D.C. Madam’s lawyer claims to have bombshell information vital to 2016 presidential race

Deborah Jeane Palfrey, dubbed the “D.C. Madam” by the news media, operated an “escort” (prostitution) agency in Washington, D.C., called Pamela Martin and Associates, which she maintained provided legal services. On April 15, 2008, she was convicted of racketeering, using the mail for illegal purposes, and money laundering, and faced a maximum prison sentence of 55 years. About two weeks later, at age 56, she was found hanged. Autopsy results and the final police investigative report concluded that her death was a suicide.

Palfrey’s “escorts” charged as much as $300 per hour. She claimed to have had 10,000 to 15,000 phone numbers of clients. On July 9, 2007, Palfrey released the supposed entirety of her phone records for public viewing and downloading on the Internet in TIFF format, though days prior to this, her civil attorney Montgomery Blair Sibley had dispatched 54 CD-ROM copies to researchers, activists, and journalists. That evening, Senator David Vitter (R-LA) admitted having been a client. Vitter is still a senator.

Sen. David Vitter (R-LA)

Randall Tobias, the then-leader of the U.S. Agency for International Development was also outed as one of Palfrey’s clients.

After going through “46 lb” of the escort service’s phone records, ABC News decided that none of the potential clients was sufficiently “newsworthy” to bother mentioning.

But now, Montgomery Blair Sibley claims to have the escort service’s phone records that can influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election, but that he is denied a hearing on his right to disclose those records.

Montgomery Blair Sibley with Deborah Palfrey

Steven Nelson reports for U.S. News & World Report, March 28, 2016, that Montgomery Blair Sibley, the late madam Deborah Palfrey’s attorney, has been subject to a restraining order since 2007 barring him from releasing the information, which he says includes 815 names, addresses and Social Security numbers of Verizon Wireless customers.

Sibley says the records had carelessly been left in Palfrey’s basement, “So I got my hands on them and released a portion of them.” But about a third of the records were not released: “We held back these 5,000. I wanted to have something to negotiate with or surprise people at trial.”

Sibley says, “Time is of the essence because people are casting votes in primaries and caucuses. I believe this information is relevant to that political discourse.

Sibley first said the records could be relevant to the presidential race in January, when there were 15 high-profile candidates. Now, just three Republicans and two Democrats remain – though Sibley won’t say if any are implicated, citing fear of being jailed for contempt.

He would not say if he was surprised by a National Enquirer report last week that alleged Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, had engaged in five extramarital affairs. Cruz, currently in second place in the GOP contest, vigorously denied the report on Friday, and in doing so uncapped mainstream media coverage.

Cruz was first elected to the Senate in 2012 but represented Texas several times during Supreme Court arguments while Palfrey’s escort business operated.

Most of the other presidential candidates also lived in or visited D.C. while Palfrey’s business operated, including former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Ohio Gov. John Kasich – a former congressman. Billionaire GOP front-runner Donald Trump also likely visited the region during the decade-long time period.

Sibley has been having trouble getting a court to give him a hearing. In February, he filed a complaint of judicial misconduct against Richard Roberts, chief judge of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, for allegedly instructing a clerk not to file his request for a hearing on modifying the restraining order. (Roberts resigned earlier this month on the day a woman filed a lawsuit claiming he sexually assaulted her while she was a 16-year-old witness in a case he prosecuted three decades ago. Roberts said the sex was consensual.)

About two weeks ago, Sibley asked the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit to order the clerk to accept his filing and hand-delivered an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday.

Sibley said that by not promptly scheduling a hearing, courts “are letting people vote blindly.” He threatened that “If I do not get the right to file my request to modify the restraining order and if I do not get an expedited hearing, I’m going to publicly release those records and see what happens. Their [the courts’] delay, in hindsight, will seem like they’re favoring one person over another.”

See also:

UPDATE (April 3, 2016):

The Marshall Report posted a page from Deborah Palfrey’s AT&T account showing she’d received calls from Texas (highlighted in yellow). Ted Cruz’s home is in Texas.

