The City of Seattle is hiring a “Homelessness Director”! Wait until you see the pay rate…

Mayor Ed Murray along one of Seattle's rainbow sidewalks - designed to fight crime!

Mayor Ed Murray along one of Seattle’s rainbow sidewalks – designed to fight crime!

The progressive City of Seattle has a major problem with homelessness. Mayor Ed Murray declared a State of Emergency on November 2, 2015. And the good mayor called for an end of “divisive rhetoric” on homelessness.

The city set up safe RV lots for for homeless families and individuals living in vehicles. The problem with that? The City didn’t calculate the high costs associated with the program.

One would think these liberals would take a look at the causes of the homelessness and how their progressive policies may affect them: rent rates, mental and drug issues, and salaries. Oh wait, the new $15 minimum wage will solve everything! Apparently not.

"The Jungle" homeless camp in Seattle/AP Photo

“The Jungle” homeless camp in Seattle/AP Photo

So the best way to address the homeless crisis? Hire another city employee!

Director of Homelessness

This director will lead and align efforts across City departments, provide oversight and evaluation of data and outcomes, provide strategic guidance on developing policy and protocols, and lead external engagement and communication strategies.

Across the region and in many cities around the nation, homelessness is on the rise. In 2016, the King County region saw an increase of 19% of our unsheltered population, the majority of those people residing in Seattle. In November of 2015, Mayor Murray declared a State of Emergency on Homelessness to bring light to this crisis and seek greater support from our state and federal partners. Mayor Murray has increased spending on homelessness intervention and prevention and the City of Seattle is now spending a record high of nearly $50 million dollars to address this crisis. In order to ensure that the City’s increased efforts are well coordinated and driving toward the greatest outcomes for those in need, the new Director of Homelessness will be tasked with executing the Mayor’s priorities on this issue.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Lead City’s response to homelessness with strong alignment and coordination across multiple departments.
  • Provide strategic guidance to the Mayor and senior executive staff on priorities, deliverables, and emergent issues related to homelessness.
  • Assess current City operations and develop and implement a plan of recommendations that will bring greater effectiveness and efficiency to efforts such as improved data and performance, governance structures, communication strategies, and operations.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the Race and Social Justice Initiative and ensure the City’s response to homelessness is fair, just, and equitably implemented for all those in need in our community.

The Ideal Candidate:

  • Focus on racial equity in ways that enable effective working relationships in diverse communities and cross-cultural situations. Creates planning solutions for traditionally underserved communities.
  • Ability to inspire, persuade, engage, speak straight-forwardly about complex homeless issues, make tough decisions and take difficult actions. Display balanced thinking that combines analysis, wisdom, experience and perspective. Produce data-driven decisions that withstand the “test of time.”

Desirable Qualifications:

BA degree and at least five years experience in a senior leadership role within a large and complex publicly accountable organization. The preferred candidate will have experience successfully leading high-priority and highly visible projects. A master’s degree is preferred.

The pay rate for this job? Starts at $97,279.92 and can pay up to $160,483.68.

Apply here!

government solve all problems


13 responses to “The City of Seattle is hiring a “Homelessness Director”! Wait until you see the pay rate…

