‘Arab Spring’ in America: NAACP joins Soros-funded coalition for massive protests in D.C.

You are forewarned.

The Left, funded by the evil international currency-speculator George Soros, are planning MASSIVE unrests to achieve the same ill purpose as the Middle East’s disastrous so-called Arab Spring.

George Soros evil

Aaron Klein reports for Breitbart, April 5, 2016, that beginning April 11, Washington, DC, will be the locus of wave after wave of leftwing craziness — of protests and mass civil disobedience organized by two groups that call themselves “Democracy Spring” and “Democracy Awakening.”

Democracy Spring, which is currently in the midst of a 10-day protest march from Philadelphia to DC, with plans for a major escalation in DC on April 11. On that date, the group says it is plotting “one of the largest civil disobedience actions in a generation.” As of this writing, 3,404 “activists” had pledged online to participate.

After Democracy Spring begins to wind down, its sister movement Democracy Awakening plans a second wave of 3-day protests starting on Saturday, April 16.

Kai NewkirkKai Newkirk, Democracy Spring’s campaign director, said his group and Democracy Awakening are “like two wings of the same bird” with “very substantial overlap within the organizations and the leaders”.

Blacks and liberal Jews have always made common cause. The planned Arab Spring-like protests in D.C. are no different.

Democracy Awakening, a coalition of leftwing groups, is now joined by America’s largest and long-established black activist group, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).

The coalition claims it is “coming together to demand a democracy that works for all of us – a nation where our votes are not denied and money doesn’t buy access and power.”

Raquel CoombsAsked why the group decided to take part in Democracy Awakening, Raquel Coombs, the NAACP’s vice president for communications and digital media, told Breitbart News:

This Presidential election will be the first in 50 years without the full protections of the Voting Rights Act. States with the worst histories of discrimination are pushing for new barriers to block the young, the poor, the elderly and minority voters from the ballot in 2016.  Congress has solutions to restore the integrity of the voting process and remove those barriers but has so far failed to act on any of those legislative proposals.

Democracy Awakening is our way of coming together across all faiths, political affiliation, and race and claim a democracy where every voice is heard and every vote counts equally.

Robert WeissmanRobert Weissman, president of Public Citizen, a group that says it champions citizen interests, is a lead organizer of Democracy Awakening. Weissman told Breitbart News that the Awakening movement’s specific plans for “direct action” are not yet finalized, but it will include civil disobedience and activists risking arrest.

Many of the participating groups are funded by billionaire international currency speculator George Soros, including Weissman’s Public CitizenMoveOn, AVAAZ, Campaign for America’s Future, Common Cause, Democracy for America, Democracy 21, Demos, Institute for Policy Studies, People for the American Way, Project Vote, and UHCAN.

Soros’ Open Society has also given numerous grants to the NAACP.

Remember my recent post, “New breed of crisis actors: Fake political protesters”?

So how many of the “Democracy Spring” and “Democracy Awakening” protesters will be fake?

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26 responses to “‘Arab Spring’ in America: NAACP joins Soros-funded coalition for massive protests in D.C.

  1. That first pic , the one of George …………looks like Madeline in drag ! …..


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  3. What “barriers” to voting rights are these wingnuts talking about? Photo IDs? Such shameless dolts! (Wonder how much they’re paying these principled thugs?)

    Unless wantonly destructive, 3,000+ protesters will have little effect. I know. Several years ago I participated in the “Operation American Spring” protest, a peaceful patriotic effort, and it was lost amid the throngs of Washingtonians and tourists.

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  4. So they don’t want money to be able to buy influence and power, but they are getting money from people to demand influence and power?

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  5. George Soros is not the most evil man alive: His funders and backers are. That being said, I’m afraid the Old Demon has another 20 years left in him. (And when he kicks the bucket his replacement will pop up just in time!)
    That being said, I can see—I can FEEL—the COMMUNISM dripping from these alleged human beings’ pores. They are demonic in the phenomenological sense of the word. They always start with a premise that might have some truth to it, but they quickly begin to poison the debate with their wily lies and falsehoods.
    These Communists are NOT after “justice,” No! They are out to manipulate and intimidate, and they know it. (At least Soros does). And they are never at a shortage of useful idiots to carry on their work.
    This may seem insensitive and bigoted, but it is the absolute truth: A number of black people up here in New York have told me that their parents taught them race hatred. For these people who admit to this, they sure seem more than eager to do whatever “the enemy” tells them to do! They think that a mass movement makes it right. Well, Nooo…., it does not.
    And yet, bigoted they shall remain.

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    • Steven . . . You ruined my day . . . . . the very thought that Soros has another 20 years in him, has just sent me into a severe depressive episode. I know someone will unfortunately pop up in his place. Time has come for him to be on his way . . . . . . . . . way down to Hell.

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  6. Is this the second happiest time of the life of George Soros? Does Open Society really believe that #Blacklivesmatter? Other than temporarily, that is.


  7. We live in interesting times.


  8. What are the barriers to voting, besides showing ID? You don’t even have to know the issues or candidates to cast a vote either.

    From what I’ve read, states have had record turnout for the presidential primaries. Spare me the manufactured outrage.

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  9. Where’s the opposition to these Marxists who’ll turn America into another Cuba? There is no organized opposition because the same Jews destroying the moral fabric of our society, raping our economy, and causing the immanent destruction of Europe while depopulating and Balkanizing the ME to create Eretz Isrsel control mainstream conservativism. Unless we recognize now that The American Conservative, Natl Review, Fox, the George Wills of this world, and especially every filthy neocon are as much the enemy as the Marxists behind Obama and we chuck them all overboard, we’re going straight to hell on earth.

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  10. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this interesting post. I am going to pray to Our Lord, asking Him to send St. Michael the Archangel to help our country. Soros is attempting to create issues that do not exist, hoping that the gullible American public will sympathize with his idiotic and dishonest movements that have no substance or truth. Sickening.

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  11. NAACP = National Association for the Advance of Communist People.

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  12. Well, Soros is now 85 and doesn’t look all that healthy. I’m sure he’s buying the best nutritional products and using cutting edge procedures to try to lengthen his life, but hopefully they won’t make much difference.

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  18. And just how well did the Arab Spring work for them?????

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  19. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    One of Dr. Eowyn’s many insightful and needed postings that has been carefully nourished by the rich fertilizer of current events.

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