Dr. Eowyn’s advice.

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    • Jack, do yourself a favor and go to the top of this page and click on Sandy Hook Massacre and take a few hours and read every word and watch every video. Dr. Eowyn has done a wonderful extensive investigation along with dozens of professionals.
      It has been proven the school had been closed for 4 years, those that were hired to tear it down had to sign a non disclosure statement. Why?
      When you have so much discrepancy and proof of otherwise for one event, you have to question. The best of the best around the country has worked on this.
      When Columbine happened, no one ever questioned whether it happened.
      You will come back informed and understand why so many questions.

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    • Jack – watch Sofia Smallstroms “We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook” as step one (YouTube); then, watch Wolfgang Halbig’s testimony (also YT), followed by Barry Soetoro’s “Sloppy Sniper”. You can dig as deep as you like, and consider this – if there were one or two inconsistencies, we could dismiss them as such; but there are too many to be statistically probable. Mathematically, this event was staged (and math doesn’t lie) – I will try to publish my work in 2017 (had a busy, rough year..). In the meantime, try to get around the fact that the conspirators don’t think like you or me – they are PSYCHOPATHS; megalomaniacs and greedy beyond human decency, with a religious zealotry about power and money. They will do anything – including lie, cheat, steal and MURDER, and to them it’s justified. I mean, we kill cows and pigs, so why not people? This is how they think. Evil.

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  15. Anyone know who owns 623 Main St. property. I tried but search could find “no information” on deeds or transferrs or sales. Interesting.

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  16. Well, well….whoever “Kevin” is, he certainly chose the right state to live in. Any person that can prey on the dead as he and his cohorts were guilty of has NO conscience of any kind. Liars and thieves will all have their part in the lake of fire!

    Bless you Dr. Eowyn.

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  17. Thank you… Investigation par excellence! Riley is another one of the criminals who was most likely used because the event creators were able to blackmail him into playing his part due to his sordid past. That’s how these gangsters operate.

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  18. Kevin Riley also purportedly owns an illustrious business named “Cellu Tissue Holdings” at 2 Forbes Street in East Hartford, CT. It sounds like a pun for selling bodily tissues, but I suppose it could be tissue paper. However, if you visit the FB site for the business, the comments of the customers muddy the waters once again:
    What sort of business do you suppose this could be?


    • ConnecticutCorps: Company Profiles of Connecticut has 2 Cellu Tissue Corporations with scant information on the nature of the business, other than “stock” (whatever that means). The status of both is listed as “Withdrawn”.

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    • As stated in this Wikipedia article,”Cellu Tissue Holdings” was purchased by Clearwater Paper Corporation in 2010. Note that is referred to as a “spin-off from the real estates investment trust (REIT) company Potlatch Corporation.”

      “Clearwater Paper Corporation is a pulp and paper product manufacturer that was created on December 9, 2008, via a spin-off from the real estate investment trust (REIT) company Potlatch Corporation. With its headquarters in Spokane, Washington, the new company started with four locations for the manufacture of bleached paperboard, consumer tissue, and wood products.
      In late 2010, the company acquired Cellu Tissue Holdings, Inc., headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia, which increased its tissue manufacturing presence in the eastern United States and Canada. The total number of manufacturing sites rose to fourteen, with another in construction.”

      and this:

      “With the acquisition of Cellu Tissue Holdings, Inc., the company purchased 10 additional consumer products facilities at: East Hartford, Connecticut; Ladysmith, Wisconsin; Long Island, New York; Menominee, Michigan; Natural Dam, New York; Neenah, Wisconsin; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada; Thomaston, Georgia; and Wiggins, Mississippi.”

      Note the “East Hartford, Connecticut” location.

      There is no doubt, at least in my mind, that a major part of the Sandy Hook event is a vehicle for money laundering that is done at the highest levels. The Cellu Tissue Holdings company’s direct connection to real estate investment company Potlatch strongly suggests this possibility and fits the profile of these companies propensity to buy out nondescript products like paperboard and tissue paper, thus hoping to muddy the trail back to the conspirators.

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      • Thanks so much, thewalrus: Go to the site for Cellu Tissue that I provided here:

        … you will find very odd statements from “customers” or what FB calls “friends.” It sounds very much like the place was being used to traffic certain goods. The customers use scurrilous language and/or slang that seems consistent with that sort of thing. That money laundering goes hand in hand with such activity is very well established.

        As said in another comment I made, Kevin K Riley, age 59, has an extensive rap sheet on Instant Checkmate. And you can just imagine what many of those charges are for. This is not someone dabbling in antiques.

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        • On the Facebook page for Cellu-Tissue Holdings, there are only a few comments, and none of them are recent, right? And none of them mention paper products. Am I looking at it correctly? It doesn’t look like the FB page of a regular business to me.


