2 Virginia firefighters suspended for transporting girl to hospital in fire engine

I understand rules and regulations, yet….I also understand how critical it is to get a person to the hospital as quickly as possible, in certain situations. Because when seconds count, the ambulance is minutes away.

common sense3

Via Fox News: Two Virginia volunteer firefighters were suspended for transporting an 18-month-old girl to the hospital in a fire engine last Saturday, ultimately saving her life.

Captain James Kelley and Sgt. Virgil Bloom of the Falmouth Volunteer Fire Department in Fredericksburg were the first to respond to a call of a child having a seizure at an undisclosed location near a McDonald’s and took her to a nearby hospital, according to Fox 5 DC.

Kelley said they were suspended because their fire engine is licensed as a “non-transport unit” and doesn’t have the proper restrains and medications that an ambulance would have. He said when this kind of thing happens firefighters are praised, but then disciplined.

Kelley explained to Fox 5 DC Saturday he told the driver to turn the fire engine on because the child was in desperate need of medical care and the nearest ambulance was about 10 to 15 minutes away. He said when he asked where the nearest medic was, he received vague responses.

The fire engine picked up the child and transported her to Mary Washington Hospital. A separate ambulance requested to meet with the firefighters at the Falmouth Station, but Kelley denied the request because of the proximity to the hospital.

The girl was put on oxygen in the fire engine and was in the trauma room within 13 minutes of the time the call came in, Fox 5 DC reported.

Brian Nunamaker, the girl’s father, told the Fox affiliate the incident occurred as he and his daughter were coming back from running errands. He said he pulled over by the McDonald’s and was assisted by a passerby as well.

“As a parent, you feel extremely helpless to be unable to assist the most important person in the world during such a time of emergency,” Nunamaker said in a statement. “Worst case scenarios run through your head while you are hoping for the best. The eternity of waiting for help to arrive was surprisingly non-existent in this situation. I was surprised at how quickly help had arrived in the form of a fire truck.

When the firefighters arrived on the scene, Nunamaker’s daughter was limp but she was still breathing and had a pulse. His daughter arrived at the hospital and started to have another seizure, but it stopped momentarily. Nunamaker said his daughter was later transferred to VCU and was later discharged.

Nunamaker told Fox 5 DC he was hoping to put the ordeal behind him, but couldn’t when he heard the news of Kelley and Bloom’s suspension. “My wife and I feel terrible for the fallout that has happened to these two gentlemen,” Nunamaker said in a statement to Fox 5 DC. “They simply had the best interests for our daughter’s care in mind.”

Stafford County Fire and Rescue Department said in a statement to Fox 5 DC they are unable to comment on the situation, but a “regulatory compliance issue is under review by the Fire and Rescue Department and the Virginia Department of Health.”


25 responses to “2 Virginia firefighters suspended for transporting girl to hospital in fire engine

  1. If the child had expired, the county would have been sued up the gazoo.
    Maybe they still will be. Hope not.

    Too bad they do not have a release form protocol for these situations.
    These guys are volunteers, and they were only suspended.
    Not arrested.

    So thank God they took the initiative; thank God the child survived (and I hope the parents find out what her medical condition is which is causing the seizures); and I hope they get some positive recognition from their peers and the community.

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  2. Let’s reverse the whole story . If the child was black and the firefighters did nothing to help , gee , what would be the outcome to this melodrama ? A protest by Black Lives Matter ? A shakedown from the lovely twin rev’s of rebuke ? Loretta Lynch forming a mob ?

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  3. This is PC gone amuck. It reminds me of a situation I had when a teen. Had a serious traffic accident which was causing me to be drowning in my own blood.

    A passing EMS was returning from another call on the way back to its home base. Can you, and more importantly me, accept being passed by for it was not their politically correct function to stop for emergencies other than a specific one? I would not be writing this today for I would have drowned in my own blood.

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  4. This story illustrates what is wrong with America: Bureaucratic procedures trump common sense and human life itself. It also shows the systemic sadism of bureaucracies and the Philistine/Pharisee contempt for human life and common sense.
    There is a fallacy common to human reasoning, and it goes like this: “The more people who are in on a conspiracy, the less guilt there is.” DING. DING. DING. DEAD WRONG AGAIN! The more people who are in on a conspiracy, the MORE guilt there is.
    This is precisely what the Kennedy Assassination and the Warren Commission (among other people) gave to America, and it has GOT. TO. GO.


