Almost 90,000 dangerous illegal immigrants go free in the US

Fundamental transformation.

O laughs

Nearly 60 percent of illegal immigrants identified by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) as criminal threats are not deported and are eventually released, the latest example of the Obama administration’s failed immigration policy.

According to the Washington Examiner, Internal ICE figures show that in fiscal 2015, the agency encountered 152,393 illegal immigrants labeled a criminal threat, mostly in jails, but charged 64,116. About another 88,000 were not processed for deportation, according to the Center for Immigration Studies’ Jessica Vaughan.

The numbers are even worse for those who ICE asks local police and sheriffs to detain but never collect.

Under Obama’s recently announced Priority Enforcement Program, officials work with local police to arrest and deport criminal immigrants. In reality, that amounts to a phone call from ICE requesting local authorities hold the suspect for 48 hours after they’re set to be freed.

But several sheriffs from around the country say that just 35-40 percent of those held are ever seized by ICE, even after they’ve been released.

Richard W. Stanek, sheriff of Hennepin County in Minneapolis, said he had 75 illegals ICE wanted, but the agency only picked up about 35 percent. “And these are people that they want,” he told the Washington Examiner.

Susan Benton, sheriff of Florida’s Highlands County, said “mine would be much much lower.” Worse, she added, many are seized and sent to a federal facility in Miami and immediately released and return to her county.

It’s become a huge issue for local police. Benton said she wants to help ICE and hold illegal immigrants longer, but can’t legally. Often the result is more crime from the suspect and questions about why her department’s jail frees them.

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7 responses to “Almost 90,000 dangerous illegal immigrants go free in the US

  1. A primary reason, but one of many, to help explain why I’m supporting Donald Trump. Under his administration they aren’t just going to leave, a wall will be built to keep them from running back or swimming across that slow moving and shallow river. And, if they return by any other route, life in the US will not be a happy change of venue.

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  2. and the worst/most dangerous one is o’bama (he’s an Indonesian citizen by way of his step father, Lolo Soetoro and never repatriated)

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  3. Democrats they vote multiple times for Free Stuff this year…

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  4. Meanwhile, Congress, MSM, and the GOP snore away….


  5. And the media puzzles over why conservatives would support Trump, a man who has quickly expressed outrage over this offense. I think it, and then Trump says it. Amazing. I don’t think Donald and I would get along, but he and I are definitely in agreement about most of the things wrecking our country.


  6. If the previous little crying Bernie girl think these 90,000 illegals cannot wreck havoc on the country and she wants them around. She should take a good look at what is happening in Germany and Sweden.
    For her to bring race into the story proves her lack of facts.
    These 90,000 plus the ones using the Mexican border as a passageway into our country are not all Hispanic.
    People supporting Trump are the people that recognize the trouble brewing and want to prevent it. The others are still living in the 60’s and in lala land.
    I just pray that one day karma comes back and BO gets to suffer under his decisions he has made and is so proud of.


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