Police deploy tear gas at Calais refugee camp in France

France has had enough of the Calais camp (aka “The Jungle”) and is tearing it down.

The camp on France’s northern shore, at the other end of the Chunnel that connects to the UK, is home to thousands of refugees and migrants invaders hoping to make the transit to Britain — a transit that the Brits are blocking.


As The Guardian reports, the authorities began dismantling the makeshift homes yesterday, but no one seems very clear on exactly where the invaders are supposed to go, most are staying put and protesting, joined by “political activists” from the British group No Borders, which campaigns against immigration controls.

Chaotic scenes erupted near the camp, after recently evicted invaders threw rocks at passing trucks on the highway. A large deployment of police were called to the scene who attempted to disperse the invaders using flash grenades and tear gas.

Meanwhile, the invaders set fire to the camp:

The Calais prefecture had fought and finally won a court battle to demolish the camp. The local government says it wants people to move either into an adjoining compound of converted shipping containers, or to take buses to accommodation centers elsewhere in France.

The Guardian says almost every migrant invader spoken to yesterday said they want to remain in the Calais area. A man from Darfur said, “I will stay here. I don’t want to go to England any more, just stay here.” A Pakistani man said, “If I can stay, I stay. Or I try a new place near.”

Scenarios like Calais may be coming to the United States, given the betrayal of Obama, Congress, rabbis and ministers. See:


5 responses to “Police deploy tear gas at Calais refugee camp in France

  1. Thank God the French took the hard steps to tear down this jungle. I was reading several other sources online last evening . . . it would seem that there are areas in Norway, Sweden, Belgium, France, and England (I may have left out countries) that have “No Go” areas set up, where the police will not enter due to the extreme danger. This is certainly a fine mess.

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  2. I am glad to see this, but until they send them all back to their original countries, they are just moving the problem around.
    I didn’t think I would ever say this, but anyone who goes to a church that supports this invasion and/or gives to or takes in, I would stop attending there. That church is betraying it’s congregation and does not deserve you anymore. And I would be vocal about it.

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  3. Though I am not an advocate of polluting bodies of water, I think in this case I might make an exception. Since Calais is so close the the
    English Channel and the North Sea why not push the ‘refugees’ into it.
    After all Muslim ‘refugees’ forced Christian refugees off boats in the Mediterranean Sea causing them to drown.
    How about a little reciprocity.


  4. Bet Jude Law hightailed it out of the Jungle before this happened.

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  5. French police were still too nice to them… won’t be respected.


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