Devil images around Justice Scalia at Cibolo Creek Ranch

On February 13, 2016, news came that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, 79, had died in his sleep “of natural causes” at a luxury hunting resort, the Cibolo Creek Ranch in remote West Texas, where rooms are priced at $535 to $565 per night for two people.

Scalia was part of a private group of 36 people in a long Valentine’s-Presidents’ Day weekend blue quail-hunting vacation, courtesy (which means it was a freebie) of ranch owner John B. Poindexter, 71, a Houston billionaire and Democrat donor.

Scalia had a friend with him, 74-year-old prominent Washington lawyer C. Allen Foster. Poindexter and Foster, as well as an unknown number of Scalia’s “private group,” are high-ranking members of an elite secretive society called the International Order of St. Hubertus, supposedly dedicated to hunting and wildlife conservation. The U.S. chapter of the Order was inaugurated in the Bohemian Club in San Francisco. The Bohemian Club’s other location is the Bohemian Grove, where every summer male elites would cavort and worship a 30-ft. tall owl demon. (See “When Justice Scalia died from unknown causes, he was with high-ranking members of a secretive elite society“)

Independent investigative journalist Wayne Madsen has been reporting from west Texas. In his for-subscribers-only report of Feb. 15, 2016, “Scalia’s hunting ranch was meeting place for secret society,” Madsen describes Mexican “diablo” or devilish artifacts that are part of the decor of Cibolo Creek Ranch, which should be disturbing for a devout Catholic such as Antonin Scalia.

We begin with disquieting furniture, objects, and paintings, including a baby’s crib and made-up single beds inexplicably placed in the outside passage ways of the ranch, which is a 5-star resort (all photos are by Wayne Madsen):

(1) A baby’s crib

baby's crib in Cibolo Creek Ranch

Photo by WMR

(2) Made-up single beds lined up in an outside passageway:

single beds at Cibolo Creek Ranch

Photo by WMR

(3)  A fire pit outside Scalia’s room, the “El Presidente” suite:

fire pit outside Scalia's room

Photo by WMR

Madsen writes:

There was evidence that on the evening that Scalia died, there was a party outside his suite. There was ash still in the pit, some broken glass, and cigar ashes in the ashtray. Scalia was an avid cigar aficionado.

(4) A box of matches next to the ashtray, with a cover depicting the ancient Mayan practice of human sacrifice:

matches in Cibolo Creek Ranch

Photo by WMR

(5) Reproduction of a Roman pagan painting outside the dining room where Scalia had his last meal:

painting in Cibolo Creek Ranch

Photo by WMR

Madsen notes that the painting “evoked memories of the pre-St. Valentine’s Day Roman pagan holiday of Lupercalia, celebrated around February 14th and known for drinking and orgies.” In Roman mythology, Lupercus is the Roman equivalent of the Greek god Pan.

Then there are the explicitly-satanic artifacts:

A satanic statuette in a corridor leading to Scalia’s room:

Devil statuette in passageway near Scalia's room

Photo by WMR

A row of devil masks on a wall of Cibolo Creek Ranch’s dining room where Scalia had his last meal:

Cibolo devil masks

Photo by WMR

Here are closeups of 4 of the masks that had stared down at Scalia as he dined:

devil masks in Cibolo Creek Ranch dining room

Photo by WMR

I’m Catholic. If I found myself in a hotel/resort with these devil masks and statue, I would hightail myself out of the hotel in a jiffy.

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33 responses to “Devil images around Justice Scalia at Cibolo Creek Ranch

  1. I am not Catholic, but you can bet your bottom dollar, I would not stick around if I saw all this devil memorabilia, or items which reference the offering of live humans to the “Gods.” You just do not play around with this kind of stuff. Ever. I would wonder if that great fire pit has ever been used in the offering of human flesh. This is too horrible to imagine.

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    • Scalia was a Catholic and a Christian why on earth would he be in a place like that? I would also think that he would high tail it out of there. Maybe he wanted too and they got to him before he was able to.




