Washington Times caught in lies after firing columnist for confirming 2 of Ted Cruz’s alleged mistresses

Tara West reports for Inquisitr, March 27, 2016, that Drew Johnson, a columnist and editorial writer at the conservative newspaper Washington Times, was abruptly fired after he admitted on Twitter that there was some truth to National Enquirer‘s story that Republican presidential aspirant and Texan senator Ted Cruz has had extramarital liaisons with 5 women, including a prostitute.

Johnson said that he knows at least two of the mistresses named by the National Enquirer are accurate, and that other media outlets, columnists and reporters knew about the affairs, but refused to run the story.

Drew JohnsonDrew Johnson2

But Johnson made clear that one of the women named on the Internet is not a Cruz mistress:

Drew Johnson3

The Washington Times was so upset over Johnson “coming clean” that they went so far as to claim he hadn’t worked full-time for the newspaper in over a year. Alas, that’s a lie, as shown by screenshots posted by Johnson of his bank statements showing his check deposits from the Washington Times as recently as February 16, 2016, for his work.Drew Johnson4Drew Johnson5a

As the Washington Times quickly tried to scrub any mention of Johnson as a columnist from its site, others found evidence on the Internet that contradicts the paper’s claims, including when it had severed its relations with Johnson.

Washington Times liesWashington Times lies1Washington Times lies3

In fact, the cache history of Washington Times shows that the publication called Johnson one of its columnists as recently as March 23, 2016. (I painted the brackets and arrow in red.)

Washington Times lies4Washington Times lies5

This is not the first time that Drew Johnson has been fired by a publication for making an unpopular political statement. Back in 2013, he was fired for writing an anti-Obama headline for the Times Free Press, which ironically turned out to be the publication’s most-read article.

Drew Johnson tweet1Drew Johnson tweet2

Adamantly opposed to Donald Trump, one after another, the Republican Establishment are endorsing Ted Cruz, notwithstanding the rumors of his marital infidelities and the fact that Cruz had run for and won his senate seat while still a Canadian citizen.

Cruz has received the endorsement of, among many, Wisconsin governor Scott Walker, Texas gov. Greg Abbott, Mississippi gov. Phil Bryant, South Carolina gov. Nikki Haley, Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, Carly Fiorina, Lindsey Graham, Utah senator Mike Lee, a host of GOP Congressmen, as well as 14 Republican National Committee members. (For other names, go here.)

So much for Ted Cruz being an anti-establishment conservative.

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13 responses to “Washington Times caught in lies after firing columnist for confirming 2 of Ted Cruz’s alleged mistresses

  1. I guess this shows the extreme people will go to protect their interests. Be damn That Slimy Cruz has most likely broken laws to get where he is at, lied out his rear, and started the war with Trump about the wives and is now crying victim. He is working with people to manipulate the ballots and Lord knows what else.
    Yesterday, listening to the depth Cruz went to attack Trump for standing by a man guarding him and giving time for decisions to be made hit a low.
    It is hard enough to think of liberals following Hillary with all she has done, but now we have more lost souls blindly following Cruz.
    This country has fallen into the largest cesspool around and Trump seems to be the only one worried about our safety.
    I would love to know why $500,000 was sent to Carly, when she was still running against Cruz and why he felt he needed to buy Melania Trump’s old photos? And how they suddenly showed up in Utah, 16 years after the photo shoot?
    Now we have all the media, including newspapers lying to the people. When their jobs are to be investigative sources and protection between the people and the government, not a branch of government hit men. They are supposed to be the source of truth, but sadly, the Gray Lady is dead.
    You would think any Decent newspaper will grab up Drew Johnson for doing his job and well.
    I hope while he is investigating Cruz further, he will also look into Michelle Fields’ several instances of accusing several men of roughing her up.

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  2. So, the cultist Sun Myung Moon rag, the Washington Times, is backing Cruz? Hahahahahahaha..One cultist backing another cultist GOPe

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  3. Don’t underestimate the National Enquirer. to find things out about these cretins, ask John Edwards!

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  5. The mainstream conservative press and punditry exist to encapsulate unblinking subjugation to Israel/Wall Street and International Jewry by sugar coating this flat-out inimical agenda within American patriotism, and to mollify Christian anger toward relentless Jewish moral subversion at home, neutralize that anger with topical rhetoric soon forgotten, and ultimately endorse and institutionalize those changes, as has happened at the WT under Solomon regarding homosexuality, etc. The lessons learned from recent revelations about Bill Buckley’s despicable betrayal of America and Christianity to curry favor in Jewish social circles in NYC is the only lens needed to understand controlled conservatism, the kind Lenin could only have dreamed of before the advent of the Internet. Let’s hope Trump’s candidacy, whether he wins or loses, ends in destroying not only the Republican establishment, but succeeds in taking down these Jewish waterboys of mainstream conservatism who sometimes talk the talk, but whose main job has been keeping us from walking the walk. Their blatant sabotaging of Trump and support for a crud and loser like Cruz is tantamount to coming out for Hillary and says all we need to know.


  6. Michael Buccasio

    Cruz had duel citizenship . why you guys like trump is beyond me.
    me,i like ted cruz. personal attacks ,to me,means you can’t argue in the arena of ideas…


    • Michael Buccasio,

      Please point out where in my post are FACTUAL inaccuracies about Ted Cruz. As for “personal attacks” and “you can’t argue in the arena of ideas,” has it ever occurred to you that those same accusations can be said about you?


  7. Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle! DAMN!

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  8. This knucklehead is a ‘reporter’ and spells ‘knew’ as “new”??!


  9. What a monolithic effort to defeat Trump!

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  12. They certainly want Cruz to run against Hillary.


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