          • Right, they are not recent comments. The most recent is 2014. Note the language: “Unloading,” “OK f*ck off,” “get the hell outta here,” “Waiting for my pickup” … Seems odd to place these comments on a FB page for a business unless that business is not exactly what you might call “respectable.” Just my opinion.

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        • muchmadness… yes, I looked at those comments on Facebook and they are peculiar, to say the least. Even more bizarre are the “likes” as some of the comments wouldn’t ordinarily warrant a “like” or “dislike” in my opinion.

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  19. A reader, Kelley, of Prof. James Tracy’s Memory Hole Blog called River Bend Funeral Home and spoke to a man who identified himself as Kevin Davidson, the owner of River Bend. He denied that Kevin Riley and Kevin Davidson are the same person, and when Kelley read this post to him, he called my post “shoddy reporting”.

    Alas, as I stated in my post, the website ConnecticutCorps: Company Profiles of Connecticut, has Kevin Riley as the owner of River Bend Funeral Home, and that the status of River Bend is “dissolved”. In other words, “Kevin Davidson” lied to Kelley.

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  20. Hi, Dr. Eowyn ~ I did Instant Checkmate searches on Kevin Riley and Kevin Davidson, and here is what I found:

    The two results I obtained for Davidson did not match the funeral parlor Kevin’s age (59) and neither has a rap sheet. In checking around for other Kevin Davidsons of around age 59, I found no one who has ever resided in Connecticut.

    Instant Checkmate produces 6 Kevin Rileys, all associated with East Hartford. I ran 5 of them for full reports. (I saw no reason to run the 6th. I knew what I would find.) All reports include rich rap sheets. Some, not all, of the Kevin Rileys are linked in the reports to Hartford Trade Service.

    It would be reasonable to conclude that “Davidson” is an assumed name that Riley has adopted to deflect attention away from his criminal record.

    It is truly shocking that the state of Connecticut is mixed up with this person in the Adam Lanza business and is now allowing him to continue to conduct his trade sans license. Imagine having the remains of someone you cared about handled by him. Repulsive.

    One can only conclude that something is very wrong here, and the state of Connecticut doesn’t seem to care. The wages of sin, in this case, aren’t death, but more wages.

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    • Thank you for the Instant Checkmate information! Only one of the Kevin Rileys on Instant Checkmate — the one born in 1956, whose age is now 59 or 60 — matches the biographical profile of Kevin Riley, unlicensed and ex-con funeral director. His criminal record all pertains to his conviction for double-billing state agencies and theft of the properties of deceased people.

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  21. I hope President Trump jails the sandy hookers.

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    • I doubt it. Trump first welcomed Rev. Carl Gallups’ endorsement, then disavowed Gallups when the media reported that Gallups is one of those nut-cases who think Sandy Hook was a hoax.


      • Dr. Eowyn –

        I think that you are correct in your assessment. My hopes (providing Trump becomes president) would be that he begins a series of indictments against all these Sandy Hook (and other) criminal conspirators. If he doesn’t, it’s a sure sign that Trump will have fallen short of Commander-In-Chief duties, but also that Trump is one of them.

        “All Fascists are not of one mind. There are those who give the orders and those who take the orders.”

        – [“Watch on the Rhine” (1943) –]

        It is incumbent of a dutiful and responsible leader to bring justice upon criminals. If Trump doesn’t initiate that process soon after taking office (should, of course, he become next U.S. President) we will certainly know his true colors:

        “Trump Presidency Justice: Only One Way To Make America Great Again:”

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      • Dr. Eowyn,

        Did you really write “one of those nut-cases who think Sandy Hook was a hoax.”? Because I am one of those sane, rational people.

        Or did you mean that Gallups calls Sandy Hoaxers ‘nut-jobs?” I understood you to believe there’s something fishy about SH – am I wrong?


        • doctormoebius:

          Re-read my comment! I wrote: “the media reported that Gallups is one of those nut-cases who think Sandy Hook was a hoax.”


          • Thanks, Dr. Eowyn, now I see it. I was tired when I read it, so my bad. I didn’t think your position was anti-Sandy Hoax.

            BTW, I LOVE THIS SITE, and FOTM does a terrific job at investigating. If you need local help (I used to live in the town of Brookfield, where I lived for 12 years, 2002 – 20014, which is immediately adjacent to Sandy Hook/ Newtown). As I stated, I worked a mile from SHES, and was within 600 yards of the school when the alleged Lanza was allegedly killing, etc.. I recall it was ominously quiet that day, one of those clear, not too cold winter mornings. I was running late that day, which is why I was driving by at that time – I worked on Turnberry Ln if you wanted to see my proximity – 1.3 miles as the crow flies).

