Cat flown 2,000 miles to rejoin his family

This story is billed as an epic 2,000-mile journey taken by a cat to rejoin his family family.

But this story is really about the kindness of Europeans, not just toward a lost cat, but toward the Muslim refugees they’ve taken into their respective countries — a kindness that is too often repaid with ingratitude, insolence, and outright criminality. See:

The cat is a white Turkish Van named Kunkush.

Kunkush and his human family of six — mom and 5 children — fled from war-torn Iraq, reaching the Greek island of Lesbos (origin of the word “lesbian,” by the way) in November 2015. That month alone, 100,000 ‘refugees’ had arrived on just that one island.

In the turmoil, Kunkush got separated from his family, who moved on.

So Kunkush found himself on the streets — alone and miserable.

Kunkush on the streetsKunkush as a stray

Someone eventually took Kunkush to a vet.

Two months later, a kind volunteer named Amy took the cat to Berlin. Amy said Kunkush was quiet throughout the plane flight, not making even one sound.

Amy and Kunkush

In Berlin, good-hearted volunteers started a social media campaign and a GoFundMe page to try to find Kunkush’s family, who had settled in snowy Norway.

On February 12, 2016, Kunkush was flown 2,000 miles from Germany to Norway to finally be reunited with his human family, who wept tears of joy.

Kunkush brought to human family in NorwayKunkush rejoins familytears of joy at Kunkush's reunion with familyKunkush with human family

Sources: The Guardian‘s videoRYOT.

H/t FOTM‘s josephbc69


10 responses to “Cat flown 2,000 miles to rejoin his family

  1. So Muslims hate dogs and do terrible things to them to kill them, but they like cats…how strange


  2. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this beautiful post. It gives me hope in human nature, knowing that kindness is so wonderful. My little cat, Richard, looks a little bit like Kunkush. I know that Jesus gave him to me to give me hope and to make me laugh. I thank God for all of His creatures.

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    • Dear Joan:
      I wept when I read your wonderful response-reply, as it shows your immense human-kindness. I have to stop now as tears make typing VERY difficult, but, “Thank you!”

      Liked by 1 person

      • Dear josephbc69:
        Thank you for your sincere and genuine compliment which I really appreciate. You are a dear and wonderful man. May God bless you, may Our Lady take care of you and may the angels and saints protect and guide you.

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  3. Ditto, and always forever for you, dear lady!

    Mind you, I’m about to send Eo ‘Joseph’s World Famous Chili con Carne’ recipe next, and please: show some respect by not heaving BEFORE you get to the end.

    Many thanks,
    Joseph & Dakota Bear[ly]

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  4. I salute Amy and the other volunteers who helped this happy ending happen. If I ‘ve learned ONE thing in life it’s to always DO the “right thing” in regards to humans and animals….otherwise, given the chance and failing to follow-through….you will regret it the rest of your life.

    I have a Turkish Van mix…who looks just like Kunkush, but with the “classic” piebald red head, red tail…white body…..His name is Seamus, a very smart cat who knows how to turn doorknobs in order to “get out” of “his half of the house” while I am at work……I’d SO wish that, if I were in a terrible situation and had to flee/abandon him as lost….someone would help bring him back to me and mine.

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  5. I am glad that the trip did not turn out to be a CATastrophe! (rimshot!)

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  6. That’s not a Turkish Van. Vans have white fur and one eyes is blue and the other green. Neither is it a Ankara cat as its eyes are not blue(Ankara cats must have blue eyes to be classed as one, and 2 different eyes for a Van.

    I own a Turkish Van.


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