Ted Cruz’s senate e-address was a subscriber of Ashley Madison adultery ‘dating’ service

Last July, Ashley Madison, the Canadian-based online “dating service” for adulterers with 37 million subscribers, was hacked by a group that calls itself the Impact Team.


The hackers made public the personal information of the subscribers, including their names, email addresses, and sexual fantasies. Some of the subscribers actually used their work email addresses, as shown by the many addresses that end in .gov, .mil, a company name (e.g., WellsFargo), a university name (UTexas), and even the United Nations. (See my post “Ashley Madison was a giant con: 2 subscribers commit suicide; female subscribers are fake“)

What we weren’t told then is that there was one U.S. Senate email address among the Ashley Madison subscribers — the email address of Ted Cruz’s senate office.

Warren Rojas reports for Roll Call, March 28, 2016, that approximately 15,000 email addresses of Ashley Madison’s subscribers have the “.mil” or “.gov” designation assigned to the armed forces and federal agencies, respectively.

Among those are:

  • Nearly four dozen people who work at the White House.
  • The Capitol Police.
  • Seven individuals with ties to House offices.
  • The email address of Ted Cruz’s senate office: press@cruz.senate.gov. 

A Cruz aide insists that although “The email address in question is press@cruz.senate.gov,” that doesn’t mean anyone in Cruz’s senate office was an Ashley Madison subscriber because the address is “a publicly and widely available forwarding address that is often entered into web contact forms by people with no connection to our office.”

The aide is being disingenuous because s/he would have us believe that a subscriber to Ashley Madison would use an email address with no connection to the subscriber. How would anyone interested in an adulterous “hookup” contact the subscriber then?

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20 responses to “Ted Cruz’s senate e-address was a subscriber of Ashley Madison adultery ‘dating’ service

  1. Groups like Anonymous and the Impact Team can wind up doing more harm than good, especially if George Soros is behind them. Alex Jones has criticized Anonymous for at least this much: Any group can call itself “Anonymous.” This is something worth looking into.
    That being said, my respect for Cruz evaporated once the famous bruhaha he had with Trump was reported. He may have subscribed to Ashley Madison; He had (still has?) multiple mistresses, and that’s what really matters. Still, the Impact Team recognizes one surviving principle in our world of amorality: SHAME. Regrettably, shame seems to have lost its emotional impact and exists merely as a tool of self-interest. But as long as we have the possibility of shadenfreude, we have the possibility of shame. For that, I think we owe the Impact Team a debt of gratitude.
    The GOP inner sanctum wants to disgrace Trump DESPERATELY. So far, they have been unable to do so! I would imagine the Impact Team would do this as soon as they possibly could.
    Score one for Capt. Hairdo!

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  2. Did Trump apply for the address? I fear Dr. Eowyn, that this is another story like that of Huffington Post and Dr. Carson. You were quick to report that, as well. And that’s the strategy of these people who start false rumors; they know that people, such as yourself, will report anything if it’s “in print.” We’ll see. Hvg

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  3. False accusations are something the Left has long employed. My trust of Cruz is very much in question, but we need to keep in mind that the Democrats are such dirty liars that this could be a fabrication.


    • I didn’t know the Democrats are behind the extramarital rumors about Ted Cruz. You mean Democrats, as in The National Enquirer and The Washington Times (whose reporter had confirmed 2 of the 5 alleged mistresses)?


  4. When smells start coming from several directions, it is time to take notice.
    It would seem plenty has been out there and I have tried to keep an open mind to all the dirty politics involved, but eventually you have to take notice.
    Two years ago, there was a record of Cruz and the matching tattoos. Way before Trump was even in the race. Then the Rubio gang making remarks, and all that follows.
    This weekend I read where an IP address used was traced back to Carly, then you have to wonder about the $500,000 given to her by the Cruz PAC.
    Was this “rumor” self inflicted to garner sympathy while trashing any competitors?
    Any way you look at it, it is going to get much more dirty.

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  6. Ironically, Ashley Madison is a money-making gimmick that’s about 95% cheating guys and 5% fake female profiles…

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  7. If Ted Cruz gets elected, it looks like we will have another Bill Clinton in the White House. Poor Heidi!


  8. “How would anyone interested in an adulterous ‘hookup’ contact the subscriber then?”

    Through your Ashley Madison user profile. A.M. works like most dating sites (which, in turn, work like Facebook): you communicate with other people on the network on the site, through private messages and public “wall” postings. This all goes double for A.M., where privacy is a top concern — it would be totally insane for them to communicate via email, as this would make it trivial for someone to sign up for A.M., collect a bunch of emails, and then engage in blackmail.

    So, yeah, the Cruz press office’s explanation for this is completely legitimate. Fake email signups like this happen all the time, then the people responsible brag anonymously about it on Gawker and Reddit. It would not surprise me much to learn that Cruz has had an affair (which would make him the second Republican still in the race who has committed adultery), but this isn’t evidence of one.


  9. haleak5@bellsouth.net

    Don’t “poor Heidi” too much. She was a call girl before she advanced on to Goldman Sachs. She’s in on it too, as was Hillary with Bill. Not a good idea to re-run this video.


  10. When is anonymous going to bring out further info on Cruz. Have you noticed that every time Cruz goes to kiss Heidi she turns her face to the side. He avoids the question about the affairs and completely changes the subject. He kis guilty and why don’t he sue if he isn’t guilty.


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  12. I see not one shred of evidence brought forth from any liberal trump attacks. Trump and his minions are toast. Trump will NEVER be potus and he never wanted to be.


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  15. Eric Retzlaff

    it would be highly unlikely that Cruz would use his press office email for an Ashley Madison connection…that would be stupid beyond words…I think this is false information, which makes the story false


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