FOTM reader Steven Broiles needs your help


As of 5:45 a.m. this morning, less than 24 hours after this post was published, Steve’s Emergency Rent Fund drive has reached the goal of $3,000! Thank you to all who donated your hard-earned dollars to help Steven Broiles in his time of crisis. May God bless you and your loved ones most abundantly!

“Be kind, be kind, and you will become a saint!” -St. Vincent de Paul

Steven Broiles, a NYC cab-driver and former school teacher, is a longtime reader and regular commentator on Fellowship of the Minds.

Steven is experiencing some financial troubles and is behind in paying the rent on his room in a boarding house. He had tried but failed at obtaining an emergency loan from the government’s welfare agency. Upon my suggestion, he just set up a Steve’s Emergency Rent Fund appeal on GoFundMe.

Here’s his statement:

Steven BroilesMy name is Steve Broiles and I rent two rooms in a boarding house in Long Island City, New York. I drive a cab for a living.

In December of last year, I experienced a crisis with my employment situation. Business crashed for a good two months and I panicked. The back rent for my two rooms added up. I went to a limousine company that promised me the moon and didn’t deliver.

I owe five and a half months on my storage room, which I am going to give up. I also owe two months on the room I live in.

I am not a lazy bum. I work hard, driving the streets of Manhattan for ten or more hours a day, six days a week. My landlady has been very patient, but she has her problems and bills to pay too. At the age of 60 I am very grateful to God for my good health, but I am slowing down.

If you could donate a few dollars, and ask your Go Fund Me-friendly friends and associates to do the same, I would really be grateful. I will post my gratitude and reports on my Facebook page, and I will donate any funds I receive over and above my goal to a non-religious and non-political charity. I am single, never married, and on my own: my brothers are not in a position to assist me, as they are both retired and one is on disability.

Thank You so much and God Bless You.

As Conservatives, we believe in private charity. As Christians, we believe and practice our Lord Jesus Christ’s injunction to “love your neighbor”. If everyone of FOTM‘s more than 6,000 subscribers donate $5, we’ll quickly reach a total needed for Steve to pay his rent due.

I would not ask you to donate if I hadn’t already donated. To donate to Steve’s Emergency Rent Fund, click here.

Thank you and God bless you for your kindness!


21 responses to “FOTM reader Steven Broiles needs your help

  1. Done and and shared with other people, on FB, twitter. Pray this all ends well for Steven.

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  2. Done. Take care Steven.

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  3. I just gave. Very sorry it was so little, but maybe more soon.

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  4. Someone told me that NYC is so anxious to lessen its welfare rolls that IF a person tells a welfare staffer that s/he has given up on surviving in NYC, and wishes to leave the STATE, the welfare bureaucrat will make out a cheque in the amount needed to buy a bus ticket to your exit point, across the state line.

    Pick a spot as distant as possible, try it and let us know how you made out.

    NY State is such a large area [] that by now a bus ticket to get into Quebec or your relatives in the next town in Penns. after Jamestown, NY must surely be $100.00 or more.

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  5. Yeah….already at $1,100 in four hours!! Excellent.

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  6. So glad to be able to help. God Bless!

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  7. Now at $2,810 with a goal of $3,000. Thanks to each one of you!!!

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  8. Love you, Steven- most of your comments ring true.
    My husband is 65+ and still works 12 hr days.
    If NYC ain’t working for you, perhaps you oughta relocate, Bro. We all have our burdens. Will pray for you. Wish we were millionaires and could help all our friends! Will do what we can. You know it.

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  9. Steve, I am really glad the GoFundMe drive worked! What a testimony to the compassionate nature of FOTM’s readers.

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  10. I just got home from work and read this article . I guess I’m a little late . I take it Steve has reached his goal . Would have been happy to lend a hand

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  11. Steve: My computer kept shutting down yesterday, so I just donated a few dollars. I hope your situation improves. God Bless, Leeann

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  12. Hope my little pittance helps, good luck.

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  13. To all my friends at FOTM and Facebook:

    I want to thank each and every one of you for donating your money to my Go Fund Me fundraiser. And I wish to thank Dr. Eowyn for suggesting the idea. It is now Friday, just past 5:30 p.m. I arrived home at about 1:00 this morning, ate and did some preliminary work on my storage room, getting rid of junk and stuff I didn’t need.
    And I checked my page on Go Fund Me and I was overwhelmed! When I checked, the total raised was $2,900! I just checked again now, and the total is now $3,045! So I will go to the page and stop the campaign in a few minutes.