  5. Essentially, these guys are getting ‘away’ with a warning, because making more of it would backfire.

    And I totally agree that if it were a black child it would have been a gotcha question thrown at Trump next debate, or on some fair and balanced intervew by Bill O’Reilly; and if it’s a white Mayor, or if the firefighters were white, or if there was
    Christian anywhere nearby it would use up the oxygen on the MSM for a few days while they condemn the white race.
    If it were a black child it would be one more instance of the inaccessibility of health services killing kids.

    Go Trump.


  6. What has happened to “the good Samaritan” attitude?

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  7. On the Saturday before the Monday in June 1960 when I’d graduate from the original Bellevue, WA HS, I decided to go to my friend Steve Johnson’s home in Laurelhurst, near the U of WA, on my Raleigh 8 speed bicycle, a great rarity when 3 speeds were just coming in! This meant a 25 mile trip from my home in Lake Hills to his, but I was in top physical form and such a journey was nothing to me. It was also the first –and only– time I would cross Lake Washington Floating Bridge as a cyclist.

    Unfortunately, the sign that tells cyclists to dismount and instead walk their cycle was at that time posted on the arch just as the expansion slots began, separating the concrete from the metal grid. Somehow I got across the first set of joints but my very thin wheels [3/4″] dropped into the second set, and I went from 25 mph to zero in about a second, mostly on the L side of my face and L shoulder.

    This is when both my guardian angels kicked into hyperspatial overdrive to save my dumb ass: motorists swerved to drive around my body [it’s a 4 lane highway] and my crumpled cycle, still stuck in the slots. From the oncoming traffic a 1951 Chevy convertible w/the top down [even in Seattle June is a good month!] and a young man drove it across the lanes to block my body, forcing vehicles to slow down and change lanes. I’d just started to awake from the concussion, saw him do that, and thought THAT was very fast thinking!

    Turns out he was a Navy Medical Corpsman and all of 19; he stayed w/me and my angels all the time. A few minutes after he stopped, using some bandages he had to compress and slow my bleeding from several points, an ambulance pulled up, fresh from Seattle.

    First question from the driver was “How much money do you have?” which was about $1.25, so he said “You need a $100 for an ambulance,” and drove back to Seattle. By then Dennis, the Navy fellow, got me on my feet and into his car, pulled my crumpled bike out of the slots, put it in his trunk, then took me to the Swedish Hospital ER, all the while I’m trying not to bleed on the white leather seats!

    Fortunately for me my father’s Plumber’s Union had just gotten medical insurance covering all family members in the week before, so my expenses were covered. Dennis disappeared after leaving me with attendents, so I never got to thank him. If you read this, know that I still think of you many times a year!

    He was trained as a crisis responder and did so immediately; today he might hesitate because of the legal issues. Meanwhile, how many die because our present-day Pharisees are more concerned with legalities than life?


    • Joseph . . . that is the most wonderful story. I am so glad you survived . . . our world would be the poorer if you were not in it!

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    • Unbelievable that the ambulance driver refused to take you because you didn’t have $100. Shame on him!

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      • Dear Eo, even at 17 thanks to my anarcho-pacifist father I understood that it was ‘just business,’ and promptly forgot the creeps. Dennis was an archangel who delivered me to ER and never took credit for his goodness! An all white Chevy w/all white leather seats: talk about symbolism!


    • Very much enjoyed your story Joseph, but that medical corpsman took the initiative precisely because he was not acting in the capacity of an official “crisis responder,” which sounds like the ominous Newspeak “first responder,” designed to psychologically incapacitate citizens and train them to be entirely dependent on government-sanctioned assistance in every emergency.

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      • He was for me, the very model of what our warriors should be, and I can NEVER forget him. Such Bravehearts should be running for offices at every level, but the campaign trail’s now so besmirched and polluted he’d never survive it, so God help us all!