            Anyway, in addition to looking at other people’s research on the web, I searched their online dB ( – it used to be free; now they charge for the service); I also went to Newtown Planning & Zoning to validate the records showing sales of properties worth $350K – $800K (or more!), that sold for $0 – $1 the year prior (these were the properties held by the victim’s families. Most were purchased within the previous year, although there were a few that were bought 10 – 20 years prior). Of course, 2 months after the farcical shooting, they had no credible reason for these figures, but now, four years later, they say “we were installing a new computer system, and the clerk entered those figures in as placeholders..” or something to that effect.

            If I didn’t know anything about real estate, or IT, I might accept this as a plausible rationalization, however, I am an expert at computer software. When you create a new database, you can code a default value, so that any records without a sale price would default to, let’s say $0 – fine. But no practical reason to ever code it as either a $0 or $1 – unless you needed to write up a special case, and while I could probably think up a plausible reason (to create doubt), I spoke to a colleague who spent his entire life writing real estate sales & tracking software, and he could think of no legitimate business reason to do it like that; the dB software is designed to EASILY allow ONE default value, while adding a secondary default requires an exponential amount of additional work, so their explanation is just another lie. Also, let’s not forget they didn’t even HAVE an explanation for the first months after this TREASON. And, what I believe folks need to understand, is that if there were one or two, maybe even 3, 4 or 5 weird things about this case, you might be able to accept the “Maybe that’s what actually happened” excuse; MAYBE it was human error: Maybe it was a computer glitch; MAYBE it was just the strange behavior of one or two people.

            1. No hard evidence
            2. No photos of any dead children
            3. Robbie Parker’s happy face prior to media show of tears
            4. Coroner Wayne Carver’s bizarre press conference (“If the residents of Newtown don’t have this thing blow up on them”)
            5. No ambulances, nor LifeStar helos allowed in
            6. No HazMat company assigned for Bio-waste cleanup (of blood), no records for 100 days (until a coverup conspirator was arranged)
            7. Orwellian police state treatment of investigators, researchers, even some in the MSM
            8. Story kept changing for weeks afterwards
            9. Clearly evidence of photo tampering (Photoshopping) of Adam Lanza’s image
            10. Problems with Noah Posner’s photo showing up in Russian massacre, as well as Dawn Hochsprung’s photo used previously, and in Boston Marathon bombing
            11. FBI records stating no one died in Newtown
            12. Adam Lanza’s death officially listed as Dec 13, 2012 – one day prior to the “false flag” attack
            13. FAcebook pages posted day (or two) prior to Staged Event
            14. Porta-potties, Directional Signs, other accoutrements at SHES on the day of the shooting
            15. Bizarre cyclical walking pattern of crisis actors at the Firehouse
            16. David Wheeler, established crisis actor, in role as victim’s father, and “Sloppy Sniper”, who is an untrained FBI field agent and can’t hold a rifle properly
            … and much much more. To believe all of these errors, strangeness, and logical fallacies occurred in one event not only STRAINS credulity, it downright KILLS it!

            And this is why I KNOW the Sandy Hook Massacre a FARCE; a STAGED EVENT; A CRIMINAL LIE; TREASON: The probability of ALL of the outliers (in statistics, it’s been proven that nature follows the BELL curve for averages, and while the bell might be skewed one way or another, the majority RULES; TRUTH lies in the middle, the MEAN (or, the Average). When data points come up way outside of the Bell curve, they are called OUTLIERS (obviously); and for this event to have SO MANY Outliers, these Outliers start to look like the Mean, and this is statistically impossible. The victim families’ people’s data points are ALL OUTLIERS (although, in this case, they should be called outLIARS).

            In the end, just like with 9/11 and the JFK murder, to quote James Spader’s Red Reddington in TV’s “The Blacklist”,

            “THE TRUTH WILL OUT”

            Even in this age of Orwellian disinformation and Goebbels-esque propaganda, with a looming police state that will rival what Stalin did to the Russian people, as the corrupt Billionaire Bastards Corrupt America back to utter despotism under Trumpler, who may even murder Jews (we know he has Hispanics and Muslims already in his crosshairs; if he gives Jews a pass, then we’ll know who his masters are – if it isn’t Putin and the Communists already. Yes, Orwell would be shitting himself. The question is, are YOU (s)hitting yourself? Because if you’re not, then you’re either one of Orwell’s Pigs, Dogs, or Sheep.