    There are lessons to be learned. First, I will endeavor to be more frugal and save, so that a problem like this never happens again. And I have also learned not to suffer alone: When someone needs help, they have to have the humility to ASK FOR HELP. When Dr. Eowyn suggested this, I thought about it. Then I did it.
    And I am grateful. Gratitude is no mere luxury, and St. Vincent de Paul is right! He merely repeats, in so many words, what Our Lord and every other saint has either said or lived out: Be Kind. I am a bit of a hermit or solitaire by nature and a bit self-centered, and gratitude is no mere luxury: We are COMMANDED to be grateful. It is included, in some way, in the Golden Rule. I am grateful and I have begun to thank each donor on the Go Fund Me site, and I will continue to thank each and every donor, whether I know them personally or not.
    I have also learned to be more objective. I am a prepper, and I do my best to prepare for disaster, should it come. I have bookmarked prep and survival sites, I read them when I can, and I had been buying canned goods for survival on a weekly basis. I have also learned to be frugal, looking for sales and buying only essential things. No luxuries, no goodies, no fancy clothes. Just essential things.

    One of my roommates in the house, David, who is a private construction contractor, has helped me out. He has a few men working for him on various contracts he has around the City. He hired a two men to help me move my stuff out of the storage room, and he is allowing me to store it in his storage room he has in Long Island City. He will allow me to store my stuff there for a month while I save up for a small space I can rent for about $50 to $100 a month, a more reasonable thing to do then rent an entire room for the $300 I was paying. And this will allow David to bring his granddaughter into the room while her father, David’s son, pays for it. Thus “Ma,” our landlady as we affectionately call her, will have that income coming in, David solves a family problem, and I save money.

    I am very grateful to Dr. Eowyn, everyone who donated to me and David for all the help they have given me. (I am also grateful to a nephew of mine who donated a large sum, and I am going to call him as soon as I finish here). Thank All of You and may God Bless you and yours.

    I would like to mention another person who needs help. Our landlady, whom we affectionately call Ma, is dying of cancer. (She would not appreciate my mentioning of her name, so I won’t, and she needs her privacy). She beat the disease before, using natural and homeopathic means. (This was some years ago). Now the cancer has returned. Ma is a strong lady of faith and believes in Our Lord. Her spirits are very good, all things considered, and she is eating and resting. Her daughters are doing a very good job taking care of her. Ma has been very solicitous to me. She has almost always been willing to hear me vent my problems (briefly, of course) and she has always pointed me to prayer and God as my tool and my Answer. Ma, too, has been very KIND to me and all who have lived in her houses. (I have been told that she will not consider Go Fund Me for help and I am respecting that). I am NOT asking for money for Ma. But I am praying for her and asking everyone else to do the same. I am very grateful to have lived in her house for the past seven years. Ma has done society a great service in giving her tenants very good spaces to live in. She has prevented people from going homeless. And I am confident in my prayers that when the Good Lord calls her, she too, will have a Home with Him and His Blessed Mother.

    I do have belief. But as I am solitary and self-centered, I am prone to my own attacks of doubt. (And believe me, they come upon me like sudden attacks). Following Dr. Eowyn’s suggestion and knowing Ma and talking to her daughters has been humbling: I know there are good people in the world. I have to remember to keep looking for them!

    God Bless you all. I will post the rent receipts to Go Fund Me (I have to look at how to do them) and e-mail them to FOTM when I pay the rent next week.

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  14. Friends, it is incredibly ironic that I re-visit this posting, thanks to the ever-aware mindfulness of Eo [God & Heaven bless every bit of her!] who suggested that I do the same, this is now happening for me & Dakota!

    I thought people would think I was crazy to spend so much on my canine companion [one person who’s a ‘friend’ suggested I shoot him w/a .22, gag reflex] and I was reluctant to share my Self, other than w/Eo and here where I feel safe [tear wipes]….

    OK, took some time away from this and are more myself. Many, many thanks from me and Himself, the love of my life, and likely the last one for us both!


    • “one person who’s a ‘friend’ suggested I shoot him [Dakota] w/a .22, gag reflex”

      Our dog/cat companions are genuinely part of our family. Would we say “put him down” if this were a human member of our family?

      Joseph, your “friend’s” elderly dad — who, despite his age, remains trustful and naive about human nature — should watch his back. Since euthanasia is now legal in Canada, if he doesn’t want to be “put down” by his daughter when his old age and inevitable infirmities become a “burden” on her, make sure he has an Advanced Healthcare Directive that specifies he does not want to be euthanized. Please take my advice seriously!


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