Germany cannot account for 130,000 registered migrants

What could possibly go wrong?


Via Yahoo: German authorities do not know the whereabouts of 130,000 asylum seekers, the government said in a parliamentary document seen by AFP on Friday.

Out of some 1.1 million asylum seekers registered in 2015, “about 13 percent did not turn up at the reception centers to which they had been directed,” the government said in a written reply to a question from a lawmaker of the Left Party.

Some may have returned to their home countries, travelled on to another country, or gone underground, it said, adding that there may also have been repeated registrations of the same individual.

A spokesman for the interior ministry said a package of new measures approved by parliament on Thursday is expected to help address the problem. These include plans for an identity document to be issued upon the arrival of a migrant, which would allow authorities to store personal data under a common database and thereby help to avoid repeated registrations.

The new rules, which include restricting family reunions for some migrants, also lower the hurdles for the expulsion of convicted foreigners — a key measure proposed after the New Year’s rampage in Cologne, where hundreds of women reported being sexually assaulted and robbed in a crowd of mostly migrant men.

Too little, too late Germany.


7 responses to “Germany cannot account for 130,000 registered migrants

  1. Kevin J Lankford

    The german people have always been given credit for being an intelligent people. Surely this could not have been unexpected. If any thing, they should be surprised the number is not greater. I would suspect it is probably much greater.

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    • They have also been proud of their culture and were always immaculate in their home and land and it is all being taken away. I feel sorry for the innocent ones that had no say.


  2. People sympathetic to this “refuge” crisis who feel the need to accept them into their communities better get their crap together and start asking why their governments are destabilizing nations throughout the middle east and Africa creating this crisis. This is all planned and people need to fight back.

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  3. The US has nothing on the Germans. We have no idea of the identity or whereabouts of all of the illegals who have flooded the US and unless Trump becomes our POTUS, it’s gonna get a heck of a lot worse. I would like to see charges filed against every single politician that has permitted this to occur.

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  4. The globalist elites are all complicit in this crime against humanity. They should all be stood up in front of a bullet-riddled wall to receive their dose of True Justice.


  5. Thanks, progressive left/liberals… bang-up idea!


  6. I agree with Jack,that the US is in FAR worse peril than Germany. The US USED to be considered Nation,but recent Badministrations have made us appear weak willed and weak minded,and the Clown in the White House the world’s “Bozo”. Our next REAL President has a lot to do,unless it’s the Criminal Killary or the Socialist Bernie who finds a way to ALSO steal the Oval Office;in that case,the hard work’s already done (Thanks to Pelosi,Holder,Reid,and all the other Socialists-in-Democrat-disguises,and of course,Shotgun Joe and”Pen-and-a-phone Obama/Soetoro/_______”)-all that’ll remain for them to do is declare Martial Law and hand the keys to the UN.(In the SAFE ROOM,as their life expectancy would become based in seconds rather than years.)

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