            And lest we not forget, when the Leadership of America (That’s you, me, us – “WE the People”) sought independence from England, Thomas Jefferson drafted our Declaration of Independence, to focus Americans good and true on:
            – “Opposing … invasions on the rights of the people” – (how relevant in today’s paranoid, oppressive secret police state; now see how our government is acting like the King of England did towards us):

            For quartering large bodies of armed troops among us:
            For protecting them, by a mock Trial from punishment for any Murders which they should commit on the Inhabitants of these States:
            For cutting off our Trade with all parts of the world:
            For imposing Taxes on us without our Consent:
            For depriving us in many cases, of the benefit of Trial by Jury:
            For transporting us beyond Seas to be tried for pretended offenses:”

            And so the Sandy Hook Conspiracy (as yet still just a Theory, but the evidence is leading us towards the truth, and that truth is a scary one, but one we MUST recognize and address – JUST as our forefathers did – as they so succinctly stated in the Declaration once more:

            “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

            As you watch the new Star Wars film “Rogue One” this holiday season, it’s themes and the timing of it is not by chance, but provident. IF you are concerned about the direction not only our nation, but the World is taking, then you need to ask yourself, which side are you on? What do you believe? Will you fight to protect our freedoms above all else, by keeping the integrity of our highest ideals, like the TRUTH, secure from those who would pervert it? If you answer “YES”, the next step is to


          • Trump is anti-globalism. These hoax shootings seem to be orchestrated by globalist puppets. Send some info in a well thought out summation with as little crazy as possible (difficult since the whole thing is crazy). Then he may do it. Hes a believer of the fringe side of things. He never fell for the birth certificate after all. If anyone in power would pay it attention, Trumo would. Dude has balls of steel.


  22. The Life of Riley.

    After serving time for “mishandling” old folks’ estates and other shenanigans, Kevin K. Riley is back in business – although a different kind of business (sort of).

    July 07, 2007|By DAVE ALTIMARI; Courant Staff Writer
    “Beleaguered funeral home director Kevin K. Riley has sold the Coventry Funeral Home, which for the past 16 years also doubled as his family’s home, for about $800,000.”

    Since 2007 Mr. Riley has seen walls both inside and outside of prison. Recently he bought an old rooming house, carted everything away (his specialty) and transformed a frog into a handsome prince.

    Mr. Riley has an older brother who is very well connected with Connecticut’s political inner circle, including former U. S. senator Christopher Dodd. Mr. Dodd these days can be found as Chairman and CEO of the Motion Picture Association of America. As they say, it is not what you know, it’s who you know – on all ladder rungs.

    Kevin K. Riley, former beleaguered funeral home director, has named his new businesses Tall Pines Rooming House, LLC and Kkr Property Management, LLC.

    Here we learn from the local paper how well Mr. Riley is doing:

    Is Mr. Riley still in the funeral business as Kevin Davidson with someone else running the daily activities, while he himself is busy filling up his new business with boarders? Perhaps senior boarders with no relatives?

    As the Sandy Hook saga spreads out further and further, all we are left with are questions until someday……….

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  23. Interesting, Anne, that Riley owned a funeral home in bucolic Coventry as well as the co-habiting River Bend Funeral Home and Hartford Trade Service in urban East Hartford. Thanks for pointing that out. The boarding room business in Somers may not be as lucrative, but Kevin might meet some interesting folks.

    Another interesting point that your sleuthing brings out is that Courant reporter David Altimari seems to have been on Riley’s tail since 2007 when the wily funeral director sold his Coventry business. Altimari’s interest in Riley seems to have segued over to Adam Lanza. He has been attempting to gain access to some of Lanza’s purported writings in vain – due to a judge’s ruling denying access. Read the recent article on this subject here:

    Anyway, these interests aren’t mere coincidence.

    On another note, I wonder how Kevin’s brother’s lobbying profession and position as the president of the Motor Transport Association of Connecticut (a statewide trade association representing Connecticut trucking companies) have affected all of these doings:

    When you’re carting things away, it’s nice to have quick access to transportation and influence.

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  24. Why do Adam Lanza and Christopher Hambrook seem so similar?

    Liked by 1 person

    • They do. Placing Adam Lanza’s famous photo shopped picture next to this person’s photo, it seems that his features were used for Adam’s head. The long face, jaws, chin, the ears and all the rest.

      This Canadian perpetrator has been around for some time and had a criminal record even before Adam’s rise to fame. Since anything is possible in the Sandy Hook saga, they could very well have used Hambrook’s face as a model since his face is very strange to begin with.

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      • Alan and Anne, good grief…yall are so right! This Hambrook clown looks like Frankenstein in his photo. Perhaps his photo (which is surely photo-shopped) was further doctored up and made into Adam Lanza. Since the public had already seen Hambrook’s face and knew he was a monster, they would make the same association with Adam. The psy-ops never end………………..


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  30. The Hartford Trade Service license is still very active:

    Search for yourself:


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  32. Dr. Eowyn, rebuttal proves that River Bend Funeral Home and Hartford Trade Services are active, their new licenses being granted on the same dates as the old ones expired. and that Kevin Donaldson is licensed. But, interestingly, River Bend Funeral Home LLC’s license number is 666.

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