    Has anyone considered the possibility that these artifacts are a set-up? Is it possible that AFTER Scalia’s death all of this stuff was put out and around the hotel so that reporters could take pictures and people could write articles raising the question that Scalia himself was part of the occult?

    You are right; as a devout Catholic any of us, including Scalia would have left the ranch.

    Helen Garvey, Ph.D.

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    • If they did that, then it was a wasted effort because none of the MSM noticed. Only one journalist, the very independent Wayne Madsen — who first broke the story of Obama being a member of the Chicago gay man’s club — noticed the satanic artifacts.

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  3. they must have had blinders on not to see all that creepy shit.

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  4. I won’t bet on the members of the party meeting St. Hubert, Bishop of Liege, in the next life, nor even staying at the resort the Bishop will have for eternity. I could be mistaken, but what little money I have goes elsewhere.

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  5. My discernment would have told me to “hightail it” out of there right away. The occult often hides things in full sight. the masks are macabre and voo-doo-ish. The cradle could be significant, although very out of place in a hunting club for the elite. In the rich business world there is a term used called “cradle to crypt”. It means to depose of something hazardous. Perhaps Justice Scalia was “hazardous” to evil plans in the making for America. I, for one, never liked the lyrics to “Rock A Bye Baby”. Why would anyone want to “rock- a- bye a baby” in a tree top where the wind could blow the cradle and baby down to the ground? Another weird thing about the charcoal pit was that in ancient strange history, there were people called the charcoal burners. The whole cloud of mystery surrounding the death of Judge Scalia is very “suspect”. Leeann

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  6. Do you think Judge Scalia noticed all the signs and why did he even stay there and why would he deny himself protection? Was this true? And the family not being curious about his death stymies me. Just because you have some health issues, does not make them the cause.
    The invitation for him with all democratic supporters being there and so far out of the mainstream is so creepy.
    And what is the significance of the beds outside?

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    • Scalia did indeed decline a security detail while at the ranch. As for the fully-made beds outside, I’m also baffled.


      • Dr Eowyn . . . referencing your information that “Scalia declined a security detail while at the ranch.” In my mind, I truly believe that Justice Scalia was a good and righteous man, and therein lies the problem. People who would never, ever conceive of the idea of taking another person’s life, or shedding innocent blood, would never believe it conceivable that their own life might be in jeopardy. That someone might have evil designs and wish to take their life. This is the very reason that people of goodwill are always at a disadvantage when dealing with others that have “no moral boundary.” It is not foremost in their mind that their life may be in peril. Unless there has been a death threat made against them, of a previous attempt on their life–they just do not conceive that they are at risk. God Bless Justice Scalia, if as I believe, his innocent blood was shed, the Heavens have noted this grevious offense, and Eternally, all those who were a party to this Eternal atrocity will stand in judgement for the loss of his life. I myself, would prefer that they stand accountable here on the Earth, and then in Eternity also.


      • Those are massage beds- not the fold up type but the stationary type they use at nicer spas and resorts. You can see they are not thickly padded sleeping mattresses with box springs, they are just adjusted to be at waist height so the massage therapist can work comfortably. All nicer places will make them up like that when not in use.

        The decor certainly is creepy and there probably was foul play, but I don’t see anything weird about massage tables at a resort.


  7. perhaps the outdoor beds are for masuss therapy but those masks are screaming ‘stanley kubrik eyes wide shut.’

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  8. Horrifying. And yet some people still don’t believe there is a Satan – or that evil even exists. Thanks for proving, once again, that it does.

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  9. As for the Satanic masks over a doorway to the dining room, it wasn’t lamb’s blood on the lintel, and neither were they mezuzahs nor fit for a place used in the name of a Saint.


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  12. Son of the Rabbit People

    I find the outside beds extremely creepy. No one would sleep there where animals and miscreants could attack them in their sleep. It strikes me as a very satanic, inside out, upside down, good is evil, sort of thing. Look at a Marilyn Manson video and you’ll get the idea.