D.C. Madam Deborah Palfrey's phone account



40 responses to “D.C. Madam’s lawyer claims to have bombshell information vital to 2016 presidential race

  1. Reblogged this on Exposing Modern Mugwumps and commented:
    Oh yes, we want to see them, release them please…

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  2. This article just went viral to:
    6 Tea Party Leaders; and
    All 60 of my email contacts.

    Cruz is such a liar and a sleeze ball.

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  3. I don’t know how you do it…don’t tell me…YOU ALWAYS come up with the correct information BEFORE anyone else!!

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  4. I want to see the names. I want to see if Cruz’s, Trump’s and either one of the Clintons’ names is on this list. But that is not enough: Adultery can only be made a public matter if some crime occurred. Who, if anyone, was blackmailed or extorted of money? Who, if anyone, was pressured to do anything illegal, or even unethical?
    One thing is for sure: The race to block Trump and deprive him of the GOP nomination is DESPERATE. The inner sanctum of the GOP is DESPERATE. I believe they will STOP AT NOTHING to stop Trump.
    I will actually settle for Trump as President. I will actually settle for Cruz as President. I will actually settle for Bernie Sanders as President—although I detest him. HILLARY CLINTON MUST NOT BE ELECTED PRESIDENT, PERIOD. AMERICA IS HANGING BY A THREAD.

    About two weeks before she was found hanged in her home, Palfrey told Alex Jones, on his radio program, that she “[would] not commit suicide.” And then she was found dead.
    So I want to know one thing from Sibley: What, Sir, is your motive? Is your motive to uncover who—if anyone—killed Sibley? THEN BE OUT WITH IT AND STOP COVERING YOUR ASS. Is your motive to stop Hillary Clinton’s Presidential ambitions? THEN BE OUT WITH IT AND STOP PLAYING GAMES. The future of this (now defunct) Republic matters MORE to the human race and history than your reputation or even your liberty. STOP PLAYING GAMES, SIBLEY, AND BE OUT WITH IT.

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    • Adultery is not a crime, but soliciting prostitutes is, at least in D.C. where prostitution is illegal.


      • Point duly noted, Dr. Eowyn. But at this point, who, except for us here at FOTM or a monastery somewhere, cares? Hillary Clinton reminds me of Terese Roquetin: “Adultery was the least of her crimes.”
        Then there is the libertarian position on the matter. Should prostitution be, simply, legalized? You and I would say no. Should marijuana and everything else be legalized? I say YES, even though I don’t do drugs, because NOWHERE in the Constitution is the Federal Government authorized to prohibit them. This was tried with alcohol, and it failed miserably. (But I digress…)
        My point is that Sibley should either put up or shut up! I don’t care about him! I care about the future of America!


        • Who cares? There are many voters who would “care.” If a candidate is screwing around with prostitutes and putting himself at disease risk, he is likely to “screw around” with the United States, should he be granted the CEO position of “president!”

          This is certainly a viable issue. And, I admire Attorney Sibley for threatening to release records. Sibley is an honorable individual. He does his homework and is rebuffed by the corrupted judicial system. An example of that, is referenced below.

          Note the Excerpt and link:

          “Page of Informational Links of Attorney Sibley’s Expose of Illegal Surreptitious Dismissal of Charges Against Elizabeth Ann Duke:”


          “My part of the story of the Capitol-Bombing, Domestic Terrorist, Elizabeth Anna Duke is told in the posts on my Blog:

          In sum, those posts detail my efforts to get the Justice System to own up to the improper dismissal of the indictment of Elizabeth Duke………. – http://montgomeryblairsibley.com/Duke.html

          There are some who (intelligently and with evidence foundation) believe that the woman who’s FBI warrant was issued for, and (then dismissed when Obama came to be usurper president) was (still is) the said criminal aka, Elizabeth Ann Duke, on the loose. Not only that, but holds very close family ties to aka, Barack Obama:

          The 2 links below help explain Attorney Sibley’s stymied past efforts dealing with the broken judicial system. The information will help people understand why he would have the (frustrated) motivation to release the aforementioned records:

          Americans would be wise to discard Obama’s smokescreen storyline that his mother was Stanley Ann Dunham and that she is dead

          Obama temporarily successful in plugging his ID Fraud dike: His evil efforts will be short lived


          • Wow–I’d never seen this before. Will have to check into it. I can see the resemblance with Malcolm X around the mouth but don’t see any with this Duke woman. I most definitely think he looks like Stanley.
            Mr. Sibley is in dangerous territory. He had better have his info stashed in multiple places with multiple people.
            On the original matter: if Trump was whom he was referring to, it’d be splashed everywhere.


