Millennials are too lazy to eat cereal

I wonder if they can even manage to wipe their own butts.


Via Yahoo: For decades, many have turned to a bowl of cereal to help kick start the day. The variety, convenience and nutrition of the humble breakfast food all proved to be appealing for those in need of fuel at the crack of dawn. But for millennials, it seems as though cereal in the morning is about as appealing as, well, soggy corn flakes.

An article in the New York Times outlines how the crunchy breakfast staple has declined in sales recently- from $13.9 billion in 2000 to about $10 billion in the last year. And it seems as though the biggest culprit for this shift is millennials. Apparently, cleaning the bowl and spoon afterwards is a deal breaker. Almost 40 percent of Millennials surveyed by market research firm Mintel for its 2015 report said cereal was an inconvenient breakfast choice because it involved doing dishes afterwards.

Instead, millennials seem to be eating the most important meal of the day outside of the home. Breakfast sandwiches, hot grains, yogurt and smoothies are preferred alternatives.


We are doomed.


18 responses to “Millennials are too lazy to eat cereal

  1. In other words, for those precious Millennials, by eating out other people would do the dishes for them.

    If they won’t eat breakfast at home because they’re too lazy to wash a cereal bowl and spoon, they don’t eat lunch or dinner at home either, as those would involve even more dishes to wash. Just yesterday, while I was doing my weekly grocery shopping, I was struck by how the prices keep going up, up, up (but the POS’s administration insists there’s no inflation!). How do Millennials pay for all this eating out?

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    • The price of everything at the grocery store seems to have DOUBLED in the last 3-4 years. My brother and his wife have hit hard times and it’s oatmeal for breakfast for five, everyday. Less than 6 cents a serving when bought in the large carton. P.S. I think millennials can afford to eat out because we’re paying for their everything, and saving isn’t their priority as they believe as they age, everything will be more free.


      • They’re probably all living on federal government student loans, a bubble that when it bursts will be worse than the bursting of the subprime mortgage bubble of 2008.


      • Maybe they would rather waste their money at Starbucks, seems to be plenty there when we drive by. We would never go in.
        You mentioned store prices, having gone up tremendously the last few years. Another way this admin has screwed over the seniors again. Having denied social security COLA increase 3 times in the last 7 years, telling us there was no inflation, but they left food and fuel out of the equation. Nice, real nice.

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  2. I am not a millennial. I am not to lazy to wash dishes. I did quit buying breakfast cereal because it was, wait for it, — To Expensive! Even purchasing this is large quantities at a discount store it is still too expensive. General Mills, Post, Kellogg, Nabisco cannot blame anyone but themselves for the decline in cereal purchases. Granted the millenials probably prefer yogurt, etc. but I would say the price of cereal is a huge factor.


  3. yes, but you still have dishes to do. wahhh!


  4. What is millennial?


    • Kevin J Lankford

      The only millennials I am aware of will be the inhabitants of this world after the second coming of the Lord Jesus. Seems they are claiming a name they just don’t own; what ever they are.


    • Millennials (aka Generation Y or iY) are the demographic cohort born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s, who would be about 18 to 30 years old today.


  5. LOL – You can buy leak-proof disposable bowls and plastic spoons at the grocery store all day long for next to nothing.

    And last I checked, they still have dishwashers.



  6. I can understand how it can mess up a busy day to spend 30 seconds to rinse a bowl and spoon,,but those “Breakfast Sandwiches”-my GOD-just LOOK at the time spent in line,waiting for their food,the complex work of whipping out their credit card to PAY for it,and what about all the extra CHEWING they have to do?? OH-the AGONY!!! THEN they have to find a place to brush their teeth! These people know NOTHING about time management.or energy conservation. We truly ARE-doomed.
    I told my Brother,on the phone,how the “guys” on “Big Bang” are the modern concept of “Manhood”,and how we’d re-named them “Pajama-boys”,and he laughed for 20 minutes over that.Thanks for the GREAT material!(That MIGHT not be all that funny-seeing Manhood devalued to THAT…)


  7. Kevin J Lankford

    There really aren’t many of the cold cereals that are as healthy as they claim. Even the pasteurized milk forced on people now is not much better than soda pop. I suspect even the instant oatmeal or grits have some of their nutrition processed away, yet I am sure they are better than some fast food biscuit cooked by a clown.

    Personally, I don’t mind a bit, taking five minutes to cook a serving or two of real grits or real oatmeal, but then I just like the sense of self-reliance I get from doing for myself.


  8. Progressive Insurance has started to cater to this (surely they jest, but methinks they doeth protest too much though… ):


  9. let’s hope they’re too lazy to vote (pretending that there’s not voter fraud) and cast that vote for the epitome of laziness, socialist (commie who wants to get what others work for and didn’t get a paying job until age 40), Bernie Sanders.


  10. If you’re too damned lazy to wash a bowl and a spoon, you’re just too damned lazy to be worth anything to anyone, including an employer. I guess they’ve just been pampered all their worthless lives, and have never had to do for themselves.
    On a side note, as an Official Olde Farte (growing up in the Fifties and Sixties) I seem to recall something from then produced by Kellogg’s. They had a Variety Pak of several different types of breakfast cereal in small boxes, and….. there were instructions on how to eat the cereal, with milk, right from the little boxes. You would carefully cut the box (like doing an autopsy) lengthwise down the middle, and then a perpendicular cut at top and bottom, unfold the flaps you created, and then carefully cut the wax paper liner inside the same way, and then just use it as a bowl. I think it was called the Kel-Pak, or something like that. At the time, I thought it was quite creative. It would fit right into modern society, except it does require some thought and effort. Use a plastic spoon, and then throw it away. Nothing to wash, kiddies. I’m sure the ‘milennials’ would have to ask someone else to do the cutting, though.


  11. I never thought I would live to see the day when Coca-Cola sales around the world would plummet, only to learn that Nestle’s Corporation DRAINED TWO LAKES in California for bottled water (only to make $200 million profit off of it).
    I never thought I would live to see the day when McDonald’s would actually be in trouble—and see a dozen of them in New York City close!
    As for “wiping their butts,” perhaps millenials have taken as their example many white men IN THEIR 40’s AND 50’s who MAKE IT A POINT to fart their entire load out once they are IN the cab, with the windows CLOSED. (It’s a phase they’re going through, you know). (All the men I’ve had the GROTESQUE DISPLEASURE to ulfactorily witness were WHITE).
    Well, humanity is at a crossroads. On the one hand, we can face extinction. On the other, we can choose an abysmal existential despair. Hopefully we will have the wisdom to choose wisely!


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