  13. Dr. Eowyn: Thank you for another excellent commentary! Also for not avoiding this subject; even if it casts some doubt upon a fellow Catholic’s Christian Faith.

    The more I read about Scalia’s end, attending circumstances and articles such as this, I become increasingly convinced that he led a double life. Apparently he was a “CINO” (aka, Christian In Name Only). Although for his soul salvation’s sake, I hope that such, was not the case.

    Could it possibly be, that Scalia’s involvement with this hunting group and adoration of the animal kingdom led directly to his death; his “‘sacrificial’ offering?” Does this group every so many years offer up a cherished human in compensation for all the animal life taken by hunters each year?

    For those interested, I’ve authored 2 commentaries regarding Justice Scalia’s alleged death. Content, different (though) than the preceding 2 paragraph blocks.

    “Scalia Death Report Suspicious: Is Clarence Thomas Next During Obama’s Watch?”

    “Scalia Alleged Death Report: Connecting The Dot Signs Of Obama Involvement”


  14. I agree with Nathan in that it seems that Justice Scalia lived a double life. Wayne Madsen is another treasure in the gold mine of investigative journalists we have been blessed to have. The photos are priceless, and telling.
    America has had a long subterranean history of the Occult. Or, rather, prominent people who were into the Occult, if you prefer. Abraham Lincoln participated in seances with his wife and others in the White House. Presidents Eisenhower, Nixon, Reagan and the Bushes attended the Cremation of Care ceremony at the Bohemian grove. FDR engaged in Occult practices. The list goes on and on.
    As a Catholic who has been struggling to regain his faith in the debacle of Vatican II, the one outstanding quality I have noticed about a large number of Catholics (at least those in public life) is their seeming ability to play both sides of the fence. As if to say, “Oh well, it’s only a ranch… These masks and paintings on the wall… They are only of archaeological significance… We can ignore these things.” As if playing both sides of the fence has no outcome upon his Eternal Destiny!
    And again we are left to ponder the career of a jurist who successfully impostured the appearance of conservatism, as he is preserved in the amber of ambiguity forever.


  15. Hiding in plain sight … None of the details uncovered by master investigator Wayne Madsen should be a puzzle, once you understand the purpose of this sinister place. Cibollo Creek “rent boy” Ranch is a secure location for satanists to do the things they love doing: masked rituals, pedophile rape, human trophy hunts (quail hunting would be too kind), infant sacrifice. Can you see the single beds outside the guest rooms as a show place for pre-adolescents to be picked over and picked up by the guests before their night’s entertainment? And the crib? What better vessel to hold an infant before the sacrifice? Terrifying.


  16. Thank you for this fascinating post. I am aghast at these Satanic items. I am also a devout Catholic and would immediately leave any such environment that contained such objects. Justice Scalia maintained a crucifix on his wall in his chambers. I am at a loss as to what is going on here.


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  18. You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave….


  19. Completely thrown by the very first sentence “On February 13, 2014, news came…”. Don’t you mean 2016?


  20. Ever see much of the Mexican ‘Day of the Dead’ paraphernalia , masks etc.? Skulls and other scary imagery abound. I hate Satan and love Yeshua, Jesus Christ. Being paranoid doesn’t help to solve a mystery. Healthy skepticism and curiosity does. – D


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    A year ago today …


  22. Nwo. It was on Obama’s watch and the entire agenda post 911 was to destroy all conservatives and make depopulation Obama’s last goal. Hillary was to continue the nwo fever until we had a made ww3 war with North Korea. These are major elite killers. There are no other words for this . Major killers and pedophilles. The maya objects are all part of their ritual sacrifices. Truatcme I know what they did . And I also know what they do to smart innocent people who are onto them as well as their antics. God bless Scalia and down with SS!!!


  23. He was actually a luciferian and this place is known as rent boy ranch…


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