            • cs – One thing I learned from reading Investigative Researcher Martha Trowbridge, is that the Stanley Ann “character” is fictional. In my one Moralmatters.org commentary I basically made the assertion that Obama pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes by setting the deception narrative with his Dreams book. People will readily agree that Obama is a lifestyle liar, but they don’t follow-through and logically cast serious doubt upon his life narrative.

              Please note the following 2 web pieces by Trowbridge, and see for yourself what “the powers that be,” can do to deceive. The material might also help you understand better, why Attorney Sibley was rebuffed (roadblocked) in his efforts regarding Elizabeth Duke being illegally removed from the FBI’S Most Wanted list:

              Nana Anna – aka “Stanley Ann” – Makes A Safari – By Obama Investigative Researcher Martha Trowbridge

              Stanley Ann Dunham – Passport To Obama Identity Fraud


            • Okay–I did some checking.

              This is 4 yrs. old but I think it’s a good discussion. Strictly on looks alone, I do see obama as possibly being the son of Malcolm X and there could have been a way for Dunham to have known MX as this video shows.
              He looks like his mom around the jaw and eyes, but he also smiles like MX. They both have very wide smiles.
              But honestly, we prob won’t know the truth in this lifetime.
              Thanks for the interesting post.


              • …not unless he lived in Kenya.
                Barack Obama Admits he was born in Kenya Speech (Admits it)
                “I’m Not An American.”


                • upaces88 – It’s a dangerous thing, to take seriously, a lifestyle liar. His lies and deceptions in his 2 books laid the foundation groundwork for gullible Americans to believe his false history narrative.

                  It doesn’t square on one hand, to lock away personal background information, and then to proliferate a life narrative using 2 propaganda books.

                  Regardless of the aforementioned assertion, I think that aka Obama has been most successful in duping most Americans.


                  • Wellll, this will either make you feel better OR a lot worse.
                    He was never voted in either time.
                    The first time he ran for the office of the POTUS…he ran against Clinton.
                    She outted him where he was born. HE threatened the life of her daughter; and she shut down.
                    McCain/Plalin were running against him. When Obama was announced as the POTUS, it was Palin who wanted the investigation; and the wimp that McCain IS…WIMPED OUT!
                    Don’t you remember the New Black Panther Party were paid and out in force to interrupt people voting?

                    Small towns were complainiing that on the “Rigged Voting Machines”, they could see their vote change right before their eyes.

                    The second time he ran for POTUS, he held a campaign in Chicago. Two Hundred People showed up; AND, Two Hundred people walked out oni him.

                    On that same night, Romney held a HUGE Campaign Rally at Red Rock Take a look at this crowd and tell me Obama won fair and square.

                    Mitt Romney fires up faithful at Red Rocks

                    When Obama was declared as POTUS, Romney disappeared for a few days. When he came back, he made ONE Statement:
                    “It was out of my control.”


                  • I”ll have to think about what you said. This is ONLY an opinion, okay?
                    He was the FIRST African American to run for POTUS. Many, many higher up politicians knew; and took no action due to fear of riots due to his color.

                    There would have been riots by the African American Citizens making it an issue or Racism.

                    He NEVER won either time.


    • This is deplorabfle…even EVIL:
      Senator Paul Ryan of Wisconsin has been sworn in as new President of the Republic of the United States on Monday
      My words: “THIS CANNOT BE!”​
      Breaking News Alert – New Republic – RV Intel – March 9, 2016
      Posted on March 9, 2016 by David Robinson

      Senator Paul Ryan of Wisconsin has been sworn in as new President of the Republic of the United States on Monday. Meaning power has peacefully transitioned from former President Obama and Vice President Biden simultaneously as they resigned. This is why Ryan was so hesitant about being named Speaker of the House (3rd in line to the Presidency). He was hand picked by Chinese Family Elders.

