Pope Francis calls abortion activist a ‘great’ woman

Let’s see the Pope Francis defenders defend his latest stunt.

In an interview on February 8, 2016, with one of Italy’s most prominent dailies, Corriere Della Serra, Pope Francis praised Italy’s leading proponent of abortion – Emma Bonino — as one of the nation’s “forgotten greats,” comparing her to great historical figures such as Konrad Adenauer and Robert Schuman.

Emma Bonino

Massimo Franco reports for Corriere Della Serra in “Francis: ‘I Embrace My Orthodox Brethren’,” Feb. 8, 2016, that Pope Francis exhorted Europe to welcome (“smile at”) the refugees and migrants:

“. . . he [Pope Francis] insists . . . that ‘Europe must and can change. It can and must reform itself. If it is unable to financially help the countries from which the refugees come, you must face the problem of how to address this great challenge that is primarily, but not solely, humanitarian….’ . . . Often, using a biblical metaphor, Francis compares the Old Continent [Europe] to Sarah, Abraham’s wife, who was sterile for more than 70 years. So according to the customs of those ancient times, Sarah gave a [female] slave to Abraham, who gave birth to a son. But then, miraculously, Sarah at age 90 became pregnant and gave birth to a son. Francis likes to say that “Europe is like Sarah, who first gets scared but then smiles secretly.” Francis’ hope is that Europe also ‘smiles secretly’ to migrants, and remembers the ‘great forgotten figures’ of Europe’s recent history. Francis is an admirer of the prominent figures of Europe’s renaissance after the Second World War. He quotes the German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, French foreign minister Robert Schuman, and the Italian statesman Alcide De Gasperi. But Francis also points to ‘great forgotten figures’ in our times, for example, the woman mayor of Lampedusa, Giusi Nicolini who has welcomed migrants to her island. Francis named ‘among the greats of today’s Italy’ former President of Italy Giorgio Napolitano, and former Minister of Foreign Affairs Emma Bonino . . . . Knowing that his praise of the radical leader [Bonino] may be controversial, Francis argues that ‘she is the person who knows Africa better than anyone and offered the best advice to Italy on learning about Africa.’ Admitting that ‘it is true she [Bonino] thinks very differently from us,’ Francis said, ‘But never mind. We have to look at people, at what they do.‘”

So what is it that Emma Bonino, the woman hailed by Pope Francis as “one of the greats of today’s Italy,” does?

According to Wikipedia, Emma Bonino, 67, is an Italian politician, who most recently served as Minister of Foreign Affairs. Previously she was a member of the European Parliament and a member of the Italian Senate. She served in the government of Italy as minister of international trade from 2006 to 2008. She is a leading member of the Italian Radicals, a political party that is economically libertarian and culturally left on moral issues.

What Wikipedia omits is filled in by John Henry-Westen of LifeSiteNews:

At 27, Bonino had an illegal abortion and then worked with the Information Centre on Sterilization and Abortion which boasted over 10,000 abortions. There are famous photos of Bonino performing illegal abortions using a homemade device operated by a bicycle pump.  Arrested for the then-illegal activity she spent a few days in jail and was acquitted and entered politics.

When she was appointed Italy’s foreign minister in 2013 there was a general outcry from life and family leaders at the appalling situation.

As Henry-Westen reports, reacting to Pope Francis’ praise of Bonino, pro-life leaders in Italy expressed disbelief.

Monsignor Ignacio Barreiro, who was until last year the head of the Rome office of Human Life International, said: “How can the pope praise a woman that is best known in Italy for practicing illegal abortion and promoting abortion?”

Luca Volonte, an Italian politician and the president of the pro-life Novae Terrae Foundation, while saying the Pope “was wrong,” blamed Francis’ secretariat for not informing him “about how much Mrs. Bonino has done in Italy and at the international level to promote abortion and euthanasia.”

But Henry-Westen points out that it is unlikely Pope Francis is ignorant of Bonino’s abortion activism for the following reasons:

  1. In the interview with Corriere Della Serra, Francis acknowledged that his praise of Bonino “may be controversial.”
  2. Bonino has been for decades the most prominent supporter of abortion in Italy.
  3. In 2015, Francis had already been criticized when he telephoned Bonino about her cancer and invited her to the Vatican.

