Ted Cruz evades reporter’s question about his rumored adulterous affairs

On Monday, March 28, 2016, a Daily Mail reporter confronted Ted Cruz about his rumored mistresses.

The reporter asks: “‘Senator Cruz, can you please swat down more definitively this National Enquirer piece by telling us on the record that you’ve never been unfaithful to your wife?”

Immediately, although the question was directed at Cruz, Carly Fiorina dutily acts as Cruz’s attack dog by jumping in and blaming the rumors on and attacking Donald Trump.

Note: Last September, Fiorina’s presidential campaign received a donation of a whopping $½ million from a Cruz Super PAC. (See “Something stinks: Ted Cruz’s Super PAC donated $½ million to Carly Fiorina’s campaign”.) There are speculations that the donation was “hush money” because one of Cruz’s alleged mistresses is Fiorina’s deputy campaign manager, Sarah Isgur Flores. (See “National Enquirer story on Ted Cruz’s 5 mistresses partly confirmed by Washington Times”)

It is also noteworthy that, as Kelleigh Nelson and Breithart point out, an anti-Trump SuperPAC, Make America Awesome, which put out the “slut-shaming” ads in Utah of a near-naked Melania Trump (when she modeled for GQ magazine), has exactly the same address as Carly Fiorina’s SuperPAC Carly for America, which is re-launched as a nonprofit organization to help elect “conservative candidates”. Both have this as their address: P. O. Box 26141, Alexandria, VA. 22313. Fiorina has formally endorsed Cruz for president.

When Fiorina scolds the reporter that he should “stick to the issues” instead of “dancing to Donald Trump’s tune” by “talking about a scurrilous and ridiculous piece in the National Enquirer,” the reporter, to his credit, persists and asks Cruz to respond with a “yes” or “no” to whether he had been unfaithful because the rumors “raise serious questions about your character.”

Cruz replies: “I recognize that you love going into the gutter . . . stop interrupting. What is your publication?”

The reporter answers: “The Daily Mail.”

Then Fiorina butts in again with a non sequitur, saying, “They’ve chased my granddaughters” — a clear attempt to smear the Daily Mail. [Note: They are her step-granddaughters as Fiorina has no biological offspring of her own.]

Then Cruz says to the reporter: “I’m going to give a very brief answer to your question, which is the National Enquirer story is complete garbage. It is total lies. It was planted by Donald Trump’s henchmen, and I don’t think the people of Wisconsin or the people of America have any interest in tabloid trash. I’m going to focus on the issues that matter to the American people.”

Note that at no time did Cruz, an attorney who is trained in the careful parsing of language, actually answer the reporter’s question, which was whether he had been unfaithful to his wife. All he had to do, if he’s innocent, is to say simply: “Yes, I have been faithful to my wife.”

Why are those 8 words so difficult to say?

Instead, he first had Fiorina deflect the question by going on the offense, attacking Trump. When the reporter persisted, Cruz did the same thing as Fiorina, going on the offense by first attacking the reporter — that the reporter “loves going into the gutter”. Then Cruz attacked the National Enquirer, calling the publication “garbage,” “total lies,” and “tabloid trash” — the same Enquirer that had accurately reported on many stories, including Democratic VP candidate John Edwards’ adultery and extramarital child. Then Cruz attacked Trump, blaming the latter’s “henchmen” for the Enquirer story. Lastly, thinking his supporters to be feeble-minded, Cruz tried to do a Jedi mind trick by claiming that “the people of America” are not interested in “tabloid trash”. In other words, “Move along, nothing to see here.”

If you still think Cruz is a faithful husband, I have the proverbial land in a Florida swamp to sell ya.

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21 responses to “Ted Cruz evades reporter’s question about his rumored adulterous affairs

  1. Cruz looks like an ugly, asswipe FAGGOT.
    cruz sounds like an ugly asswipe FAGGOT.
    Cruz will likely fuck anyone that will bend over and take it.


  2. hvgarvey@comcast.net

    You are mistaken. Again. He did answer the question; don’t you think this saying that something is total lies and garbage answers the question?

    Are you, too, one of big media’s useful idiots?”


    • Actually, you are mistaken again, Helen Garvey. For Cruz to actually answer the reporter’s question, all it takes is just one word “Yes” — as in Yes, I have always been faithful to my wife. Instead, he went on the attack, trashing everyone, including the reporter who asked a legitimate question. Cruz must just love blind supporters like you on whom his Jedi mind trick works so easily.

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  3. If all of this turns out to be true, and I’m almost betting it will, Cruz would have been better off in the long run just fessing up and saying he liked to bang entire harems of gold digging bunnies. The American populace is more forgiving of adultery.


  4. He DID answer at 1:25. He said it’s complete garbage. NEXT!


  5. Dr. E., Love your answer to hvgarvey. It reminds me of what Jesus said — let your yes be your yes and your no be your no — end of discussion. Something I started practicing way too late in life.