      General Joseph Dunford will be Ryan’s new acting Vice President. Both are operating from inside the White House at this hour after movers physically transitioned administrations over the weekend. A formal announcement is forth coming by President Ryan announcing all administrative changes.

      This event will trigger a 5 day redemption period for private group and Internet group redemptions (800#s) followed later in March by a month long public redemption. Currently, large and existing bank clientele are exchanging 24 hours a day in off site bank redemption locations.

      Both the RV and Republic are now active on American soil… and world history being made in real time.
      Breaking News Alert – New Republic – RV Intel – 3.9.16 ~ Operation Disclosure



    • Don’t be too hasty drawing some conclusions and / or casting aspersions, opon Attorney Sibley.

      Perhaps the following (link below) could offer you some helpful information:

      “Why Just Her:”


  5. 2016 Precedential Election: The Greatest CON In U.S. Electoral History http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=34262


  6. Wellll, Adultery may not be a crime in D.C….
    “Thou shalt not commit adultery”, one of the Ten Commandments, is found at Exodus 20:14 of the Tanach and Old Testament. What constitutes adultery is not defined in this passage of the Bible, and has been the subject of debate within Judaism and Christianity.


  7. The enemy will stop at nothing when anyone tries to foil his plans. He comes to “kill, steal and destroy”. May God grant us the grace needed to be courageous yet “wise as serpents” in confronting the “last days” escalating evil. I’m counting on the truth that “when sin abounds, grace doth abound much more”.

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  8. Suicide , doubt it !!!! She was like the man in the Alfred Hitchcock movie , She knew too much , had to be silenced . Did Barry pull the trigger ( metaphorically speaking , of course , or Hillary ??????????????? )………Or did one of the so-called ” con”servatives pull the plug on her ? ………
    Either way , she is gone and getting those numbers will be an exercise in futility .


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  10. Kevin J Lankford

    It is also considered sinful to gossip, but I still would have to ask; just who, or what judge could presume the authority to hinder the dissemination of bad character.


  11. Let’s hope he gets the info out there before he is offed too. I can never figure out why these people talk about what they are going to do before they do it, allowing the powers that be more opportunity to silence them !


  12. Hmmm…. now let me guess who this would be? Cruz would be my answer. He’s a bs artist, period!


  13. Surprises, surprises, surprises. It seems the whole city is filled with corruption. How else do we explain wave after wave of conservatives arriving to the city, only to make inexplicable decisions?

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  14. Considering the number of people on that list and considering how filthy DC is and considering how many lives would be damaged, I am going with it was an accident.
    But then again, these days, people seem to be rewarded for doing dirty deeds, even on the town square,
    Many are more concerned with protecting their position, than saving their marriage.
    The woman was providing a service and the supply and demand was great, for that she was punished, but the real offenders, skate off into the sunset,
    I am putting my money on Cruz.

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  15. I guess trump calls rafael “lyin’ ted” for a reason…


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  17. Huh, this is a VERY interesting story – but if I were this attorney I’d make those files public record, just as equally as the first set was !!! Equal treatment = The Right For Voters To Know !!


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  19. UPDATE:

    The Marshall Report posted a page from D.C. Madam Deborah Palfrey’s AT&T account showing she’d received calls from Texas (highlighted in yellow). Ted Cruz’s home is in Texas.

    Scroll up to the end of this post for the page.


    • I believe that Diane Marshall’s site contained some old records. The ones which emeritus Attorney Sibley are holding back, are of a different nature. They, (allegedly) contain the explosive scandal information that Sibley claims will, no doubt, affect this 2016 presidential campaign cycle:


      “………One other thing to note. Lately on the Internet, a copy of telephone records has been circulated and copied on various web articles. This copied material is not the same material which Attorney Montgomery Blair Sibley has promised to release. Please note the short Bill Still video:……..”



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  21. Embattled White House candidate Ted Cruz‘s cheating scandal is set to explode wide-open, with fresh — and blockbuster — allegations that the married conservative senator was named in the black book of a notorious Washington D.C. madam who mysteriously died, RadarOnline.com has learned.



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