#TheChalkening is real at Emory University…and it is hilarious!

Remember I told you about the special snowflakes at Emory University who have their panties in a wad over Trump chalkings at the university? The students had voiced “genuine concern and pain” over pro-Donald Trump chalkings on campus saying that “the messages represent particularly bigoted opinions, policies, and rhetoric.”

“Frustration” and “fear” were some of the responses. One student tragically equated the chalking with a “cross burning.”

The offensive chalking event...

The offensive chalking event…

There’s now a “Stop Trump at Emory” Twitter account (@NoTrumpAtEmory), which I can’t tell if it is for real or satirical (I fear it is real). From the bio, “Coordinating campaign & student movement to stop Trump supporters at Emory and create a safe space for all students. Contact plongmore@emory.edu.”

The Stop Trump at Emory Twitter account has tweeted several demands including:

  • “Agreed demand 9: Emory will use RAVE emergency notification sys to issue trigger warning to students when chalk or other drawings are found
  • “Agreed demand 8: Pres Wagner will write a terse letter to Trump & Cruz campaigns barring them from any activity on Emory campus
  • “Agreed demand 6: student leaders will be given Emory golf carts to get around campus and be able to respond to students affected
  • “Agreed demand 5: every conceivable accommodation should be give to SOC from class, work or practice if affected by these incidents”

In response to the students’ pain, #TheChalkening hashtag started on Twitter with people posting hilarious responses to the outrage. Here’s some of the funny responses!    


16 responses to “#TheChalkening is real at Emory University…and it is hilarious!

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  2. are the precious allergic to chalk dust, or are they just too young to be away from mommy and daddy?


  3. The USA is finished. I can just hear our enemies (ISIS) and potential adversaries (China, Russia) across the world laughing at the delicate snowflakes that are America’s youth.

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  4. Emory ‘University’ should add the following to their course catalogue:

    “Wuss 101: Introduction to hurt feelings, inferiority, lack of maturity, and inability to just grow the f**k up”


  5. First time violators of anti-chalkening terrorism rules must pay for spring break in Disneyworld vacation; second violation, tuition costs for one year.


  6. I’m surprised these ” precious snowflakes ” can wipe their own
    ass without a rudimentary course in body hygiene . Let alone a differing point of view witch has been foisted upon them since their so-called education in public schools/ gov’t. indoctrination centers .

    If this is the real future of America ( the pic above ),,,,,,,Bend over , grab your ankles , and kiss your ass goodbye . I like the Duvall one , classic


    • What commie John Dewey wanted in education: “You can’t make Socialists out of individualists. Children who know how to think for themselves spoil the harmony of the collective society which is coming where everyone is interdependent.”


  7. “The Chalkening.” I like that!
    Look on the bright side: Maybe members of ISIS will LAUGH THEMSELVES TO DEATH!


  8. How disrespectful to those who actually have triggers from something of actual significance, like molestation or abuse… that these loathesome greasy tallow catch cowards feel like jamming the airwaves with warning cries from a chalk word is about as disrespectful as one can get short of re-abusing actual victims.

    This is obviously also gauging how well the college students have been trained & conditioned for their prison-campish existence and the degree to which they’ve been brainwashed. Also note that any students who don’t “tolerate” the behavior of these sorrowful cowards will probably be met with fines or discrimination, and if they still don’t capitulate to the bolshevik programmers running the cesspool, they’ll probably be expelled. In this way the neo-soviets running the U.S. might well be making sure the only “college grads” are pre-approved slaves of an altogether more controllable class than previous generations.

    What makes this even more ridiculous is that they’re getting this worked up about someones support for a prez candidate, and not something of actual consequence in the actual real world (the candidates are all sold out to evil already, as has been the method for the last several decades).


  9. Hmm, was this as “trumped up” as the media made it out to be? I live in the Atlanta area, and have yet to see video of these supposedly distraught students – as usual, we are to take their (the media’s) word for it. Oh, i’m sure it upset *some* people, but this whole kerfuffle is coming from the top (the school administrators) more than anything.
    Think about it: this fits the overall agenda to a T. Both sides of the preposterous left-right paradigm seethe with righteous indignation, and the ruling class laughs all the way to the banksters.

    Yet another divisive psy-op.


    • Right about it being a media event, with those students standing by, probably three deep and maybe fifteen across, bored stiff one minute and shouting their lungs out the next on direction from the MSM. As Jacques Ellul pointed out in Propaganda, no one is more taken in than such students who fancy themselves well informed for following the MSM, and as Spengler put it, no animal trainer has his animals more under his control than, in this case, the kosher media these students. Fittingly, Emory prides itself on being, effectively, an incubator for the NWO, whose white students proudly embrace what amounts to their coming extinction.


  10. Wienies…


  11. Go to their twitter site and TRUMP, TRUMP, TRUMP… the heck out of them! I did. haaaaaaaaaaaa! I think I hear screaming from a distance!


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