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  7. I have read a couple of articles that claim it wasn’t Trump’s doing but that of Rubio’s henchmen. I’ve had enough of Cruz going after Trump for this allegation when he doesn’t even have proof. If Rubio is the source then Cruz really must apologize to Trump over and over. I’m not reading good things about Cruz – his wife is part of the group that is putting in place the North American Union-she’s part of the CFR. I don’t believe he’s a good guy anymore and is just being another politician. He’s also been endorsed by the Bush’s, worked for the Bush campaigns years ago, wife worked at Goldman Sachs, he’s taken a loan from Goldman Sachs. I mean, how can we believe he isn’t owned by the global elitists and will be “business as usual” once he’s elected? At the same time, I agree with most of Trump’s policies, not all, but I’ve had enough of the name calling and his need to retaliate when criticized. He needs to give this negative behavior up-it’s damaged his likelihood of being the nominee with too many voters. Just be presidential now because they are all showing us how they’ll be as our President. But, I’d still vote for him because all the “business as usual” government officials and voters are so threatened by him because they know he’ll change their life. Their gravy train will be cut off (finally!). He’s already change America in diminishing the acceptance of this political correctness (submissive manipulation), and Americans believing that we can be great again. Clinton’s manipulation that America is already great is a lie but her people believe whatever she says. America isn’t great like she was years ago. Trump has already begun raising America’s self-worth. He’s not perfect but no one is perfect, especially government officials.

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    • ” I’ve had enough of the name calling and his [Trumps] need to retaliate when criticized. He needs to give this negative behavior up-it’s damaged his likelihood of being the nominee with too many voters. Just be presidential now”

      In total agreement, pwilk. Maybe it’s the street NewYorker in Trump that accounts for his quarrelsome feistiness. Whatever, he should stop with the namecalling personal insults.


      • Trump wasn’t the one who “started the name calling.” Think back…Cruz has constantly tried to look like the poor little victim. Hang on a minute. Cruz has been playing the Victim Role for months!

        That is EXACTLY WHAT CRUZ SAID…Trump’s NY attitude. Trump is blunt and to the point. NO ONE can misunderstand what he is saying due to PC or for being vague and/or waivering on a issue..

        Have you noticed the pattern? Trump doesn’t state it. CRUZ has been after Trump for months. Even lately don’t you remember when Trump was campaining in Illinois,

        it was SOROS $ that paid for the people who attacked Trump’s rally. Bill Ayers was there. There was an ad on Craigs List to pay people $16 an hour for disruptinging Trump’s rally.

        Cruz, the opportunist blamed Trump for what happened.


  8. All Cruz is missing, is a pair of tap shoes the way he dances around the questions. By tossing out the red herrings, and he does at every turn, he is as clear as day. I can’t even stand to listen to his whining voice. Trump has had it correct all along, Slimy Ted is a liar.
    It is always someone else’s fault. He, Killery and Kasich have joined together to attack Trump. Now they are attacking the man for standing by his bodyguard, when nothing has been decided. Would anyone want a man that threw an employee to the dogs at the first sign of an accusation, as President? What happened to loyalty meaning something? I read last night that the secret service said the reporter actually disobeyed their order to not pass through.
    And Meghan Kelly reached a new low last night. Normally, I turn her off,but her 30 minute rant and attack on Trump and giving the reporter as well as Shapiro free reign was dumbfounding. Then I turned her off.

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  9. My words first: This is sooo sleezy of Cruz to do:
    Then, next question: Senator Cruz, what did your people have in mind when you bought the rights to the 16 year old modeling pictures of the now Mrs Trump, which oddly ended up in the media right before the Utah primary ?? Next Question: Do you not find it odd that your campaign gave to a competeting candidate $500k? What reason was there for this??


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  10. I’m no friend of Ted Cruz, but even if he did answer, “Yes, I have always been faithful to my wife,” the reporter would have pursued that and pummeled him, anyway. A situation like this is a no-win situation, even for a good man.
    It’s the reporter’s job to keep digging and dogging, whether the man is a lawyer or not. I just wish they’d go after Hillary Clinton like this!


    • Allow me to be very clear. I DO NOT like Clinton. However, she has this ability to lie through her teeth; and people that haven’t kept up with her believe what she says.

      On the other hand, Cruz REALLLLY should stop with the lies. It is ALWAYS all over his face, “Yes, I am a Liar”.


      • Yeah, but… Remember that reporters and journalists are told, by their producers, whom to go after and whom to let skate. Hillary, for whatever reasons, is the Sacred Cow (!), whereas Cruz is raw meat to these people. Of Course, WHO can keep up with her lies? While at the same time, a lot of people—outside of the Northeast—hate her guts.

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  11. I learned this the hard way a very long time ago (shhhh, I am old).
    No matter what it is…It is always better to ask for “Forgiveness than to lie.”

    Once you (or anyone) catches you in a Lie…your reputation will always be in question….on anything of importance you might want to share.

    I, for one, appreciate Trump’s bluntness. We will NEVER have to worry what he thinks or feels. We might disagree with him; but we will KNOW exactly where he stands on an issue…even if it makes him look bad.


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