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28 responses to “Pope Francis calls abortion activist a ‘great’ woman

  1. I’m sorry, but this is THE limit: this Pope’s been out to lunch since breakfast!!!

    Anybody know his email address so we can start educating him, or at least letting some of the REAL world into his private life…. Miseria della concordia!!

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  2. Geoffrey Dahmer was a “great chef” who ought to have visited the Pope


    • Do you really feel it’s useful to call for Geoffrey Dahmer –a complete monster if ever there was one– to do unto the Pope or anyone else what he did to his victims? Are you aware that he lasted less than two years in prison, killed by another inmate?

      Even though he claimed to be a born-again Christian, the other prisoners did not believe him, or that he deserved any mercy. Is all that what you wish upon this Pope, who –however errant he may be– is still a relatively normal human, who has done nothing against you personally, has he? Or do you feel he somehow has done you wrong?

      What is your point here?

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  3. And thanks to Sarah and her lack of faith in Gods word we have islam. great comparison pope. oh and thanks to Sarah our brainiac pope can dare say islam and Christianity worship the same God. It’s not a real surprise he’d praise an actual baby killer. God I know we deserve this pope, but I pray that we can get back into, and deserve to be in, your good graces.

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  4. This Pope is a complete and total fraud, and he is, most regrettably, to be endured until God Himself “impeaches” him. I have the strong suspicion he may be the False Prophet of Revelation. Whatever he is, he is NO. DAMNED. GOOD.
    Pray to Our Lady of Quito.

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  5. Well, the Remnant has a petition for asking the pope to step down. Too lazy to look it up for you, but it should come up on their website. I am starting to think that he is the latest and the greatest in a line of anti-popes since “Saint” John xxiii.
    What a fraud.
    It’s pretty bad when priests have to resort in bulletins to explain what Pope Francis “really meant” regarding his latest outburst.
    But then people are so smug in their own self-beliefs that they feel as if they are affirmed by the pope.
    Keep praying everyone. “Even the elect will be fooled…” No signs and wonders (thankfully yet) but even without them it makes for using very much discernment to stay straight and not get discouraged or confused.

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  6. I guess he has pretty much confirmed what we all have been saying. He is no true Catholic.

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  8. You scumbags would probably say the same thing about Jesus if he showed up.


  9. This so-called Pope is a follower of the man of perdition. He has shown his true colors too many times to be ignored. Nothing he teaches is biblical. He is a POS!

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    • Yup, Godless progressive heretic… and, while we’re on the subject of such higher bankruptcy, has anyone seen him around little boys lately?


  10. Of course the Poor supports abortion. He just had his Secretary Lover carrying his Unborn Spawn of Satan killed.


  11. Pope Francis recently stated that Donald Trump is not a Christian because he wants to build a wall at America’s southern border. Now Pope Francis has stated that pro-abortion politician, Emma Bonnino, is one of Italy’s “forgotten greats”. This is insane!

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  12. I can’t see how the Pope’s public embrace of this radical, unrepentant abortionist is anything less than the gravest scandal, giving comfort to those apostates undermining Church doctrine from within and the nudge to desperate women considering an abortion to go ahead–it’s no big of a deal anymore.

    At the only Catholic church anywhere near me there are only seats, no kneelers; New Age piano music during communion; creepy greeters dressed up like Druids; clowns praying the Our Father with their hands raised like rabbis; churchgoers in shorts and flip flops; and, the last straw for me, last time I went months ago, a priest who began his sermon with a joke, to howls of laughter, about this man who didn’t want his mother-in-law buried in the Holy Land because he’d heard some man buried there came back from the dead after three days.

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  13. Soviets got their money’s worth on their support of Liberation Theology with this one..

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  14. The last 7 “popes” have been jewish satanist tools. The Catholic Church was infiltrated and taken over by Rothschilds (red shield) starting in the 1820’s.

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  15. That is correct, and one day I will reveal what Dr Tom OBrien told me when he met w/one of the bank’s reps, as well as what one of my clients told me when she got a visit from a former HS student.

    The latter I think I already shared, but it’s a great anecdote and worth repeating, as it shows the extent of the RC Church’s vast gold horde and how it’s managed.


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  22. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this amazing post. Mother Teresa of Calcutta said that abortion is the greatest evil in this world, and the Catholic Church has taught and continues to maintain and teach that abortion is an INTRINSIC EVIL. God help us!


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