    • Wonderful, touching and inspirational story Joseph! Leeann


  8. It is a sad day when two fine men, both officers, of a volunteer fire department are suspended for saving a small life. Rules are meant to be bent and they made a judgement call.
    The same with police cars, they aren’t set up to transport patients. But do it often a when a life is in the balance.
    We were a volunteer fire department members for years and sometimes, you do what you have to do. Everyone has plenty of training. And hold the cars to prove it, but sometimes. You just need a hospital.

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  9. Last year during the most horrendous, debilitating snow storm on the Virginia coast, my elderly father-in-law lay ill & in excruciating pain for 3 days. No one could get in or out for medical care…finally, (we are in CA) we told my mother-in-law to FORGET calling an ambulance…they’d NEVER be able to get in or out. We told her to call the FIRE DEPT. She did. Not only did they take my father-in-law out to the hospital…but the allowed my elderly mother-in-law to ride along. It turned out that my father-in-law’s gall bladder was so severely infected that he was in danger of death from systemic shock, gangrene…any number of ugly things……He is over 90 years-old…but they operated upon him immediately—it was “do or die” and he’s doing great! I’m really shocked over the outcome that these two firemen received in this article. I’m NOT TELLING which Virginia city in which my in-laws received such humane and life-saving treatment……GEEZ……what if no one comes when you call because you have to file forms in advance and in triplicate to make sure that your emergency call is “eligible” for help???? Slowly but surely…PC is delivering us to this state of affairs.

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    • Dear CalGirl, what you wrote was of GREAT interest to me, as here in BC –now suffering under neo-con gubbmint of Crispy Clarke– it is a LONG-standing tradition that in medical emergencies the Fire Dept responds FIRST; if they can’t resolve the problem, then our excellent BC Paramedic Ambulance called for, no charge to the victim, as it’s paid for by BC Medical, OK?!

      And you identiified the problem immediately: “PC is delivering us to this state of affairs.”
      The ONLY thing that’s saved BC’s raggedy-assed pants is that enough of us old-timers are still alive to complain, write editors, and VOTE to get the neo-cons out of the offices they stole w/their lies and deceptions. Satan, pick up yr tail and get the Hell out of here before I kill you!

      On another note:
      will all faithful reader-followers of FotM please note an emergency: Eo’s husband’s lost 1/3 of his blood, & is in an ICU as I write. This is the 2nd time in a week it’s happened, so this is VERY dire. Pray, pray, pray, take a break, then pray some more is my counsel.

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      • Thanks you so much Joseph…and thanks for the newsflash about Eo’s husband! Prayers all around!

        I grew up in PA and MD….where Ambulance and Fire Depts. are ALL volunteer. When you die in either of those states, esp PA, the first thing they list in your obituary is what volunteer fire dept. you belonged to. You know…..Ben Franklin invented it and all that…..By the time I was a Senior in HS….many of my fellow classmates were taking community Emergency Medical Tech classes (and it would NOT lead to PAY) so that they could serve on the community rescue/fire calls or the community ambulance system. By the time of graduation…they were already riding along and in training. I don’t know why other than it comes of a passion to serve their fellow community members in this way. Thank Goodness!!!! Like your area….our fire depts. can be or are “first responders.” The old fire stations are the center of the community & STILL have clocks on their towers and you can mark the time of day b/c they send out a “signal” at noon daily from their stations (and, I might add….the town’s churches chime the hours from their spires…..so……where I CAME FROM…you ALWAYS know the value and the passing of TIME—–not so out here in the West—there isn’t EVEN a radio station that announces the hour or any passing of time….it’s just ONE LONG DAY after ANOTHER here …aimless …. unmarked in passing.)


      • How did that happen Joe ? Hope he is doing alright .


  10. Update, it was just announced both firefighters have had their suspension lifted. Praise God.

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  11. The imbeciles who wrote the regulations within the Fire & Rescue Dept, and the Virginia Department of Health, should be called out publicly and exposed for being heartless pieces of crap. It is a blessing from God that the two brave and selfless firefighters gave no thought to insane policies, and saved the little girl. The firefighters, volunteer or not, should be publicly acknowledged with an award for being Good Samaritans. A good friend of mine in Florida, is a retired Firefighter. He said “There are times when firefighters are off the clock; but they are always on duty. He would have thrown all caution and regulations to the wind, in order to save the life of a child. Leeann


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