  1. I will tell you this: Thanks to Dr. Eowyn for suggesting to me the Go Fund Me campaign. I am up to date with my rent and owe some arrears on my old storage room. (I got another smaller, cheaper space at a self-storage place three blocks away).
    I don’t know what every last cause of homelessness is. But, needless to say, I got tired of being beaten down, in the workplace, for the past forty years: My person or my safety has been threatened (here in New York City) on every single job I ever had. (All Right, that’s life, and I’m not unique). That being said, every single job imaginable has its politics. You’re a yellow cab driver and you don’t grease the dispatcher’s palm? NO CAB FOR YOU!
    After 40 years of all this crap and the B.S. (and if you hate politics DON’T become a teacher!), at the age of 60, I AM SICK OF IT! I HAVE HAD ENOUGH! I AM NOT AN ANIMAL! I go with Uber (which has its politics, too) because it’s the least of the evils. I will investigate opportunities to work at home on my laptop. (I am certain there will be scams and politics there, too!)
    Everything I witnessed at the last high school I taught in (I was terminated 20 years ago), in terms of Machiavellian techniques, began to surface in our national politics in the middle of the Bush years (Junior’s terms). It has only gotten worse. The American people are sick and tired of being BEATEN DOWN—men are tired of the alimony payments and the false accusations of abuse, people are tired of the fewer opportunities because the jobs have been shipped overseas, they’re tired of the layoffs and all the rest.
    Not all the mentally ill are homeless. Not all of them are criminals. Some homeless families do have vans and RV’s. And guess what? They can’t park those vehicles in a park or on the street: People will complain that their property values will decrease! And then the police hassle them!
    I know this much: To quote Nietzsche, “He who has a job to eliminate a problem has a vested interest in keeping that problem alive.” Go back to Apocalypse Now: Capt. Kurtz was ordered hit not because he deserted; He got the four real men at the root of the drug problem in his sector! HE SOLVED A PROBLEM; That was why the Army, in the story, had ordered the hit. The same thing will happen in Seattle. And IF Seattle makes a “mistake” in hiring ANYONE who actually WILL solve its homelessness problem, the insiders WILL duly note that and send out the saboteurs to “solve” that.
    I see the game now. Liberals and leftists are FREAKING MORONS. They don’t determine the policy! The higher-ups use them in their divide-and-conquer game to convince the public that progress is being made! It is all a Plato’s Cave Joke, and it is the institutionalization of MENTAL ILLNESS.
    So there are economic and other causes to homelessness. But the problem goes deeper than that. We’re looking at it backwards: This is about the complete and planned collapse of our money and our institutions which, given enough time, lead to the total collapse of society and its supply chains. And then “mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.”

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    • Steven . . . I always love your responses to the various posts! The most pertinent point to be taken from your response is . . . “the person with the job to solve the problem as a VESTED INTEREST in insuring that the problem continues, thus insuring they have a job into Eternity.

      Yes, it is true that not all of the homeless are mentally ill, many, many of the homeless (at least around Portland, OR) have severe substance abuse problems. These are problems that really are not due to any fault on the part of others. Choices were made which were injurious to the individual. What do the rest of us, who have chosen a better path, do with the burgeoning class of people who do not wish to work, they wish to get high. If they get just a few dollars, they don’t buy food with it . . . the money goes straight to alcohol, or drugs. The misery gets passed onto the rest of us to solve their plight, all the while, most of us are bailing our own sinking boats as fast as we can.


    • Steve, I am sorry for your long history of crappy jobs. And there are plenty out there, had a few myself and when I look back, I say, what a waste of time. And to think there are teachers in NY that have actually broken the rules and are still collecting their pay checks several years later. Things are not always fair.
      Hopefully, you will find something different and a totally different path that makes you happy.


  2. Michael Goodman

    I hope that whomever they hire is an unemployed homeless person. That’s the least that they could do!


  3. Dear Seattle,
    Please CONTINUE with your liberal practices and be a living example of how such practices can DESTROY your city and essentially make everybody in that city homeless (unable to live as they are now).

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  4. Those programs generating post-modern, social science gibberish for laughs couldn’t produce a more laughable concatenation of redundant, illiterate, and bombastic crap than that job offer. Does anyone remember Richard Mitchell and his hilarious newsletter, The Underground Grammarian? He would have had us rolling on the floor in laughter with his parsing of the output from such a mind that thinks by stringing together worn-out cliches and has been eaten away by the worms of political correctness.

    That homo mayor’s successor in the legislature and his homo spouse, I see, have four in vitrio/surrogate sons which the spouse says will be marching in Pride parades their entire lives. Reading between the lines, I’d say that with the new pre-crime and all, those two should be spending the rest of their entire lives behind bars for what it appears they have in mind.


  5. DCG . . . you have brought us an excellent article today! Thank you.


  6. Well, we have documented here many many times, that Seattle is famous for making really stupid decisions.
    We shall see where this leads. But I have few expectations.


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