Onlookers cheer as German refugee home burns

Can you blame them? After all, women and children are being murdered and raped by migrants all over parts of Europe.

EPA Photo

EPA Photo

In Berlin, onlookers celebrated as a suspected arson fire damaged a former hotel being converted into a refugee home in eastern Germany, police said Sunday. This has raised new concerns about violence against migrants in a nation that registered more than a million asylum-seekers last year.

The NY Post reports that the blaze in the roof of the building in Bautzen, in the eastern state of Saxony, broke out overnight. Police said no one was injured, but a group of people gathered outside, some “commenting with derogatory remarks or unashamed joy” at the fire.

While most Germans have been welcoming toward refugees, a vocal minority has staged protests in front of refugee homes, especially in the east. Germany last year saw a surge in violence against such lodgings.

Police ordered three people to leave the fire scene because they were hampering firefighters’ work and then temporarily detained two of them, whom they described as intoxicated 20-year-old locals, after they ignored the order.

Investigators found traces of a fire accelerant at the scene and believe the fire was caused by arson, police said. It wasn’t immediately clear whether the building can be restored.

Saxony is home to the anti-Islam and anti-immigration group PEGIDA, and incidents there have caused concern before. In August, a mob in Heidenau, outside Dresden, hurled bottles and fireworks at police protecting a shelter being set up for refugees.


The Bautzen fire came after a mob in the small town of Clausnitz, also in Saxony, on Thursday screamed “We are the people!” and “Go home!” as they blocked a bus carrying asylum-seekers outside a new refugee home.

Police drew criticism in that case for roughly hauling some migrants off the bus and into the building — which they insist was necessary to prevent the situation from escalating — and for saying that some of the migrants had made provocative gestures.

Saxony Governor Stanislaw Tillich called the two incidents “appalling and shocking” and described the perpetrators as “criminals.” “This is abhorrent and disgusting,” Tillich told the Funke newspaper group. He pledged that authorities will investigate and “bring everyone responsible to account.”

Read the whole story here.


12 responses to “Onlookers cheer as German refugee home burns

  1. It’s truly unfortunate that the building wasn’t full of mosquerats when it burned…


  2. While most Germans have been welcoming toward refugees

    Still? Are most Germans masochists? Or are Germans so overcome with historical guilt over the Holocaust that they’ve lost the instinct of self-preservation?

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    • I wondered about the guilt. Think about the optics of a German government that creates the only thing that can control this situation, concentration camps. I shudder at the thought, too.


      • Think about the optics of a German government that creates the only thing that can control this situation, concentration camps.

        Good grief. Then Germany is doomed….


      • I discovered 30 years ago that the first ‘concentration camps’ were in the Anglo-Boer Wars, created by the British:
        “Lord Roberts resigned in November 1900 … Lord Kitchener (1850–1916) took command. Kitchener intensified the “scorched-earth” policy that Roberts had already begun…. His plan was to destroy Boer homes… crops… appropriate their livestock to deny the commandos food, supplies, and hiding places; in two years the army burned some 30,000 Boer dwellings.

        A byproduct of the “scorched-earth” policy was the creation of “concentration camps” to house those made homeless. Among the refugees were Boer women, children, and elderly, but also black Africans associated with Boer farming economies, or simply those displaced by military operations. British commanders also hoped that holding the refugees in tent camps surrounded by barbed wire, with limited food and rough hygiene, would bring about Boer surrender. Kitchener built forty concentration camps containing 116,000 prisoners, most of them women and children. Malnutrition and disease killed a high percentage. In a year and a half, well over 26,000 Afrikaners died, over 20,000 of them children under sixteen.” []

        The British Empire preceded Germany’s economic adventures, but as the victors -with a few notable exceptions, such as economist John A. Hobson (1858–1940)- write the histories, they white-washed theirs. The Germans of course ‘improved’ what the Brits began, after Churchill FINALLY got his war against them.


    • I don’t think that the powers that be want to acknowledge that now that the rank and file German knows how they will be treated by these newcomers, and they have changed their minds as to being “welcoming” to these hoards. When you actually see that the Muslims intend to bring harm to you and your family, the only smart thing is to want this influx stopped now! It’s the same C%#P journalists like we have her in the US who are unwilling to report the news about the criminality of the invaders. Merkel needs to be shown the door, and someone with a spine (and who is not for the NWO) needs to replace her. Start moving these folks back to where they came from.

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  3. “While most Germans have been welcoming toward refugees….” is part of the original report issued by the Merkel media. Germans initially regarded the intrusion of these SOBs into their sovereign nation with a bit of faith and a ton of skepticism but they sure aren’t viewing it that way any longer.

    As far as shrinking back from self preservation as a result of historical guilt over the Holocaust, todays Germans hold no more responsibility for that event than do the existing citizens of any nation that used or endorsed slavery. Germans understand, far more than non-Germans and certainly far more than young and liberal Americans, what Hitler and Stalin did during the first half of the previous century and their behavior since those days has been exemplary.

    Muslims never assimilate and they come to kill, rob, destroy and conquer and the world is waking up to the demonic purpose of islam. As with any other violent intruder including those who decide to kick in the doors of our homes, the most efficient way to get rid of them is by fire, whether it issues from the result of an accelerant and a match or from the barrel of a rifle.

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  4. Saxony Governor, you are getting exactly what you’ve asked for by bringing in this invasion of mostly male, bought and paid for army. They’re doing exactly what they’ve been told to do – and that is totally disrupt the country with rape, murder, destruction of land and homes, and stealing the good people of German’s money in order to financially support them. Stop your lying, fake tears and get out!

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  5. Son of the Rabbit People

    If I were a German, I’d be cheering with them. Aww, the heck with it, I’m cheering with them anyway.

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  6. Note to Progressives: Your polices aren’t as well-liked as you think…


  7. I think most Germans have waken up to the fact, these people will not assimilate and soon will be making demands. They now have their nose in the tent. The once proud and pristine country will now see their land and house values disinigrate and tourism shrink.
    The best thing that could happen is for all countries join hands, go into Syria, clean it out and bring stabilization and then send all these miscreants home, they will never fit in and will only make locals miserable.
    Why should the people have to lose their way of life to accommodate people that will not respect them nor take pride in their country?

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